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Chapter 1027: Mysterious Yellow World’s Beginnings

Ning Cheng didn’t need to stay in the cabin for long before the void ship’s hull shook slightly. Sensing that slight vibration, Ning Cheng felt immensely relieved. They had finally set off.

The void ship wasn’t as fast as the Starry Sky Wheel, but it wasn’t slow either. After making sure they had left the borders of the Broken Spear Spirit City, Ning Cheng finally retracted his spiritual consciousness. He decided to activate all the restrictions in the room and focus on cutting away the remnant things in his Sea of Consciousness. In the Five-elements Star, to save his life, he had no choice but to desperately swallow the torrent of consciousness attacks and hadn’t cut off these hidden dangers that he had invariantly swallowed and refined.

In addition, he also needed to check on the Mysterious Yellow Bead. The Mysterious Yellow Bead had also absorbed a lot of Five-elements Primal Chaos Aura this time and had undergone a significant change. It’s just that he didn’t know if it could now allow people other than him to enter.

But before he could do anything, the restriction on the entrance suddenly rippled.

Ning Cheng frowned. He obviously hung a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign outside the room, yet someone tried to move the restriction at his door. But when his spiritual consciousness swept out, he only saw an Eternal cultivator outside.

Ning Cheng opened the restriction. He would never believe an Eternal cultivator would dare to move the restriction on the door of his own volition. After opening the restriction, Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness spread out. Sure enough, a little further away, he found a Dao Raising Holy Emperor and a Dao Transformation Holy Emperor paying attention to his side.

“Please excuse this junior for disturbing the senior’s retreat. Sea Sky Pavilion’s void ship will be hosting an auction shortly. This auction will have quite a few top-tier treasures appearing. Since this senior is a VIP on Sea Sky Pavilion’s void ship…….”

This Eternal cultivator hadn’t finished his words when Ning Cheng sent him flying with a slap. At the same time, he angrily shouted, “Are you blind? Didn’t you see the sign in front that this holy emperor hung outside? I’ll only say this once; if anyone dares to disturb me again, I will kill without mercy.”

After speaking, Ning Cheng raised his hand and changed the sign outside. Then, he quickly returned to the room and activated the restrictions again. He didn’t want to give any opportunity to those two hiding in the distance.

Even an idiot could tell that those two holy emperors were the ones who pushed that Eternal cultivator to open the door. However, he also understood that regardless of whether he came out or not, regardless of his att.i.tude, those two holy emperors would still look for an excuse to argue with him.

As for the reason why they used such a tactic, Ning Cheng guessed it easily. They wanted to see if he had come from the Five-elements Star and whether he obtained some Five-elements Primal Chaos Aura.

Therefore, he decided to replace the sign at his door with the words, ‘In retreat; kill without mercy if disturbed again.’ If those two still dared to come to find trouble with him after this, he would immediately kill them.

He could only rely on such heavy-handed tricks when on this void ship. Otherwise, there would be an endless line of sneaky attempts on him.

The two holy emperors looking over at the situation from a distance had an ugly look on their faces, especially after noticing Ning Cheng’s latest actions. Then, Dao Raising Holy Emperor spoke up calmly, “A mere Dao Sculpting ant, yet so arrogant. Let’s go by ourselves.”

The Dao Transformation Holy Emperor, however, shook his head. “Let’s wait for some time. He already knows that we are watching him. Yet, he still dared to act like this, which shows he’s not ordinary. We must wait and investigate the situation before making any moves.”

Ning Cheng saw the two holy emperors leave from inside the room and arranged more defensive formations and restrictions around him. There was a good chance that this ship had at least one Dao Essence powerhouse onboard. But even if a Dao Essence Holy Emperor came to provoke him, he wasn’t afraid. At worst, he would be forced to escape from the ship.

Half a day later, Ning Cheng finished transforming the room into something akin to an iron fortress. Unless someone with much higher attainments in the Dao of Arrays came along, breaking through all the defences would be impossible. At least not within a short period.

