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The G.o.d of Sky & Earth - Chapter 175

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Translator: Si Mei / Siew

Editor: B E E P/ Avis

Chapter 175: Sure Enough, Women Are Unreasonable!

“Who are you calling ugly?” Mo Yue abruptly glared at the featherless turkey. On her bewitching face, although her complexion presently looked miserable, her eyebrows were curved with big beautiful eyes and had an outstanding temperament. She was simply a girl with peerless beauty like a celestial. Occasionally, she would appear like a saint, while at other times, seductive like a witch. Unquestionably, she had no relation to the word ugly.

“You should see yourself in the mirror. Such a tiny waist and tiny b.u.t.t. Luckily, I am not a human or else I would unmistakably spurn on such a woman like you.” The featherless meat chicken pointed at Mo Yue as its short wing moved up and down with an appearance like an elder with a serious face.

“Ha ha ha ha……”

Su Yi had long could not bear it as he roared with laughter. To think that this girl, would unexpectedly, be scorned by a featherless meat chicken.

Presently, glancing at the appearance of the featherless meat chicken, Su Yi couldn't help but chuckle.

Rolling her eyes at Su Yi, Mo Yue sneered. Her pair of beautiful eyes were already boiling with anger as she glared at the featherless turkey and said: “You featherless turkey. Do you believe it or not that I will roast you to eat?!”

“Once again, I say that your father, I, am a peac.o.c.k!”

Being called chicken by a human and even a featherless one at that, the face of the featherless turkey uncontrollably became dark as it gritted its teeth with a look as though it wanted to bite someone.

“Does a peac.o.c.k look like this? You might as well be a rooster. Even if you are a rooster, with your appearance, no hen will fancy you!”

Mo Yue placed both of her hands on her waist. She was actually called ugly by a featherless chicken that had even declared that her waist was not big enough and her b.u.t.t was too tiny. Was this featherless chicken blind? Broad waist and a large b.u.t.t, how ugly was that? She honestly could not dare to imagine it.

“Ignorant human.”

The featherless turkey shook its head with a pitying expression as it said towards Su Yi: “Young man, is this girl your wife? Why would you be together with such a girl? Divorce her. This girl is ugly and has a poisonous mouth, totally unworthy even a fraction of you. She will only pull down your temperament. In the future, I will find you another pretty one.”

“This, hehe, she is not my wife……” Su Yi was feeling gleeful in his heart that this chicken indeed had a good eyesight for knowing that he had an exceptional temperament.

But, if this girl were to, indeed be his wife, Su Yi thought about it and then let go of the idea.

“Featherless chicken, you are going to die!”

Mo Yue finally could no longer endure it. This meat chicken had still dared to speak about her in this way. Moreover, how was she not worthy of that young man and that she would even pull down his temperament?

There were practically no more words to be said as this was absolutely intolerable for any girl.


Mo Yue directly attacked as her aura surged. A palm directly smacked towards the featherless turkey while Yuan Qi waves swept towards it in close vicinity.

“Sure enough, women are unreasonable!”

The featherless turkey loudly cried as it simultaneously flapped its two wings. Although that figure appeared short, it could run extremely fast, precisely avoiding the attack in a manner that unbelievably dodged Mo Yue's strike.

“Today, I must roast you to death!”

Mo Yue was furious as her delicate face went mad. Her tall figure wriggled with her impressive curves while she once again raised her hands with ten slender fingers as red Yuan Qi emitted out from her fingertips like the radiance of fresh blood with a b.l.o.o.d.y aura. The glow scaled through the air, directly enveloping towards the featherless chicken.

“A girl in the Yuan Xuan Realm yet, you still can't defeat me. With just a few words and you become angry from embarra.s.sment. You are so ugly and fierce that in this lifetime, I'm afraid that no one will want you!”

The complexion of the featherless turkey changed as it flapped its wings while escaping. However, its mouth was still unforgiving.

“Stupid featherless chicken!”

