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Chapter 0479: Shi Qionghua's Anxiousness

From the monitoring screen of the Void Battleship, Ning Cheng figured out that this mysterious expert would catch up to him in 20 breaths of time. Since this expert could kill their way through such a broad swath of Explosive Golden Wasps with such ease, then it would not take much for that expert to deal with him, if that expert chose to do so.

Although Ning Cheng's gaze remained fixed on the monitoring screen of the Void Warship; however, his mind was focussed continuously on finding any kind of countermeasure to his current predicament. After a few breaths, Ning Cheng finally made up his mind as his gaze then turned towards the location on the monitoring screen that showed dense cl.u.s.ters of s.p.a.cial Collapses. Rather than facing such an expert head on, he preferred to head into the s.p.a.cial Collapse.

At this time, Ning Cheng wanted to send out a Messaging Flying Sword, at least to inform Luofei that he was ok; however, he felt worried that this expert might intercept the Messaging Flying Sword.

During the moment of hesitation, the silhouette of this expert turned clear, showing that it was a female cultivator. Ning Cheng did not dare delay for even half a moment more as he struggled to control the Void Warship to crash into the nearest s.p.a.cial Collapse.

The expert never thought that Ning Cheng would suddenly choose to dive headfirst into a s.p.a.cial Collapse, something akin to seeking his or her own death. She had almost reached the Void Warship; however, for her to follow Ning Cheng into a s.p.a.cial Collapse, she was not that stupid.

Reaching and stopping near the edge of this s.p.a.cial Collapse, she simultaneously raised her hand intending to grab at the Void Warship.

However, the formidable suction force that suddenly emerged from the s.p.a.cial Collapse caused her to rush headfirst into it involuntarily, despite her formidable cultivation. Comparing cultivations, she was far more robust than Ning Cheng was. However, in the face of such a horrifying suction force from the s.p.a.cial Collapse, she had to use everything that she had to stabilise herself barely.

Just as she was starting to feel angry, the seemingly inexhaustible swarm of Void Explosive Golden Wasps appeared behind her. These Void Explosive Golden Wasps completely disregarded this s.p.a.cial Collapse and rushed directly towards the expert blocking the entrance to the s.p.a.cial Collapse. This expert secretly screamed in her heart for her bad luck. Although the Explosive Golden Wasps could go to any lengths to obtain the Wasp King Egg, she, however, did not want to die. At this moment, she spared no effort to break away from the entrance.

However, it was already too late by the time she reacted. The seemingly endless Void Explosive Golden Wasps engulfed her entirely. In the end, they all ended up sucked into the s.p.a.cial Collapse. Even if that was the case, the Void Explosive Golden Wasps that were slightly slow and trailing behind did not stop at all, and instead, all of them rushed into the s.p.a.cial Collapse.

After half-an-incense stick worth of time, apart from the gaping mouth of the s.p.a.cial Collapse, there was not even a single Void Explosive Golden Wasp in sight.

As soon as Ning Cheng entered the s.p.a.cial Collapse, he felt the Void Warship start disintegrating. It showed that in the face of such terrifying tearing s.p.a.cial Forces, nothing could hold on for long.

At this time, Ning Cheng only felt thankful. Fortunately, he had chosen not to bring Ji Luofei and Yi Zhuzhu with him. Otherwise, that indeed would have been a death-seeking act.

Ning Cheng immediately chose to enter the Mysterious Yellow Bead. At the same time, he sealed up the other Explosive Golden Wasps' Wasp King Egg and threw it into his Miniature World Ring. Ning Cheng has still not completed the Mysterious Yellow Bead's Origin; as such, anything but himself that stayed in the Mysterious Yellow Bead for a prolonged time would end up refined into nothingness by the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

Therefore, only Ning Cheng could currently stay inside the Mysterious Yellow Bead, wrapped up in his own Spiritual Consciousness. Moreover, he also did not know for how long he would remain trapped inside this s.p.a.cial Collapse. Once his Miniature World Ring ended up refined into nothingness, he would lose everything he ever owned.

The Mysterious Yellow Bead rumbled around within the s.p.a.cial Collapse, while Ning Cheng did not dare to let his Spiritual Consciousness seep out of it. He did not know for how long he remained in that state, but Ning Cheng finally felt that the Mysterious Yellow Bead had eventually come to a stop, allowing him to sweep out carefully with his Spiritual Consciousness. Only at this moment did Ning Cheng realise that not only was this a somewhat safe location, it was also completely silent.

