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Chapter 409: Savage returns!

Xie Wuyou folded the silk handkerchief in his hand before putting it away and glowered coldly at Savage. "Who are you? How dare you call the Dean by his name?"

"What? Starry Sky Academy has became the imperial family’s Academy? The famous school with 'free and open' as its motto has been reduced to a lackey academy of the influential people? Now we can’t even call out the Dean’s name?" Savage’s voice was hoa.r.s.e like there was a mouthful of sand in his mouth, but because of anger, his words were sharp and ruthless.

"Interesting." Xie Wuyou said coldly. "This time, no matter who you are, I will not spare you that easily." "

With all the time spent together, the crane and its master naturally were connected through the mind.

Without Xie Wuyou’s reminder, the huge white crane had already screeched and speeded toward the Savage.

As it was charging, it waved about its two huge wings.

Once again the sky and the ground changed colour, the trees whipped and stones whirled in the wind. The whole world seemed to have been covered by one crane and one person.

The savage’s eyes were growing redder, and a white triangular ball of light emerged in the palm of his hand.

With the appearance of the ball of light, astonishing things soon followed.

The cliffs of Broken Mountain was overgrown with all kinds of weed and wildflowers.

When the white light of the ball flashed by, the lush green gra.s.s withered and the wildflowers, which were blooming beautifully, were all dead in an instant.  

A mantis that was waving its double blades had just leapt up when it became a lifeless body. A half-step snake flicked its poisonous tongue and lifted its head, the speckles on its body grew dim and colourless instantly. The forest birds spread their wings to fly, running rapidly across before taking off—-

However, their movements were instantly frozen.

As the white light swept across, their lives were instantly taken away.

The ball of light soared into the air, enlarging in an instant, and turned into a huge white frame.

The white frame was like a huge white triangle gate, extending all the way across midair, waiting for that person and crane to walk right into the gate by themselves.   

"Little white." Xie Wuyou yelled out.

Little white let out a mournful cry again, its body that was diving down took a sudden 180 degrees turn. It swiftly flapped its wings and charged into the high alt.i.tude.


The triangular ball of light exploded.

A huge blast spread, crushing everything into dust that had made contact with it along the way.

When the strong white light was about to touch the tail of the crane, Xie Wuyou hastily thrust out his palm.

No matter what, he would not let his Little white get hurt.

A ball of blue light rushed out.  


The white blast collided with the blue light ball, sending a loud 'bang' resounding across the air.

When the brilliance had dispersed, the white crane was standing on a raised boulder at the edge of Broken mountain cliff, looking fearfully at the savage's small eyes.

People have fear, and so do birds.

The life threatening moment just now was like the feeling of being hunted by a fierce beast of the divine continent. It was only when Xie Wuyou yelled out that it quickly shifted direction and flew skywards.  

Xie Wuyou, with his brows scrunched up, stared warily at the savage, saying in a low voice, "Withered Glory realm?"

When the ball of light appeared, Xie Wuyou had already sensed that the situation wasn’t too good.  

The energy of the light ball was too powerful, and there was an oppressive power that was restricting the movement of essential qi inside his body, and even his breathing became obstructed.

It was only when the flowers withered and the various plants died that he realised that the ugly savage before him might be of the Withered Glory realm.

The martial artists of the divine continent were divided into seven realms: Empty valley, High mountain, Free clouds, Withered glory, Starry Sky, Astral projection and Dragon slayer.

This person who had reached the Withered glory realm, can be called one of the top cultivators of the Divine continent.

After all, it has been thousands of years since anyone had seen a Dragon slayer cultivator. While Starry Sky cultivators and Astral projection cultivators were very few and rarely seen.

To be able to reach the Withered glory realm, one can almost move unhindered in the world.

But why did this man come to Starry Sky Academy?

Moreover, he called the Dean by his name, and his tone of voice was incredibly impolite. What was his relationship with Dean or was there a feud between them?  

"What? Are you judging people by their realm now? The savage said in a mocking tone. "Now that you know my realm, are you going to be more courteous to me?"

"You look really ugly." Xie Wuyou’s voice was colder. "Even if your cultivation level is high, your realm is high, I still don’t like you. Not to mention that you called the Dean by his name and insulted my Starry Sky Academy. I’m definitely not going to forgive you." "

"People that are not big, have an arrogant tone of voice." The Savage stated disdainfully. "Since you won’t forgive me, then why did you run away just now?"

Xie Wuyou patted the white crane’s head, asking in a gentle voice, "Little White, are you all right?"


Little White let out a cry, indicating that it was not hurt.

Xie Wuyou stroke the white crane’s head again, and with no other visible movement, his Starry cloud robe was billowing in the wind and he soared up into midair from the crane’s back.

While that white crane also very tactfully let out a resonating screech and flew into the depths of the clouds as Xie Wuyou left its body.

There was soon to be a battle between masters; it was worried that its feather might be damaged.

His eyes were like the stars, and face like jade.

His white robe fluttered, and his wide sleeves ballooned out.

Xie Wuyou stretched his hand into the air and a strange-looking weapon that was as curved as the crescent moon and had a deer head hilt fell into the palm of his hand.

The deer’s eyes twinkled like it was alive. The crescent moon blade was blazing a gold colour similar to the moonlight.

Deer blade!

One of the sharpest weapons in the world, which was also a divine weapon ranked near the top of the 'Treasure and weapon' book.

It had unexpectedly fallen into the hands of a student of Starry Sky Academy.

Xie Wuyou waved about the blazing blade, clasping the hilt with both his hands, looking down condescendingly, and swung down the blade at the savage below.


A golden flame appeared abruptly, shrouding the Savage from the head and spreading all over the place.

As Xie Wuyou was brandishing his blade, the eyes of the deer was emitting a purple glow, and the deer was making a low grunting noise.


The savage did not hide or evade, clenching his right hand into a fist again, and a triangular white ball reappeared in the palm of his hand.

Then, his right hand abruptly thrust out.


The white colour swelled in the wind, to a force that seemed could break through the sky. Blotting the sky was the shadow of that tremendous triangular ball, and the body of the savage was hid behind the huge triangular ball.


The long snake-like flame blade struck the triangular frame directly. The two powers were evenly matched and victory could not be distinguished immediately, and instead progressed into a fierce struggle, where they were madly swallowing each other up.


A white and a gold electric current were tearing at each other to destroy its opponent completely.

Xie Wuyou was still maintaining the blade striking posture, constantly pouring strength into the Deer blade.

The savage did not dare to be careless in the slightest, stretching out his left hand. A white stream of air flowed toward the spheroid and he was pouring in essential qi in order to resist the power of the Deer blade.

Neither of the two gave way to the other, and the tide of battle was constantly turning.

——Chi lah lah—

Suffering the powerful attack, the originally tattered clothes on the Savage’s body, was now more torn, sweeping away by the wind.

While Xie Wuyou’s starry cloud robe was being whipped about. From time to time there were ripping and cracking sounds, and seemed like it was going to explode into debris at any moment.

As the two men were fighting a life and death struggle, there came a sigh overhead.  

A chubby man in a Starry cloud robe was blinking his triangular eyes. Rising high into the air and standing among the clouds and mist, he watched the two men fight. "Is it worth the trouble? Just have a good discussion, why did you end up in a fight?"

Xie Wuyou did not respond, the savage also did not reply.

The two men seemed as though that they completely could not see that person.  

Yang Xiaohu’s expression was a little awkward as he raised his voice to say, "The Dean wants to see you."

"The Dean?"

Xie Wuyou looked shocked for a moment, putting away the Deer blade to one side in a flash.  

The Dean’s order, he was naturally afraid to disobey. Just that, he couldn't figure out why would the Dean want to see such a person? Who was this man?

It should be said that the Dean had not seen strangers for many years.  

The corner of the savage’s mouth curved in a sneer. "Now I can go up the mountain, right?"

"You can." Yang Xiaohu made an inviting gesture.

The savage led the way, looking extremely familiar with the path up the mountain, and rushed ahead to the front.

Xie Wuyou stored away the Deer blade and followed behind Yang Xiaohu to ask in a quiet voice, "Teacher Yang, who is that person?"

"I don’t know either.” Yang Xiaohu said aloud, "However, the Dean stopped fishing dragons and specially summoned me over to invite this person up the mountain. It looks like it should not be simple?"

"He calls himself an abandoned boy of Starry Sky, could it be that he is also a person of Starry Sky Academy?"

"It’s possible." Yang Xiaohu nodded. "The Dean had sent a lot of talents out there, as if to defend something——perhaps this person is one of them."

"Then how could he be so disrespectful to the Dean?"