Ning Cheng then took out the Immeasurable Gourd. Since he used the Immeasurable Gourd to collect the Five-elements Primal Chaos Aura, he hadn’t checked it even once. Even in the Broken Spear Spirit City, he didn’t dare to check it. But now, with all the preparations, he naturally had no such scruples.

Taking out the Immeasurable Gourd, Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness swept in.

Sure enough, it has the good stuff. Ning Cheng couldn’t help but mutter to himself in surprise. At this time, the Immeasurable Gourd’s internal s.p.a.ce had been separated into different sections by isolation restrictions. The bottom-most section contained a drop of 3000 Weak Water[1]. Even the previously intertwined Five-elements Primal Chaos Aura had been cleanly separated, occupying individual sections separated by the isolation restrictions. Even Ning Cheng had to admire it as the whole arrangement looked as if done by a professional.

A priceless treasure. This thing was definitely no weaker than the Seven Bridges Spirit Technique. It could not only collect the Five-elements Primal Chaos Aura but also store the Five-elements Primal Chaos Aura separately.

Putting away the Immeasurable Gourd with joy, Ning Cheng then began to restore his Sea of Consciousness.

He had swallowed too many pills while fighting for survival in the Five-elements Star. Although it did save his life, it most definitely left behind at least some hidden dangers. After all, not everyone could scarf down top-quality pills like him. Unfortunately, even with his heaven-defying cultivation method, devouring so many pills would still leave some pill poisons in his body, which he had to purge.

Putting aside the matter of pill poisons, his Sea of Consciousness had also been greatly enhanced. But this enhancement wasn’t from cultivation but rather from devouring those spiritual consciousness attacks, which would also leave behind hidden risks.

So far, Ning Cheng hadn’t felt anything wrong with him, even after being forced to scarf down so many Empyrean Consciousness Trans.m.u.tation Pills. However, Ning Cheng didn’t dare take it lightly. He always believed in his own point of view. No matter how much you give out or receive, there would never be love or hate without any reason.

If cultivating spiritual consciousness was so easy, then all one would need was to find someone to devour their spiritual consciousness. Why would people even bother cultivation? Why would one have to work hard to find cultivation resources?

Moreover, the Dark Nether Spirit Devouring Scroll wasn’t something he created, but he had seen the fate of the person suspected to have created the Dark Nether Spirit Devouring Scroll. Wasn’t that fellow reduced to being a mere wisp of an essence spirit? Ultimately, it had to go to great lengths to take possession of someone else’s body.

One could occasionally have certain chance encounters during cultivation, but there would be no repeated coincidences. Because of this view, Ning Cheng didn’t feel right about his situation despite not having any apparent problems. Therefore, he immediately began cutting off the foreign spiritual consciousness swallowed by his Sea of Consciousness.

A month later, Ning Cheng fully cut off the foreign spiritual consciousness devoured by his Sea of Consciousness and sealed it into a ball with powerful restrictions. Only Ning Cheng understood the destructive spiritual consciousness power within this ball. He believed that once he used it, even a Dao Essence Holy Emperor would not only have to eat the pot but also talk about it. It wasn’t much worse than Liu Fanglin’s Dao Breaking Bread in terms of destructive potential.

However, Liu Fanglin’s Dao Breaking Bead needed time to activate, while this ball, refined from the Dark Nether Spirit Devourer, could be activated at any time once he threw it out.

Maybe it was a psychological effect, but after cutting off that foreign spiritual consciousness swallowed by the Dark Nether Spirit Devourer, Ning Cheng felt that his Sea of Consciousness had grown clearer. Even his body felt more relaxed than usual. Moreover, his cultivation hadn’t decreased after removing it. No, it had marginally improved, bringing him a bit closer to the peak of the Dao Sculpting Realm.

Fortunately, no one came to disturb him during this one month.

Nevertheless, Ning Cheng was still not completely relieved. He arranged a few more spiritual consciousness-triggering restrictions before entering the True Spirit World.

“Yan Ji, how come you’re not cultivating?” Ning Cheng saw Yan Ji fiddling with the flowers and plants in the True Spirit World and asked curiously.