Ning Cheng immediately came out of the Mysterious Yellow Bead, before his foot finally descended on a patch of hard ground. He also found that he could not sweep out with his Spiritual Consciousness over a long range. A range of a dozen miles was his current limit. Looking around, he found that himself somewhere at the bottom of a vast canyon. However, blocked by the high rock walls, his Spiritual Consciousness simply could not sweep towards the top. At the same time, he also could not make out the end of the canyon. This made Ning Cheng think of the original Axe Valley, which was also a narrow and seemingly endless canyon.

The surrounding area was a dusky grey colour with very low visibility. Not only that, but even the temperature was also quite high. Ning Cheng estimated that it should at least be around 40-50 degree Celsius in here. If an ordinary person were in this place, that person might even die from the heat. From what he could see outside of the canyon above it, it seemed to be an utterly grey world.

Ning Cheng attempted to activate his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, with the intent of rushing out of the canyon and look at what's outside. He had just rushed up a couple of miles when an extremely powerful suction appeared out of nowhere and sucked him down towards the ground. Ultimately, he once again fell down to the bottom of the canyon.

Ning Cheng knew that this definitely was not the effect of gravity. Although gravity in this canyon was several times than that on Earth, gravity could still not bind him at all. Instead, this was a result of a natural Forbidden s.p.a.ce Restriction, which he could not overcome.

Ning Cheng gave out a sigh; he knew that it was useless to sink into anxiety. He took out the Nirvana Spear and walked forward towards the direction of the bend at the bottom of the canyon.

He planned it out inside his head, if unable to get out of this valley in a few days he would then forcefully try to make his way out of the valley. At the worst, he might end up stuck in this place for a few years; however, he never stopped believing that he could not get out of this place. As to where would he appear after coming out from the bottom of the valley? Ning Cheng could not answer that, maybe it would be in the Void near to the Rootless Black City, or would it be a completely different place?

He did not care about other things. What he did care was about Luofei worrying about him. Fortunately, he and Luofei shared a True Love Knot, which was something condensed from one's Life Essence. As long as he remained safe, Luofei would naturally feel it.

Ink Essence Star.

This was a mainland where True Cultivation and Technological Civilisations developed synchronously. Relatively speaking, the developments relating to the Technological Civilisation was a lot more rapid.

The Ink Essence Star's Qin Wu City was one of the few major cities within the Ink Essence Star. It was at this moment that a white-robed woman walked into the Qin Wu City with melancholy-filled eyes. Every day she would leave the Qin Wu City and go to the Makeshift Markets around the Qin Wu City to commission some information, acquire a variety of refining materials and look for jade strips that dealt in Talisman Refining.

All these materials, along with the jade strips, would then work their way over to the Qin Wu City's Yue Clan.

The Yue Clan was not just the premier clan within the Ink Essence Star; it also was the family clan of a Tier 8 Talisman Grandmaster. The reason why this woman handed over these materials to the Yue Clan was to ask Yue Clan's Yue Yangzhi to help her refine a Void Cleaving Talisman and let her return to Sifting Orchid.

This woman was none other than Shi Qionghua. Since the moment she arrived at the Qin Wu City, she knew that her Uncle Yu had lied to her for the first time. She could not find her parents at all in this place. Moreover, for her, this was a wholly new and strange city.

There were two great clans in this city, one was the Xin Clan, and the other was the Yue Clan.

Without finding her parents here, Shi Qionghua did not want to stay here for even a single extra moment. All she wanted to do was to get back to Ning Cheng as early as possible.

It is just that Void Cleaving Talismans were too precious. She had attended many auctions, almost took out all her things and sold them to obtain the things she needed; however, it was still not enough to get even a single Void Cleaving Talisman.

In desperation, she could only turn to Yue Clan's Yue Yangzhi. Yue Yangzhi was the Talisman Grandmaster closest in skill for potentially refining the Void Cleaving Talisman. It was also precisely because of such an ability that she wanted to enlist the help of Yue Yangzhi to help her refine a Void Cleaving Talisman.

