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Chapter 939

Seeing how Mu Chen really wanted to slap Mu Xue now, Xiao Qi Tian felt a great headache .

Things were alright just then . How did it become like this all of a sudden?

“Xue’er, please stop fooling around . That’s your brother’s wife . You’re not qualified to speak of her that way, it doesn’t matter how you don’t like it . You can have your opinions about your sister-in-law, but you shouldn’t interfere with your brother’s life . ” What would others think of her if they knew about this?

A younger sister interfering with her brother’s personal affairs . Not only that, she even said very unpleasant things about wanting to help her brother look for another wife . This was unspeakable of . She just didn’t seem to understand this common sense at all .

“Qi Tian, are you siding with them as well?” Mu Xue looked at Xiao Qi Tian with confusion and dissatisfaction in her eyes . She felt even more furious .

This man was her husband . Why was he not helping her?

Xiao Qi Tian walked over to Mu Xue’s side, hugged her into his arms and looked down at her, with a helpless expression .

“Xue’er, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, but what you said was just too much . If today your brother asked me to leave you in front of everyone, then tell you that he will find you another man, who would be a hundred times better than me, what would you think? Your brother loves your sister-in-law . He really really really loves her . He can bear with your unreasonable troubles, but he cannot accept you interfering with his personal life . ”

Perhaps Xiao Qi Tian’s words finally knocked some sense in Mu Xue . She just looked at him complicatedly .

“He won’t do that . ” Mu Xue said firmly .

Xiao Qi Tian laughed .

“Yeah, exactly . Your brother won’t do such things because he knows that we love each other . But how can you not think about your brother’s feelings? Do you not know what he feels for your sister-in-law?”

Mu Xue frowned . Then, she snorted at Situ Xuan .

“She doesn’t deserve my brother . I don’t want her to be my sister-in-law . She even wants my brother to leave me . ” Mu Xue spoke with dissatisfaction, like a child whose candy was stolen .

Situ Xuan was not angry . She was really not angry at all . She understood now from Mu Xue’s att.i.tude, how blind she had once been looking after this young lady like she was her sister .

Mu Chen walked in front of Xiao Qi Tian, then pushed him away . He then grabbed Mu Xue’s shoulder, and slapped her face .

Mu Xue was taken aback, her eyes were wide open . She had never been hit before .

She turned to look blankly at Mu Chen .

“You hit me? You hit me for this woman?”

“I hit you because you’re ungrateful . Everyone has a b.u.t.ton that shouldn’t be pressed, and Xuan Xuan is my b.u.t.ton . She’s the person I love . Mu Xue, I don’t want to hear such unpleasant things from you again . Also, I’m telling you this one last time, do not intervene in my personal affairs . ” Mu Chen said coldly while withdrawing his hand, without the slightest guilt .

Both the uncles of the Mu family were having headaches watching the siblings fight . But they all felt that Mu Xue was really too much .

“Okay, Mu Chen . I hate you . Since you chose this woman, then fine, I’ll remember it . ” Mu Xue wiped the tears that she did not know when they fell from her eyes, as she stared at Mu Chen fiercely .

Xiao Qi Tian frowned . He too was a little angry at Mu Xue .

“Xue’er, haven’t you caused enough trouble already?” She had been causing troubles since the beginning, and was still doing it . When would she learn?

“You also think I’m causing trouble? Xiao Qi Tian, I hate you . ” Having said that, she pushed away Xiao Qi Tian’s stretched out hand and ran away .

Xiao Qi Tian really did not know what to do with Mu Xue .

Mu Xue was acting like a child now . She did not understand anything, and was causing trouble all the time .

Xiao Qi Tian felt very tired on days like these . The kind of happiness that they once had, had gradually disappeared after all of the troubles she had caused, one after another .

Mu Xue ran all the way back to her room . She lay on her bed and cried loudly . No matter how the servants tried to persuade her, she would not listen .

Half an hour later, the red-eyed Mu Xue looked out her window with a ferocious expression .

They planned to leave just like this? Well then, they would have to see if they were able to leave so easily .

The maids by her bed could not help but tremble when they saw the ruthlessness on Mu Xue’s face . The princess looked terrifying .

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