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Chapter 1050: Heading to Grand Change Realm

The Star Stepping Tower Master didn’t even glance at Yin Yueshu, obviously not putting the other person in her eyes. Instead, she fixed her gaze on Ning Cheng and continued smiling, “Pill Sage Ning, since you’ve come to my Star Stepping Tower, why not come to my room for some rest? I promise to do my best as the host.”

Ning Cheng calmly cupped his fists and said, “Many thanks, Tower Master. Unfortunately, I have urgent matters to deal with today. When I’m free in the future, I will return to pay Tower Master a special visit.”

“Oh.” The Star Stepping Tower Master let out a mournful sigh. “I always feel that there is a special bond between Pill Sage Ning and me, so I’ve always thought of Pill Sage Ning as an old friend. Because of this, I went out of my way to offend Man Huishan last time. Now that Man Huishan is a Dao Fusion expert, I don’t think my Star Stepping Tower will be able to continue. I feel so miserable; finding a peaceful place is already hard enough, yet I will have to leave after just being here for a few days.”

Her voice grew increasingly poignant, making people unable to help but feel sympathetic towards her plight. It was as if she had selflessly helped Ning Cheng but ended up being dragged down by him instead. Unfortunately, Ning Cheng replied indifferently, “The Tower Master seems overly worried about such a trivial thing. As long as Tower Master takes out a few bottles of good pills, I’m sure a few Dao Fusion experts would willingly step up to help stop Man Huishan.”

Ning Cheng had intentionally ridiculed this Star Stepping Tower Master. If you weren’t looking something like those ten bottles of Empyrean Consciousness Trans.m.u.tation Pills, would you have even thought of helping me? Besides, you didn’t even lift a finger back then. In other words, even if I didn’t give those ten bottles of Empyrean Consciousness Trans.m.u.tation Pills to you, Star Stepping Tower Master, but instead to someone else, they would have also helped him.

Acting like she didn’t understand Ning Cheng, she sincerely continued, “Pill Sage Ning, this is where I ask for your help. I want you to help me refine a few pills for emergency use.”

This woman really had thick skin. Ning Cheng no longer bothered to speak with her. He made a gesture as if he had received a message and said, “Ah, Lord Sheng is still waiting for me to return quickly and help him heal. I can’t talk to you anymore. Goodbye.”

As he spoke, Ning Cheng’s body flashed, and he landed at the entrance of the Star Stepping Tower in an instant.

“Boom!” However, a powerful blocking force stopped Ning Cheng from stepping out of the entrance.

Ning Cheng’s expression turned serious. His domain instantly unfolded, and a spear suddenly appeared in his hand.

“Does the Star Stepping Tower Master want to forcibly keep me here? Have you considered the consequences?” Ning Cheng’s tone suddenly turned murderous, and his killing intent started to leak out.

If this Star Stepping Tower Master truly dared to make a move, he would have no choice but to immediately call Cen Ruxuan for help.

Her eyes flashed a few times as if thinking about Ning Cheng’s words. But after a few moments, she smiled, “How would it be possible for someone like me to stop someone like you? After all, Pill Sage Ning is the Dao Essence Pill Sage of our Heaven Essence Sacred City. It’s just that I want to invite Pill Sage Ning to my place for a small chat. I’m sure we would end up becoming great friends.”

Ning Cheng fixed his gaze on the Star Stepping Tower Master and replied in a calm voice, “You’re wrong. We were never friends before, we aren’t friends right now, and we will never be friends. To be friends with someone like you, I might end up with a knife in my back the next moment. After all, I still like to live for a few more years.”

Ning Cheng didn’t wait for the Star Stepping Tower Master to speak. With a turn of his body, the formation restriction that stopped him suddenly disintegrated. The next moment, Ning Cheng disappeared without a trace. Since the Star Stepping Tower Master had dared to tear away all outward cordiality to forcefully stop him, she can’t blame him for speaking straightforwardly.

With all the things he experienced, after interacting with the Star Stepping Tower Master a few times, he understood that this woman was a powerful expert. But more importantly, she was the kind of woman who wouldn’t hesitate to stab people in the back for her benefit. Involving himself with such a woman would be a suicidal endeavour.