Unfortunately, no matter how much material she provided them, let alone a Void Cleaving Talisman, she did not even obtain a single Escape Talisman. Every time she demanded an answer from the Yue Clan, only a single phrase was what she received. That Grandmaster Yangzhi was still the middle of the refinement and that the Void Cleaving Talisman should be finished refining soon.

In this way, Shi Qionghua continually collected a variety of precious materials and handed them over to the people of the Yue Clan, all to help Yue Yangzhi practice his refinement techniques and improve his level of refining.

Shi Qionghua knew that this definitely was not a solution; however, if she wanted to leave this place, then apart from seeking help from the Yue Clan, she really could not find any other way. She inherently was not a ruthless person. If replaced with Ning Cheng, he would have already pounded down their doors at such behaviour or at the very least made the opposite party take out the appropriate number of Spirit Stones.

Despite her growing anxiety, she still steadily looked for various Advanced Level Materials.

In her heart, she hoped that one day the Yue Clan could successfully refine the Void Cleaving Talisman and give one to her. She did not think of using any tricks; she knew that if she ended up offending the Yue Clan, it was tantamount to sealing the road ahead of her. Moreover, her desperate desire to return to Ning Cheng's side made her afraid to offend the Yue Clan's Talisman Grandmaster. As for solving problems through slaughter, she did not even think about it for a moment.

"HHa…." In the most luxurious Immortal Cave within the Yue Clan, wild laughter suddenly erupted, and a middle-aged man wearing a traditional Chinese robe walked out of the Immortal Cave.

"Uncle Master Yangzhi……" A youth, who was guarding the outside of the Immortal Cave, on seeing this man in traditional Chinese robe coming out, quickly came forward to greet him.

"Inform the Clan Head immediately, I have something important to announce." This person from the Yue Clan, wearing the traditional Chinese robes, was the Premier Talisman Refining Grandmaster, Yue Yangzhi. At this moment, he was in an excellent mood.

"Yes." The youth gave a curt reply and quickly left.

After half an incense stick worth of time, more than a dozen essential figures filled the Yue Clan's ancestral hall.

Sitting at the seat of honour was a black-haired old man, with eyes showing unconcealable joy. It felt as if he was just bursting to announce something.

"Today, I want to take this opportunity to announce one of the most important and also the most celebration-worthy news." The black-haired old man looked at the rest of the people and finally could not help but speak up with an excitement-filled voice.

The Yue Clan's Ancestral Hall remained silent, as all the people seated inside were patiently waiting for the old man to announce the important thing that needed such pomp and celebration.

"My Yue Clan has always held the t.i.tle of the most formidable Talisman Clan within the Ink Essence Star's history. Moreover, we also produced many powerhouses from the clan that could split apart the Planar Boundary and enter the Starry Sky. However, in the last two thousand years, my Yue Clan's top geniuses can no longer cope with the geniuses of the past. Not to mention a Tier 9 Grandmaster, even a Tier 7 Talisman Grandmaster is someone rare……"

Speaking until here, the black haired old man stood up and waved his hands as if he just could not wait to make the announcement, "However, everything changed today. My Yue Clan has finally produced a Tier 9 Talisman Grandmaster. Yes, it is Yangzhi. Yangzhi finally managed to refine the Rank 9 Void Cleaving Talisman…."

Reaching this point, the black-haired old man immediately stopped speaking. He did not need to continue. At the same time, the ancestral hall also burst into loud conversations. For a while, the hall resounded with various exciting voices indicating the admirations and aspirations of the crowd.

Everyone within the ancestral hall knew about the importance of someone who could refine Void Cleaving Talismans within the Ink Essence Star.

The Ink Essence Star's laws also suffered from imperfections; however, it was not an inherently broken world. As such, there was no Heaven's Way in the Ink Essence Star that led to the starry skies. After cultivating to a certain extent, whether by relying on the power of Void Warships or relying on one's own cultivation, one could still leave the Ink Essence Star. However, such people were extremely few throughout the history of the star. In other words, if one wished to exit this world, then one had no choice but to depend on the aid provided by the Void Cleaving Talisman.

Only by using the Void Cleaving Talisman to split apart the Ink Essence Star's Planar Boundary, would one finally enter the lowest level of Void and then theoretically make their way into the Starry Sky to seek life.


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