Yan Ji immediately felt happier when she heard Ning Cheng call her by her name instead of Junior Apprentice Sister Ji. She playfully but slowly walked towards Ning Cheng and said softly, “I spent a few months cultivating after reaching the Eternal Realm but could only stabilise my cultivation. It’s just too difficult to move forward.”

Ning Cheng misunderstood the reason and nodded, “It should be because the laws of the True Spirit World are too weak. The Eternal Realm is the starting point of condensing one’s grand dao and laws. Continuing to cultivate in this place would make progress difficult. We’re on our way to the Grand Essence Domain now, but there will be a big fight. I’m afraid you will have to stay inside till then.”

“Be careful with yourself.” Yan Ji immediately became concerned but didn’t ask why Ning Cheng spoke about a big fight. She wasn’t anywhere close to reaching the Dao Sculpting Realm, meaning there was nothing she could do to help Ning Cheng.

“I know. My Mysterious Yellow Bead devoured a large quant.i.ty of Five-elements Primal Chaos Aura. So I want to see if you can enter the Mysterious Yellow Bead. If you can get in, the Mysterious Yellow Bead’s world would allow you to cultivate further.”

Ning Cheng finished, wrapped his hand around Yan Ji’s slender waist, and entered the Mysterious Yellow Bead from the True Spirit World with a flash.

Yan Ji looked at the beautiful world in front of her in amazement. This world felt like a true paradise compared to the True Spirit World.

Green mountains and azure water, with gentle breezes caressing the face. A seemingly endless sea, and in the distance, the rising sun. The mountain peaks looked like angry waves on the sea……

There were no outsiders here apart from her and Ning Cheng.

“It’s so beautiful, such a tall and thick tree…..” In awe, Yan Ji’s gaze fell on a lush giant tree thousands of feet high in the distance. This giant tree was like a ma.s.sive umbrella that covered one side of the sky.

“Are those derivations of the sun and moon?” Ning Cheng also looked at the rising sun in the distance with excitement. He could clearly feel that the heaven and earth in the Mysterious Yellow Bead had become more perfect. Although the rising sun looked weak, the laws here had improved considerably.

But more importantly, that giant tree seems to have been revitalised. Chasing Bull had already replanted the tree when he sent the half Wood Origin Bead into the Mysterious Yellow Tree. But back then, it looked withered and completely lifeless, unlike how it looked right now.

“Yan Ji, the laws here aren’t weaker than the Grand Essence Realm outside. You can cultivate….. Huh……” Ning Cheng spoke halfway before he suddenly realised something. Yan Ji hadn’t been forcibly teleported out yet, which meant that his Mysterious Yellow Bead had become an independent world. Even if the world wasn’t perfect, it could already let people survive here.

Yan Ji turned to look at Ning Cheng affectionately. If she could, she would rather live in this world with Ning Cheng for the rest of her life.

Ning Cheng was already feeling quite surprised by this development. He was about to bring in Chasing Bull and all the Exploding Golden Bees into the Mysterious Yellow Bead when Yan Ji gently wrapped her arms around his waist.

Previously, because Yan Ji couldn’t cultivate in the Mysterious Yellow Bead, Ning Cheng had chosen to drive Chasing Bull out. He was afraid Yan Ji would be a little lonely staying in the True Spirit World all by herself with no one to talk to, so he had re-tasked Chasing Bull to tend to the True Spirit World.

But now, Ning Cheng forgot about bringing Chasing Bull in again. Rather, at this moment, all other things felt superfluous.

Yan Ji’s eyes gradually became lost. At this time, everything else felt secondary, except for the company of each other.

But her dazed eyes immediately jolted awake and looked at Ning Cheng in confusion. She could feel dense killing intent almost on the verge of erupting from Ning Cheng’s body.

Ning Cheng patted Yan Ji’s slender waist and said softly, “Someone came to look for trouble again. I have to go out. You should cultivate here; also, get Chasing Bull and the Exploding Golden Bees in here. You can also move the True Spirit World’s medicine garden here. Although the Mysterious Yellow Bead has not fully evolved into a complete law world, one day in the future, I will gather the rest of the Wood Origin Bead to perfect the world in the Mysterious Yellow Bead.”

[1] 3000 Weak Water is the full name of “Weak Water”

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