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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0427: The Compet.i.tion for Spiritual Vein

Knowing that it was unavoidable for him to come face to face with the other three people, Ning Cheng immediately swallowed a Form Changing Pill. Even if the opposite party managed to guess who he was, he had to change his appearance and his aura. Guessing and surety were anyway two entirely different concepts. Ingesting the Form Changing Pill, Ning Cheng's aura changed in almost an instant; at the same time, his appearance also changed to that of a middle-aged man with a beard.

As Ning Cheng sunk deeper and deeper into the ground, he also got a clearer picture of the vast Natural Concealment Array Formation that formed naturally underground. If it wasn't for Wu Mao's help, Ning Cheng felt that perhaps no one would be able to find this place.

Since the Concealment Array Formation emerged, it would not be much difficult for Ning Cheng to enter the Concealed Array Formation to find the Spiritual Vein. Since it would not pose much difficulty for him, then to Wu Mao, it definitely would be a lot simpler. If replaced by any other cultivator, Ning Cheng could have escaped into the Concealment Array Formation; however, in the face of Wu Mao, this trick most likely would not work at all.

"Kacha…." Ning Cheng directly brought out his Nirvana Spear. Without executing any needless moves, he shot his spear into the Concealment Array Formation and blew open an opening.

Even if this Concealment Array Formation turned out even more formidable, it did not have even a single defensive function. Not to mention Ning Cheng, even an ordinary cultivator would be able to break it open.

After the Natural Concealment Array Formation cracked open, an incomparably rich aura of the Spiritual Vein instantly overflowed out, causing the other people pursuing Ning Cheng to also feel it. The original three were initially rushing towards him just behind Wu Mao. Now that Ning Cheng broke apart the Concealment Array Formation, causing the aura of Spiritual Vein to overflow, not even one of them now wanted to follow behind Wu Mao. They immediately increased their speeds and shot towards Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng saw a vast underground cavern emerge after he broke open the Concealment Array Formation. A Spiritual Vein appeared in front of him, in the shape of meandering mountain ranges. Although this was just an incomplete Spiritual Vein, from the strong Spiritual Aura coming from this Spiritual Vein, Ning Cheng affirmed that this definitely was not a Low-Grade Spiritual Vein.

However, this Spiritual Vein seemed to be broken into three sections. One of it had already disappeared leaving behind only some vague traces. As for the other two parts, one of them was over hundreds of feet long while the other one was only a few dozen feet long.

Ning Cheng did not hesitate for even half a moment before directly throwing out a single Array Flag, which shot towards the hundreds of feet long Spiritual Vein and encircled it, while he simultaneously started pulling it into his Miniature Word Ring as fast as possible.

"Boom-Boom-Boom…." While he pulled in the Spiritual Vein, great explosive noises erupted one after another causing the entire Shattered Canopy Mountain Range to shake violently.


The others would undoubtedly not remain neutral against Ning Cheng when the Spiritual Vein was involved. A meteor-like killing light immediately shot towards Ning Cheng's eyes.

Ning Cheng's Nirvana Spear immediately shot out to block this killing light. An explosion sounded out. The impact force caused Ning Cheng to spew out a mouthful of blood. Even if that was the case, Ning Cheng still did not take even half-step back.

"Swish-Swish….." Four figures almost simultaneously appeared around Ning Cheng, surrounding him on all sides. At this moment, Ning Cheng finally finished putting away the hundreds of feet long piece of Spiritual Vein. Only the few dozen feet long section of the Spiritual Vein remained in the underground s.p.a.ce.

It was not that Ning Cheng did not want to collect the smaller portion of the Spiritual Vein; instead, he knew that he had no chance of obtaining it currently. If he took even a step forward, then he would end up facing the all-out a.s.sault from the others. The only reason he was able to collect the large piece, apart from being the one to arrive first, was all due to his proficiency in Array Formations. However, his current task was not to take away the remaining section of the Spiritual Vein. Instead, it was to escape from this predicament.

