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After Li Guanshu took Li Yao back from Prince An's Manor, he spent lots of resources helping Li Yao repair his Ocean of Qi that had been broken down by Li Ye. Li Guanshu had great wealth, but he only helped Li Yao to repair part of his Ocean of Qi.

At present, Li Yao only had the Level 1 cultivation of Qi-refining. Although he would stay only at Level 1 of Qi-refining for his whole life, it was better than having no cultivation.

The Imperial Court declared that Li Guanshu had been killed by the rebels of Sanqingguan when he rescued the youths of the Imperial Clan. So, now Li Yao had not been driven out of his manor. But, compared with the situation when Li Guanshu had been alive, the situation now was undoubtedly very different.

When Li Ye appeared, Li Yao was being kicked out of the gate by another youth of the Imperial Clan and fell on the street in front of the door.

Li Yao quickly got up and, regardless of wiping the bloodstains from the corners of his mouth, scolded the youths of the Imperial Clan, "Li Chongde, you're a b.a.s.t.a.r.d. How dare you attack me? You forgot how you flattered me before? f.u.c.k you!"

There were some followers beside Li Yao and they hurriedly lifted him up off the ground. However, there were no pract.i.tioners of Qi-refining. They were all cultivators of the Mortal Realm and some of them had been beaten black and blue. It could be seen that when Li Yao had been beaten, they were beaten too.

Standing in front of the door of the Xiangling Pavilion and overlooking Li Yao on the stone steps, the young Childe suddenly spit on the ground and said with disdain. "Bah! Don't you know what kind of people you are? Look at yourself in a mirror, you're a stray cur now. How dare you yell here? I never claimed to be an outstanding youth of the Imperial Clan, but I at least had the Level 2 cultivation of Qi-refining. When did I follow behind you, a waste with Level 1 cultivation?"

Li Ye knew Li Chongde. When they took part in the a.s.sessment on Niushou Mountain, Li Chongde had been one of the youths of the Imperial Clan.

Li Yao stood up and rushed to fight Li Chongde, like a mad wolf, but was stopped by his followers. He growled wildly, "Li Chongde, you dirty dog! I am the son of the Duke. My father is the minister and died on Niushou Mountain to save you? How can you be so ungrateful? You're a b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I'll kill you!"

When Li Yao mentioned that, Li Chongde immediately got angry. "Shut up! You rubbish! How did Duke Xing die? Don't you know? He rescued us you say? Bah! But, if it weren't for Prince An, we would have been killed by your father! Son of a b.i.t.c.h, you dare to talk nonsense, I'll beat you to death!"

After that, Li Chongde rushed at Li Yao. He was at cultivation Level 2 of Qi-refining, so his speed was fast. He pulled on the injured Li Yao and punched him in his face. Li Yao stood unsteadily and fell to the ground. He spat out a mouthful of blood mixed with several teeth of his.

The crowd of onlookers talked about it one after another. Some people said, "It has been heard that Duke Xing did not die saving people, but was killed by the people of Sanqingguan because he framed them. I didn't know whether to believe it or not before. Now it seems that it's true!"

He was immediately echoed by others. "I told you earlier that Duke Xing was a bad guy. You believed he sacrificed himself for justice? You have got to be kidding!"

"Duke Xing was corrupt and preyed on the people for more than just one or two days. Some time ago, my relatives in Hu County said that in order to occupy a piece of fertile farmland in Rich Fang, Duke Xing killed his tenant farmers and framed them!"

"Really? How dare Duke Xing act so boldly?

"It's absolutely true. My relatives told me that personally. His next door neighbor now works in Rich Fang's manor!"

"If so, d.a.m.n Duke Xing!"

"Yes. He's a treacherous minister and a corrupt official. d.a.m.n him..."

Li Yao was knocked down by Li Chongde. He was already angry, but after listening to all the people's opinions, he could not help but feel angrier. He got up from the ground and rushed at Li Chongde. "I'll kill you!"

Li Chongde kicked Li Yao over and punched him. The cultivators he brought knocked down all of Li Yao's followers.

Li Chongde scolded while beating Li Yao to vent his resentment about Niushou Mountain. "You want to kill me? That's impossible. You're a waste of Level 1 Qi-refining. It's ridiculous that you dared to usurp the t.i.tle of Prince An. Today I'll let you know how incompetent you are!"

