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Chapter One  – Subjugation ▼▼▼▼▼▼ part 6

The silver-haired woman first stared blankly at the ground but Junpei didn’t let the hidden killing intent towards the servant girl go unnoticed. Her reaction gave her away. Junpei smiled but he noticed that the girl wasn’t the only one releasing killing intent. The servant was gleaming at the silver-haired girl.

Ami also seemed to notice that something was wrong but Junpei signaled to her that she should leave it be.

"You b.i.t.c.h!"

It seemed like the girl couldn’t keep it together anymore. Junpei laughed as the silver-haired girl darted away towards the servant. She held the coat in her right hand while she threw herself over the servant. The aristocrat girl who had gotten some combat training while young was naturally much more experienced. She quickly gained the advantage over the servant.

It happened quickly but Junpei made sure not to miss a single second of it. Two girls fighting naked wasn’t an everyday thing and with real killing intent, this was something he couldn’t miss. Junpei enthusiastically watched as the aristocrat easily got a firm grip on the girl. She improvised the coat as a noose which was firmly twisting around the servant’s throat.

"Your just a disgusting commoner!"

Saliva was flying out of the aristocrat girls mouth while she was manically shaking the noose. The servant girls were desperately trying to claw at the cloak while her head was shaking dangerously hard.

"How Dare You Disgrace Me In This Way!!"

Ami was standing there not being able to move even Ami couldn’t handle this sort of evil. Junpei smiled he was happy, happy for Ami to still be this innocent, happy for the girls fight, happy for being wrong about the fact that the outside was full of feelings and maybe just a little happy because he went insane.

The girls face started to turn blue and she was showing signs of cyanosis. Scratch marks had started to show up around her throat and they were bleeding. The aristocrat girls eyes had turned red. And by the time she saw blood the twenty or so ocean like blue eyes had been replaced by the blood red eyes of the devil. Junpei who had been caught up in the fight started to realize that the servant was going to die. The only way to survive was if she was saved by so cool and handsome hero. Junpei looked around, he looked at the scarred naked girls, at the forest, the tents and at Ami.

He sighed deeply. 

He wasn’t exactly cool, well according to himself he was the coolest you can find but I don’t think that the rest of the world would agree with that. Handsome, I guess depending on the time Ami would agree with that.

Junpei skipped the hero part because if he had waited, the servant would have died. He dashed over and gently but quickly unleashed the servant from the aristocrat girls death grip.

Both the girls lay down opposite to each other and stared with deep killing intent.

The aristocrat looked at Junpei and said,

"I.. I wasn’t the only one. We were all in on it, that duke…"

"Trying to bring the rest with you Ehh."

Junpei smiled.

"I like it."

"He used us as slaves, we tried to get help from the guild and we sent one girl as a messenger but never we saw her again. But the messages that returned, and it was to the duke. He started treating us worse and we had to do something. We took the help of bandits and….."

She went quiet.

"Aaa, so you all helped the bandits but only to save yourself from the duke?"

Some of the girls looked away and by this reaction, Junpei understood they had lied.

"Ha, ha hahahhaha!"

Junpei looked at all the girls and received the gun from Ami.

"Yeah right."

He pointed the gun.


One of the naked girls were shot while her blood splattered all over the others.

"Are you really sure you just didn’t do it for the money you would get?"


Another naked girl got blown up and now some of the girls started panicking.

"Well, it really doesn’t matter. You’ve helped to kill the duke you can see this as your punishment."

Junpei walked up to the girl with the silver hair which devil’s eyes had been replaced with eyes of horror.

"I just want you to know that in h.e.l.l all people get judged equally so I guess, see you soon."

Loud booms and screams yet again rang out over the camp but this time it was the screams of young girls.    

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