"If you have been banished to a land with no one for decades, you most likely will have hostility to vent, right?"

Xie Wuyou, at the thought of the savage’s tattered clothing and his dirty body, immediately felt itchy all over, as if every inch of the skin didn’t feel right.  

"I sympathise with him."

The savage was in front and Yang Xiaohu and Xie Wuyou followed behind.

On the stargazing platform.

An old grey-robed man was staring at the distant Nu River in silent. The roaring river waves, how long had it been through, and how many secrets had been covered up?

It was only when the savage crept up behind him that he turned around, looked at the red, flashing eyes of the savage, stretched out his skinny hand and said, "You’re back?"

The savage's lips wriggled as he tried to speak again, but there was no word that would come forth.  

"It’s good that you’re back." The old man in grey said with a smile. "It’s been hard for you all these years." "

"Dean——" The savage’s eyes brimmed with tears, 'plopping' to his knees in front of the old man.  

The old man reached out to stroke the savage’s disheveled hair, "When you entered the illusion, you were still a beautiful teenager. Your robe was whiter than snow, and you were handsome and graceful. This trip, you have been gone for 60 years and 79 days——"

Yang Xiaohu and Xie Wuyou exchanged a glance with each other, this savage was also——a Starry sky student?

Chapter 410: Muyang is not dead!

The turbulent waves of Nujiang kept flowing eastward, washing away the many heroes.

The wind swept up a number of clouds and the cold sun hung in the sky.  

The Nameless Mountain was located in the center of the Flower language plain, where the scenery and landscape differed greatly from the rest of the country. At this time, Tiandu was already freezing cold and snowstorm had sealed the city, while the range upon range of Nameless Mountains was covered in greenery and safflowers.  

Stargazing platform.

On the golden peak, several people were gathered, overlooking below, and were able to take in the whole scene of the blood red Nu River and the vast Flower language plain at once.  

Long robes were whipping about in the wind, clouds spiraling around their feet.

"Dean, Ouyang Yi is incompetent, I am ashamed to face Dean. Except me, all other nine brothers have died in the illusion." The savage knelt down, grieving.

"Sigh, They were all good kids." The old man sighed softly with a mournful expression on his face. "All such good kids."

"Living in caves, wrapped in animal skins, and eating animal meat, I dared not slack off in the slightest. Year after year pa.s.sed by, I do not know how many years I have been in the mountains. But everything comes to those who wait. I finally waited for the heart of weak water. I finally saw it appear. But when I wanted to capture it——"

"What happened?" Yang Xiaohu asked excitedly. They were now talking about the heart of weak water, which was ranked in the top three of the book 'Treasure and weapon'.  

It was thought to be just a myth, something that no one had ever seen.  

But unexpectedly, it really did exist. Moreover, it almost landed in the hands of the man before him.

Even Xie Wuyou felt the savage was much more pleasing to the eye now. He did not expect him to be a Starry Sky student, and even more did not think that he, in order to get the heart of the weak water was willing to wait in that water illusion for 60 years——was so stupid and cute.

"The water illusion had collapsed, the heart of the weak water——was s.n.a.t.c.hed away by someone called Li Muyang." Ouyang Yi uttered in a fierce voice, clenching his fists tight.

"What?" Yang Xiaohu looked astonished.

"The heart of weak water?" Xie Wuyou was also similarly shocked. "Li Muyang is not dead? And took away the heart of the weak water?"

"Li Muyang is dead?" Ouyang Yi exclaimed, "who said he’s dead?"

"The illusion had collapsed and the door of the illusion had closed, so everyone thought he was no longer alive." Yang Xiaohu explained, rushing over to grab the savage by the arm. "Where is Li Muyang? Quickly tell me, where is Li Muyang now? Have you seen him?"

"I obviously have seen him. It was him who s.n.a.t.c.hed the heart of the weak water from my hand." Ouyang Yi said resentfully.

Then, with a hint of softness in his eyes, he continued, "of course, I also have to thank him for saving me. If the heart of the weak water had not devoured all the water elements in the illusion, I most likely would have been buried in the illusion."

"So where is he now?" Yang Xiaohu urgently asked. Li Muyang was his most outstanding student and the one he valued the most, he did not want him to disappear.  

"I don’t know." Ouyang Yi shook his head. "When I woke up, I was already in the continent of Feng Lin, the Wolf King had disappeared, and the wolves were killing each other. It took me great difficulty to fight my way out, and then it took months to find the formation eye to return to the Flower language plain."

Yang Xiaohu’s heart sank right down. "Could Li Muyang have gone to another s.p.a.ce, and never come back?"  

"Impossible." Xie Wuyou remained calm. "If Li Muyang had really gotten the heart of weak water, then with a divine weapon protecting him, the average person cannot hurt him at all. He certainly will be able to find the eye of the formation to come out."

Xie Wuyou shot a glance over Ouyang Yi. "Even he could get back, how would Li Muyang not be able to?"

"What do you mean?" Ouyang Yi growled in a hoa.r.s.e voice.

"That’s literally what it means." Xie Wuyou said fearlessly.

"All right." The grey-robed man interrupted. "To be able to come back is already extremely lucky. The other matters, leave it to the will of the heaven. You take a rest at the Academy first and arrange the other matters later."

"But, without the heart of the weak water, how will we withstand against——"

The grey robed man waved his hand dismissively. "If there were to be such a calamity, there should be a someone to prevent the calamity. Previously I do not believe in the heavens, do not obey its orders, purposely gathered the essence of starry sky and sent you young elites into the illusion. I hoped you guys could obtain the heart of the weak water to break this calamity. But I had no idea that you would be gone for decades. Now that Li Muyang has the heart of the weak water, perhaps the burden of breaking the calamity now falls onto him."

Yang Xiaohu’s face grew gloomy, while Xie Wuyou had a ruminative expression on his face.

Ouyang Yi held himself back repeatedly until he finally said worriedly: "But, he is just a boy."

"And so what?" The grey robed man smiled. "Dangerous buildings are hundreds of feet high and with the hand one can pick the stars. n.o.body dares to speak loudly to avoid disturbing the folks up above. How wonderful is fate. Perhaps, the millions of people really need to be placed on his hands."

"Dean——" "

"Go." The grey robed man gazed at the bright red river. "I’ll go fishing for a little longer.  If I do not catch something a day, I feel that my heart is missing something."

Before his voice faded, his body had already disappeared on the golden peak.

Xie Wuyou glanced at the savage, before his body spread out and fluttered away in a beautiful and graceful posture.

Yang Xiaohu looked at the savage, asking: "Master——Ouyang, if I call you that, you do not mind, right?"

"Whatever." Ouyang Yi didn’t care about this stuff. Having been living in the illusion for 60 years, there was nothing worth caring about in the worldly matters.

"Then I’ll arrange accommodation for you?"


"Master Ouyang, you have run into Li Muyang, do you know where he went?"

"Whatever——I don’t know."

Yang Xiaohu was responsible and diligent, after he helped Ouyang Yi settle down, he then walked over to the little cottage that he resided in at the Dragon slayer department.

As he just came to the intersection, he saw Chu Xun coming out with a long sword in his hand.

"Chu Xun, where are you going?" Yang Xiaohu asked with a smile. Ever since this boy had come out from the illusion, he had been terrifyingly quiet. He had been practicing hard every day, but no longer had any communication with other people. He was like a cold-hearted a.s.sa.s.sin.

"Teacher Yang, I want to take time off to go back to Tiandu, I hope you allow it."

Chu Xun said aloud.

"You're going back to Tiandu at this time? It isn’t New Year’s Eve yet?" Yang Xiaohu stated puzzledly. Students often take time off for excursions, or for training, or adventure, but also to visit mentors and friends.

However, there were very few that are new students to Starry Sky.

Chu Xun bowed respectfully and did not attempt to explain too much.

The proud and unruly Chu Xun had experienced the fickleness of worldly relationship. Having had encountered repeated blows, he was now much more low-key.  

Yang Xiaohu pondered for a moment before he said, "Starry Sky never restricts the freedom of students. Since you asked for leave, then I’ll allow you to go back. But no matter where you go, don’t forget to practice."

"Student understands."

Chu Xun said with a cupped fist salute before his body soared into the air and towards the edge of the cliff.

As he reached into midair, a hummingbird swiftly swooped down and steadily caught his body.

Yang Xiaohu shook his head. He was about to go over to check on Lin Canghai but before he knocked on the door, he saw Lin Canghai coming toward with him with a letter in his hand.  

"Teacher Yang, Teacher Yang——" Lin Canghai cried as he bolted over. "Qiandu cla.s.smate left a letter, saying that she has to leave Starry Sky Academy for something. She told me to ask you to approve her leave."

