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Chapter 93

The night was dark. Thick clouds floated int the sky from the west, blocking the moon. Nanjing was silent. Withered leaves piled on the roadside and abandoned vehicles were left in the middle of the road. A black shadow quickly pa.s.sed through the middle of the two buildings. It had a big white rabbit head and red eyes. The rabbit head ran quickly with a piece of human flesh between the sharp teeth.

The rabbit head jumped over two buildings and fell into an alley.


A bullet came from behind it and the rabbit head moved quickly to the side, a small hole appearing in its long ears. It angrily roared at the man chasing behind it, uprooting a big tree on the side of the road and threw it at him. Fu Wenduo dodged to the side, stabbing a sharp black weapon towards the head of the rabbit head.

The rabbit head quickly moved away from the blow. Fu Wenduo's right hand stabbed into the wall, causing a long crack and causing his hand to be stuck in the wall. The rabbit head took the opportunity to flee but as soon as he turned his head, he saw a tall and thin figure standing at the exit of the alley.

Tang Mo placed his hand on his waist and looked calmly at the rabbit head, whispering, "Return my grandfather!"

In an instant, overwhelming flames shot out. The rabbit head screamed with horror, frantically trying to run backwards. However, Fu Wenduo was behind him. His mouth twitched slightly and he somehow had a stone shield in his hand. It was a piece of the wall that Fu Wenduo just took down.

The rabbit head hadn't expected the stuck Fu Wenduo to actually take out a large slab from the wall. The huge stone blocked the front of Fu Wenduo, blocking the rabbit head's escape and preventing the flames from burning him. The rabbit head tried to jump away but it was already burned.


Bitter cries echoed in the alley.

Once the flames finished, Fu Wenduo threw aside the stone. He bent down to look at the burnt corpse of the rabbit head and examined it. The corpse soon became a wooden badge. Tang Mo picked up the badge and frowned when he saw the letter on it. "It is another S."

Fu Wenduo got up.

On this chaotic night, the sound of fighting and explosions were heard everywhere. The sound of gunfire and buildings being destroyed never stopped.

Tang Mo put the badge in his pocket. "Now we have 15 badges. It is now 10:40. The fourth batch of rabbit heads have been killed and only a few rabbit heads are left. The odds are low. Tang Mo paused before saying, "…The situation isn't very good."

The two of them walked out of the alley together.

“We have seven S, five R, one U, one P and one E." Fu Wenduo's right hand was restored to its original state. He calmly said, "We have every letter except an I. If the progress is the same, we will collect the other letters before 6 a.m. tomorrow."

Tang Mo replied, "However, the number of rabbit heads is getting smaller and smaller. In addition, there are too many S and Rs.

15 badges in four hours. It seemed like Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo weren't too far away from clearing the game. When Tang Mo got the second 'E' badge, he guessed that killing the rabbit heads would give badges with different letters which would spell out surprise. As he expected, the letters on the badges were indeed related to 'surprise.' Even so, there were too many duplicate badges among these 15 badges.

Surprise had a total of eight letters. S and R were repeated twice while the other letters only showed up once.

In order for Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo to spell out two surprises, they needed to get four S, four R and two of the remaining letters. The strength of these two was very strong. This cleansing game was originally opened by the black tower to screen out the bottom ranked people. It had nothing to do with them and they accidentally got involved. With their strength, they could get a badge as long as they encountered a rabbit head. However, they got duplicated badges.

"We deliberately didn't walk together to find the rabbit heads. In four hours, we have pa.s.sed through the main part of Nanjing, the Jiangning district and the Qixia district." The reason why they went to so many places was because there were too few rabbit heads and too many players. It was very difficult for them to find a rabbit head that hadn't already been killed. Tang Mo said, "We can rule out 'rabbit heads with the same letter badge' appearing in only the same area."

Fu Wenduo added, "The appearance of the rabbit heads is random and the occurrence time is every hour." The two of them walked to the junction of Qixia district and Pukou district. Fu Wenduo looked at the traffic signs on the road and said, "Let's go to Pukou District."