Hearing Ning Cheng’s words, the Star Stepping Tower Master’s body instantly burst with killing intent, causing the entire tower to vibrate. However, she quickly held back her killing intent and didn’t dare to make a move against Ning Cheng. Instead, she watched as Ning Cheng tore through the restriction and walked out calmly.

Once Ning Cheng finally disappeared from view, the killing intent in her eyes also disappeared. Replaced by pain and a hard-to-conceal sorrow.


Seeing the Star Stepping Tower Master not taking any action against him, Ning Cheng felt slightly relieved. Therefore, after leaving the Star Stepping Tower, and only after confirming that the Star Stepping Tower Master didn’t pursue him in secret, did he carefully put away a bead.

After giving Gong Ximao his pills, Ning Cheng finally returned to Jian Sanshan’s residence. As for the destruction of Xin Xiu’s Pill House and the cause of Sheng Huotian’s poisoning, Ning Cheng decided not to investigate it for now. It’s not that he didn’t want to, but because his strength was still too low. Even if he found the person responsible for it, there wouldn’t be anything that he could do.

Since Ning Cheng didn’t go back into seclusion to refine more pills, the sects who previously couldn’t meet Ning Cheng quickly rushed to Jian Sanshan’s residence, hoping to meet Ning Cheng. It’s just that even though they all offered to support Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng politely declined them individually.

So far, he has not promised anyone anything except granting a spot to the Profound Aquatic Palace. In other words, he would owe them a favour even if he couldn’t get a spot. But if he did get the spot, he still had the option of putting it up for auction and gaining an even bigger harvest.


As ten days pa.s.sed, many powerful and influential people gathered outside the Pill Union, facing a silver-coloured void ship hovering just above the public square outside the Pill Union.

Everyone knew that today was the day when Union Master Sichen Qiutian of the Grand Essence Realm’s Pill Union would take the partic.i.p.ants to the Grand Change Realm for the Five Grand Realms’ Alchemy Compet.i.tion.

By this time, Ning Cheng had already sent Sheng Houtian away and had also arrived at the Pill Union’s public square, where Union Master Sichen Qiutian was already waiting on the deck of the silver void ship. Ning Cheng also knew the person standing next to Sheng Houtian, Protector Ju, the late-stage Dao Fusion expert.

Behind Sichen Qiutian was the Dao Transformation Pill Sage Dou Jiangshi of the Immortal Corpse Gate, the Dao Transformation Pill Sage Jing Han of the Great Spirit Pill Sect, the Dao Transformation Pill Sage Li Xizhen from Heaven Essence Sacred City’s City Master’s Mansion, Flaming Feather Spirit Mountain’s Dao Transformation Pill Sage Yan Kuaifu and Lost Moon Valley’s Dao Raising Pill Sage Mei Xiuwan. These people had arrived long ago and had to wait because of him.

“Pill Sage Ning is quite hard to track down, forcing so many people to wait for you alone.” Seeing Ning Cheng finally coming over, Jing Han spoke up indifferently.

Ning Cheng had stolen his thunder several times, which made him lose his reputation and caused great losses. It would be a strange matter if he felt happy about seeing Ning Cheng.

But more importantly, Ning Cheng had caused cracks in his Alchemic Dao, forming a deep hatred between the two. After all, while other people’s Dao progressed, his, on the other hand, felt as if it was slowly regressing.

He originally thought that besides Sichen Qiutian in the Grand Essence Realm, he should be the number one Pill Sage and the premier genius in alchemy. But because of Ning Cheng’s challenge, he understood that even after removing Sichen Qiutian, he wasn’t the number one Pill Sage or the number two. All this shattered his confidence in his Alchemic Dao, all because of Ning Cheng. It became especially apparent when Ning Cheng refined the Six Yin Soul Pill, which drove him to even deeper despair.

Although Ning Cheng felt guilty about wasting time sending off Sheng Houtian, he didn’t care about Jing Han’s thoughts. Jing Han wasn’t worthy of being his opponent; his real opponents would be the experts from the Grand Change Realm.

Seeing Ning Cheng arrive, Sichen Qiutian smiled and nodded, “Since everyone has arrived, let’s depart.”

As Sichen Qiutian’s words fell, the silver void ship suddenly lurched forward and cut through the sky above the Heaven Essence Sacred City like a silver fox through a gra.s.s field, quickly disappearing into the void.