As for the remaining four people, Ning Cheng knew that they would confirm his ident.i.ty eventually. After all, there were not many Array Formation Grandmasters in the Tian Continent. The level of Array Formations that he showed would never remain hidden for a long time; therefore, he did not even choose to hide his Nirvana Spear.

Even if the other party knew that it was Ning Cheng, there was just no alternative to it. For an ownerless object, it could only belong to those who could grab onto it.

In this place, if one's strength were far stronger compared to your opponent, they would definitely be able to find trouble for the other party. Even if there was no justifiable reason, one could fabricate a reason to scheme against them. However, if one lacked the strength to crush the other side, then even if one got hold of substantial evidence, they would have to be patient. Just like the Great Change Island, in general, for its method of dealing with the Red Star Sword Faction.

Moreover, Ning Cheng had taken the Form Changing Pill; as such, the opposite party could only guess his ident.i.ty but cannot be sure if he was Ning Cheng.

"Put that thing down and get lost." Spoke the long-bearded cultivator. With the cultivation of Crucible Transformation 6th Level, he was also the person with the highest cultivation among them.

Ning Cheng noticed that Wu Mao, to block his path, intentionally or unintentionally, threw down some Array Flags. While Sang Jiezhu and that diminutive and emaciated looking Crucible Transformation 5th Level Cultivator stood a few dozen feet from the remaining piece of the Spiritual Vein. Although it seemed like they were intercepting him, Ning Cheng knew that once he ran away, Sang Jiezhu and that diminutive and emaciated looking cultivator would be the first to divvy up that smaller portion of the Spiritual Vein.

"It would be better to put that thing down. Brother Yu and I will definitely not attack you; otherwise, it would only be a dead end for you." After Wu Mao threw down several Array Flags once more, he spoke out in a cold voice.

"Dream on, even if it is just a part of the complete Spiritual Vein, I will be taking it away….." Ning Cheng knew Wu Mao's thoughts, immediately shooting towards the last section of Spiritual Vein currently near to Sang Jiezhu and that diminutive and emaciated Crucible Transformation Cultivator.

"Courting death…" The long-bearded cultivator cursed out angrily. He did not expect Ning Cheng to be so bold and even so greedy. Not only did he not take out the several hundred feet long portion of the Spiritual Vein, he even pined for the other smaller section of the Spiritual Vein. It was taking shamelessness to the extreme.

Even Sang Jiezhu and that diminutive and emaciated looking cultivator standing on the side of the Spiritual Vein did not think that Ning Cheng would continue to try to s.n.a.t.c.h the remaining small segment of the Spiritual Vein.

The four of them were utterly infuriated, simultaneously shooting towards Ning Cheng to start fighting.

Innumerable lights of Magical Techniques shot towards Ning Cheng; however, just at the moment Ning Cheng closed in on the section of the Spiritual Vein, his body suddenly flickered before fading.

"Not good, he wants to escape….." The diminutive and emaciated looking cultivator was the first to respond and immediately shouted out.

"Bang" Even if Ning Cheng was faster, under the premise of intentionally s.n.a.t.c.hing the remaining portion of Spiritual Vein, he suddenly made a move to escape. However, he still had to suffer through a few True Essence lights that exploded onto his vest.

Ning Cheng spewed out a few mouthfuls of blood once again; however, he managed to completely disappear without even a trace left behind.

If Wu Mao hadn't turned out to be stronger compared to him in regards to Array Formations, then even if Ning Cheng wanted to run away, he would never end up in such a state. Ning Cheng feared the Array Formations that Wu Mao arranged on the side, even more than fighting against the other three. If it were anyone else who laid down those Array Formations, he would not have cared much about it. However, when Wu Mao arranged those Array Formations, he couldn't care if would not work.