Tang Mo nodded, "Yes."

The two men soon entered Pukou District.

There were 11 districts in Nanjing. Before separating, Xiao Jitong had said to Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, "You might not know this about Nanjing but Nanjing has a total of 11 districts. The black tower said that Nanjing has 11 garbage disposal stations and China District 49, Dongying has 6. I don't know how many districts Dongying has but Nanjing has 11. Now we have found the first garbage disposal station in the centre of Qinhuai district. It is likely that the other 10 waste disposal stations are at the centre of the remaining 10 districts. The Nanjing Group will go to these places to check the specific situation. In the last hour, we will a.s.semble here. Tang Mo, Mr. Fu, if you want to find us, you can come back here."

The appearance of the rabbit heads was completely random but the location of the garbage disposal stations were regular.

30 minutes later, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo reached the central business district of Pukou district. In the distance, they saw an oddly coloured house situation at the intersection. Tang Mo walked close to and looked at the characters on top of the house.

Tang Mo said, "This is the seventh garbage disposal station. As Xiao Jitong said, the garbage disposal stations are located in the most prosperous areas of each district." Tang Mo’s brain thought quickly.

Why place it here?

The location of the rabbit heads was completely random. The garbage disposal stations were located in the heart of the bustling area of each district. He could imagine that like Nanjing, the garbage disposal stations in the other 10 cities were in the most prosperous areas. The black tower set the number of garbage disposal stations according to the number of districts in each city. Putting them in these places…

Fu Wenduo said, "The garbage disposal places must have some similarities with their locations."

Tang Mo thought, "They are the most prosperous areas in every city."

"The most prosperous locations would certainly have the highest flow of people." Fu Wenduo's eyes narrowed and he thought for a moment. "The area with the highest flow of people, the number of garbage disposal stations is determined according to the number of districts. The most prosperous and famous locations with the most people."

Tang Mo was shocked when he heard this. "The most famous locations!"

Fu Wenduo looked at him and frowned when he understood Tang Mo's meaning.

Tang Mo said, "Players have to put 'surprise' into the garbage disposal station to clear the game. Setting up garbage disposal stations in these bustling locations means that every player can find one. Players might not know the centre location of unfamiliar districts but they would look for the most bustling location and most likely come here."

Fu Wenduo continued the line of thought. "This ensures that all players know the location of each garbage disposal station."

Tang Mo said, "Perhaps in the first few hours of the game, many players have already found the nearest garbage disposal station." Tang Mo's voice stopped.

A cold wind blew in the distance and the hairs on Tang Mo's body rose. He looked at the surrounding area.

At this time, Fu Wenduo and Tang Mo were standing at an intersection. The colourful disposal station stood in the middle of the intersection, surrounded by once bustling commercial streets. Now these streets were quiet. There was no sound, only the wind blow and the rustling of leaves.

There was no one here. It seemed like only Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were standing here and looking around.

Tang Mo's eyes swept over the surrounding buildings and stores and he licked his lips. A moment later, he turned to look at Fu Wenduo, The two of them reached the same opinion in silence and stepped away from the garbage disposal station. There was still no movement around them when they left, as if there were no people.

Meanwhile, Nanjing's Gulou district.

In the middle of the store, a wretched-looking middle-aged man squeezed a wooden badge and ran ahead. He ran as hard as he could. He had just run 100 metres when two young men turned the corner and shouted angrily, "Bring our badge back! Don't run! Give us back our badge!"

How could the middle-aged man be willing to stop? He moved forward and fled, his familiarity with the area meaning that he ran into an alley and got away from the two young men. Still, the young men's physical fitness was obviously better. How long would it take for them to catch up with him?

The three people ran through the area.

Time pa.s.sed and the middle-aged man became physically exhausted. The distance between the three people slowly shortened. Suddenly, one arm tugged at the middle-aged man’s clothes and mercilessly pulled him to the ground. The middle-aged man grunted with pain. He hadn't recovered yet when a fist slammed into his face.

"Running away, see if I will let you run!"