As Lin Canghai spoke he handed over the letter in his hand.

Yang Xiaohu took the letter and hurriedly skimmed through it.  

"Qiandu is gone too?"

"Yes." Lin Canghai nodded seriously.  

Yang Xiaohu noticed the luggage hanging over Lin Canghai's shoulder. "What are you going to do?"

"I’m going to find Qiandu." Chu Xun stated in a matter of fact manner.

Lin Canghai respectfully bowed to Yang Xiaohu, saying solemly: "Teacher Yang, goodbye. When I find Qiandu, I will return to the Academy with her."

"If you can’t find her?"

"Impossible" Lin Canghai’s smile was bright as a flower. The boy was too good-looking that when he smiled he looked like a beautiful girl. "I will continue to look for her, how would I not find her?"

With that, Lin Canghai rose with the wind, turning into a white shadow and flew towards the distance.

Yang Xiaohu’s face darkened, standing lifeless where he was for a good while, before he turned away to find Xiahou Qianbai and Kong Li to tell them of the news that Li Muyang was still alive.  

It should be said that after Li Muyang’s disappearance, these two people had repeatedly came to him to find out information. They had mocked and ridiculed him countless times, saying ridiculous remarks that he had led his student astray, and did not teach Li Muyang well, and it would have been better for Li Muyang to follow them instead——

A b.u.t.terfly fluttered around in the air, Yang Xiaohu caught it in his hand and put the b.u.t.terfly to his ear.  

"Li Muyang is currently in the capital of West wind." There was a voice from thousands of miles away.

"Li Muyang is back in Tiandu." Yang Xiaohu muttered.

He finally understood why Chu Xun and Qiandu suddenly left Starry Sky Academy. Qiandu had a close relationship with Li Muyang, and Yang Xiaohu even suspected that the two had feelings for each other.  

When the news of Li Muyang's disappearance in the illusion spread, Qiandu had gone missing for a long period of time. She also became a lot thinner, and Yang Xiaohu had also rea.s.sured her several times that Li Muyang would certainly come back safely.

These days she also often went to check on the water moon heavenly cave, hoping that Li Muyang would suddenly pop out of that water screen.

Since she knew that Li Muyang was alive, she naturally had to go see him.

But why did Chu Xun go back?

Starry Sky. Medicine cottage.

A handsome youngster in a starry cloud robe was bowing respectfully to Xiahou Qianbai and with a cupped fist salute, "Teacher Xiahou, Tingyun will leave, please take good care of yourself."

Xiahou Qianbai’s hair was loosely draped over his shoulder, leaning back on a boulder, holding a scroll in his hand, and looked deep in thought. Without lifting his head he said, "Go."  

Chapter 411: The Wind city's Lu Lin

"Here. Open your mouth." Li Shinian brought a spoonful of steaming pigeon porridge to Li Muyang's face.

"I’ll do it myself." Li Muyang said in an embarra.s.sed tone.

"Open your mouth." Li Shinian repeated, frowning her brows and her clear eyes slightly widened.

Li Muyang quickly opened his mouth and put the large spoonful of porridge into his mouth.  

"That’s a good boy." Li Shinian said with a smug face. "Do you know how many boys in the capital city want to say a word to me, let alone feed them porridge? I’m a little envious of you."

Li Muyang tried hard to swallow the piping hot porridge. Unable to utter a word, he had to nod in agreement.

As soon as Li Muyang swallowed the scalding porridge, Li Shinian again fed him another mouthful. Looking at Li Muyang’s sharp facial features and his deep expressive eyes, suddenly Li Shinian’s neck was flushing crimson, shyly but also fiercely she stared at Li Muyang.

Li Muyang looked puzzled. I ate it when you told me to, how did I offend you? Is she blaming me for not echoing what she had just said, but I already nodded under such difficult circ.u.mstances, and I did it several times——

"Why do you think you’re suddenly so good-looking?" Li Shinian said very disgruntledly, pursing her mouth. "

"What?" Li Muyang’s mouth was stuffed with porridge that his voice was unclear.

"When you were ugly before, I didn’t think of you as a boy. I could bully you as I like, trample you how I want. Now you’ve suddenly become good-looking, I feel there’s a barrier between us——"

"You——" Li Muyang forced himself to gulp down the hot pigeon porridge into the stomach. It was so hot that tears were almost streaming down his cheeks. "What are you talking about? You look beautiful, you were the little beauty on our Hubu alley when you were small, and then you grew up to be a beauty of Jiangnan City, and you're now the 'Fourth Bright moon of Tiandu'——Why can I not grow up to be good-looking?"

"That’s right. People have to be faithful to death. I was good-looking when I was small, so I grew up to beautiful. But you were ugly when you were young, and now you grew up to be good-looking——How can you change your mind constantly? How can you betray your own group of people?"

"——" Being severely criticised by Li Shinian like that, Li Muyang unexpectedly could not retort. Vaguely, he also felt that what she said makes sense.

"Is it safe to be ugly? Before even if I hug you all day, no one else will think I am up to something. Now, I only came to see you and to feed you porridge, but your servants look like are going to eat me——Please, you’re my Big brother, okay? Even if I have a heavy taste, I wouldn’t like you."  

"——" Li Muyang felt that the porridge, which was sweet and tasty before, had suddenly gone tasteless.

Li Shinian stared at Li Muyang's face for a good while, looking mesmerized, and couldn’t help blurting out, "So handsome——"

Realising that she had said something wrong, Li Shinian very disdainfully snorted: "Who likes you now? I like the way you used to be."  

"If I don’t get good looking, I’m afraid I won’t find a wife——Didn’t Mother often worried about this? Besides, I want to bring honour to my family, too. People used to say I was adopted, do you understand how I felt at the time?"

"Hmph, it’s enough with just me bringing glory to the family." Li Shinian seemed really discontent with Li Muyang’s current face, giving his nose a hard pinch, she added, "Do not become even better in the future. Be ugly. Understand?"

"——I’ll try." Li Muyang dared not to disobey the little demon girl and had to say yes.

"That’s more like it." Li Shinian nodded satisfiedly. "Open your mouth."

"I’m full.""

"It’s your business that you’re full, I haven’t fed enough, open your mouth——"

"——" Li Muyang felt that these day were incredibly difficult. He was itching to get up and fight against the G.o.d of Sword of West wind again. This time s...o...b..ll was not allowed to help.



s...o...b..ll seemed to really enjoy the snow, rolling merrily in the snow in the courtyard. Its naive and innocent eyes and its cute giggling voice makes one wishing to wrap their arms around it and kiss it several times.

It had to be said that when it comes to the skill of picking up girls, Li Muyang really was not as good as this dog——rabbit or any other animal——

Not sure whether it was because the Lu family’s thousand year old ginseng and Hundred gra.s.s pill were taking effect, or Li Shinian’s bowl of porridge played an effect, or Li Muyang’s ability to recover was already beyond normal, but in the afternoon, Li Muyang had already felt that he have regained strength, he was able to talk and chat and get out of bed like normal. Although it was still impossible to fight with people like before.  

It was impossible under the condition of non dragon transformation.

Of course, Li Muyang still had lingering fears. If s...o...b..ll had not help him deflect that attack, he most likely would have transformed into the divine dragon to battle against the G.o.d of Sword of West Wind. And at that time even if Li Muyang were alive, he would most likely would be fleeing and hiding around now?

How would he be able to enjoy the soup brought over by a pair of lily-white hands? How would he be watching the heavy snow blanketing the pine trees? How would he be sitting there comfortably and peacefully and want to roar to the sky?

The more he thought the more emotional he was, also the more he did not want to waste the beautiful scenery.

Li Muyang sprang out of bed and said, "Get dressed and go out and paint."

Li Shinian knew that Li Muyang had almost recovered and did not try to stop him. "Okay, this time you have to give the painting to me. When you returned to Starry Sky Academy and Mother doesn’t give me pocket money, I’ll sell your paintings——Your paintings must be worth a lot of now."

Young Master Li was going to painting, Jing’er, Zhaihua, Chuyao and others immediately began to prepare.

Zhaihua and Chuyao were responsible for helping Li Muyang dress, while Tingxue and Xiyu went out to set up the painting equipments in the garden.

Li Shinian stood at the side, and did not even have the chance to help out.

This made her shoot Li Muyang an increasingly dissatisfied expression, her little lips pursed up.

With a crowd of women, Li Muyang came to the West rock garden. Tingxue and Xiyu had already chosen a perfect painting location. They stood on the hill, which offered a panoramic view of the entire scenery, stone pavilion and the rockery of the West garden.

