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Chapter 205 Volume 3 Chapter 15 Encountering people from the same hometown

There were squads of superhumans in the base and this was no exception for the island nation. After Shao Qing asked around, she found out that squads of superhumans in the base would go around the base to clean up zombies every once in a while.

Therefore, it was difficult to see zombies around the base. However, superhumans also needed to increase their rank, so there were often superhumans that would form squads to go to distant places in search of crystal cores.

In the island country, there were more mobile squads than fixed squads. That is to say, anyone with a lack of crystals can go to the square to find teammates to form a free team. There were many people holding signs in the square, just like teaming up in a game.

Signs: Go to the XX place, there are mostly rank 3 zombies. There are already 6 people in the team and will depart after recruiting one more

Also: Squad of elite level superhumans. Requesting wood elemental superhuman above rank 3, healing or support would be best.

And like this: Teaming up to fight against rank 5 zombie king, lacking two superhumans of rank 3 or above, rich in zombie hunting experience. Equal distribution.

In short, it looked very strange.

Shao Qing wasn’t familiar with the area so she had no idea where to go. The best way was to follow a group and also follow a good group.

Shao Qing came to the square and looked around. At least she had to find a team that was more pleasing, otherwise the team might be wiped out by her before they even reach the destination.

Then Shao Qing saw some fellows from the same hometown.

They were really conspicuous. The islanders were generally relatively short. For example, Shiramizu Mochizuki was already 20 years old. Although his face looked a little younger, he still looked like a minor. Of course his height also resembled a minor.

He was a full head shorter than Yan Qiyue, at least 20 centimeters.

These men from China standing at the square were like a crane in a flock of chickens. Shao Qing could see their heads from afar, they stood out too much among the crowd.

Then Shao Qing recognized one face. Then looking at their height and temperament, she recognized all of them. They were all from China.

Her footsteps that had been going the other direction turned around immediately.

An acquaintance should be more reliable, at least they would be more familiar. So Shao Qing walked over. The leading man had a sign in his hand and it said in island language: “Requesting wood elemental superhuman above rank 3, ideally for support.”

Hmm, perfect. She was also a wood-based superhuman. Although her abilities weren’t mainly for support, her support ability would definitely not be worse than that of a purely supportive rank 3 wood-based superhuman.

“I am a rank 4 wood elemental, can I join?” Shao Qing opened her hands after walking over. Her Qiu Tang that hasn’t seen the sun in a while appeared in her palm.

After the faint scent flew out, several people felt weak, not to mention their powers, they couldn’t even gather their strength.

It wasn’t until Shao Qing recollected her Qiu Tang that they slowly came back. They gave Shao Qing a frightened look.

The leading man hurriedly said: “Welcome, but … are you going to bring your two slaves as well?”

He said a little embarra.s.sedly.

It’s fine to bring one slave, but two? If they were in danger, they would only drag them down. This was particularly disadvantageous for them.

Yan Qiyue immediately touched Shao Qing’s shoulders and said with a smile: “We are both rank 3 superhumans and will not drag you down.”

This man was relieved and couldn’t help giving Shao Qing a thumbs up. Being able to conquer two rank 3 superhumans was also a talent.

After joining the team, Shao Qing realized that there were still islanders in the team. Half of them were from China and the other half from the island country.

The people from China, some were foreign students and some had come to work in the island country. After the outbreak of the apocalypse, they had no way to return to their country. Thus, they could only stay in the island country.

The people from China were relatively difficult to mix in with the island country. After all, few people can adapt to such a terrible country, but there was no other option. In order to live, they can only force themselves to adapt.

After a long time, they would become accustomed and keep calm in the face of the unexpected. Some beasts might even enjoy the system and would lose their conscience, selling and killing slaves.

They would give it a glorified name of fighting for their country and taking revenge for those that have died in the war.

Shao Qing just wanted to rebuke them, don’t use the words “Glory for the Country” in their dirty mouths.

These people still were able to persevere and form a team, often going out to hunt zombies to feed themselves. But the place they were going to this time was more dangerous. With no other choice, they had to recruit some teammates.

They didn’t expect to recruit a fellow person from the same hometown.

Especially after they found out that Shao Qing came by boat across the sea after the apocalypse, they were all excited. One by one, they surrounded Shao Qing and asked her about the domestic situation.

Shao Qing had to talk to them slowly and tell them what she knew.

These people haven’t been home for a long time and it was so dangerous at sea. Someone had tried to leave by boat before, but no one knew whether it succeeded or not. There has been no news.

Now suddenly having someone come from their hometown, they were very excited. They all remembered their hometown, their loved ones, and some even burst into tears.

The islanders on one side were somewhat dissatisfied and urged to set off. The person who was the captain wiped away his tears and then said, “When we rest at noon, you must tell us more about that side. It’s been eight years, I haven’t been home for eight years … ”

Shao Qing patted his shoulder and the group of people left.

There were about ten in their group. Besides Shao Qing and her group of three, there was Captain Gao Xiang, as well as his two small partners, Li Yangyang and Cheng Zhi nicknamed Orange Juice.

For the two islanders, one was surnamed Inoue and one surnamed Inos.h.i.ta. Their names Shao Qing didn’t remember. The two brought a slave each, both female slaves, a young girl and one a bit more mature.