Therefore, Ning Cheng would rather suffer through the attacks from the others, but also must escape. What's more, he already saw that when he charged inside to grab the Spiritual Vein, Wu Mao had already sealed up the surroundings with his Array Flags. The only place that Ning Cheng could escape to was to return along the original path he followed. If he did not tread along the previous route, then he would have to face the collaboration of those four.

"It turns out to be a teleport. Fortunately, that person is severely injured. He definitely would not be able to make it far….." The diminutive and emaciated looking Crucible Transformation 5th Level Cultivator called out in shock.

Not waiting for the diminutive and emaciated cultivator to finish, Wu Mao and the long-bearded cultivator immediately began pursuit.

"This is not a teleport; it is a Magical Weapon that allows teleport-like speeds. It is probably refined from the Twin Leaves of the Radiant Heavenly Clouds." As Sang Jiezhu spoke, she immediately cut the remaining few dozen feet long segment of the Spiritual Vein into two halves.

"One half for each of us." Sang Jiezhu finished speaking and had already put away the one-half of the segment of Spiritual Vein that she just bisected.

"Palace Master Sang sure must have better means, for you to unexpectedly not follow them." The diminutive and emaciated looking Crucible Transformation Cultivator only gave a smirk and did not speak much with Sang Jiezhu, while simultaneously putting away his share.

Sang Jiezhu showed a faint smile, refusing to speak anymore. She then turned towards another direction and then disappeared without a trace. Although Wu Mao left, he had left behind a simple Entrapment Array Formation to temporarily hold them; however, it was unable to tie up someone like Sang Jiezhu.

How could she not understand the meaning behind the words of that diminutive and emaciated looking cultivator? This person knew that Ning Cheng hadn't used teleportation. He just said that Ning Cheng teleported and then followed it up with the words implying Ning Cheng to be seriously injured. Ning Cheng currently also possessed the several hundred feet long section of the Spiritual Vein combined with the Twin Leaves of the Radiant Heavenly Clouds. If she owned the cultivation of Crucible Transformation 6th Level, she might be able to chase after him. However, if all three of them chased after him, then this fellow would take away the remaining few dozen feet long piece of Spiritual Vein.

As for Wu Mao and the long-bearded cultivator pursuing that fellow, one was an Array Formation Grand Master, and one possessed the cultivation of Crucible Transformation 6th Level. Of course, both of them were not willing to lower themselves to split the smaller segment of the Spiritual Vein among the four people. Therefore, they had no choice but to chase after Ning Cheng. However, for Sang Jiezhu, she felt delighted with just a few feet long segment of the Spiritual Vein.

The four of them came here only due to a partnership between them. Moreover, the other cultivator that managed to escape was also not someone that they could take lightly.

Wu Mao undoubtedly had already discovered the Spiritual Vein previously, but still pretended to not know about it. If it was not for that fellow who rushed in halfway through his plans, then the three of them might have ended up not only slaving for him, but also help in gifting Wu Mao with bridal robes.

Ning Cheng did not make any mistakes. He quickly came out from the same exact location from where he had broken in when he found himself surrounded by an Entrapment Array Formation. As long as this Entrapment Array Formation could trap him for three breaths of time, the Wu Mao duo would be able to catch up to him.

Fortunately, when Ning Cheng entered the ground, he had already dropped down a few Array Flags. Although Wu Mao had indeed arranged an Entrapment Array Formation previously, Ning Cheng had also left behind a Chain Explosion Array Formation.

After throwing down a few Array Flags, explosion sounds immediately erupted and in merely two breaths of time, a gap opened up in Wu Mao's Entrapment Array Formation.

With a gentle wave from the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, Ning Cheng disappeared through the opened gap. It was only at this time that Wu Mao and the other long bearded Crucible Transformation 6th Level Cultivator came out.

However, the two of them did not continue with the pursuit. The duo knew that a person who could wield the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Cloud this skilfully was someone they would never be able to catch up to even if their cultivations were higher. It was indeed a pity for them that as they pursued Ning Cheng, the two of them could not also partake in the smaller segment of the Spiritual Vein. The two of them genuinely turned out to be people who tried to fetch water using a bamboo basket.