Li Muyang made a loud compliment, "Here I can draw a 'Viewing Snow in the West courtyard' painting.

"No matter what you draw, it’s mine anyway." Li Shinian stated, smiling, as though declaring supreme power to the other girls——this brother is my big brother, you mustn’t s.n.a.t.c.h him away.

Li Muyang chuckled inwardly, "Okay. When this painting is done, I’ll give it to Shinian."

"That's more like it." Li Shinian said with a sweet smile.

Li Muyang stood before the painting desk, scanning around and began to grind the ink.

Jing’er went forward to help, but Li Muyang stopped her. "I’ll do it myself, I can also use this time to calm my mind and form a mental outline."

The several girls no longer stepped forward, letting Li Muyang grind the ink and enjoy the scenery alone.

Once the ink was prepared, Li Muyang also had a plan in mind.

He dipped the brush in ink and began to splash over the paper.

A white-robed youngster stood among the trees and rocks at the top of the hill. He was graceful and elegant, and outstandingly talented. When he was quiet he resembled an elegant willow, when he was moving he was like a jaguar. As he put the brush to paper, snow began to appear across the paper. His every movement was just like that of the most graceful girl on the world.

Li Shinian was mesmerized, staring at her brother with a wide smile.

"Brother is so amazing." She said in her heart.

When she inadvertently found that the other servants also had the same fascinated expression, she couldn’t help feeling a little uncomfortable, and coldly grunted, "Know that flowers attract bees and b.u.t.terflies, what’s so good being good-looking?"

Because he had planned in advance, Li Muyang’s brush strokes were extremely swift, and in no time the composition of the painting was completed, the landscape of the West garden was beautifully depicted.  

Li Muyang set down the brush to rest, took the towel from Jing’er and dabbed at his face, and then carefully studied his 'Viewing Snow in the West Garden' painting, smiling, "What do you think?"

"A good picture of 'Snow viewing'". A clear voice sounded.

The voice came out of nowhere, and it was one that he had not heard of it before.

Everyone twisted around, only to find an unfamiliar-looking youngster in a bro robe standing behind him.  

Seeing the crowd was all staring at him, the young man bowed and introduced himself with a smile: "The Wind city’s Lu Lin pays respect to Gongzi Muyang."

"Lu Lin?" Li Muyang, after a brief thought, confirmed that he did not know him.

However, Li Muyang was aware that the Lu clan started in Wind city, and the Lu family’s old mansion was also in the Wind city. It was coming up to the date of Grandfather Lu’s birthday, therefore it was not strange to find people of the Wind city coming here.

Therefore, Li Muyang also responded with a cupped fist salute, "Nice to meet Gongzi Lu."

As soon as this man appeared he addressed Li Muyang as 'Gongzi', and greatly increased Li Muyang's first impression of him. Li Muyang had always wanted others to call him that when he was young, but most of them only exclaimed to him, 'whose kid is that he’s so dark'——'Who’s that kid'.  

Therefore, Li Muyang liked such 'courtesy'.

Lu Lin walked closer to Li Muyang, looking at the long painting spread across the desk. "In the way of painting, the composition is the skeleton, and the colour is the skin. There is a degree of roughness it is simple and complicated, and it is well-proportioned. With just the composition, you can see the outcome of the painting. To become a disciple of the double wall of calligraphy and painting Gu Huangwu, Gongzi Muyang is indeed worthy of your fame."

Li Muyang began to like this Lu Lin. He thanked him again. "Gongzi Lu is too kind. Gongzi Lu must also be a painting master."

Lu Lin replied modestly, "I only have a little understanding."

Lu Lin again turned to bow to Li Shinian, "This must be the Bright moon of Tiandu Miss Shinian?"

"I am Li Shinian." Li Shinian returned a bow.

"Seeing you in person today, there really is the feeling of the bright moon overhead. Miss Shinian’s face and demeanour are really breathtaking." Lu Lin said with a smile, constantly throwing out compliments.

Li Muyang blinked his eyes several times: is that boy trying to win the affection of my little sister?

Chapter 412: A spear technique!

With this idea in mind, Li Muyang felt that Lu Lin had become more and more suspicious.  

Besides the few words that he had exchanged with him at the beginning, the majority of the times he stood next to Li Shinian. His brown coloured robe, deep green jade pendant, sword-like brows, his extraordinary facial features, and his thin lips gave off an amiable and kind feeling.

The man was very talkative, and also knowledgeable. He was witty, and occasionally made one burst into laughter.  

Seeing that Li Muyang was no longer painting, and was glancing at him from time to time, Lu Lin cupped one fist in the other and said to Li Muyang apologetically. "I am really sorry, did I disturb Brother Muyang painting?"  

Li Muyang nodded, "Indeed, I like it quiet when I paint."

"I see." Lu Lin looked embarra.s.sed. "Then I won’t disturb Brother Muyang."

He turned to Li Shinian, suggesting, "Miss Shinian, I see the plum blossoms are blooming beautifully, we should also learn from the predecessors. How about we take a walk in the snow to view the flowering plums?"

Li Shinian took a glimpse of Li Muyang and declined the offer: "I want to watch my brother paint."

"No worries." Lu Lin said. "When we come back from viewing the plum blossoms, Brother Muyang’s 'Viewing snow painting' should also be completed. Wouldn’t it be better for us to enjoy the finished product instead?"

Li Shinian pursed her lips. "I see the plum blossoms in the garden many times a day, but I have not seen my brother paint more than a few times——Besides, are the plum blossoms of the garden more good looking than when my brother paints?"  

"Haha——" Li Muyang couldn’t help laughing out loud, then spoke out to 'scold' Li Shinian: "Shinian, you can’t say that. Brother is just an earthly being, how can I be compared to one of the four gentlemen, plum blossom? But since you want to see me paint, then I’ll do my best to paint for you."

"Thank you, Big brother." Li Shinian said with a sweet smile.

A scowl flashed across Lu Lin’s face and faded instantly, as he gave a cupped fist to Li Muyang, "apologies."

He then turned to Li Shinian, bowed, performing the standard etiquette of a n.o.ble and said with a smile. "Since Miss Shinian likes to watch Brother Muyang paint, then I will accompany at the side. Miss Shinian is right, plum blossoms bloom every year, but Brother Muayng painting is a rare sight. I should properly appreciate it."

Never hit a smiling guy.

If he did not want to leave, there also was nothing that Li Muyang could do to force him away.

After all, his last name was 'Lu', while he and his sister had the surname Li; in order words they were outsiders.

Li Muyang composed his emotion and organised his thoughts before he began adding colour to the painting.

This process was even quicker than the one before. With just a few strokes, the wind and snow, and the beautiful and elegant snow scene was depicted vividly.

Li Muyang did not brought a seal with him, so instead he directly signed his name at the top of the painting.  

Waiting until the ink had dried, he rolled up the painting and presented it to Li Shinian, who had been standing at the side waiting for a long while. "For you."

"Thank you, Big brother." Hugging the scroll 'Viewing snow in the West garden painting' in her arms, a smile bloomed on Li Shinian’s face.

Lu Lin was captivated by Li Shinian’s sweet smile but when he saw that Li Shinian’s eyes were completely fixed on her brother Li Muyang and was completely pretending to not see him, he raged inwardly, thinking to himself that there will definitely be a time when you two are going to ask me for my help.

Lu Lin with a face of admiration said aloud: "Brother Muyang is indeed a painting master, this painting is already enough to reach the third grade."

Li Muyang’s painting was indeed good, but it was impossible to reach the third grade. It was purely a complement from Lu Lin.

Not expecting there to be someone who even more did not understand modesty, Li Shinian lifted her head and said proudly. "In my eyes it is already the first grade."

Li Muyang chuckled, reaching out his hand and was about to stroke Li Shinian’s head, but then on second thought he felt that this intimate behaviour was perhaps a little too inappropriate.

Li Shinian’s face grew gloomy when she saw Li Muyang raising his hand and putting it down again——

The 60th birthday was also known as 'Flower armour birthday'.

According to the tradition of the divine continent, the birthday of an elderly that year was particularly important.

Lu Xingkong’s only son Lu Qingming returned early from defending the Yun border to celebrate his Father’s birthday. The other branches of the Lu family had also rushed back, and his former subordinates far away at the border had began to send back gifts as early as one month ago.

Strangely, a direct line of descent of the Lu family, the Lord of the Wind city, Lu Wuyoung, had not returned to Tiandu and instead sent his eldest son Lu Lin and other clan members to come celebrate Lu Xingkong's birthday.

