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Chapter 7- What happens if you don't know how to wear pants?

Cheng Jinyu woke up from being poked by a needle and immediately noticed the crowd of people coming and going. Cheng Jinyu looked all around, he was already at the hospital. The sky was already bright, it was actually the morning of the next day.

Cheng Jinyu's sleep was not short, but he continuously dozed on and off. He was still as sleepy as before. Inside the hospital, Cheng Jinyu had lots of blood taken from him, then afterwards had check ups with all kinds of instruments. Later Cheng Jinyu was thrown back to a bed in the Gu House.

Cheng Jinyu laid on his stomach and immediately fell asleep. Halfway through his sleep, Gu Bokai came in carrying some food.

Cheng Jinyu ate like a wolf and tiger (1) , then his head hit the pillow and continued to sleep.

With an enigmatic tone Gu Bokai spoke, "The newlywed is so tired and looks like this, people who don't know what happened would think I did things to you last night."

Cheng Jinyu was not willing to acknowledge him, just immediately fell asleep.

He slept until evening that day. When he woke up again, the sky was already dark.

Cheng Jinyu had just woken up, it was too late for him to see his surroundings. The door to the room was pushed open, "You sleep too much, did you consider the feelings of the groom? Did you consider the feelings of anyone in the household?"

Groom? Fake. Everyone? Who? He got married yesterday, didn't even notify his mother, younger brother or sister. Who would be waiting for him?

Cheng Jinyu slept for too long, his mind was kind of dizzy. He managed to sit up, but still thought his head hurt a lot.

Gu Bokai brought a series of papers and threw it on top Cheng Jinyu's body. "Your check up came with these results, take a look!"

There were too many doc.u.ments. Regarding this, Cheng Jinyu also did not care too much, merely lifted his head to respond, "How is my health?"

Gu Bokai delayed his response, "Too weak, appearance is healthy and strong, but inside is extremely deficient. A pillow with an embroidered case, attractive but useless."

Cheng Jinyu thought of the words the doctor said when he was dazed, carefully thought of his life the past ten years, thinking about it now it would be hard to not lose health.  

"But," Gu Bokai continued, "You don't need to feel anxious. Still able to remedy, but you need to be obedient, otherwise a celestial being won't even be able to save you."

Cheng Jinyu forced out a bitter laugh. "Where is there time to remedy?" Mother's medical expenses were settled, but also after several years would it still relapse again? And it's followed by heavy surgery and medical expenses.

Cheng Jinyu dealt with the Chen Family for 10 years, he did not want to continue to entertain them. But leaving the Chen house, what kind of work could cover his mother's medical fees as well as the surgery fees in a couple years?

Gu Bokai did not know what Cheng Jinyu was worried about, he thought that Cheng Jinyu was just giving up on himself.

Gu Bokai stepped forward, "Have no doubt you will be able to recuperate your health, but, first you must break up with your boyfriend."

Cheng Jinyu looked at him strangely, what exactly was this person’s brain thinking?

"What does my health have to do with Wei Hua?"

"Of course the relationship is big!" Gu Bokai coughed, "He really doesn't know how to practice abstinence, doesn't he look at your condition? Only knows how to demand, this man is like a vampire. Slag man? The way I see it he's almost like a murderer."

Cheng Jinyu frowned, "We have never slept together."


Cheng Jinyu replied, "Is there a need for me to lie?" Cheng Jinyu was like a machine at the Chen House. He was different from other people, completely did not have holidays.

Everytime Cheng Jinyu wanted to go out, he was required to tell Tan Liyun in advance. Everytime he asked for leave Tan Liyun was deliberately ambiguous. Even intentionally  humiliated him.

Unless it was absolutely necessary, Cheng Jinyu hardly ever went out. Carefully calculating, he was in love with Wei Hua for 7 years, but met in person very few times.

Every time they met it was always in a rush. Don't even talk about sleeping together, many times there was no time to even sit and talk.

