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Chapter 195 Volume 3 Chapter 5 The Small Island

Wasn’t it said that humans were like tiny bugs and they taste very good? Why is this human so different….

The three sharks were then tethered by Shao Qing with her vines, swimming back. This gave Feng Lan a fright.

Shao Qing tied one end of the vine to the shark and the other end to the wooden board. Then she drove the three sharks forward. The sharks were beaten very poorly and were completely obedient. They did not dare resist and dragged the wooden board forward.

Shao Qing had said that if they performed well, she would release them after they found a place to stay. Otherwise they would eat shark fins for dinner.

In order to be released, the three sharks swam fast in the water. From a distance, it looked like Shao Qing stepped on the board and was chasing the three sharks.

Being led by a native was completely different. By the afternoon, before the sun set, they saw an island.

It was a small island. It only looked like a small black spot from a distance. But no matter how big or small, at least they would have a place to rest.

As soon as Shao Qing stepped on the beach, the feeling of being on earth came over. There was an unspeakable comfort. She quickly moved the wounded and found a dry place. Then she dragged the board to the sh.o.r.e. Lastly, she let go of the three sharks.

The three sharks almost burst into tears of joy. They could finally get out of the fingers of the big devil. They finally did not need to become a plate of shark fins.

Due to climate issues, this small island on the sea was relatively similar to a tropical jungle. Shao Qing was worried about venomous snakes. The first thing she had to do was to create a tent on the coast. Then she would need to sprinkle a circle of realgar.

This realgar was from past events. When she needed to drink realgar wine, she bought it in Jing Du. She didn’t expect it to be used now.

After moving Yan Qiyue into the tent, Shao Qing helped Er Dai and Feng Lan build another tent. Then she entered the tent to take care of Yan Qiyue.

Yan Qiyue’s fever did not subside. Shao Qing took out new clothes from her s.p.a.ce and prepared to replace the wet clothes on Yan Qiyue’s body.

She unb.u.t.toned all of Yan Qiyue’s b.u.t.tons. While holding his body to peel off the clothes, she suddenly felt that her hands were sticky. So, she turned Yan Qiyue over and she saw that the injured location that had scabbed because of the sea water had opened up again. The skin at the wound had turned white because of the seawater.

Yet when he was in the ocean, he didn’t even say a word!

Shao Qing held her breath and only felt the twitching pain in her heart. She quickly took out medicine and found a clean towel and fresh water. After rubbing Yan Qiyue from top to bottom, she applied the medicine.

Poor Yan Qiyue wore only one pair of pants and laid there. Shao Qing wrapped the wound with bandages.

After she dealt with it, Shao Qing went out. Er Dai and Feng Lan had not been able to prop up the tent yet. She ordered the two to pay attention and protect Yan Qiyue. Then she went to the forest to pick up some firewood or the like to make a hot meal.

They have been floating in the sea for so long, they haven’t eaten a hot meal in a long while. If they could drink hot soup and sleep peacefully, it would definitely relieve their physical and mental fatigue.

Especially Yan Qiyue who was burning up so much right now. He must replenish some strength.

When Shao Qing went out, it was not as simple as picking up some firewood. She also found a lot of wild vegetables, wild mushrooms and the like. She also caught a pheasant, preparing to come back to stew soup.

Chicken soup was the most nourishing. Once the soup was drunk, then giving Yan Qiyue some medicine, maybe his temperature would drop.

After picking up the firewood and picking up the things to eat, Shao Qing started the fire to cook the soup. She placed wild mountain mushrooms into the chicken soup. For the remaining wild vegetables, she sliced them up and mixed them with the pancakes.

When Feng Lan ate, tears came out. He didn’t expect to be stranded out at sea and still have a hot meal. Shao Qing served the two people, then filled a bowl of soup to feed Yan Qiyue.

Because of the high fever, he had been unconscious. Laying down for a while, he should be more awake. Shao Qing fed him hot soup. However, Yan Qiyue had a bad stomach. At that moment it relapsed causing half the soup to be thrown up while half went down.

Shao Qing was frustrated to death. It took her a long time to console him to drink the soup and to take some anti-inflammatory drugs. The anti-inflammatory drugs contained sleeping ingredients, allowing Yan Qiyue to sleep again.

At night, in this situation, not knowing whether it was safe or dangerous, Shao Qing didn’t dare to sleep. She stayed up all night and allowed the three people to rest.

Feng Lan wanted to help Shao Qing keep watch for the second half of the night, but was kicked into the tent by Shao Qing.

Besides night vigil, she was also responsible for changing medicine for Yan Qiyue. She had no way to rest all night. Fortunately, she was not a human. Thus, she was able to support such high-intensity work.