This action made a lot of insiders speculate that the Wind City might have felt that the Lu family was in imminent danger so they wanted to draw a line with Lu Qingming? If the Lu family really were in serious trouble, could this act really protect those of the Wind city from being affected?

Rumours and gossip endlessly fell on the ear. Everyone looked at the Lu family with sympathy and——mockery.

If even the people of the Lu family’s ancestral house were not supporting them, then does that mean they most likely were left with no room to retreat, right?

But none of these matters had much to do with Li Muyang.  

He was just a 'visitor', the 'Li family member' who was living in the Lu residence. The Lu family’s core affairs had little to do with him, also no one had come over to discuss with him or asked him for advice.

But Li Muyang’s father Li Yan was very busy these days. He came and went in haste, and sometimes he would also stay the night over at the plum garden side. From the middle-level stewards, Li Muyang knew that the storm had come.  

Li Muyang still maintained his previous good habits. He got up early and walked a few laps of 'The Art of the breaking body', before he hunched over the desk in front of the window to practice calligraphy. While the books, such as 'The art of travelling through clouds and summoning rain' and 'Dragon language' that were related to the dragon clan, he had not glanced at them at all or recited the mantra. There were too many strong cultivators in Tiandu, who knew whether he may be noticed or not by the observant people?

Besides, a peerless cultivator was living in the same courtyard as him.

Li Muyang was willing to trust the Lu family, but if they were to find out the fact that he was a dragon, whether or not they were going to trust him or not, was still uncertain.

The human heart was difficult to predict, Li Muyang dared not make the slightest mistake.


The door of the room was slammed open again.

Dressed in a cute little red robe, Li Shinian charged in and shouted to Li Muyang: "Quick, wash and dress, in a moment we need to kowtow to Grandfather Lu."

Li Muyang knew that today was the birthday of the old Grandfather Lu Xingkong.

Lu Qingming had also said to him that today he should show his true face to the world.

Therefore, according to the relationship between the Lu family and the Li family, Li Muyang indeed needed to go kowtow to Lu Xingkong today as a junior.

Li Shinian put down the writing brush and said to Li Shinian, "Wait, I need to bath and change my clothes."

"Dress nicer." Li Shinian then said in lowered voice, "These days Mother has been busying making several sets of winter clothes for you."

Li Muyang smiled and nodded, "then I’ll wear the clothes made by my Mother."

Because Li Muyang had saved Lu Qingming’s life, Aunt Gongsun had all of a sudden gifted him several sets of gorgeous clothes. These days Li Muyang had only been wearing the clothes from Aunt Gongsun whenever he went outside, which made Luo Qi a little jealous. These days the reason that Luo Qi had not stepped a foot outside the house was because she was busy preparing winter clothing for Li Muyang.

"Smart." Li Shinian complimented Li Muyang. "Quickly bath, in a moment I’ll come to comb your hair."

"I’ll comb it myself." Li Muyang said.

"That’s not going to work. You are now Gongzi Li, Young master Li, how could you do it yourself?" Li Shinian remarked with a sneer.

Li Muyang chuckled. He knew that his Little sister was dissatisfied with the five beautiful servants who followed him everywhere.

After Li Muyang had bathed, Li Shinian was already waiting in the room.

Li Muyang helplessly seated himself in front of the bronze mirror and let Li Shinian tidy his hair.

Li Shinian’s combing was very smooth, but she had never groomed a man’s hair before. Her skills were a bit rusty, and not as skilful as Jing'er and the others.

But, his little sister had kind intentions after all. Li Muyang sat there with a smile on his face, waiting for the little girl to get busy with his hair.  

"Don’t laugh. " Li Shinian failed to tie up the hair into a bun, tiny dots of sweat formed across her nose, and when she saw Li Muyang’s holding his lips tight to suppress a smile she couldn’t help yelling.

"Hahaha——" Li Muyang burst out laughing, even happier after her outburst.  

After putting on the jade crown with difficultly, Li Shinian came over hugging a dim silver cotton robe. The inside of the cotton robe was filled with goose feather, making it light and warm.

Li Shinian helped Li Muyang tie his waist belt, before stepping back and looked him up and down. Her eyes sparkled and she could not help complimenting inwardly: Brother is really handsome, I did not expect the charcoal head before would grow into such a beautiful young man——

When Luo Qi saw Li Muyang dressed in the winter clothes she made, her entire face beamed with happiness. These days her son had only been wearing the clothes gifted by Lady Gongsun, which gave her a feeling of her heart being gripped, as though her son would be taken away from her at any moment——

Luo Qi had already prepared noodle soup, and after Li Muyang and Li Shinian each had a bowl. Under the guidance of Luo Qi, they were brought to the main hall of the Lu residence.

Today was Lu Xingkong’s birthday. Lu Xingkong also moved out of the plum garden, and gathered together with the family in the main hall of the Lu residence to greet the coming guests.

By the time the trio came to the front courtyard, a few long queues were already lined up across the courtyard.

Headed by Lu Qingming and Gongsun Yu, was a line of sons and nephews, and the grandchildren, led by Lu Tianyu, were in another line. Standing in another line were tall and burly military officers who had worked for Lu Xingkong for many years. The stewards and servants were also divided among the three rows. Those that did not lined up, also were not allowed to the birthday celebration.

Lu Tianyu was in the front of the line of grandchildren, followed by a number of juniors of the Lu family. Lu Lin, who they met yesterday, was also present, and greeted Li Muyang and Li Shinian with a smile and nod.

Li Muyang and Li Shinian were aware of their ident.i.ty, and very considerately stood at the back of the last row. Luo Qi went to the side where Gongsun Yu and the females in the family were. Gongsun Yu was extremely busy today, there were a number of things that needed her to take care of.

Pa pa pa——

Under the escort of a group of old brothers, Lu Xingkong stepped into the main hall in a silk robe.

He had just sat down in the main hall, when Lu Qingming and Gongsun Yu went forward together, bowed down before him, and pressed their forehead against the floor.  

"Father may your happiness be as boundless as the Eastern seas and your life as long as the long lasting Southern mountains."

"Get up." Lu Xingkong reached out with both his hands.

Lu Qingming and Gongsun Yu got up at the same time. Then, Gongsun Yu took a tray from the little servant standing next to her and respectfully presented over with both hands. "For Father’s 60th birthday, I specially ordered people from the north to hunt two fire fox to make a winter coat for Father——Father hope you don’t mind the ugly needlework, please accept Xiaoyu’s little gift."

Lu Xingkong reached out to receive the tray, and gently stroked the st.i.tches on the winter, emotions surging unceasingly within him.

How many years? How many years had he not received clothes sewn by his daughter-in-law?  How many years had Gongsun Yu not said auspicious words to her father-in-law?

Ever since that matter happened, their relationship had fallen to freezing point, and for the past many years, Gongsun Yu had hated him as a father-in-law, also hated their Lu family——

He lifted her head up to look at Gongsun Yu and uttered in a low voice, "Good child, good child——all these years, it really has been difficult for you."

"Father——" Gongsun Yu’s voice started to quiver, as her eyes reddened with tears. She turned around to find Li Muyang, in that sea of people, she also did not know where Li Muyang had went.

Li Muyang had returned safe and sound, and was present for Father’s 60th birthday, so Gongsun Yu was willing to untie the knot in her heart and present such a warm gift.

"Good child." Lu Xingkong sighed and said, "It is our Lu family who wronged you."

"Father, it is a great day today, why say this?" Lu Qingming interrupted.

"Yes, a great day." Lu Xingkong burst out in a hearty laugh, looking at his son and daughter-in-law. "You two are really thoughtful."

The two stepped back and stood behind Lu Xingkong, as other descendants of the Lu family came up to pay their respects and offer their birthday gifts.

By the time the uncles had finished presenting their gifts, it was the turn of the group of Generals who could also be called uncles.

Each and every one of these people were like wolves and tigers, and their voices were like a powerful, reverberating sound of thunder. One after another, they went up and kowtowed to Lu Xingkong. The gifts presented were varied, and included wine, meat, swords and weapons.

Lu Xingkong had a deep friendship with every one of them. After exchanging greetings he accepted theirs gift one after another.

By the time these military officers had kowtowed and wished Lu Xingkong a happy birthday, Lu Tianyu was the first to rush over. He 'plopped' on his knees, and banged his forehead against the ground three times, looked up, his forehead slightly red, and said in a loud and clear voice: "Grandchild Lu Tianyu wish Grandfather is continued to be respected by the world for your contribution."

Lu Tianyu rose from the ground and took a delicate jade box from the little servant beside him, presenting it over with both hands. "Grandfather, this is grandson’s birthday gift to you."