Wu Mao's complexion turned ugly to look at, "Elder Brother Yu, this person's attainments in Array Formation might be inferior to mine, but he, at least, is also at the level of a Grand Master. When did our Tian Continent contain such a powerful Array Formation Grandmaster?"

The long-bearded cultivator at the Crucible Transformation 6th Level kept staring in the direction in which Ning Cheng disappeared before he gave a cold snort and spoke, "Brother Wu, if it weren't for your selfishness, how could such a matter occur?"

Wu Mao knew that sophistry would not help in his case nor would it make any sense to use it, especially since the opposite party already knew about his schemes. He cupped his fists towards the long-bearded cultivator and spoke, "Brother Yu, I am in the wrong for this. I am willing to bring out a Rank 8 Entrapment Array Formation's Array Disc as an apology to Brother Yu."

The long-bearded cultivator knew that there was no other way to it. For Wu Mao, a top-level Array Formation Grandmaster, to behave in such a manner towards him, it definitely was equivalent to giving him enough face and respect.

He hesitated for a moment before speaking, "I don't know who this person is. I only know that the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect has a very young Sect master called Ning Cheng. People say that he is proficient in Array Formations, while his cultivation is also not weaker compared to Crucible Transformation Cultivators. He even uses a long spear as his Magical Weapon. Moreover, I also am aware that there is a particular Rank 7 Pill that is available in the Tian Continent, called the Form Changing Pill."



Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Please do not host our works anywhere else without our permission.

Chapter 0428: The Powerful Sect Master

Ning Cheng spat out a few mouthfuls of blood. However, the fact was, his injuries were not very serious. If not for his Body Forging Cultivation, those few True Essence Awns would have definitely spilt him into several pieces. However, currently, although he suffered a few attacks from those Crucible Transformation Cultivators, after swallowing a few of his Healing Pills, he had mostly recovered from his injuries.

With the Spiritual Vein in his possession, Ning Cheng did not immediately go to the Heavenly Dao Public Square. Tan Yun and he agreed to meet after three months. In this three-month period, he needed to go into seclusion to improve his cultivation. For him, the best place to go into seclusion would be the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.

However, without Transfer Talismans, it would take Ning Cheng two days to return to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect from the Shattered Canopy Mountains. Therefore, Ning Cheng decided to temporarily not return to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. After he discovered that Wu Mao and the others did not continue to chase him, he found a quiet and remote location within the Shattered Canopy Mountains before entering his Miniature World to cultivate.

Using the Spiritual Vein to cultivate, Ning Cheng could immediately feel the benefits. Although the effect of cultivating using the Spiritual Vein was far inferior to that of the Crystal Stone given to him by Meng Jingxiu; however, it was still countless times better than cultivating using Spirit Stones.

At least he did not encounter the previous situations of Spiritual Qi being insufficient. After more than a year of slowly absorbing Spiritual Qi from the Spirit Stones for his cultivation, Ning Cheng once again started to feel the invigorating feeling of immersing himself in cultivation.

The Spiritual Qi from within the Spiritual Vein, not only turned out to be a lot easier to absorb, it was even a lot easier to trans.m.u.te into True Essence for his cultivation. In just two months, Ning Cheng broke through from the Sea Opening 3rd Level to the Sea Opening 5th Level.

With the promotion in his cultivation, the cultivation method that he operated began to absorb even more Spiritual Qi at a much faster rate. At the same time, the Spiritual Vein was more than capable enough to provide for such a huge demand. It was on a far higher level in even the purity of Spiritual Qi compared to what he absorbed from Spirit Stones.

Only a single level separated the 3rd Level of Sea Opening Realm and the 4th Level of Sea Opening Realm, but in fact, the two were vastly different when it came to strength and power that it provided. It was for this reason that the former ended up cla.s.sified as early-stage and the later as intermediate-stage. The difference simply had no words that could describe it completely.

