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"I do not remember having had the pleasure of your acquaintance."

"I am Beverly Robinson."

"Indeed! Ah, now I remember. May I ask what brought you here?"

The tory did not like the brusque question, but he was a diplomat and fenced ably.

"I have heard of your prowess on the field and of your sufferings in captivity, and I have felt that, though we differ in politics, we are children of the same mountains and ought to be friends."

"If you are loyal to Vermont, differences of opinion will not affect me."

"Spoken like the brave man I knew you to be."

"Did you come here to tell me this?"

"Partly, and more especially to discuss the future of Vermont."


"Yes; we are in a strange predicament. We have cut loose from the mother country, and the new country will not have us."

"That is one way of looking at the matter."

"Is it not the true one?"

"It may be."

"Well, why not pledge ourselves to remain neutral?"

"To remain neutral?"

"Yes. If we were to call a convention and pa.s.s a resolution to the effect that in the war between England and the colonies--I beg pardon, States--Vermont would remain absolutely neutral, we should be in a good position."

"In what way?"

"England would protect us against New York, and we could protect ourselves against New Hampshire."

"And you would ask me to make terms with England?"

"Why not? You do not believe that Washington will succeed. He cannot.

England will triumph. The best men feel that it will be so. Benedict Arnold told me it was only a question of time and terms."


"Yes; he knows that all Washington is fighting for now is to get the best terms he can from Great Britain."

"Arnold told you this?"

"Well, no, not exactly in those words. But let me carry to headquarters your pledge of neutrality."

"Mr. Robinson, you may be honest in this, but I am afraid you are being made a tool of some designing person. Carry this back with you"--Allen stood up and folded his arms defiantly, as he said: "Tell England that Ethan Allen will never be neutral, never make terms with England, but will fight her power as long as he lives! Good-day, and never enter my house again as the agent of England."

Beverly Robinson retired second in the contest. Allen had won.

Though the tory had failed, he felt a respect for Allen, who had been so bold and courageous, and, though Allen never knew it, he was the means of saving Vermont from any attacks of the British.

Allen served his State and defended it against enemies without and within. He lived to see it recognized as a State, free and independent.

He also witnessed, with shame, the treachery of Benedict Arnold, and was glad that he had never recognized the traitor as a man of honor.

In the annals of the Revolution the name of Ethan Allen will ever shine conspicuously, and, though he fought but few battles, and remained in the army but a few months, England hated the mention of his name, and looked upon him as one of the men who fired the hearts of the Americans and encouraged them in the demand for freedom.

In the hearts of his countrymen he will ever be held in the highest estimation, and all ages will greet the Green Mountain Boy as the "Hero of Ticonderoga."


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