The young man cried out angrily and he wasn't polite with punching the middle-aged man's body. His companion s.n.a.t.c.hed the badge from the middle-aged man and saw the S engraved on it.

These two young men were official players. Their abilities might be trash and they weren't very strong, but they were still stronger than ordinary reserves. Previously, they met a single rabbit head with no other players around and rushd to kill the rabbit head. It took a lot of effort but the two of them managed to kill the rabbit. They had just taken the badge when it was stolen by this middle-aged man.

How could these two people be willing to leave it alone? Once the middle-aged man was swollen, they spat and got up to leave.  But the moment they stood up, a hint of a ruthless light flashed on the man's b.l.o.o.d.y face. He suddenly pulled a sharp dagger out of his sleeve and stabbed the young man closest to him, "I will kill you!"

The young man was frightened and subconsciously tried to avoid it but he was too late. As he waited in horror for his death, his companion suddenly reached out and grabbed the dagger. Meanwhile, his other hand held a knife and stabbed it into the middle-aged man's chest.

The middle-aged man stared at them before dying.

The two young men trembled as they looked at the scene.

“Brother, your, your hand…"

The young man who killed the middle-aged man spoke in a trembling voice. "It doesn't matter. I didn't mean to kill him. He was going to kill you…"

This was the first time he had killed someone.

It might be common to kill in other areas but in Nanjing, even stowaways rarely killed, let alone official players and reserves. The two brothers looked at each other and gradually calmed down. They were just about to leave when the brother who killed cried out with surprise, "What is that?"

The younger brother also made a strange sound and stopped to pick up a wooden badge. He looked at the letter and exclaimed, "Is this a badge?"

"Where did the badge come from? Did you see it?"

“I didn’t see it. Impossible, this badge wasn't there before. It just suddenly appeared!"

The brother stopped for a moment. "How can a badge suddenly appear…" Then he stiffened and looked at the dead middle-aged man. He said, "The people in the mentioned 10 districts are all garbage. The last person's garbage cleaning game. This is the last person's garbage cleaning game! Killing players can also get a badge! We can get badges!"

The same situation was occurring in the other nine districts of China. In Nanjing's Qinhuai district, a short old man pulled out a knife that pierced someone's heart and bent over to pick up the badge that was next to the man's body. He saw the letter on the badge and said coldly, "It is a R again." The old man wiped away the blood on the knife and quietly left this place.

Once Tang Mo returned to the main area of Nanjing, he saw many dead bodies lying on the ground. He even saw a middle-aged man kill a woman with his own eyes. The middle-aged man had just killed someone and this was the most stressful time. He took two steps back when he saw Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. Once he calmed down, he ran back and took the wooden badge from the woman's side before continuing to escape.

The Nanjing Group had more than 40 members and the Strategy Group had a total of seven members. Even if they were all in Nanjing and not in instances, they couldn't manage such a large Nanjing.

When the black tower announced the rules of the game, Tang Mo and Xiao Jitong speculated that killing would give badges.

The black tower called the players in these 10 areas garbage and the game itself was a garbage cleaning game. There was a good chance that a reward could be obtained from killing players (cleaning up the trash). The most likely reward was a badge. It was only a matter of time before players found out this fact.

Once one person found out that killing people would give badges, all of Nanjing would become chaotic.

Tang Mo stood on the side of the road and looked at a young corpse. She was a primary school student. She stared at the sky with her eyes wide open. Unfortunately, she couldn't see the sky at all, only the dense sycamore trees. The leaves obscured the tree and even if she could see, everything would just be black.

The day wasn't bright and now was the black tower's garbage cleaning game.

Nanjing's players were mostly low level and the rabbit heads were hard to catch and difficult to kill. Killing the humans was better than the rabbit heads. Right now, only five hours had pa.s.sed and there were five batches of rabbit heads. What would happen in the last one or two hours?

Tang Mo said, "Players have long found the locations of the garbage disposal station but no one has appeared. There are definitely players hiding in the dark around the garbage disposal station. In order to clear the instance, a player must enter the garbage disposal station. That is the best place to kill people for badges."

