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Chapter 2 - Making a shoe

It was the night, the rain has stopped. In a small apartment,  the television was running.
"the rainy season in Kyushu, This morning, the JMA has decided the start of 5 days earlier than average. And Kagoshima prefecture Nagasaki, saga, k.u.mamoto, expect strong rains over a wide area". Said by the weather report. The sound of the boiling water coming from the kitchen. Akizuki chopping some vegetables as he was making the dinner. Footsteps coming across the hall, the click of a door unlock. A man comes with a bag in his hand.
"I am home," he said, "welcome home" replayed Akizuki
"I brought croquettes"
"cool. Dinner will be ready soon"
"thank you, where is mom"
"ran out," said Akizuki unpleasantly
"did she say anything," said the man with no sign of uneasiness.
"just a same note, don't come looking for me. But maybe we should" said Akizuki while making dinner,
"maybe she will be back after fighting with her boyfriend"
The dinner was almost ready, Akizuki preparing the table for the meal. His old man who was speaking on the phone, by the tone of it, it looks like he has bargained with someone, a few minutes late he came, sat on the dining table and Both of them had their dinner in a dining room disregarding the Television which was running.
"Oh I found a place, I will be moving next month"
"with her" ask Akizuki with a disputed voice
"she is ready, I am ready"
"That's why mom left, you told her your moving in together. Didn't you?"
"You know. I wish she would realize we are not kids anymore, that's the only reason she dates young men, that's disgusting" said the man, aforementioned to her wife, as she stood up in anger."okay fine, why don't I live with Hero. How's that?" she said angrily, she grabs the can of beer started drinking uninterrupted.
"she looks young for her age, so what?" said Akizuki
"that's 'cause she has never worked an honest day in her life, you're the one who's been piling on the years"
"Okay, since I looked so beat up. You do the dishes" said Akizuki, as he stood up finished his dinner. A chill expression on his face. After the dinner was over. Akizuki in his room. A table full of scales, shoe designs, and posters. He is policing a shoe like wooden object, carefully as he was forced, making it perfect from both the corners. His old man entered while he was wiping his face with a towel "won't you be glad to have more s.p.a.ce?" he asks, "suppose so" said Akizuki gently.
"help me move, 'Kay?" said the man
"Sure" agreed Akizuki-
"Hey, have you heard of this?" asked Akizuki, as he gave a small note to his old man.
"what is this, a haiku?" asks the old man while holding the note. "it's a tanka" he said - "as if" said the old man, he returned back the note "ask mom when she gets back" he said and leaves the room, Akizuki continued to work on his shoe for hour and a half. He took a deep breath and relaxing his shoulder, he said: "that will do". He falls into the futon, turning off the lights. He slept.

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