Initially, when Ning Cheng would cast the Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique, he would not have any other choice but to escape. That was because, once he used the Spiritual Technique, his True Essence and Spiritual Consciousness would almost hit rock bottom. However, Ning Cheng believed that now, even if he used the Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique, he would still have enough energy reserves to escape, if he chose to.

These two scenarios definitely were not the same thing. Formerly, after Ning Cheng used this Spiritual Technique, Ning Cheng could only pray that he could somehow kill his opponent with it. Now, he had the choice to continue attacking or escape, if needed. At this moment, Ning Cheng finally started to view the Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique as his 'true' life-saving method.

Three months later, Ning Cheng completely solidified his cultivation at the intermediate-stage of Sea Opening Realm, while the ma.s.sive segment of Spiritual Vein had also shrunken down considerably.

Ning Cheng did not feel too bothered about it. It was not that he did not want to split the promised one-third of the segment with Tan Yun, but because as the Spiritual Vein shrank down in size with continuous use, the cultivation effect over him had also started to degrade.

Heavenly Dao Public Square.

Although the enrolment of disciples from across the Yi Xing mainland had ended, the Heavenly Dao Public Square remained quite lively. However, during these past few days, the Heavenly Dao Public Square became incomparably energetic.

All the people were aware that today the newly appointed Rainbow Fall Sword Sect's Sect Master Ning Cheng would fight against the Yin Yang Dao Sect's Rong Jin at the Heavenly Dao Public Square's Sect Surpa.s.sing Censure.

This was a life-and-death showdown, although this showdown might not be comparable to a confrontation between the Tian Continent's Dao Masters, it was still a showdown between peak experts. After all, one of them was a Crucible Transformation 7th Level Cultivator from the Yin Yang Dao Sect while the other was a rising star and the most famous person among the younger generation, Sect Master Ning Cheng of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.

Even if the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect did not invite the other factions during the hosting of Ning Cheng as the new Sect Master, Ning Cheng indeed was coroneted as the Sect Master, a fact that the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect acknowledged wholeheartedly.

Therefore, this showdown also related to the honour of the two major factions. The Rainbow Fall Sword Sect and the Yin Yang Dao Sect. The one who ended up losing, that faction would not just end up losing a Crucible Transformation Elder or a Sect Master; instead, they would also end up losing an extreme amount of face and respect.

Ning Cheng just arrived at the Heavenly Dao Sect's Public Square, when his Spiritual Consciousness swept towards the crowd of disciples from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, containing Xun Hanrui, Fu Shengnan, Que Hongshui, Luo Ziyan, Liang Shi, Zhang Qian and the others. Previously, when Ning Cheng returned to the sect, he only saw Zhang Qian. As for the other disciples, he did not see any of them.

Now that these people came back, presumably they knew that he and a few older elders took the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect back causing them to once more return to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.

Although Ning Cheng knew that these people were helpless in this matter, but in Ning Cheng's heart, the status of Zhang Qian, who remained behind to defend the sect, was still a lot higher compared to those fellows.

Ning Cheng was just about to go look when he found another group of people that stopped in front of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect's disciples. The number of people blocking the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect was a lot larger than the disciple group from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect; moreover, Ning Cheng even knew one of the people from that group, Shen Buqun.

Shen Buqun was the True Inheriting Disciple from the Yin Yang Dao Sect, whom Ning Cheng had initially met during the Great Meet of the Academies. However, Ning Cheng had not fought against this person, as he had gotten off the stage after duelling for seven consecutive rounds one after another before finally stepping down from the stage to rest. Not coming up again. Initially, this fellow possessed the cultivation of Profound Core 9th Level; however, currently he was at the Great Circle of the Soul Essence Realm.

Compared to the lightning-fast progress of Ning Cheng, he did not progress by much. However, Ning Cheng also knew the reason for such a thing. That is, he possessed the Mysterious Yellow Bead, causing his cultivation to leap forwards several times faster compared to others. At the same time, it also showed that this Sheng Buqun was not as simple as he seemed on the surface.