"The number of rabbit heads is clearly not enough for 20,000 Nanjing players to clear the game. Now there are also players from other regions entering Nanjing to partic.i.p.ate in the game." Fu Wenduo stopped speaking and looked at Tang Mo. Tang Mo's face had no expression. He crouched down and closed the little girl's eyes. Once Tang Mo stood up, Fu Wenduo continued speaking, "Killing players and getting badges definitely isn't the way to clear the game. The black tower wouldn't give such a game."

Tang Mo nodded. "Yes. Every black tower game has a custom way to clear it. In any case, killing certainly isn't the only way to clear the game. It must give a way for every player to pa.s.s the instance."

Tang Mo carefully recalled the nine rules of the game that the black tower gave him and spoke while thinking, "Put the surprise into the garbage disposal station. The sur…"  His voice trailed off and Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo raised their heads at the same time. A rabbit head flew over their heads and landed steadily on the road.

The rabbit head flew out of a small building next to him and hadn't found anyone when flying out. It c.o.c.ked its ears as it saw Tang Mo's duo. The two men and one rabbit head stared at each other. The next moment, the rabbit head turned to run. Tang Mo coldly rushed up to it.

The rabbit head was unlucky. He might be fast but he had met Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. The two of them separated and easily blocked it.

The rabbit head was captured in the middle of the road by Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. Its eyes looked back and forth between the two men. It soon turned its head towards Tang Mo and screamed, "Jijiji!" It seemed to be aware that Tang Mo might be the weak point. Its legs kicked off against the ground and it rushed towards Tang Mo.

Tang Mo took out his small parasol and opened it.


The rabbit head struck the small parasol and fell backwards. Tang Mo was also shaken by the powerful force and took three steps back. Fu Wenduo immediately rushed up. Tang Mo closed the small parasol and stabbed the knocked over rabbit head. The rabbit head jumped around while screaming. Tang Mo followed after him, stabbing with the small parasol.

The small parasol pierced the ground and walls, making one big hole after another.

Fu Wenduo also followed closely and the rabbit head was forced into a dead corner. Tang Mo narrowed his eyes and raised the small parasol to stab it. This time, the rabbit head couldn't hide and the pink parasol headed straight towards its head. The rabbit head shook and its body turned to light, a wooden badge falling to the ground.

Tang Mo bent over to pick up the badge and Fu Wenduo came to his side.

Then a hoa.r.s.e laugh was heard from behind them.

The two men turned to look.

Under a huge sycamore tree, a very beautiful young woman stood, her mouth raised as she looked at them with ill intentions. This woman was very beautiful, just like any popular actress before the earth went online. However, she wasn't the one who laughed. It was a middle-aged man standing beside her.

The man's cold eyes swept over Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo's body, finally falling towards the wooden badge on Tang Mo's palm.

The woman covered her lips and smiled. Her voice was very soft and her tone ambiguous. "Handsome little boy, your badge… what is the letter on it?"

Tang Mo put the badge into his pocket and stared at the two people coldly.

The woman seemed dissatisfied that she didn't get a response from Tang Mo. She didn't like men ignoring her. She looked at Tang Mo and scoffed coldly. Then she looked at Fu Wenduo. "Handsome man, what is the letter on that badge your friend just got? Say it. We won't steal it, we're just curious."

Fu Wenduo looked at her calmly.

She saw Fu Wenduo staring at her and her smile widened. She wanted to say something but didn't expect Fu Wenduo to turn away with the words, "They aren't Nanjing players."

Tang Mo nodded. "According to the time, players from Wuxi, Changzhou and Anhui would've arrived. Based on the accent, she seems to be from Suzhou or Wuxi."

Fu Wenduo made a sound that agreed with him.

The woman who was ignored by the two people, "…"

The woman's face turned different colours as she watched Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo's backs. She pinched her fingers and looked at her companion. The both of them nodded and the sharp sound of wind being cut was heard behind Tang Mo as he moved his head to the side to avoid it. A silver knife flew past his cheek.

