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Chapter 26 Killing Li Jing


Two Releases this week because I will be away next week! Enjoy :))


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Li Jing somewhat had a change of expression. Speaking honestly, a person who wasn't worthy of respect like his cousin, if he died he died. But concerning his reputation and everyone in the survival base knowing that he was his cousin in addition to the fact that a regular person was the one who beat him up, if he was indifferent about it, then in the future wouldn't everyone be able to just step on his reputation?

However, Li Jing didn't want to have his waste of a cousin to have conflict with Shao Qing. After all, towards Shao Qing he has ulterior motives.

Therefore when Shao Qing had said these words, Li Jing's complexion turned ugly. Deliberately ignoring Shao Qing's words, he faced Yan Hanqing saying: "Hiding behind a woman's back, can you even be considered a man?"

"Picking on an ordinary person, could you be considered a man?" Gu Panpan moved forward a step, then rolled her eyes at him. "If you have the ability and courage then go work to become a high level super human, what are you here pretending for?"

"You!" Li Jing, thinking about it a while gloomily decided not to argue with Gu Panpan, and spoke with an overcast complexion. "I don't care who he is. I just know that he killed my cousin so he is my enemy. Whether my enemy is an ordinary person or a strong superhuman, I would still dispose of them. In regards to my words, I don't look at their strengths or their statuses, just only if they're my enemy or not. Put yourself in my shoes and think about it. If some ordinary person murdered your brother, wouldn't you do something?"

Li Jing wasn't stupid. He also recognized Gu Panpan and Gu Chuan. Although Gu Chuan was just a rank 1 superhuman, he was already on the edge of breaking through. Gu Panpan was also a middle ranked rank 1 superhuman. Not wanting to offend anyone, he uttered those peculiar phrases that made him seem not too bad.

"You're shoving false arguments down other's throats!" An ordinary person capable of killing her brother? Gu Panpan was about to continue to yell at him but Shao Qing held her back. "No emotion or logic, it seems that I shouldn't even bother with you."

Before Li Jing could become secretly delighted, Shao Qing continued to speak. But…. don't even think about making a move on Yan Hanqing today. Unless you beat me, I won't stand by and not get involved."

Hearing that Li Jing nodded. "Okay, then lets swap some pointers."

He had thought it all through. After all Shao Qing had just arrived at the base and she was reportedly a rank 1 wood element superhuman. A wood element superhuman's firepower has always been rather small; let alone he was already at the peak of rank 1 and would soon break through to rank 2.

Therefore, Li Jing was completely confident that he wouldn't lose to Shao Qing. He even imagined that after displaying his strength, Shao Qing might even fall in love with him. After all it didn't matter if it was during the apocalypse or before the apocalypse, a powerful person has always had it comparatively easier to capture a woman's heart.

Shao Qing looked all around, then finding a relatively open area, spoke: "We don't have to choose another place, here should be fine."

"Ok." Li Jing nodded his head. "Then lets get it started….."

He hadn't even finished speaking when a white fist came flying towards his face. This caused his gla.s.ses that were just for appearance to shatter apart. Immediately following, Li Jing's abdomen felt pain then he was flying away.

The entire time that Li Jing was flying in the air, he didn't even have time to release his super powers and had already become a sandbag.

While he was still in the air, Shao Qing had already vanished completely and reappeared behind him and landed a heavy punch to his back. Snap! His bone completely broke accompanied with Li Jing's silent twisted facial appearance.

While he was still reacting to the pain and finally releasing his super human power, Shao Qing had already grabbed his neck from behind and ruthlessly thrown his body to the ground.

The just coagulated fireball immediately scattered. Following that, Shao Qing fiercely and accurately pressed down on another part of Li Jings back, and using her strength pressed down hard.

The snapping of Li Jing's bone pierced through his heart and lungs. In that split second Li Jing died, did he realize that Shao Qing was determined to kill him.

Casually throwing the corpse to the man eating flower that had been waiting for a while now, Shao Qing stretched her neck a bit and calmly said: "Lets go."

Gu Panpan: …..

Gu Chuan: …..

The only one who was relatively still calm and already knew how cruel Shao Qing was, was Yan Hanqing. He didn't even try to calculate how much he owed Shao Qing because he had already given his entire being to Shao Qing. Thus, he did not say much, only pushed the cart made from the bed frame to transport his mother to the car.

To protect Yan Hanqing's mother's corpse from rotting, Gu Chuan specially used his own superhuman power and froze her corpse.

Voluntarily accepting an investigation mission, they left the survival base.

Before they got in the car, Shao Qing inspected the teeth like petals of her man eating flower, fishing out a super power crystal out.

This was one of the man eating flowers advantages. No matter if it ate a zombie or a superhuman, it would (be forced to) leave behind the crystal and give it to Shao Qing.

If the man eating flower was able to speak, it would first cry a while, after all, the small tiny crystals were the best part. Now that it had a master, the biggest meat of its three meals were all given to her.

This is completely cruel!

As Shao Qing left the survival base, something hidden not so distant from the base, stealthily followed along.


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