Since he had to fight against Yin Yang Dao Sect's Rong Jin then the disciples of Yin Yang Dao Sect wanting to cause trouble for the disciples of Rainbow Fall Sword Sect was something normal.

"What's wrong, do you want to fight in the Heavenly Dao Public Square? Come, let's compare notes then."

Quo Hongshui, as one of the pampered pair from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, naturally couldn't back down when the people from Yin Yang Dao Sect voluntarily came to him.

Zhang Qian, just from a single glance, could make out what kind of people were these hosts from the Dao Sect like. Zhang Qian's status within the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect was now quite high. The primary cause was undoubtedly simple; when others besieged the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, rather than choosing to escape like most others, Zhang Qian stayed back to fight.

Now that the Sect master was about to fight against a Crucible Transformation Cultivator from the Yin Yang Dao Sect at the Heavenly Dao Public Square, how could he let the prestige of Rainbow Fall Sword Sect drop in front of the disciples from the Yin Yang Dao Sect?

Shen Buqun spoke up with disdain, "You are a cultivator at the Soul Sculpting Realm, yet you want to unexpectedly fight against me, a cultivator at the Soul Essence Realm. Are you really not concerned about face?"

Luo Ziyan couldn't bear it anymore and spoke out, "It looks like the side who is truly shameless is yours, isn't it? For someone with high cultivation to challenge others with lower cultivation. From what I heard, isn't it a Crucible Transformation Cultivator from your side who is challenging someone at the Sea Opening Realm?"

The disciples from the Yin Yang Dao Sect, on hearing those words, immediately turned angry. Luo Ziyan was obviously ridiculing Yin Yang Dao Sect's Elder Rong Jin, for his challenge to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect's Ning Cheng.

Several of their disciples even brought out their magical weapons. It looked like the situation would erupt into a gang war at any moment. Although the Heavenly Dao Public Square strictly forbade any kind of fighting, if the hatred between the two sects grew any more, then this kind of gang war would pose extreme difficulties if one wanted to resolve it.

"f.u.c.k off." A cold voice arrived, causing the face of more than a dozen disciples from the Yin Yang Dao Sect to go pale immediately before they quickly retreated. Just a single phrase, yet it almost caused more than a dozen disciples from Yin Yang Dao Sect to vomit out blood.

If Ning Cheng wanted, these more than a dozen disciples would have suffered a lot more than just vomiting blood.

"Such awe-inspiring power, a School Master actually stepping into the conflicts of lower levelled disciples. I finally get to see the unexpected bullishness of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. It turns out they relish in cowing lower levelled cultivators."

Hearing those words, Ning Cheng knew that it belonged to Ji Xiu from the Yin Yang Dao Sect, the one possessing the cultivation of Crucible Transformation 4th Level.

"You can also f.u.c.k off; otherwise, I will immediately challenge you. From now on, anyone who has any intention of bringing harm to the disciples of my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, I, Ning Cheng, will personally kill them." Ning Cheng's grand manner suddenly shot up, even his True Essence felt like it coursed through the air forming a sort of an air wall.

Although Ji Xiu's complexion turned livid, he did not dare to not retreat. He could feel that he currently was not yet a match against Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng could quickly take care of Tang Gongxi, something that he had seen with his own eyes. If he wanted to kill Ning Cheng, he would need to at least advance to the Crucible Transformation 7th Level first.

"Humph, just a last ditch struggle before death. I, Ji Xiu, for good or for evil, am also a Crucible Transformation Elder of my Yin Yang Dao Sect, how could I haggle with a dead person? Alas, after Rainbow Fall Sword Sect's Sect Master Rui departed, they seem to be going through one Sect Master after another."

After Ji Xiu flaunted an argument, he could only slip away and leave the area leading the group of disciples from the Yin Yang Dao Sect.

