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Chapter 4: I Can Read the Air but I Don't Know How to Respond

Due to some strange pressure produced from Greed’s jealousy, I could no longer see Prince Rufus or Princess Louise. Of course, I could not see the king’s reaction too.


However, even as the protagonist of this hero’s story was grasping my hand while staring down at me, the story was still going to proceed.


“If you are truly Rufus, then there is no reason to oppose it. No, even if you aren’t a royalty, it is an obligation for parents to let their daughter to marry to whom she wanted to marry.”


The king’s voice resounded in the hall.


As a respond, the queen kindly continued.


“Prince, you are the one who rescued her, even if you are just a wizard and not even a prince, I will definitely support your love. Rufus-san, please take care of my daughter.”


"Mother, Father…"

" His Majesty the King, His Majesty the Queen. Thank you. "


It seems that marriage between Princess and Wizard Rufus is settled.


As what one would expected from both the king and the queen who had been called as wise. Their pocket is indeed big.(T/N: Corresponding to j.a.panese proverb, to get into one's pocket which means to get into one's heart. In summary, the royal couple is just a scheming couple who knows to lick b.u.t.t of one who should be licked. Che!)


…… Well, if he was really just a simple wizard, it would be somewhat doubtful whether they would agree so enthusiastically like this but put that aside, I should just obediently be pleased with the result without putting myself in trouble.


Therefore, words like “Congratulations, Princess” and “Be happy” was drowning the princess.


Cheers and applause echoed.


The whole hall was welcoming the marriage between Rufus-sama and Princess Louise.


Although just a while ago, we were feeling confused and surprised but now that this typical perfect love story just met their end, the air had become relaxing and peaceful.


Everyone is so quick to switch mood. As expected from someone who were working in the castle!


If I did not have to take care of Greed, I think I would be the one who took the initiative and applaud first.


I had been a maid for six years.


Therefore, I was good at reading the air.


But… the one who was in front of me seemed could not read the air. No, maybe he pretend to not read it?


Eat the air!


Oh, I made a mistake — read the air!



I thought so but my idea of zero magical power seemed to not reach the hero.



Behind him was his comrade who was also his childhood friend— and his country’s prince — was trying to get married but hero-sama seemed to not even give him a glance.


He had been staring at my face for such a long time that a hole might be opened on my face.


I didn’t think that it was so interesting to look at a mediocre mob …… Could it be, that he was counting the number of pores on my face?


Yeah, I was sure that was the reason he kept looking at my face.


There would be no other reason that could convinced me else.


— For some reason, I was afraid that I want to escape from reality.



Since that I no longer d
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irecting my sight to Rufus (and princess), the sweetness in Greed’s eyes made its comeback and continued to stare into my eyes although not too long ago, those pair of eyes was filled with an unusual flame that if there was no one here, I would scream “Kyaah, it’s so scary!”

It was the same feeling like a frog was being stared by a snake.


Yeah, whatever you were saying.

For the first time, my skill to be able to read the air became so annoying.


The attention of the people who had enjoyed the love story between Princess and Rufus now had once again gathered to me and the hero!


"By the way, what happened to these two?"


See, just like that!

Even if you don’t look at the hero, you still can sense his presence.


I could sense in the air that they were feeling moved after watching the typical development of perfect love story and in their minds, they were expecting me to develop this to another typical love story!


They surely was thinking of 『a love story between a gentle maid who is concerned about a princess and a hero who defeated the Demon King for that girl and rescued the princess』 in their heads.


What a flower garden.... No, no, no, full stop! – There was no typical love story - shall be deployed.


If just that “gentle maid” was not me, there would be surely flower garden blooming in my head, right? 


While giving tsukkomi in my mind, I came back again to read the air.



But I did not want to read this kind of air!



Oh! I just noticed that I had not replied yet but I also realized that those people was having a thought such as 『Of course, she will not refuse, right? The marriage proposal from Hero.』  『No way~』 『She will never reject hero-sama in front of the public.』 but those stare was stinging!