"Thank you, my dear grandson." Lu Xingkong received the box with a smiling face and was to about to set it aside for now.  

"Grandfather, open it and see if you like the gift I gave you." said Lu Tianyu, grinning.  

Lu Xingkong glanced at Lu Tianyu. "What? You want to show the treasure in public today?"

"Tht is Grandson’s little gift to you." Lu Tianyu said with a smile.

So, Lu Xingkong opened the jade box and housed inside was a dazzling bright pearl.

"Thus is?" Lu Xingkong asked. "

"Grandfather, this is a turtle pearl, also known as the longevity pearl. It can only be obtained from thousand year old Xuan turtles. It is very effective. If you use it when bathing it has the effect of strengthening the body and drive away evil." Lu Tianyu explained with a smug face. Evidently it was a very difficult for him to get the turtle pearl as a birthday gift.

The crowd murmured compliments about Lu Tianyu's gift.

"Young Master Tianyu is indeed a good boy—"

"Turtle pearl is an incredibly rare treasure in the world, I heard that not every single turtle has such a pearl, only Xuan turtles that eat rainbow clams have such turtle pearls—"

"This gift from Young master Tianyu is really special and valuable—"

"I really like this gift, I will carry it with me all the time" Lu Xingkong set down the jade box and said, smiling.

Lu Tianyu beamed: "As long as Grandfather likes it. Tianyu once again wish Grandfather lives a long and healthy life, and reaches the Dragon slayer realm soon.”

Lu Xingkong laughed. Evidently he really liked the birthday wish.

After Lu Tianyu went down, the other grandchildren went up to kowtow, offer birthday congratulations, and present their prepared gifts.

When it was Li Shinian’s turn, she bowed respectfully before Lu Xingkong, kowtowed three times, and then took out a painting scroll and presented it with both hands: "Grandfather, Shinian has no valuable items but I wanted to give you a birthday present, I thought about it over and over again, it really gave me a headache."  

The corners of Li Shinian’s mouth were curved upwards in a smile, "Then I thought, although I have no valuable things, but I have someone around me who does. So I begged and begged, and finally my brother drew a picture for me, and now I will present my brother’s 'Viewing snow in the West garden painting' to Grandfather Lu as a birthday present. I hope Grandfather Lu likes it."

Lu Xingkong looked at the lively and energetic Li Shinian, reached out to her head, before he received the 'Viewing snow in the West garden painting'. He unfolded the scroll and carefully studied the painting for a long while, before he complimented: “Good painting. The composition is careful, and the colours are bold. Through the contrast, the West Garden is brought out vividly. He really lives up to the name of the talented youngster thought highly of by the double walls of painting and calligraphy Gu Huangwu."

Lu Xingkong pa.s.sed it around to the elders next to him, saying: "I am very happy with this 'Viewing snow in the West garden painting'. Although it is my own backyard, but in the hands of Muyang there is another artistic conception. It’s almost as if I had never seen the subject of the painting before. I’ll hang this picture in my study, it will help me relieve fatigue when I’m tired."

"Thank you, Grandfather." Li Shinian beamed. Li Muyang’s painting being liked by the old grandfather Lu made her happier than her being liked.

"Silly child, you gave me a present, why did you thank me? I should have thanked you." Lu Xingkong stated, smiling.  

He reached out and pulled Li Shinian up from the ground, "Good child, what a good child."

Li Shinian stepped back. It was the turn of Li Muyang to come forward to kowtow and offer birthday congratulations.

Li Muyang was deeply grateful to the Lu family for taking care of his parents and sister, and was also sincerely fond of Grandfather Lu. He bowed down and kowtowed sincerely, and then lifted up his head to say in a clear voice: "I wish Grandfather stay as dazzling as the Sun and moon, and never age like spring and autumn."

"Hahaha, Muyang, this birthday congratulation is a bit sloppy. The divine continent is vast, how many people can be as dazzling as the sun and moon, and never age like spring and autumn?"

Li Muyang, with a smiling expression, answered: "Then I wish Grandfather is happy everyday, and all your wishes come true."

"Well, that’s more grounded. I like it." Lu Xingkong burst into a hearty laughter, looking at his talented grandchild.  filled him with extreme satisfaction.

Li Muyang presented up a wooden box with both hands, "Grandfather, this is my birthday gift for you, please accept my small token." 

Lu Xingkong received the wooden box, which felt as heavy as though he was holding the sun and moon in his hands.

It was a gift from his own grandson, a gift from his eldest grandson——

His mind was suddenly inundated with a mult.i.tude of feelings.

"Grandfather, I know that Muyang is good at the way of painting, could there be another painting in this box?" Someone behind him said.

Lu Tianyu’s eyes were also fixed curiously on the box: "Grandfather, open it and see?" 

"If it’s a painting, then it’s the same as Miss Shinian's——" 

"It’s a spear technique." Li Muyang stated. 

The room fell utterly quiet, and then all of a sudden loud laughter broke out in the room.

Someone was going to give Lu Xingkong a spear technique as a gift? 

Chapter 413: 'The Xumi spear technique'!

The Lu family’s Heavenly emperor spear was renowned, its fame resounded throughout the divine continent.  

The Lu family had been defending the borders for many generations, and wherever the Heavenly emperor spear pointed at was where the millions of soldiers turned to. The ancestors of the Lu family wielding spears and many old generals had fought this great kingdom for the founding emperor of the West wind Chu clan Chu Yufeng. A little general from the Wind city had leapt to become the world’s most powerful commander.

For thousands of years, although there had been occasional ups and downs, but the status of the Lu family as the best in the military of the Kingdom had never changed once.

When Lu Xingkong was a General, he and his Heavenly emperor spear was invincible all over the world.

When Lu Xingkong was a commander in chief, his long spear was frozen, but it's deterrent power was stronger than before.  

If the Lu family’s Heaven emperor spear were said to be the best spear in the world, then perhaps the spear masters in the several other countries will be dissatisfied. However, if the Lu family’s Heaven emperor spear were said to be the best spear in West wind, then the citizens of West wind would not accept it.

Now, somebody was going to give a set of spear technique to Lu Xingkong as a gift for his 60th birthday——

Did he know about the background of the Lu family’s Heavenly emperor spear?

Does he know not know what realm Lu Xingkong was in?  

"This kid is really interesting." Someone laughed out loud.

"A set of spear technique? There is someone who dares to give the Defense minister a spear technique as present, it's so absurd——Does he think his spear skills are far better than the Defense minister?"

"In any case, it is a gift, perhaps Elder Lu, after seeing this spear technique, would break through the Withered glory realm and step straight into the Starry sky realm?"

Among this laughter, there were kind teasing as well as malicious sarcasm.  

It was no surprise that everyone reacted so strongly. It should be said that it takes time to cultivate and break into a realm, and treasured weapon and secret techniques were something that needs to be acc.u.mulated.  

There were some families that had been collecting for thousands of years, only to have just one or two unique secret cultivation techniques that can make them famous.

For example, the Lu family’s 'Heavenly Emperor spear' and 'Rocky pace', and also the Cui family’s 'Sword of Tribulation' and 'Secrets of the hundred and eight thousand heaven's will'

He was just a n.o.body, what special treasure or rare spear technique could he have to give to Lu Xingkong, a top cultivator of the world?

However, what they did not know was that Li Muyang, who had fused with the tear of the Dragon King, was a moving treasure trove. In his sea of memory were the secret cultivation books that the black dragon had collected over the thousands of years. Moreover stored away in the dragon's caves all over the divine continent were even more treasures.

Even if Li Muyang were to yell out 'I am the richest man in West wind', it would be him being low profile——if he wanted to show off and be high profile, he would have directly shouted 'I am the richest man in the entire divine continent'.

Li Shinian was standing in front of Li Muyang. After she kowtowed and said her birthday congratulations to Grandfather Lu, like all other people, she stood next to Lu Tianyu.

Now witnessing everyone making fun of her brother, Li Shinian’s face darkened, and she grunted: "My brother had defeated the G.o.d of Sword of West Wind, which one of you are able to do that? I don’t know what you find so funny."

The laughter halted.  

It had to be said that Li Shinian’s attack simply went straight into their heart.  

The G.o.d of Sword of West Wind, Mu Yubai, had made a name for himself in the West Wind kingdom decades ago. Everyone who were present including the invincible fierce generals who had fought on the battlefield also did not dare to come forward and say 'I will be able to defeat him'. Even Lu Xingkong would not casually make such a remark.

Because, in the mind of the people of Tiandu, the G.o.d of Sword of West wind Mu Yubai and the G.o.d of War of West Wind Lu Xingkong were people of the same level, both were one of the very few protector G.o.ds of Tiandu city.