They naturally couldn’t stay on this island. Sooner or later, they had to leave. Shao Qing considered it and prepared to wait for Yan Qiyue to get better before they left.

Of course, they won’t just leave directly. They would first have to cut down a few pieces of wood, build a small boat, then find some friendly marine friends to help her pull the car … ahh, pull the boat. Then they should arrive at the island country soon.

Of course, the current priority was shipbuilding. After taking several doses of medicine, Yan Qiyue’s fever dropped significantly, at least he was not in a comatose state.

Shao Qing still placed him in a tent and then went out every day to pick wood suitable for the boat. This was very important. Otherwise, what if the boat travelled halfway and then broke?

Yan Qiyue sat in the tent and was not lazy. He helped Shao Qing draw the design. He was not a shipwright, nor was he a designer, but amongst their group he was the only one who could draw out a design.

During the daytime, Shao Qing arranged for the remaining two people to protect Yan Qiyue. Then she would go out and walk by herself, looking for wood and herbs.

She would also look for any other useful items. If they were useful, she would take them all back.

This island did not look very large. Yet when she was actually walking around, it was in fact not small. At least, with Shao Qing exploring the whole day, she still had not yet reached the other side of the island.

But she did find a lot of interesting things, such as the things she also owned, the man eating flower. On this island, there were quite a few of them.

There were also many other strange plants. For example, when she went out today, she saw plants that could be disguised as animals. When they stood there, they really looked like a beast.

Only when she got closer could she discover that it was actually just a plant.

There were really many magical things on the island, but Shao Qing had little time to discover. She cut down several waterproof trees, then pulled them back, ready to cut them into wooden boards. When the moment comes, they could a.s.semble a small boat.

They must use the best wood. Anyways, there was an island full of trees to choose from, why make it hard for herself and use the poor ones?

The exploration was almost done completely by Shao Qing. She went out to investigate during the day and was responsible for the look out at night. Feng Lan felt uncomfortable many times.

He actually needed a girl to protect him and also a girl to take care of everything? It seemed a bit cruel.

Then when he wanted to do night vigil, he was tucked back into the tent again. After cutting some trees, they began to cut the wood into the shape they wanted.

a.s.sembling a boat was not an easy task. There were many steps to be taken. If you miss one step, they may sink at the sight of water.

In this regard, Feng Lan was still relatively experienced. Although he has not built a ship himself, he often looked at how others built ships.

After Yan Qiyue drew the drawings, the two often worked together discussing for a long time.

How could they improve it and what should be changed.

Shao Qing found the place where she left behind a mark. She explored there yesterday. Today she could start from there and walk around.

Going further, the trees were more exuberant. Shao Qing would walk and also study whether they were suitable for shipbuilding.

If it fit, she would cut it down directly. Then she would take the middle part back. If it’s not right, she would just ignore it. She spent three days reaching the center of the island.

Going through a group of vines, she found that there was a big tree in the middle of the island. This should be the center point of the whole island. The tall tree had very beautiful leaves. It was like countless fireflies surrounding this tree.

In fact, if you look closely, one would discover there were no fireflies at all, it was just the leaves of the tree shining.

The leaves of the tree looked like small light bulbs, even in the daytime, they were still glowing perseveringly.

Shao Qing knew that the brighter this kind of thing was, the more dangerous it was. So she stood on the side and made a move to lift the big tree.

Before waiting for her to try it out to see whether the material of this tree was suitable for creating a boat, a rabbit jumped past.

As soon as the rabbit approached the big tree, numerous vines extended from the big tree. It directly wrapped the rabbit into a ma.s.s to turn it into nourishment for the tree.

Shao Qing walked over and those vines burrowed out from the ground again. It seemed to be unreliable. Shao Qing took her vines and walked over.

Those vines started to attack her actively, but it was no use. This was because she also had vines… and her small vines were very reliable. None of those vines could approach her.

After Shao Qing moved closer, she picked a lot of leaves preparing to take it back to let Yan Qiyue check it out to see if it was a precious plant or not. The key was whether they could eat it.

Then Yan Qiyue told Shao Qing that this was a very strange tree. He told Shao Qing that this tree could become her fifth plant.

After all, she hasn’t subdued a new plant after her upgrade and this tree had a lot of effects.

Its leaves were edible and contained a lot of starch. It was capable of being used as a nourishment and contained a special ingredient that can detoxify.

Of course if the poison was not very powerful.

The sap of the tree contained some liquid, which can eliminate the negative state of people. It could also be used for stimulation. The branches and leaves also exuded fragrance that can be used for hallucinations.

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