Li Yao was beaten black and blue while he fought instead of defending himself. He and Li Chongde fought like Kilkenny cats. However, he had barely recovered from serious injuries. Although he recovered his Level 1 cultivation of Qi-refining, his body had not fully recovered. He was unable to defeat Li Chongde. Soon he was knocked down and unable to get up.

Li Chongde was merciless and beat Li Yao with all of his power. Seeing that, Li Ye secretly sighed. He was positive that Li Chongde transferred his hatred from Li Guanshu onto Li Yao. How could Li Yao escape this beating?

Although Li Chongde was a youth of the Imperial Clan, his blood relationship with the Imperial Household was weak and his family background was not good. In the past, he had really followed Li Yao and flattered him constantly. But, that kind of person was more likely to spare no effort in humiliating Li Yao, because they had bowed and sc.r.a.pped in front of Li Yi, and now they wanted to regain their respect.

The police pushed the crowd aside so that Li Ye and w.a.n.g Li could pa.s.s by them as they shouted, "The Vice Magistrate Li of Chang'an Office arrived, and still you don't stop?!"

Hearing the shouts of the police, Li Chongde and his followers stopped and looked at the place where the shouts were coming from. Seeing Li Ye, who was dressed in an official robe, Li Chongde immediately changed his fierce demeanor from when he beat Li Yao into a kind face and greeted Li Ye. "Your Highness, why are you here?"

Li Chongde patted his forehead as soon as he said that. "I have a short memory. His Highness is the Vice Magistrate of the Chang'an Office now. I went to visit you before. But, the gatekeeper told me that you were cultivating. So, I didn't get to see you. Now Your Highness is so spirited, I think Your Highness must have broken through while cultivating. Congratulations!"

Speaking of this, he turned around and rebuked his followers. "This is Prince An, why haven't you saluted yet?"

His followers immediately made an obeisance by cupping one hand in the other before their chests and saluted. "Your Highness!"

Seeing Li Chongde this enthusiastic, Li Ye laughed and said, "You and I have suffered together in the past, so you don't have to be so polite. I heard you are now working in the Regal Guards?"

Listening to Li Ye's words, Li Chongde felt extremely flattered and bowed lower. "Yes. I have joined the Regal Guards. But, it can't be compared with Your Highness. I'm just a Leader. It's not worth mentioning." There was no arrogant att.i.tude anymore. "Your Highness, my father was very grateful when learned about what had happened on Niushou Mountain. He always said that he wanted to visit you in person. But, Your Highness was cultivating, so we didn't have the chance.

Li Ye smiled and said, "It's my negligence. Since coming back from Niushou Mountain, I only think about cultivating and forget to meet with you. On that day, you and I fought shoulder to shoulder and we are already close friends. I should visit you more often. You needn't say much. Later I will host a banquet at my manor to specially entertain you and others."

"Your Highness is going to hold a banquet to entertain us, we're so lucky!" Li Chongde's words were apprehensive, but there was a smile on his face.

The onlookers now made it clear that the young Vice Magistrate of the Chang'an Office in front of them was the famous Heir Apparent of the old Prince An. Now he was the current Prince An. They became excited and talked more about him.

Some people were surprised, "This is the Prince An who could not practice for twenty years and was said to be weak?"

The man next to him slapped him instantly. "Are you looking for death? Weak? Now Prince An is excellent. He got the Celestial Master Yuan's inheritance and was the first one in a.s.sessments. Now he is the Four-cla.s.s Vice Magistrate!"

"Oh my G.o.d, Four... Four-cla.s.s?"

"Of course. Who is Prince An? He is the son of the old Prince An? Who doesn't know old Prince An's achievements? Who doesn't praise old Prince An? Now the Prince An inherits his father's business. In the future, he will be a pillar of the Imperial Court and an important official of our society!"

Hearing the voice of the public, Li Ye restrained his smile to show that it was time for business. "I heard that there were cultivators fighting in Xiangling Pavilion, so I came here. What's wrong with you?"

As he said this he looked at Li Yao.

When Li Yao saw Li Ye's appearance, his face paled. But, he had been beaten black and blue so half of his face was stained with blood and no one noticed his pale face. However, his widened eyes showed his great fear. He pointed at Li Ye with one trembling hand. "You're... Li Ye? You're... the Vice Magistrate of the Chang'an Office now?"