Fu Wenduo took action and grasped the silver chain tied to the knife. The middle-aged man was startled. Then he shouted and the silver chain suddenly turned red. Fu Wenduo's brow wrinkled and he released his grasp on the silver chain. The man took the opportunity to take the knife and chain back.

The moment the knife was retracted, a slender hand approached from the other side towards Tang Mo's cheek.

Tang Mo reacted quickly, taking a step back to avoid the blow. The young woman smiled, her eyes on Tang Mo's face as she softly said, "Handsome young man, you are right. We are players from Wuxi. This is a rare encounter so why don't we talk? Oh, don't give me that type of look. We are good players and would never kill anyone. Players from different cities should form a friendship and discuss things. Isn't this a good deal?"

The woman's hand came up without waiting for Tang Mo's answer. Tang Mo rolled on the ground, dodging the blow. The woman’s hand rubbed against his face. Fu Wenduo was coming to help when the silver knife attacked again.

The middle-aged man laughed loudly. "Your opponent is me!"

Fu Wenduo frowned and stopped worrying about Tang Mo's situation as he directly attacked the middle-aged man.

The four people fought on the s.p.a.cious street.

Collison sounds were constantly heard.

The knife tied to the silver chain aimed at Fu Wenduo from all directions. The chain could tangle up his movements and the knife waited for an opportunity, like a sinister poisonous snake finding the right time to attack.

The middle-aged man could still laugh at first but his movements were gradually being guessed by Fu Wenduo. He barely moved when Fu Wenduo guessed his next position. The middle-aged man had a bad feeling in his heart. He thought, 'Nanjing is a trash area. How can there be such a powerful player?' He didn't have time to warn his companion that something was wrong when a dark weapon aimed at him.


The big tree was knocked down and the shocked man retracted his knife and silver chain.

On the other side, Tang Mo's situation wasn't as good as Fu Wenduo's. This woman was very fast. She seemed like a fish as she slipped away. Her attacks didn't harm him but Tang Mo found it very difficult to catch her. She didn't deliberately attack Tang Mo. It was as if her words were true about not wanting to kill him. Her hands constantly rubbed against Tang Mo's cheeks and wrists, as if she was deliberately touching him.

Tang Mo didn't think that this woman actually wanted to eat his tofu. He narrowed his eyes and opened the small parasol.

The woman's hand hit the small parasol and she screamed with pain before returning to the middle-aged man's side. Tang Mo had thoroughly figured out her movement and prepared to directly catch her with the next blow. However, the woman didn't do anything. She placed the hand that had just been touching Tang Mo on the ground and the palm gave off a white light.

She smiled softly, "Ah, there was enough time. Handsome boy, you are very good to touch. Let me see, what is your power…?"

Tang Mo's eyes widened at the woman's voice. He noticed something was wrong and attacked with his small parasol to stop the woman from speaking. He didn't expect the woman to laugh and slam her hand against the ground. Then a white light suddenly rose from her hand and gathered around her. She smiled and waited for the result to appear.

Then she saw the white light split into two pieces.

The woman's smiling face suddenly froze and the middle-aged man beside him looked at the scene in horror, his mouth dropping open. "This… what is this?"

The white lights were constantly splitting apart. The light split from two to three, then four and five…

Finally, a total of 21 lights floated beside the young woman. Each light wasn't big and 20 of them were the size of a fist. Only one sphere of light was half the size of a head and rampaged in the middle of the cl.u.s.ter.

The 21 lights in four different colours danced in front of the woman's eyes. The woman’s body began to tremble. She looked at the scene in horror before raising her head, staring at Tang Mo with disbelief, "You… how can you have so many abilities?"

Fu Wenduo's lips curved and he calmly looked at Tang Mo.

Tang Mo's face darkened. He gripped the handle of the small parasol tightly and rushed forward.

The author has something to say:

Beautiful woman: You, are you human?  [Scared Face]

Tang Tang: Let's see you eat my tofu [Cold Face]

Old Fu: Since you ate my wife's tofu, I will cut you ^_^ Oh yes, you told me my wife's secret, I'll make you an intact corpse.

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