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Chapter 197 Volume 3 Chapter 7 My wife is really bad

Shao Qing was a little angry, but it was just a little bit. She did not bother with dead people. But Yan Qiyue was very angry. Now that Shao Qing was his wife, how could he allow someone to insult his wife in front of him? How could he bear it?


The two people in front carefully looked at Shao Qing. Shao Qing was indeed excellent. They also felt moved, only the woman on the side was a little anxious.

When the big boat they were riding flipped over, many people fell into the sea and drowned. This wooden board could not support too many people. After the three ninjas went on it, they were not prepared to save others.

By virtue of her beauty, she seduced these three people to survive. If they took a fancy to Shao Qing, would they just abandon her on this deserted island?

Although she did not think she was worse than Shao Qing, a beautiful woman would still get boring after being watched and eaten for a long time. She was not as fresh as Shao Qing.

Before waiting for her to figure out what to do, the man next to her, who started to speak sullenly to Shao Qing first, directly exploded into a blood flower.

The flesh and blood spattered, staining the remaining three people. They were all stunned. Their mouths were like dead fish. Yan Qiyue’s eyes were red and his hands were raised. The remaining two who dared to look at Shao Qing were also trapped with the air pressure around their bodies.

“Who knows the way to the island country?” Yan Qiyue asked softly. The woman was smart and quickly answered: “I know!”

Yan Qiyue nodded with satisfaction, then squeezed the remaining two men into two meat patties. Only blood was left dripping, soaking the ground.

There was a trace of disgust in Yan Qiyue’s eyes. He took out a handkerchief to wipe his fingertips. Shao Qing looked at the last woman. She was wearing wet clothes, with only a white shirt on the upper body and a mini skirt on her lower body. Because her clothes got wet, her body was half revealed and half hidden.

Shao Qing found a coat and threw it to her, then said lightly: “Lead the way honestly. Don’t have any evil thoughts. When we reach the island country, I will let you go.”

The woman nodded timidly, then followed Shao Qing back to the fire pit. Feng Lan who witnessed everything was dumbfounded.

He has always known that Shao Qing was cruel, but he did not expect Yan Qiyue to be so cruel as well… But he knew very well that those islanders were definitely not good. After all, he could feel it for a long time, Shao Qing and them were not cruel b.l.o.o.d.y killers.

If it weren’t for the other party threatening to kill, they wouldn’t just kill anyone.

The island woman Shao Qing brought back was named Itoji Muzi. At least on the surface she seemed like a relatively obedient woman. Shao Qing didn’t plan to abuse her captives, so she gave her something to eat. She couldn’t finish it anyways.

Itoji Muzi took the food gratefully and squatted to eat without any sense of presence. On the other side, Shao Qing packed up the kitchen utensils and was ready to sleep.

This time, Itoji Muzi became a problem. She couldn’t let her live with a man, especially any men of Shao Qing’s family. There was no way. So Shao Qing allowed Er Dai and the other two men to sleep in one tent. While she and Itoji Muzi slept in the other.

For this reason, Yan Qiyue was very unhappy, but he could only listen to Shao Qing even if he was discontent.

All night, Itoji Muzi slept in the corner looking pitiful.

Early the next morning, Shao Qing got up early and went to pick some fresh wild vegetables to boil a pot of porridge.

In the process of cooking porridge, she had already gone to the sea. She originally wanted to find a few large sharks and other large fishes to pull their boat. She didn’t expect to go out and see that the original three sharks were still nearby.

They were just floating on the water basking in the sun.

When they saw Shao Qing, they were not afraid anymore. Instead, they gathered around and circled around Shao Qing. Shao Qing smiled. 80% it was probably because when she let the three sharks go, they felt that she was a white angel that had called them. This was because she had taken out first and second rank crystal nuclei for them that she had h.o.a.rded for a long time but were no longer needed to feed them.

Although it is said that those crystal nuclei were not high in grade, there was still quite a number. It probably helped them out a lot, benefiting them.

Shao Qing touched the head of the little shark and said, “Send us to the island country and I will give you some more when I get to the place.” Then she went back with three of them.

After going back, the porridge was ready. When everyone was awake, she distributed the porridge to the group and then said: “Drink the porridge and then we’ll depart.”

Several people drank the porridge, packed their things, and boarded the boat. Itoji Muzi was startled by the three sharks. Now when she looked at Shao Qing again, her eyes were even more in awe.

This boat wasn’t very big. It was capable of fitting five or six people. There were two cabins on the ship. After all, with enough water, Shao Qing would want to take a bath or such.

Now that there was Itoji Muzi, Yan Qiyue was extremely irritabile. He couldn’t wait to throw Itoji Muzi directly into the water to feed the fish. This was because since Itoji Muzi came, he hasn’t been able to get close to Shao Qing even once!

After pushing the boat into the water, the three sharks pulled the boat and swam in the direction pointed out by Itoji Muzi.