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You dare to say the Vice Magistrate's name? You're looking for death!" Li Chongde showed his nature of a lackey immediately. He shouted to Li Yao as if he were going to beat him every time he said something unpleasant. He was a bully when under the protection of a powerful person.

Li Ye's struggle with Duke Xing was not a mystery to the Imperial Clan and Li Chongde also knew a little about it. Although he did not know the details, he knew that the two sides were on opposing sides, so he criticized Li Yao at this time.

Li Ye waved his hand, beckoning Li Chongde to be calm and impatient, and asked, "Why did you fight? Tell me in detail."

"Yes." Li Chongde immediately made an obeisance by cupping one hand in the other before his chest to Li Ye with an honest look. "Vice Magistrate, I'm off today. Just now, I had been drinking. Li Yao saw me so he came over to make trouble and insult me... I think the Vice Magistrate also heard it. I drank too much, so I couldn't help but beat him. I didn't intentionally defy the law of the Imperial Court. Vice Magistrate, please punish me!"

"Hmm." Li Ye said and asked Li Yao, "Is that true?"

"He tells lies!" Li Yan was so angry. He stood up from the ground and pointed at Li Chongde's nose, saying furiously, "It's you who made trouble first. You also allowed your followers to beat mine. I was forced to fight back..."

Speaking of this, Li Yao could not go on. Because the consequence of a counterattack was to be beaten black and blue.

He gave a look to Li Ye. He didn't think that Li Ye would uphold justice for him. Seeing Li Ye's att.i.tude, he could imagine his following situation.

Li Ye was in power now, but Li Yao was a Level 1 Qi-refining pract.i.tioner. After Li Guanshu's death, all the officials who used to curry favor with Duke Xing ceased to a.s.sociate with him. And all of Duke Xing's followers and the Qi-refining pract.i.tioners in his manor had left.

Currently, Li Yao was like a stray dog. In order to save face, the Imperial Court didn't publish Li Guanshu's crime. But, it had been impossible for Li Yao to receive the treatment of a national hero's descendant. Although Li Yao had not yet been driven out of the manor, it could be seen from today's experience that Li Chongde dared to bully him about living an extremely miserable life.

Li Yao gave a sad laugh. "Li Ye, I know you will not let me go! I hate you. I hate you for eliminating my cultivation. If not for you would I have to suffer this humiliation today? How could I be beaten by Li Chongde on the street? You're ruthless! I hate you! I'll never forget you for the rest of my life. I'll get my revenge!"

While saying that, Li Ye did not provoke Li Yao, but Li Yao provoked and rushed at Li Ye!

"You're wanton!" This time before Li Chongde could speak, w.a.n.g Li stepped out and blew Li Yao away with one punch. Sixteen years ago, he was a Seven-cla.s.s official which meant that he was a Level 1 Qi-refining pract.i.tioner sixteen years ago. Although his career was not smooth for half of his life, it was impossible that his cultivation hadn't been improved. His punch was so powerful that the blown away Li Yao fell on the ground, where he spit blood, unable to stand up.

w.a.n.g Li shouted to the police, "Take him to the Office and torture him severely!"

He had been excluded in the Chang'an Office before and he had no power or prestige, so the ordinary police never listened to him. Now, his status immediately became different after he followed Li Ye. As the command went on, all of the police in the area came out and tied up Li Yao.

This scene immediately made w.a.n.g Li feel what dignity was like. The last time he felt this was when he had become an Imperial Scholar. At that time, he rode a horse in Chang'an under other people's admiring gazes and wrote his name on the Dayan Tower. This official, who had just pa.s.sed the age of forty, but had the face of an old man, could not help but glow at that moment.

"Vice Magistrate, I go first and take the troublemaker back for interrogation." w.a.n.g Li asked for Li Ye's permission. His words showed he did not intend to blame Li Chongde. He would only make Li Yao suffer greatly. After all, Li Chongde and Li Ye were friends while Li Yao and Li Ye were opponents. As a subordinate, he felt that he should share Li Ye's cares and burdens.

Li Ye agreed, then turned to Li Chongde and said, "You have to go back with me too."

"Of course." Li Chongde immediately agreed. His look showed that he would cooperate with Li Ye and not embarra.s.s him.

Li Yao was first beaten by Li Chongde and then badly punched by w.a.n.g Li. When he was tied up and carried away by the police, he did not have the strength to even glare at Li Ye.

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