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Or at least Ryouma might have had if not for a change that occurred one day. While hunting in the forest, Ryouma came across four people dressed in armor.

(That’s a rare sight… Their equipment are all the same, so they’re probably not bandits… I think this is my first time seeing people other than bandit. It seems like someone is hurt.)

As Ryouma watched the group of men from the thickets, he noted that one of the five men had bandages on and was being carried.

“U, Uu…” [???]
“Stay with me, Hyuzu!” [???]
“Camil, how’s your magic?” [???]
“Sorry, it hasn’t recovered yet…” [Camil]

(They seem to be in pretty bad shape… They don’t look like bandits. I should at least give them a place to rest. Even if they do turn out to be the bandits, I think I’ll be fine.)

Ryouma stood up from the thickets and was about to call out to them when it suddenly occurred to him.

(How am I suppose to call out to them? Good day? No, that kind of cheerful greeting doesn’t fit the situation. Hey, you b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! …No, that would just make them wary. What am I going to do!?)

Ryouma thought of helping, but after three years with no human contact, Ryouma was at a lost what to say, and he found himself standing still. Because of that the group of men noticed him before he could say anything.

“Who goes there!?” [???]
“Wait. [???]

The man at the forefront of the group immediately pointed his sword at Ryouma, but the man behind him stopped him and stepped forward.

“Sorry for suddenly pointing a sword at you. By the way… what is a child like you doing out here? This isn’t a place for children. Are you lost?” [???]

The man asked, but Ryouma couldn’t respond well.

“I was, hunting.” [Ryouma]
“Hunting? You?” [Important-looking Man man]

Ryouma nodded faster than he could speak.

“I think this forest is a bit too dangerous, but… Was there something you wanted with us?” [Important-looking Man man]

Ryouma pointed to the injured person.

“There’s someone, injured” [Ryouma]

And then he offered his leather bag with one of his hands. Unfortunately, the other man was wary of Ryouma, and he stepped out to protect the man Ryouma was talking to.

Ryouma finally realized his blunder. Keeping his leather bag by his waist much like the knife by his waist must have alerted the man, so Ryouma jumped back to get some distance and took out a medicine to show that he had no ill will.

“…Is that medicine?” [Swordsman]

The sword-wielding man asked, to which Ryouma nodded.

“Medicine, for… the injured.” [Ryouma]
“You’d let us use that?” [Swordsman]
“Hurry.” [Ryouma]

The group of men looked at each other for a moment, then the man named Camil cautiously accepted Ryouma’s medicine. When they noted that the injured person’s countenance had turned for the better, their caution toward Ryouma finally lessened.

“Thank you. This should keep Hyuzu up for a while longer.” [Important-looking Man man]
“How about, rest, resting, at my house? (This is pathetic.)” [Ryouma]

Though it took awhile, Ryouma successfully managed to say the words and invite the people to his house. It would take them quite a while to reach Ryouma’s place, however, due to the injured person with the group of armored men.

“Why is a child like that in a place like this?” [Important-looking Man]
“He’s obviously still very young…” [Swordsman]

(Well, I am an 11 year-old child. It’s only natural for people to be suspicious to see a child out here deep in the forest. It’s not a good feeling though. I’d appreciate it if they could stop being so suspicious already. Hmm… How about I try talking with them a bit?

On second thought, I probably shouldn’t. I have the background the G.o.ds gave me, but with my poor speaking skills, I might end up just digging my own grave.)

“Is there really somewhere we can rest out here?” [Swordsman]
“I don’t know, but the potion he gave did work, so at the very least, he doesn’t seem to be hostile.” [Important-looking Man]
“Hunters are known to make a safe place for themselves in the forest. There might be a camp out here or something.” [???]

(Exactly. As long as you don’t attack me first, I won’t hurt you. Speaking of which, how about collecting the spoils from the traps along the way? That way I’ll also be able to feed that injured person. If I do that much, a decent person would surely not attack me, right?)

Ryouma suddenly stopped and called his sticky slimes over through the familiar contract. The people following him was alerted at that, however, and they asked.

“What’s wrong?” [Important-looking Man]
“Trap… Caught some prey… Will come soon.” [Ryouma]

Ryouma nonchalantly said as he looked at the man that asked that question.

(This person is probably the most important one. Everyone else seems to listen to him and the other people look like guards.)

As Ryouma was thinking that, the gra.s.ses shook, and then a sticky slime came out with a dead horn rabbit. Unfortunately, the people with him didn’t know that it was Ryouma’s slime, and the important-looking man drew his sword.


Immediately, Ryouma jumped in front of the man and picked up the slime and the dead rabbit.

“…Is that slime your familiar?” [Important-looking Man]

The important-looking man seems to have picked up that the slime was Ryouma’s familiar. Ryouma vehemently nodded at the man, and the man sheathed his sword.

“Sorry, I didn’t know it was your familiar.”

(As long as we’ve cleared it up, it’s all good. I should have been more specific.)

Slimes were monsters, after all, so it was only natural that they would be wary when they saw one out here in the forest. Ryouma hid the slime and the dead rabbit in his bag, and then they started moving again.

“This sure brings me back. My first familiar was also a slime.” [Important-looking Man]
“…Tamer?” [Ryouma]
“Former tamer. After my monster stopped being able to fight, I haven’t formed a new contract since. I had a red horse and a blizzard ape.” [Important-looking Man]
“…Strong?… (I’m asking because I have no idea what those are…)” [Ryouma]
“I come from a long line of tamers, so I’ve been taught from a young age. Unfortunately, I’m not that good at magic. I’m quite confident in my sword arm, though.” [Important-looking Man]

(A family of tamers and a group of armed men for escorts, he must be a n.o.ble. If not, then at least someone influential with plenty of money or someone similar. Calm down, me. This country is supposed to be relatively lenient when it comes to the difference between n.o.ble and commoner. The G.o.ds specifically picked this country out for me, after all.

And they also haven’t reacted negatively to my behavior so far, so it should be fine. Right, I should just treat him like I did my bosses during parties when they would tell me not to mind rank… I still feel nervous, though.)

Though somewhat panicking, Ryouma continued along, picking up the captured prey as they made their way, until eventually, Ryouma and the group of men finally arrived at his cave.

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