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Chapter 5 Part 1

t.i.tle : 蛇蝎太后之夫君妖娆 ( The Enchanting Empress Dowager is Really Poisonous)
Author : 我非主角 ( Wo Fei Zhu Jue)
Translator : Cubbyfox
Editor : Waiting
Proofreader : Waiting


“Chen qie Pay Respect to Empress Dowager”

A woman with a sloppy dress bends her knees, but in this case, there is not much willingness in it!

“Hui Zhao Yan!” (TL : Hui Fei)


“Take off your clothes”.

"What?" Hui Fei instantly caught her chest. Her big apricot eyes are filled with anger: “Empress Dowager! Even if you are a Empress Dowager, you can’t be so insulting other people! "

Leng Jiu hand supporting her head, laugh a little "Aijia just want you change clothes, how is it insulting to you?"

"Change clothes?"

“So you’re not changing?”

Hui Zhao Yan puts down her hand : “Chen qie obeys!”

The palace Maid on the side immediately went up to change her inner robe. Then put on a pink gauze. See they really change her clothes, Hui Zhao Yan is a little confused. Quietly looking at Leng Jiu eyes, Her heart beating so fast!

“Empress Dowager! Hui fei Finished changing ”

Hui Zhao Yan is a good person, around age of seventeen, she is in the best time in her youth life. Although her character is so hot (Temperament), but her body is not hot enough, it is not enough enchanting, so the big red clothes are somewhat not matched with her, and this pink dress is cute and playful, it Really fit her!

Leng Jiu signaling her go to the dressing table, personally took the brush to prepare for her makeup, Zhao Yan was flattered: “Empress Dowager! This is not allowed!"

"Sit down!"

Zhao Yan sat down somewhat stiffly. She not can’t angry like she used to, can only sit straight!

Leng Jiu told the maid to retire, she personally painted the eyebrows for Zhao Yan, she is as good as the darts, for the makeup, Although the tools are lacking here, But still can’t beat her!

After painting the lip line, collecting the pen, She tell the maid comb Zhang yan with a simple hair bun , insert a few colorful dangling ornaments , and said “You’re done!”

“Open your eyes, Look at it!”

Zhao Yan opened her eyes, and the reflection in the bronze mirror was like a pretty girl. The makeup on her face was pink, her big eyes, pink lips, cute and playful, and her hair style was a little messy and fluttering. It's strange, but with this dress it looks very harmonious! But is this person really her?

Leng Jiu Wave her hands all maid in there retreat, quietly said something to Zhao Yan,
a moment later Zhao Yan face redder because embarra.s.sed, she Sent out Zhou Yan from the secret place.

“There’s will be a good show!”

Because of Zhao Yan things, Leng missed to go to Lanze place to listen his Guqin plays. Look at the sky It already very late, so she would not go, and turn around go to the bath. This the right time for enjoying bubble bath!

There is a Fengquan (Phoenix spring) in Weiyang Palace, which is a place for the Queen to bathe, and she occupies this palace, so naturally it also belongs to her!

a pool made of white marble, Fully seventy square feet, is lined with white painted pillars and hung with expensive the East China Sea gauze Gold flower of yulan. (TL : idk)

A big bronze tripod in front, The green smoke is hot, and this hot natural hot spring always warm all the year round. At this moment, the large pool is covered with a layer of red petals, and not many woman can refuse this temptation!

Take off the Chinese clothes. Exquisite body is exposed to the air. White skin exudes a shimmering glow under the light. walks barefoot to the edge of the pool, and jumps like a fish who like the water, and swims happily! The water temperature is not hot or cold, Swim in it for two laps, then bath properly with the bubbles!


After the swim, the water broke out, long black hair hanging on the chest, blocking the seductive scenery, but there is a more attractive feeling!

Sitting on the stone steps in the water. Immerse herself in the water, put her head on the jade behind her, She going to take a break, just the moment she about to close her eyes.

Suddenly something fell from the beam and then “plop” sound came, Leng Jiu watching the waves splashing in the water, and get surprised!!

“Huaa!” One sound, one person broke through the water, the half-gold mask first reflected in the Leng Jiu eyes, followed by a pair of Enchanting unusual eyes, captive thin lips.

Leng Jiu shook her head, and her phoenix eyes looked at the man who fell into her bathtubs…!

The other party obviously watched for a while, but Leng Jiu seems not surprised at all. Instead, she evokes the lips, and a fascinating charm like a poppy pop out some laughs, Blinking through the water, leaning against Leng Jiu side, slender fingers evoke her chin, gently rubbing, low and dull voice with his own The temptation: “The original palace actually has such a beautiful person, it seems that this trip is worth it!” Please, Visit me and leave a comment to Cubbyfox[Dot]site.

PS :
1) Thanks to all member that help me make this translation better.o((*^▽^*))o I’m happy working together with them.
2) I’m sorry if i get mistranslated in some part, I’m not Fluent both English and Chinese. I Already try my best.
3) Scheduled
– Sweet Pampering Is daily update.
– Bad Girl Xiaomei is 2-3 part chapter / Week.
– Empress Dowager is Every 2-3 part Chapter/Week
Well actually depend on my free time(^_^)

Hope you guys Like it. ❤

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