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Chapter 859

Ning Meng Yao sighed and walked to Qiao Tian Chang’s side . She reached for his arms, ignoring the dirt on his body, and said: “Tian Chang, I understand your concerns, but you should also understand that we can only hold that man down by combining our forces . ”

They had not tried using the combined power of Snowfall Sword and Junluo Sword together . Qiao Tian Chang also knew that this was their only chance, but he became extremely scared whenever he saw Ning Meng Yao’s belly b.u.mp .

A sword had no eyes, what if they accidentally… He dared not imagine the consequences at all .

Fortunately, Ning Meng Yao did not know what Qiao Tian Chang thought, otherwise she would have slapped him . Nothing even happened yet but this man was already thinking nonsense . Wasn’t this indirectly cursing her?

“That’s enough, let’s talk about it then, okay?” Qiao Tian Chang was unable to resist Ning Meng Yao so he could only reply to her vaguely .

Ning Meng Yao glared at Qiao Tian Chang . She was angry . What did he mean by talking about it then?

This kind of ambiguity was annoying .

While everyone in the clan started getting busy, in a small valley at the back mountain, several elderly people sat together, with a pot of tea placed on the table in front of them .

“Big Brother, are we really just going to watch and do nothing?” One of the youngest looking old men looked at another old man with gray hair and beard sitting opposite of him .

“Little Brother, what are you anxious about? Big Brother, I have my own plan, do you think I would really let those outsiders steal the things that we have protected for so many years?”

If the owner of this place had not been found, then no matter who came later, as long as he was capable enough, he could obtain the things here .

After all, the ancestors once said that the capable person deserved these things, but since they had found the owner and who was also very talented, then they would not allow anyone to seek what was here .

“Although the new master isn’t bad, she’s still lacking . This is just the opportunity for her . ”

“How can you say that, Third Brother?” Little Brother glared at him and said angrily .

“Then what should I do? Do you think I’d rather be like you, so busy over nonsensical things? That girl and that boy clearly still have cards up their sleeves that they have yet to show . How could people like them lose?” Their new master was a business person . How could she let herself do a business that was bound to lose? It was impossible .

Little Brother glared at all of them and asked: “What if an accident happens?” He was most concerned about this matter .

“This only shows that they are incapable . ” Second Brother, who was silent the whole time, spoke coldly .

Little Brother could not help but grit his teeth, seeing how everyone was not worried while he was the only one anxious . What the heck was wrong with them?

The eldest man, who was sitting by the side, was not disturbed by the quarrel between the three of them .

He finally turned his head towards the three of them when they were about to fight .

“Our age sums up to be more than hundreds of years old, and yet, we’re arguing like a bunch of kids because of one matter, don’t you think this is embarra.s.sing?” The Eldest looked at the three old men helplessly . They did not act like this last time, why did they become so unprofessional as they got older?

“Big Brother, what do you say we should do? Should we help or just watch them?” The Youngest quickly asked when he saw that his eldest brother was finally willing to acknowledge the question .

“This is a really good training opportunity for them, not just for the people from the clan, but also for both the girl and boy too . Just as what Third Brother said, if they can’t even pa.s.s this level, this shows that this is the fate of our clan . ” Big Brother said mockingly .

People who could find this place were not simple, whether it was the person who came here more than two hundred years ago or the one who came on this day .

Upon hearing what Big Brother said, although the Youngest still felt nervous, it was not that bad anymore .

Although the decision had been made, the Youngest still looked at the Eldest and said: “Yes, what you said is right, but shouldn’t we find a suitable time to help as well? After all, they have no idea how to deal with that lad from outside . ”

The Eldest took a glance at the Youngest and said helplessly: “They own the Snowfall Sword and Junluo Sword, my brother . ”

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