Thinking up to here, Cheng Jinyu couldn’t help but let out a bitter laugh. This boyfriend of his was indeed no good. Wei Hua could tolerate him until now, it was already very rare.

Cheng Jinyu thinking of this, it was hard to avoid the pain in his heart. Although the moments where he met up with Wei Hua were little, but the two talked almost every day. Every day they would chat and no matter how late, Cheng Jinyu would send him a message every night in order to sleep.

After breaking up, Cheng Jinyu would lay down on the bed at night, holding his cell phone. Looking at Wei Hua's number, it felt like his entire heart was hollowed out.

"Sister Hua, why aren’t the clothes here yet?  Washing utensils? Get completely new ones. Sister Liu, are the meals prepared? Still haven’t cooked, people are going to starve to death!" Suddenly Gu Bokai's voice filled the s.p.a.ce, it managed to break Cheng Jinyu out of his haze.

Cheng Jinyu felt that Gu Bokai was very excited. Although Cheng Jinyu did not know what he was excited about.

Gu Family did not lack in servants but Cheng Jinyu did not dare to trouble anyone else. He was also not a rich spoiled son that enjoyed a high position and comfort. Naturally did not need anyone to take care of him.

Cheng Jinyu rinsed and washed his face then put on a shirt. When he was putting on his pants, Gu Bokai pushed open the door and entered. Cheng Jinyu instinctively bent down and and covered up below.

"What are you doing? Can't knock on the door?"

"It's my room, I still have to knock?"

"But I live here now?"

"Which part of you haven't I seen before? Last night you did a check up, I've already seen it."

"Pervert!" Cheng Jinyu angrily said.

Gu Bokai seemed as though he was a bit embarra.s.sed. His face twisted, "Everyone is waiting for you to eat, can you be faster? Going to wear pants but don't know how to put them on?"

Cheng Jinyu felt that this person was really his enemy, only will oppose him. They were suppose to be married people, who would wait for them to eat?

"Don't know." Cheng Jinyu directly replied.

Gu Bokai walked into the room from the entrance and quickly arrived to Cheng Jinyu's side. He reached out and pulled up his pants, "Can't put on your pants and yet didn’t tell me earlier."

Cheng Jinyu's entire brain went blank. He… he… Gu Bokai unexpectedly pulled up his pants, pulled up his pants!

Gu Bokai not only pulled up Cheng Jinyu's pants, he even crouched down to pull up the zipper and muttered to himself, "Do you know how many people are waiting for you? Intentionally, you definitely did it on purpose. Three year old children, no, two year old children know how to put on pants, you don’t know how! You are really amazing."

Cheng Jinyu's oxygen deficit brain was completely dead. Gu Bokai pulled up the zipper for Cheng Jinyu, then patted Cheng Jinyu's lower part. "Too small, undernourished!"

"Get lost!" Cheng Jinyu raged, a scholar accepts death rather than humiliation.

Gu Bokai's complexion turned dark. "Pulled up your pants and you don't recognize people, your pants are still pulled up by me."

Cheng Jinyu felt that he was going to go crazy, "Get out, Get out now!"

Gu Bokai heavily closed the door, leaving Cheng Jinyu inside the room taking deep breaths.

Cheng Jinyu felt that he opened a new world, he already thoroughly did not understand Gu Bokai. It was a good thing that this person liked Chen Yuze, Cheng Jinyu patted his own chest. "Be patient, be persistent."

When Cheng Jinyu finally cleared his mind, he came out of the room. But walking outside, Cheng Jinyu was completely stupid.

Cheng Jinyu was in a room on the 2nd floor. He just walked to the entrance of the stairs and saw a group of women gathered at the bottom of the stairs in the hall.

"He came out, finally came out." A gorgeously dressed women happily shouted, "You had us wait for a long time."

"I see, is it Kaikai's new wife? (2) Grew to be really handsome."

"Is he a celebrity? So handsome!"

"An ugly wife also wants to see their in-laws, but you are so good looking. What are you doing, being so shy and embarra.s.sed wont come out?"

