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[205] [_Muthlosigkeit_]

[206] [_Demuth_]

[207] [_Muth_]

[208] [Literally, "love-services."]

[209] [Literally, "own-benefit."]


[210] [Literally, furnishes me with a _right_.]

[211] [_Empoerung_]

[212] [_sich auf-oder emporzurichten_]

[213] To secure myself against a criminal charge I superfluously make the express remark that I choose the word "insurrection"

on account of its _etymological sense_, and therefore am not using it in the limited sense which is disallowed by the penal code.

[214] 1 Cor. 15. 26.

[215] 2 Tim. 1. 10.

[216] [See the next to the last scene of the tragedy:

ODOARDO. Under the pretext of a judicial investigation he tears you out of our arms and takes you to Grimaldi....

EMILIA. Give me that dagger, father, me!...

ODOARDO. No, no! Reflect--You too have only one life to lose.

EMILIA. And only one innocence!

ODOARDO. Which is above the reach of any violence.--

EMILIA. But not above the reach of any seduction.--Violence!

violence! who cannot defy violence? What is called violence is nothing; seduction is the true violence.--I have blood, father; blood as youthful and warm as anybody's. My senses are senses.--I can warrant nothing. I am sure of nothing. I know Grimaldi's house. It is the house of pleasure. An hour there, under my mother's eyes--and there arose in my soul so much tumult as the strictest exercises of religion could hardly quiet in weeks.--Religion! And what religion?--To escape nothing worse, thousands sprang into the water and are saints.--Give me that dagger, father, give it to me....

EMILIA. Once indeed there was a father who, to save his daughter from shame, drove into her heart whatever steel he could quickest find--gave life to her for the second time.

But all such deeds are of the past! Of such fathers there are no more!

ODOARDO. Yes, daughter, yes! (_Stabs her._)

[217] [Or, "_regulate_" (_richten_)]

[218] [_richten_]

[219] "_Der Kommunismus in der Schweiz_," p. 24.

[220] _Ibid._ p. 63.

[221] [Cf. note p. 81.]

[222] [_Geistigkeit_]

[223] [_Geistlichkeit_]

[224] Rom. 1. 25.

[225] [_das Meinige_]

[226] [_die_--"_Meinung_"]

[227] P. 47 ff.

[228] Chamber of peers, Apr. 25, 1844.

[229] "_Anecdota_," 1. 120.

[230] "_Anecdota_," 1. 127.

[231] [_vernehmbar_]

[232] [_Vernunft_]

[233] [Literally "thought-rid."]

[234] [_Sache_]

[235] [_Sache_]

[236] 1 Thess. 5. 21.

[237] [_Andacht_, a compound form of the word "thought."]

[238] [See note on p. 112.]

[239] [_Einzige_]

[240] [_eigen_]

[241] [_geeignet_]

[242] [_Stell' Ich auf Mich meine Sache._ Literally, "if I set my affair on myself."]

[243] ["_Ich hab' Mein' Sach' auf Nichts gestellt._" Literally, "I have set my affair on nothing." See note on p. 3.]

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