The void ship moved through the void with considerable speed and rushed out of the borders of the Grand Essence Realm in a short time, finally entering the vast void. Sichen Qiutian smiled while looking at the crowd, “There are not many people on this void ship, so everyone can find a room they like. It will take us a few years to reach the Void City’s Teleportation Array from the Grand Essence Realm.”

Mei Xiuwan was the only woman representing the Grand Essence Realm in the Five Grand Realms’ Alchemy Compet.i.tion. Her Alchemic Dao was also the lowest out of the group. After hearing Sichen Qiutian’s words, she bowed and asked, “Union Master, may I ask where the Void City’s teleportation array is? Is it on the outskirts of the Grand Change Realm?”

Sichen Qiutian smiled warmly, “The Five Realms Void City’s teleportation formation is nothing more than a teleportation platform in the void. However, unlike ordinary teleportation formations, it is a cross-realm teleportation array. This teleportation platform can teleport one directly to a sacred city in the Grand Change Realm. However, from the Five Realms Void City to the Grand Change Realm, there is still a long distance to go. Therefore, the void ships heading to the Grand Change Realm will first go to the Five Realms’ Void City and drop us off. After some rest, someone will take us to the Grand Change Realm.”

Mei Xiuwan asked the question that everyone wanted to ask. Now that no one had anything else to ask, they all immediately went inside to find a room they liked and settled inside.

As for Ning Cheng, he stayed around for a bit to observe the silver void ship, something he had been doing the moment he came aboard. From what he saw, he concluded that this void ship was a pure speed type, even faster than his Starry Sky Wheel. Of course, he couldn’t fully utilise the Starry Sky Wheel’s strength because of his still limited cultivation.

Fortunately, each room had more than sufficient spirit energy, and the void ship’s internal design isolated each room. Therefore, Ning Cheng chose a random room and immediately set down his personal array formations.

A Holy Emperor-level cultivator could easily get through a few years through secluded cultivation. But Ning Cheng decided not to take that option or chose to discuss things with other pill sages. After all, Jing Han wouldn’t care to speak with him; the same would be true with that broken soul who took over Dou Jiangshi’s body. But even if Dou Jiangshi was himself, Ning Cheng didn’t like the Immortal Corpse Gate to bother to initiate a conversation.

As for Lie Xizhen, he had already lost to him; it would be strange if he still wanted to speak with him after that loss. As for Yan Kuaifu and Mei Xiuwan, he had no interactions with the two at all. Besides, he still had other uses for the few years he needed to stay on this void ship; to refine the Void Cold Iron, whenever not cultivating.

He had bought a large chunk of this Void Cold Light Iron from the hands of Great Bear Seven Peak’s Mo Wenshang. Therefore, he had to use this time to refine a Void Cold Light Spear.

All along, Ning Cheng didn’t have a reliable artefact. Although he had the Nirvana Spear, it was currently nothing more than a heavy stick, as his spiritual consciousness couldn’t control it. It meant that Ning Cheng couldn’t exert even a fraction of its power. As for the Good Fortune Divine Spear, let alone that he couldn’t refine it right now; even if he could, he can’t refine it due to the lack of materials.

Therefore, he immediately snapped up that lump of Void Cold Light Iron to refine it into a spear later. It’s just that he had no time to attempt refining it until today.

However, Ning Cheng didn’t immediately bring out the lump of Void Cold Light Iron. Instead, he removed many artefact-crafting materials and started refining random artefacts.

After all, his artefact-crafting level was way below his cultivation level. If he wanted to turn that lump of Void Cold Light Iron into a top-grade spear, he must improve his artefact-crafting level first.

Moreover, he wasn’t the only person who knew about the value of that lump of metal. Even that broken soul possessing Dou Jiangshi’s body also knew about it. After all, it was a top-grade material that contained the dao rhythm of the void. Compared to dao fruits, it was many more times precious. Mo Wenshang also knew about it but decided to sell that lump of Void Cold Light Iron, not because the material wasn’t good but because there was no one capable enough to melt it.

Ning Cheng believed that he could melt this lump of metal. Partly because of his Returning-to-one Dao and his Celestial River Flame, but primarily because of his Law Break Divine Ability.

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