Gu Bokai in the distance coldly replied, "Everyone has been waiting for you for 3-4 hours."

Cheng Jinyu felt even more uneasy, subconsciously repeatedly said sorry, sorry!

But, there really were many people waiting downstairs. Cheng Jinyu was thoroughly confused. What is this for? What is this plot again?"

Cheng Jinyu did not respond yet when that gorgeously dressed woman already pulled on his hand and spoke, "Yes, it's Jinyu right? I'm your youngest aunt."

Saying this, several other women walked up. The youngest aunt smiled and said "This is 5th aunt, this is 7th aunt, this is 2nd aunt, this is eldest aunt, this is eldest aunt's husband, this is 6th aunt's husband, this is…"

Cheng Jinyu's brain became bigger. Isn't it a fake marriage? Wasn't he the scapegoat? This room full of the aunts, what is the meaning?

At this time the face was unusually pale, but the very beautiful Madame Gu walked over. She smiled and pulled Cheng Jinyu's hand and spoke, "Jinyu, our house has a lot of relatives. Slowly recognize them, what we have is time."

Cheng Jinyu managed to squeeze out an awkward smile on his face, chimed in and nodded his head.

Madame Gu pulled Cheng Jinyu down the stairs, while introducing him to the relatives all around. Madame Gu had 8 sisters and she was the third sister. Father Gu had three younger brothers and a younger sister. Father Gu was the oldest. The distant relatives after that, Cheng Jinyu could not remember. Just these relatives already made Cheng Jinyu confused and disoriented.

Gu Bokai was in the middle of a group of younger brothers. He was unexpectedly standing and wearing a well ironed western suit. Although most of the Gu family were from high society, nevertheless Gu Bokai standing by their side was still very eye catching.

Gu Bokai from a distance saw his mother bringing Cheng Jinyu over. Cheng Jinyu's face had a very awkward smile, hunched back, seemed as though he was very reluctant.

Gu Bokai immediately walked over. Towards Cheng Jinyu's back he ruthlessly patted it, Cheng Jinyu immediately straightened his waist.

Gu Bokai stuck out his hand and hugged his neck, pulling him into his own arms. Laughing he spoke to everyone, "Last night tired him out, you guys understand. We, we are newly weds."

Gu Bokai's third uncle was an old but lecherous man, immediately shouted, "Kaikai, you take things a bit easier. Look at your wife's skinny arms and legs, don’t make others go through hardships."

"Kaikai is the most careless.  Doesn't know how to love a person dearly at all."

"Such a good wife, you must be good to others."

These female matchmakers, each person had a phrase to say as they followed Gu Bokai's path.

Cheng Jinyu huffed in anger and turned around to look at Gu Bokai. Last night he was turned around by doctors all night, at what time did he do wedding festivities with him.

Gu Bokai smiled and turned his head to look at Cheng Jinyu, very affectionately moved in closer to the front of his face. "Give me a happier smile, or else I'll kiss you in front of everyone."


"Don't believe then try it?" Gu Bokai chose to watch Cheng Jinyu, seemed like he was waiting for him to say no. Cheng Jinyu couldn’t let him do that, he immediately gave out a flower like smile.

Cheng Jinyu's flowery smile was honestly very good looking. It was like a radiant and enchanting sunrise, spring flower- warm and beautiful, as if also carrying a sweet fragrance.

Gu Bokai's arm stiffened for a moment, instantly let go of Cheng Jinyu, turned around and walked into the crowd.

Cheng Jinyu did not understand what this insane person wanted to do, but the road afterwards was a lot smoother. He straightened his back and carried a brilliant smiling expression, it was like his entire body remoulded itself.

Just now there was some praise, most was flattery. But right now it was a bit more genuine and sincere. Afterall standing there perfectly straight was Cheng Jinyu whose appearance and smile absolutely would not lose to any young person.

Eat like a wolf and tiger: idiom that means to gobble up Kaikai: nickname for Gu Bokai. Chinese people will take the last word of your name and repeat it as a pet name. It's usually used on people younger than you.

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