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Chapter 432
Chapter 432: Ye Jian In An Attack

On the third day, the soldiers who were training recruits got replaced by a 12-year-old soldier who went to Beijing . Ident.i.ty: Driver . Special arrangement: Bodyguard!

“According to changes in the mission situation, the indoor simulation and field driving must be combined, and the most necessary car skills that we need to use is fly over . Look carefully, just like this…” A female soldier who was about to enter Zhongnanhai was sitting in the co-pilot . And that girl was Ye Jian1 . She was teaching sincerely and earnestly .

As she finished, the jeep rushed out and soared . The gas paddle was stepped on tightly, and the jeep was dashing at high speed . Ye Jian could feel it vacated . After speeding across a section, it landed on the ground with a loud “Peng” sound .

At the same time of the landing, the soldiers continuously fired bullets with their guns, all the obstacles on both sides got shot .


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Ye Jian, who was sitting in the co-pilot position, felt the feeling of bullets gushing in the air . It was exciting! She could smell the faint smoke through the tip of her nose . The fact that she couldn’t see the bullets, but only feel the power they had, made her feel ever-powerful even though the sh.e.l.ls were empty!

Whether the soldiers were driving or shooting, the gushing feeling was constant on Ye Jian’s face!

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It was impossible to feel dissatisfied! They had to operate the steering wheel with one hand, and both eyes looked at the front, but also simultaneously observed left and right, and at the same time, took their aim . This kind of exciting feeling she was delighted!

There was always a mountain beyond another . Ye Jian had ever known that she had made rapid progress because of the experience she had gained from the two worlds .

As for the soldiers, they relied on their step by step experience to get to this present day .

During the training, Ye Jian was almost at the point of having sleepless nights .

Especially from Friday afternoon until Sunday, even the male soldiers couldn’t help but feel terrified when they saw her enthusiasm . From the day she had her hands on the steering wheel, she was now speeding in circles at a speed of 200 or more .

Her bullets were fired continuously and loudly from the front and rear end of the car from her driving positions . The targets outside the circle were shot down one by one .

The car engine was running at high speed, and it covered the sound of the bullets . Ye Jian looked cool driving . Switching gears and stepping on the gas, she drove out from the circle and sped towards the broken bridge .

“Maintain speed, maintain speed . 10, 9, 8, 7, 6…1, fly over!” The instructor’s harsh voice could be heard from the earpiece, reminding Ye Jian that she was approaching the broken bridge . She was about to complete the Broken Bridge Subject Training for the first time in half a month!

Under the instructor’s harsh voice, the jeep engine ran as if it had reached its limit . The engine sound was like a plane, but Ye Jian didn’t feel that she was about to speed over the broken bridge .

The jeep soared and then slammed into the ground . After crossing the bridge, the vehicle continued to rush towards the end like an arrow being shot from its bow . People were waiting at the end, one person had a timer in his hand, while others waited for the car to come over .

The door opened from the outside . Standing outside, the politician smiled and clapped his hands . “It has only been half a month, but your performance is excellent . Ye Jian, you make us proud . ”

“Pa.s.sing mark is three minutes . You used only two minutes and forty-six seconds, pa.s.s!”

The soldiers with the timer wrote Ye Jian’s results in the scorebook . All the scores in this book were the results of Ye Jian’s training . Her scores started from failing to pa.s.sing the qualifications and now pa.s.sing the exam .

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