He believed that Ning Cheng couldn't escape from the hands of his Senior Apprentice Brother Rong Jin. Deep in heart, he honestly felt that Ning Cheng would definitely be the one to die here.

Ning Cheng watched as Ji Xiu led the disciples of Yin Yang Dao Sect away from this location; however, he did not continue with his ridicules. The Rainbow Fall Sword Sect recently suffered a disastrous decline. If it did not have a strong Sect Master to back it up, then the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect's disciples would no longer be able to come out to mix with others.

The Rainbow Fall Sword Sect's disciples on hearing Ning Cheng's words, immediately felt their blood boil. Although this new Sect Master's cultivation was not in the Crucible Transformation Realm, his speech was genuinely domineering. Moreover, those words contained such a high imposing manner in them that it even caused the Crucible Transformation Elder from the Yin Yang Dao Sect to flee in fear.

As for Que Hongshui and Luo Ziyan, the two pampered disciples of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, they couldn't but feel complex emotions. When Ning Cheng had joined the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, they were the one who stood in front of Ning Cheng giving him the choice of following them as their junior brother. Although they both possessed the cultivation in the Soul Essence Realm at that time; however, Ning Cheng ended up actually becoming their Sect Master today.

The world of humans was ever changing; n.o.body knew what tomorrow would have in store for them

"Greeting Sect Master….." The several Rainbow Fall Sword Sect's disciples happily saluted Ning Cheng. Even Fu Shengnan, who previously held a grudge against Ning Cheng, could not help but give him her most respectful salute. As for what she was thinking in her heart, no one but she knew.

Fu Shengnan had initially plotted against Ning Cheng. If Ning Cheng were currently not a Sect Master, then he most likely would have destroyed this woman. However, now he was the Sect Master and Fu Xiaomei's friend at the same time. If this were not enough reason, then one would never strike a smiling face. Although he did not know why Fu Shengnan decided to come here, he could only behave as being blind despite having the sight.

Que Hongshui spoke in an apologetic manner, "The sect has changed greatly. The several of us could only choose to escape at that time. And for that, we ask Sect Master for punishment."

Ning Cheng did not expect Que Hongshui to speak about this matter with a fair and honest voice. In his heart, it caused Ning Cheng to form a sliver of goodwill towards him because of his honesty, "This matter cannot be blamed on you all. Other factions hid around the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, with your cultivation at the Soul Sculpting Realm, if you did not walk away, then perhaps you might not have been able to enjoy the life that you currently possess. It’s good that you came back, you can continue improving your own cultivation, before making some effort to help out the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect from now on."

"Yes, Sect Master." The several disciples of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect bowed and replied in unison.

Ning Cheng knew that they were all here to cheer for him. However, he did not ask for much. He just watched Xun Hanrui smile and spoke, "Greeting Junior Apprentice Sister Hanrui has Junior Apprentice Sister Kexin not returned? Weren't you and her together?"

Xun Hanrui's complexion slightly changed, Ning Cheng suddenly felt a premonition in his heart. He first spoke to the rest of the people, "You all can head to the Sect Surpa.s.sing Censure area to cheer for me. I have something to discuss with Junior Apprentice Sister Hanrui. I will be back soon."

"What happened, did Liang Kexin meet with an accident?" Ning Cheng brought Xun Hanrui to a rest stop and immediately asked.

Xun Hanrui quickly replied, "Sect Master…."

"Junior Apprentice Sister Hanrui, just call me as Senior Apprentice Brother Ning like before. I don't plan to be the Sect Master for long anyway." Ning Cheng knew that he wouldn't be able to stay in the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect for long. Although he ended up appointed as the Sect Master, at that time, he felt quite helpless regarding it.

"Ok, Senior Apprentice Brother, Junior Apprentice Sister Kexin was taken away by the Mirage Gazing Island….."

The words of Xun Hanrui did not finish when Ning Cheng immediately understood that it must have some connection to the 9-Colored Mirage Tree.

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