However, Mu Yubai was somehow severely wounded by Li Muyang and still had not regained consciousness.

It was only then that it dawned on them that the boy in front of him had defeated the Sword G.o.d of West Wind Mu Yubai——and perhaps there really was some special treasure in his hand?

Lu Xingkong looked down at the dark wooden box in his hand, feeling its heavy weight, as well as the burning feeling upon touch, then up at Li Muyang and added, "No worries, no matter what's in this box, Grandfather will like it."

The others may not understand the meaning of this sentence, but Lu Qingming and Gongsun Yu did, and Li Yan and Luo Qi also understood.

This was a gift from his eldest grandson, even if the box contains a pile of dirt it was still extremely precious.

Over the years, they had only occasionally received news of him, when had they ever received a gift from Li Muyang?

Despite having done something like that, he was still able to receive a gift from his grandson on his 60th birthday. Even if he was asleep he most likely couldn't help laughing?   

"Thank you, Grandfather Lu." Li Muyang smiled.

He did not care what others were saying, the gift for Lu Xingkong was a token of his heart. Whether it was light or heavy, valuable or not, his thoughts were real. That was enough.

"Grandfather, we are all very curious." Lu Lin was standing next to Li Shinian, saying with a smile: "the gift from Brother Muyang must be extraordinary. Why don’t you open it and widen out views?"

"Yes, Elder Lu, open it and let us widen our views——the spear technique from Muyang must be incredibly rare——"

"General, broaden the knowledge of us uneducated fellows——"

Lu Xingkong glanced at Li Muyang who then responded with a nod. "Muayng found a mysterious cavern in the Water illusion, and that cavern was extremely deep and extremely dangerous. Muyang curiously went into the depths of the cavern and inadvertently discovered this spear technique. I know that the Lu family’s Heavenly emperor spear trembles the Divine continent, the reason for giving this spear technique is just to let Grandfather Lu identify the pros and cons———If I can aid Grandfather Lu’s cultivation and breakthrough into the next realm, it will be a great honour."

Li Muyang pushed the origin of this spear technique to the water illusion. Even if someone knew about his origin, there was no way that they would suspect that he had any relationship with the treasures of the Dragon clan.

Li Muyang fondly gazed at Li Muyang. Even when looking at Lu Tianyu he did not have such a gentle expression.  

He stood up and personally supported Li Muyang up from the ground, and then said to the crowd, "Every year the Starry Sky Academy sends freshmen into the illusion for a.s.sessment and experience. I heard that the Water illusion is strange, mysterious and dangerous. But I have never had a chance to explore there. However, since this spear technique is obtained from the Illusion of water, it must be a rare and valuable treasure."

He swept his fierce gaze across the room, "Today Muyang has given me this spear technique as a present and I do not want to hide it away for myself. Now, I will open this spear technique to share with everyone."

As Lu Xingkong was speaking, he reached to open the lid of the wooden box.


A silver long spear sprang up.

It pierced the roof and shot skyward.


The spear exploded in the air, like a sudden clap of thunder, and then instantly vanished without a trace.

Looking down at the wooden box in his hand again, he found that the inside was empty, as though that spear had swiftly escaped during the opening of the lid.

West Wind imperial palace, several silk robed elderly men leaped onto the roof, looking into the direction of where red lights were flashing.

There, a murderous spirit was diffusing.

Outside Tiandu city, the old mansion of the Song family.  

A grey robed old man raised his head skyward, his expression growing solemn.

In the Thousand Buddha temple, several Buddhist monks flew up to the peak of the white clouds, gazing in the direction of Tiandu.

In the depths of the palace and courtyards, as well as up on the famous mountains and in great rivers, there were experts affected by the majestic spear qi, one after another pinching their fingers and began calculating.

Everyone present were dumbstruck.

Looking at the empty wooden box, then up at the broken roof, which had been pierced by the spear, and then at the calm Li Muyang standing in front of him——

"This——what spear technique is that?""

Never seen before, and never heard of before.

Only Lu Xingkong’s brows were scrunched in deep thought.

He gazed at the place in the sky where the silver spear vanished without a trace, a ruminative expression filling his eyes, but there was also a kind of difficult to grasp chaotic feeling.

Cultivation and breaking through realms, this fine line was the separation of the wall.

Sometimes, people are often trapped in that fine line and find it difficult to break through the wall.

"Where’s the spear technique?" Lu Lin muttered. "Did the spear technique run off?"

Li Muyang pointed to the dark wooden box and said to Lu Xingkong, "The spear technique is at the bottom of that wooden box."

Lu Xingkong lifted open the wooden box cover, carefully examined and found that the bottom of the wooden box was engraved with little person wielding a sword. Just that at this time the little person was motionless, like a painting.

And on the lid of the box, there ancient and simple writing was engraved: Xumi Spear.

"This spear is called Xumi spear." Li Muyang stated out loud then looked at Li Muayng, "It is unheard of, but has such destructive power. It can be called the strongest spear in the divine continent."

Lu Xingkong suddenly lifted up the box, looking at Li Muyang, "This item is too valuable——why don’t you take it back."   

Many people turned to Li Muyang, waiting for his reaction.

After seeing this spear technique, everyone knew well that this spear technique was most likely a unique technique unknown to the world. Given the lethality of this spear technique seen, if Lu Xingkong were able to master it, his cultivation base would surely rise again and breaking through into the Starry sky was not impossible.  

While Li Muyang did not know how to appreciate this spear technique had given away such a treasure.

Who would not keep such an invincible spear technique for themselves and pa.s.s it down to future generations?

Why would he give it away so easily?

Li Muyang smiled and refused: "Grandfather Lu, the gift has been given out, how can I take it back?"

"Besides, a great spear is for a hero. I am not trained in spear, this spear technique means nothing to me." Grandfather Lu is an important General, the great wall of the Kingdom. If you are able to master this spear technique, you can certainly defend the frontier smoothly, bring stability to the Kingdom. It is only right to give this spear technique to Grandfather Lu."

Lu Xingkong clapped his hand on Li Muyang's shoulder and uttered, "I owe you too much——"

Li Muyang hastily interrupted, "Grandfather Lu, what do you mean. You don’t owe me anything, but I owe the Lu family too much. The Lu family and Muyang are one, advance and retreat together."

Lu Xingkong heaved a great sigh, some words could only be held in the heart.

At this moment, there was a loud welcome at the door. "The Emperor has arrived."

The Emperor of the West Wind Kingdom, the most powerful Emperor of the Kingdom Chu Xianda had personally visited Lu Xingkong at his house to celebrate his birthday.  

Lu Xingkong’s complexion changed slightly, and then he said loudly: "Everyone come with me to the door to welcome the Emperor."

Chapter 414: No good intention!

Thick brows and big eyes, and slightly thin cheeks, Chu Xianda was not tall, but clad in a set of bright yellow emperor robe he looked very majestic. Having ascended to the throne for over 10 years, he exuded the superior and imposing air of an emperor.  

As Lu Xingkong was coming out with a line of people to welcome the Emperor, Chu Xianda was stepping down from the royal carriage, the second Prince Chu Jiang was waiting on one side, and behind were innumerable imperial guards and court eunuchs.

"Minister Lu Xingkong pays respect to Your Majesty, the Lu residence is honoured with Your Majesty’s visit." Lu Xingkong was waiting at the door and was about to kneel down.

Chi lah lah——

Everyone behind Lu Xingkong had already bowed down.

They had no choice. The Emperor had come in person, courtesy must be followed. Li Muyang was also caught in the middle of the crowd, kneeling in the snow without dignity.

For some reason, kneeling on the ground produced a very uncomfortable feeling in his heart. There was a sense of hostility roaming inside him, as though the emperor who had just arrived owed him hundreds of gold coins.

Ever since the battle with the G.o.d of Sword of West Wind, Li Muyang often felt that his body did not feel quite right. The black dragon who had integrated with Li Muyang was becoming more and more restless, and he always had a feeling that the dragon might break out of him at any time.

Although this made Li Muyang unceasingly worried, he must not let the Black dragon’s consciousness occupy the dominant position, and even more not expose his ident.i.ty as a dragon in Tiandu city—

Li Muyang just wanted to live well, live happy and well.

Chu Xianda in the end did not let Lu Xingkong lose face in public. He quickly stepped forward, holding up Lu Xingkong’s arms as he was about to kneel down and said: "Defence minister why so over courteous? Today is Defence minister’s birthday, I came to offer birthday congratulations, and also here for a cup of longevity wine. How can I let Defence minister bow down, wouldn’t that cut short my life span?"