Mo Yue was so angry that her face was flushed red. She tightly bit on her scarlet lips while a radiance gushed out from her body, making her hair to fly all over. Her eyes closely glared as series of attacks directly swept towards the featherless meat chicken.

“Don't hurt the innocent!”

Su Yi retreated backward. He should not be injured when he was innocent. Then, his gaze secretly changed.

He secretly sized up the strength of Mo Yue and the featherless meat chicken. Mo Yue was powerful, but she had yet to reach the Yuan Spirit Realm.

Su Yi estimated that Mo Yue's cultivation should be around the Yuan Xuan Realm Seventh or Eighth Grade.

And for the self-proclaimed peac.o.c.k, the featherless turkey with a mysterious origin that could speak the human language which was a sign that it must at least be a strong beast in the Yuan Void Realm.

However, at this moment, Su Yi could feel that the self-proclaimed peac.o.c.k, the featherless turkey only had the gift of dodging. It looked miserable, yet with its speed and abnormal changes, it could make Mo Yue unable to deal with it. Nonetheless, it did not have any type of temperament that a powerful beast should have.

Su Yi could also feel that the featherless meat chicken was not pretending.

For any powerful beast, they would also, most likely, not pretend to be so miserable like the featherless meat chicken.

However, if that was the case, then for a featherless meat chicken to be able to speak the human language, Su Yi was even more unsure of its origin causing the featherless meat chicken to appear more and more mysterious.

The Flaming Beast Eagle also kept retreating to Su Yi's side. In regards to the battle between Mo Yue and the featherless meat chicken, it was also secretly dumbfounded.

Nevertheless, at the moment, the Flaming Beast Eagle was only cautious as it was afraid that the battle between Mo Yue and the featherless meat chicken would injure Su Yi.


Mo Yue appeared to be really furious as there was no mercy in her moves while she chased after the featherless meat chicken around the cave.

Only, the cave was not huge, causing her to be unable to put her moves into good use.

The figure of the featherless meat chicken was very tiny. Although its wings were short, it flapped them rapidly as it fled around the cave making Mo Yue unable to do anything to it. However, it was getting more and more miserable.

“Girl, I am in the wrong, ok? You are the prettiest and also the kindest. You are the symbol of beauty, is that alright?” As though it could feel Mo Yue's anger, the tone of the featherless meat chicken abruptly changed as it started to admit defeat while appearing even more miserable.

“Shut your nonsense. A balding chicken, yet your mouth is so wicked. Today, I must roast you to eat your chicken thigh!” Mo Yue refused to reconcile as the anger had rushed to her head.

“Young man, persuade your girl, ah! You have to know that you guys are still unsafe. If she lured that big snake over and let it know that you guys have stolen its egg, you guys will be dead!”

The featherless meat chicken fled while speaking to Su Yi.

“Forget it. We are still not safe!”

Su Yi's complexion secretly changed as he related this to Mo Yue. What the featherless meat chicken had said was right. The place they were in now might not be safe. If, the commotion was too big, it would be easy to get found out with the strength of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon.


The entire aura around Mo Yue gradually receded as the b.l.o.o.d.y aura on her body diminished. Glaring at the featherless meat chicken, she forcefully endured her anger as she was also genuinely afraid that it might lure the Blazing Heavenly Dragon over.


“My lord!”

“My lord, are you alright?!”

At the same time, Spectral Mouse, White Jade Swallow, Silver Spirit Demonic b.u.t.terfly, Fiery Red Demonic Mink, Da Bao, Xiao Ling and the rest had found this place and arrived inside the cave.

The Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Golden Python, and the rest waited on the outside of the cave as it could not contain their size.

“I'm fine.”

Seeing that the Fiery Red Demonic Mink and the rest were safe and sound, Su Yi was finally rea.s.sured.

Following that, as they glanced towards the featherless turkey in the cave, the Fiery Red Demonic Mink and the rest became puzzled.

“Hu, so tiring!”

The featherless turkey had already collapsed on one side while panting heavily.

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