Also, I wonder if the king could read the air to such extent but,

"Speaking of which, what had happened between hero-sama and his girl?"

What a thing to declare from the throne!


I understood that almost all of the eyes were looking at me and the hero.


This is a pinch.


I felt cold sweat was dripping on my face and my back while hero-sama was holding my hand.  

Without a doubt, it was the worst problem I ever encountered since I was born. I was in a dilemma.



I would like to refuse this proposal if possible.


But then I would be receive the hatred of the whole country without a doubt.


The reason is because if I am a hero’s wife, this country will be able to have a reliable connection with the hero.


A connection with the hero who received the blessing of G.o.d and the spirits and had the power to beat the Demon King

will be a political advantage to other countries.


This was why the King and the Ministers initially planned to make Louise as the hero’s wife.


It was not even a problem even if the hero was a commoner and not a n.o.ble because having a connection with him would bring national interest.


Well, in the end, it was decided that the princess would marry the royal family of the Elusion Kingdom, so it would have brought national interest from another direction.


Even so, the intention to have a connection with the hero had not changed.



Therefore, when the hero came to be such a man……


Just imagining it made me felt dark.


Although, why do I have a dark feeling when  I imagined myself became a hero’s wife ....



I was troubled. I was truly in trouble.

I could not refuse.

But I did not want to accept hero’s proposal.




He looked at me with a gentle look but in the moment when he called my name with those lips, there was a flame inside his eyes.

His voice was not loud. However, I felt that his voice was somehow echoed in the hall.


"Let me say it again, I love you. Please become my wife."



...... Why are you able to read the air now, Greed-sama ....


You proposed me once again while we had become the center of attention.

That is, absolutely on purpose!

I was aiming for you, I hope you would not refuse!


Sweat was dripping more and more than before.


Since I could not remove my sight from hero’s eyes as if they were sewn together, I still could see from the edge of eyes, the hero’s friends was working hard — they were looking at me with a frantic expression, winking and exchanging glance with me. I saw that they were gathering together while putting their hands on the chest looking like a choir group who was praying.


Including Rufus, who pretended to be calm.



Unfortunately, I could not clearly know what they were trying to convey to me who had zero magical power.


But, why were they doing that to me?


I thought that they were trying to say, "Do not refuse! Do you want this country to be ruined!?"


……That's right. I could read the air.



I did not know how, but it seemed that I was about to raise the extinction flag.


I was troubled. I could not refuse more and more!



I thought about going around the circles.


At that moment, I remembered my Milford family's motto in my head.


There was no choice but to do this!



I breathed in a bit and opened my mouth.




People around me was holding back from swallowing their saliva and waited for my reply.

It seemed that hero’s party members were prying to G.o.d somehow.


Greed-sama ...... Who on the earth are you? A doubt began to sprout.



But now it was not the time to think such a thing.


I put aside my suspicion at the corner of my head and turned my focus to hero in front of me and gave him a reply.


"...... I do not know a lot about hero-sama. Greed-sama, I think you also do not know well about me. So...... that’s why, I mean, can you wait until we know better about each other?”


That’s right, a delay!

One of the Milford family's motto was 『If you have a difficult problem, you should postpone it!』


A slightly dejected atmosphere was spreading right after I said it but I was still waiting patiently for hero-sama’s response.

Knowing that his feeling was not recognized, hero-sama would intently gave me a clouded look— was what I thought but surprisingly, he was giving me a smile.

The maids behind me immediately gave a scream “Kyaaa!” with a shrill voice.

A beauty’ smile was not a normal weapon.

I felt like having a momentary defeat.

In the midst of noise, the hero was giving me a beautiful smile and lowered his head to kiss my hand.

Once again, the shrill voice was sounded.


"Well, I also want to know about you and I want you to know about me."


Greed-sama said while lightly touching his lips with my hands.

With the ocean-colored eyes looking through the golden shining bangs, I was pierced—


His eyes and touches to my skin made the chills ran on my back.

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