The group set off together.

When they were on the road, the youngest Cheng Zhi had been entangled with Shao Qing asking questions left and right. He was a student studying abroad. He was only 21 years old when the apocalypse broke out. He was young and had no backbone. If he had not met Gao Xiang, he might not have survived until now.

Cheng Zhi kept describing to Shao Qing his hometown: “My family were on the outskirts of A city. Although it was a rural area, the scenery was particularly nice. I had a dream when I was young. I wanted to buy a house in A city, then let my parents, grandpa, grandma move in …”

When I left, my grandparents were already old and could not send me off to the airport. They both held their canes and sent me off, from the house door to the village entrance. They kept watching, looking at me… ” As he said this, Cheng Zhi’s eyes were red because he knew very well that the end of the world towards older people was really the end.

Grandpa and Grandma are already so old, it would be difficult for them to survive during the apocalypse. The more you understand, the more painful your heart will be.

Shao Qing was also reluctant to point it out to him, so she didn’t say a word. What could she say? It is said that the entire A city, after the outbreak of the last days, had completely wiped out. Should she tell him it was a dead city occupied by zombies?

All she could do was pat his shoulders and comfort him.

Then let it be.

“I’ve shown you my embarra.s.sing side haha.” Cheng Zhi wiped the tears from his eyes and then said: “I have only one dream now, that is to go back to my country, go back to my hometown. No matter what, I want to go back and see. Even if I can’t find my loved ones, I am still young. I can look for ten years, twenty years, thirty years, I can travel all over China. As long as they are still alive, I will be able to find them.”

“You will.” Shao Qing finally said dryly after contemplating a lot of comforting words.

Perhaps when she went back, she could take away those people who wanted to return to their country if she could get a big ship out.

Cheng Zhi was a very lively young man and asked Shao Qing how she came to the island country.

Shao Qing simply told him about the journey along the way including the eruption of the seabed volcano, how they floated on the island, and later made a boat to float to the island country.

Cheng Zhi’s reaction has been: Wow! What! Amazing!

His eyes were shining brightly at Shao Qing, full of admiration.

Yan Qiyue immediately felt something was wrong and was very vigilant. This emotion of worship can easily be changed into like and finally into love. He needs to take precautions with this one!

When they journeyed on, the scene was depicted like this: Cheng Zhi badgering Shao Qing, while two tigers stared at Cheng Zhi. The other two who also wanted to know the domestic situation simply listened in.

At the end of the line, the two islanders flirted with their women.

The two brothers, Inoue and Inos.h.i.ta, were really interesting. This was because they had stopped two times already before the lunch break. Each time they would go behind a tree holding their slaves. As for what they did, Shao Qing expressed that only a pure person would not know.

Every time it would take only three minutes. Including the time to take off the pants and wear it again, could they be peeing? Shao Qing thought purely.

In short, it was two strange people who would be in heat after three-steps and would have to empty their bladder in five.

When it was finally noon, Shao Qing went to find some wild animals nearby, then took it back for lunch. Who knew that Inoue would push his slave out at that time and say: “No need. Today for lunch we can eat her. I’m tired of it anyway. ”

Inos.h.i.ta mockingly said: “Your slave is too old, the meat must not be delicious. Just keep it.” Then he pushed the girl out of his arms: “Eat her, the meat is more tender. You keep that one and just let me borrow her when I need it.”

Shao Qing saw too many things along the way, but she couldn’t make a move. At that moment she looked at the two ridiculous people. With her itching to move, she pulled out her sword directly.

Inoue thought that Shao Qing came to slaughter the slave and said: “Don’t destroy her skin, I want to peel it off and make a blanket for the sofa.”

The little slave on the ground curled up in a ball. She was trembling the entire time. She looked pitiful.

Without saying anything, Shao Qing carried the sword and nailed Inoue to the tree behind him: “Oh my G.o.d, your skin is too thick. It won’t be easy to make a blanket, but it can be used to make a carpet. I can help you.”

She drew another dagger, holding it without blinking, she made a fierce stroke down on Inoue’s forehead, cutting him straight from his head to the crotch.

She cut down with precision. Only the skin at the wound was everted, it was not fatal. Shao Qing fiddled with the dagger, disgusted: “I thought it was a person. Who knew after peeling the skin, it was just a beast. It doesn’t even have the qualifications to be a carpet.”

Inos.h.i.ta was terrified. He didn’t expect that Shao Qing would suddenly shoot out and directly nail Inoue to the tree.

The sword pa.s.sed through his scapula, which would cause him a lot of pain, but he would not die.

Inoue cursed, then stepped back and said: “You are crazy! You are a lunatic! Mad woman!”

Shao Qing was expressionless, vines had already been drilled out. Inoue was originally going to fight, no matter what he was a rank 3 superhuman. However, to Shao Qing a rank 3 superhuman was like a small shrimp. A pinch of her two fingers were enough to pinch him to death.

In less than a few seconds, Inoue was dragged over and hung on the tree by the vines. Shao Qing actually wanted to torture the two of them alive.

But how would she be different from these people?

Too much abuse and violence actually had a great impact on her, especially for how she handled personal matters. She did not want to be a violent person.

So she finished them off quickly.

As soon as she turned around, she saw Cheng Zhi and them: = 口 =

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