"The Courtesy between minister and emperor must not be forgotten. Your Majesty lives as long as the heaven lasts, how would your life be shortened?" Lu Xingkong said with a smile, but also showing no intention to kneel down.

Chu Xianda took Lu Xingkong’s arm, saying: "On other days we can pay attention to courtesy, but absolutely not today——"

Chu Xianda swept a glance over the many members of the Lu family on their knees on the ground, then declared in a loud and clear voice: "Everybody get up. Today is Mister Lu’s birthday, I came to celebrate with you all. Everyone do not have to be polite, drink to your heart’s content."

"Thank you, Your Majesty." The crowd rose one after another, stepping back and stood to one side.

Chu Jiang also came over, bowed his head to Lu Xingkong, smiled and said: "Chu Jiang wish Defence minister enjoys both happiness and longevity, break through realms like breaking bamboo. Chu Jiang also has a gift for Defence Minister, I hope you like it."

"Thank you second Prince." Lu Xingkong bowed his thanks.

Then he turned to say to Chu Xianda, "Your Majesty, go into the house and have some tea?"

"Go in and have tea." Chu Xianda laughed, pulling Lu Xingkong’s arm and led the way in front, while Chu Jiang followed behind, his eyes scanning the crowd, like in search of someone.

When he found Li Muyang in the crowd, the corners of his mouth curved upwards slightly, and nodded to him, before he lifted his feet and strode into the Lu residence.

"Do you know him?" Li Shinian, who had been standing beside Li Muyang, noticed the eye contact between Li Muyang and Chu Jiang.

"I don’t know him," said Li Muyang, shaking his head. "But now it’s time to get to know each other, right?"

"The last time at the Still water Dew gathering, he threw out a topic of debate, is Imperial power more important or military power?——Everyone thought it was directed at the Lu family. But today, the father and son both came to celebrate Grandfather Lu’s birthday, they most likely do not have any good intentions." Li Shinian stated bluntly.

Li Muyang immediately glanced around him, "Be careful, don't let anyone hear you."

"Don’t worry. Only you can hear me——" Li Shinian pursed her lips. "Besides, this matter is well known, it can’t be concealed even if wanted to."

Li Muyang gently sighed: "The Lu family’s situation is critical, there are some things that are better to be buried in the heart. If someone hears it I fear that it would spark a dispute. Although the Lu family treats us well, we are after all just guests in the Lu residence. Even if we can’t help them with anything, we still can’t bring them any trouble——"

Li Shinian stared at Li Muyang thoughtfully. "It feels like you know a lot of things."

Li Muyang shook his head with a wry smile and said, "I wish I hadn’t known so much."

Because Li Muyang had saved Lu Qingming, the Lu family was extremely friendly and kind to Li Muyang. Whether it was the old grandfather or Lu Qingming, they hid nothing from Li Muyang, and explained to him the real situation that the Lu family was facing.

The more one knows, the more troubled one is. Facing the chaotic situation that the Lu family was facing at this time, Li Muyang had to put himself in their shoes to think about a way to solve the situation.

Although for the time being he could not think of a better way.

The Emperor had come to offer birthday congratulations, the face given to the Lu family was not small at all, and the Lu family’s glory was also not little at all.

But the mind of the Emperor was difficult to fathom. What sort of att.i.tude does Chu Xianda has towards the Lu family, most likely the majority of people present already knew.

Especially the high military generals attached to the Lu family. Even if His Majesty had personally come, that did not mean His Majesty really had much trust or fondness for the Lu family.

Chu Xianda’s visit was a must.

Because of the Lu family's thousands of years of social status, and also because of the status of Lu Xingkong.

If he had not come, it would have proved that the West Wind imperial clan was ready to thoroughly tear the face of the Lu family.

Lu Xingkong invited Chu Xianda to sit in the main position, but Chu Xianda declined, and forcibly urged Lu Xingkong to take a seat in the main position, while he seated himself on the guest seat beside him.  

Once Chu Xianda was sat down, the elders close to the Lu family were not able to sit again. Who dares to be on an equal level with the Emperor?

Chu Xianda gazed out at the view of the Lu residence courtyard, and sighed softly: "I often came to play in the Lu residence when I was young, I am more familiar with the Lu residence than the imperial palace——At that time I really enjoyed to eat the food at the Lu residence, I always felt that the food cooked in the Lu residence were better than those in the palace."

Chu Xianda twisted around and said to Lu Qingming beside him: "Qingming, I remember I inscribed a word for your study?"

Lu Qingming rose to his feet and bowed with a smile, "Yes. The plaque in my study was indeed written by Your Majesty."

"Qingming, you and I were childhood playmates, why so polite? Be more casual, think of it as a conversation between families. I have come to celebrate the Defence minister’s birthday with you all, if you all are so reserved I will feel disappointed." Chu Xianda waved his hand and motioned for Lu Qingming to relax.

Lu Qingming straightened his back and said with a smile: "Your Majesty, us subjects cannot ignore courtesy."

"Today there is no ruler and ministers, only elders and brothers." Chu Xianda really knew how to win the will of the people. "Everyone do not need to be polite. The thousand year old military family naturally should be bold and heroic. Today let's drink with big bowls and eat in big mouthfuls, to celebrate for the Defence minister."

"Thank you, Your Majesty." said Lu Xingkong with a face of grat.i.tude.

Chu Xianda ran his eyes over the people in the hall, saying loudly: "Everything about the Lu family is good, but there aren't many children. Qingming is the only son in his generation, and in Tianyu's generation there is only a daughter and a son. How can the Lu family expand and spread their power? This is not right, there should be more talent. Having children and grandchildren filling the house is a blessing. Defence minister, don’t you think so?"

Lu Qingming's face grew embarra.s.sed, anger flashing in his eyes.

Lu Xingkong remained calm and collected, like he did not noticed the deeper meaning of Chu Xianda's words, chuckled: "Your Majesty is right, I also said to Qingming to have more children. No matter whether it’s a boy or girl, with more children surrounding me I can enjoy family love and joy. You see I only Qingming this son, and sometimes feel left out."

Chu Xianda looked at Lu Qingming to say: "Qingming, you also heard what Defense minister said, you need to work hard."

"Yes, Your majesty." Lu Qingming responded in a low voice and look of sullen. What does it have to do with you how many sons and daughters I have? Do you say such a thing, are you trying to bully the Lu family for being weak in the number of people?"  

Perhaps, there was a deeper meaning in these words? It was to threaten the Lu family to obey him, otherwise he would die without any descendants?

The person that had come definitely did not have good intention.

"The Lu family has been serving in the army for generations, and has been defending the frontier for my West Wind Kingdom——There is a saying that as long as the Lu family does not fall, the Kingdom would not be lost. The importance of Lu family to my West Wind Kingdom is evident."

Lu Xingkong’s expression grew solemn, hurriedly added, "Really just some irrelevant nonsense of some bored people. The Lu family is West Wind's Lu family, and also Your Majesty’s Lu family. The Lu family receives special favour from Your Majesty, and must repay Your Majesty, be loyal and devoted till our dying day."

"I understand, I understand." Chu Xianda patted Lu Xingkong on the back of his hand, saying with a smile on his face: "The Lu family is the West Wind's Lu family, but also my Lu family. Defence minister is a great minister, loyal to the West wind and loyal to me, the sun and moon can bear witness. The Lu family had shed their blood and laid down their life for the Kingdom, how many lives of good men had been lost——I had always kept this in mind, and will not let the loyal soldiers feel bitterly disappointed."

"Thank you, Your Majesty." Lu Xingkong bowed his head again to express his appreciation.

"Time flies, in the blink of the eyes, Defence minister is already 60 years old——and even until now Defence minister has to constantly be at service and serve the Kingdom, I feel very guilty——"

Lu Xingkong got up and bend his back, stating loudly: "Minister can still wield a spear, can still put on a suit of armour, and can still kill the enemies for the Kingdom. As long as the Kingdom needs it, your Majesty needs it, I am ready to go on the battlefield again, and fight for Your Majesty—"

"Haha—" Chu Xianda drew his lips back, evidently everyone were not too happy to talk about this topic.

Chu Xianda was calm outwardly, but he was not happy in the slightest.

Today was Lu Xingkong's birthday, but the Emperor was trying to get back the military power in front of everyone, kicking him away——isn’t that too far?

As though had suddenly remembered something, Chu Xianda’s face was again full of smiles, "Something big happened in Tiandu city a few days ago, a young man unexpectedly defeated the G.o.d of Sword of West Wind Mu Yubai——Is that youngster here today?"

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