With these three sharks in place, ordinary marine creatures dared not come close. A lot of trouble was decreased.

There was a door in the middle of the two cabins. There were three men on the one side and two women on the other. When it was time for their meal, they stopped, fished for a meal, and fed the sharks. Their days were pretty leisurely.

Moreover, these three sharks were very sensitive. They were able to go in the direction of the island country without being guided by Itoji Muzi.

Itoji Muzi was anxious the entire time. She was afraid that since she was useless, she would be thrown away directly. After all, a useless person that was not even one of their own, just a captive, would just be an extra freeloader. They might as well throw her out to feed the fish.

It’s just that Shao Qing didn’t say anything at all.

That afternoon, they stopped again. Shao Qing and Er Dai carried the small bench and sat on the bow to fish. There were three other turbulent sharks swimming around. They scarcely realize that they had scared away a lot of fish already.

These three sharks were waiting to be fed here. Shao Qing would occasionally throw a few pieces of meat for them to eat. Fishing was just for fun and not for fishing a certain amount of fish.

On the other side, Yan Qiyue was reading a book in the cabin. He was sulking. Shao Qing hadn’t slept with him for a long time and she wouldn’t even comfort him. How heartless!

He was thinking about this when Itoji Muzi suddenly came in. Yan Qiyue thought she had gone to the wrong place. He glanced at her and then said in island language: “Your cabin is next door.”

Itojiu Muzi did not leave. Instead, she came to his side. She bent down and deliberately opened a b.u.t.ton at her neckline, which could not hold the fullness of her chest at all. She was giving a feeling that she was about to pounce on him.

Yan Qiyue’s face immediately turned black: “Get out!”

“Gentleman Yan.” Itoji Muzi knelt beside Yan Qiyue, stretched out her hand pitifully, then said: “Please let me serve you. I will let you feel happiness.”

Yan Qiyue nearly kicked out with his foot when Shao Qing was already at the door. She narrowed her eyes, looked at Itoji Muzi, then said, “This man is mine.”

Yan Qiyue was originally dizzy and anxious. When he saw that Shao Qing was cold and murderous looking down at Itoji Muzi, he could tell she was clearly jealous.

Yan Qiyue, who was a little panicked at first, felt as sweet as honey in his heart. Shao Qing kicked off Itoji Muzi, then pushed Yan Qiyue against the wall. She smiled at Itoji Muzi: “Fortunately, you haven’t touched him. Otherwise, whichever hand you touched him with, I would have to cut it off and whichever piece of skin on your body that touched him, I would peel it off.”

Itoji Muzi was shocked. She sat on the ground, trembling all over. Shao Qing grabbed Yan Qiyue’s collar and went to kiss Yan Qiyue fiercely, leaving shallow teeth mark on Yan Qiyue’s lips. She then spat: “Are you flirting with others?!”

Yan Qiyue was aggrieved and hugged Shao Qing: “Then my queen, you will have to punish me.”

Shao Qing glanced at Itoji Muzi again. She intended to demonstrate her ownership of Yan Qiyue, but also was unwilling to allow Yan Qiyue’s adorable appearance to be seen by Itoji Muzi. Then with a flick, she threw Itoji Muzi out and closed the door.

After closing the door, Shao Qing threw Yan Qiyue, then found a chair to sit down on. She lifted his chin: “Take off your clothes.”

Yan Qiyue felt embarra.s.sed, but was more hopeful than anything. He slowly unb.u.t.toned the b.u.t.tons. The movement was not mesmerizing at all, but there was a sense of emotion that made people want to push him to the ground and tear off his clothes directly.

When Yan Qiyue took off the clothes on his upper body, Shao Qing pulled him into her arms. She had his back to herself as she carefully observed the wound on his back.

The wound has been scabbed a second time. Due to the seawater reopening the wound last time and that the wound was not shallow, there will probably be a scar left behind.

Shao Qing leaned up to kiss it and then scolded: “You scoundrel, how can you flirt with others like this?”

Yan Qiyue was even more aggrieved: “I didn’t do anything.”

Shao Qing touched the scars on his back. She then nibbled the skin on his back carefully. When Yan Qiyue was starting to get stirred up, his white porcelain-like skin was marked with circles and circles of red. Then Shao Qing decisively pushed him away and said: “I’m going out to take a look and also settle the incident.”

Yan Qiyue, who had been teased and caught up in the heat: …

My wife is so bad!

With this … he has already had his switch turned on! But in the end, Shao Qing just … left! Daddy! Do you want to let this person live … QAQ

Sure enough, this was punishment…

Wahhh, a jealous wife is so scary!

On the other side, Shao Qing was out of the cabin and Itoji Muzi was kneeling on the ground crying softly, with a look of despair.

Shao Qing kicked her knee and said lightly: “Some thoughts should not be followed through.”

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