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What the Emperor silently hoped for thought, was not something Matthew thought about at all.

Not only had Matthew not been able to find the la.s.s, nor his mother and sister, he had lost a few good men from his side, while he was in prison. One had been an official, who had died ‘suddenly’, and a few casualties were from the military, that were either captains or lieutenants. It was in the last day or two, before Band One returned, that Matthew had news of one of his General’s becoming so exceedingly sick, that he had to go back home, and the family were looking into saving him…They were currently continuously begging for physicians to help, yet none of them did, pleading to be too busy. And now today, there will be another sad rumour that will spread…That the General’s family will start to get ready for the impending funeral…

Knowing that he had someone that had known quite a substantial amount of information, had changed sides, Matthew then silently protected others, with whoever was left of his ‘slayers’.

Another strange event had occurred a few months ago…And that was vanishing of Gabriella. Matthew had sighed to this news, when he had found out…

He would have personally taken care of Gabriella, but then the ‘fire’ had happened. Having wished that even someone else had killed her instead, Matthew wondered who would have taken this girl away from a private area on his own estate…


With the ‘signal’ going off, Matthew’s men had to gather for new information, making quite a few of them free, due to the la.s.s being found. With their new-found freedom, they were granted a day’s rest and then to invade upon many places, to gather people and evidences. Matthew knew it would take quite some time to get this done, so, his trip away, came at a perfect time!

This…Arrangement, was practically all a lie.

Matthew had thought of who the perpetrator was and could think of quite a few that may have the guts to work on both sides. Thinking of how to find this person, this ‘arrangement’ was solely used to find this perpetrator.

With this, he gave each and every ‘slayer’ a single job to do and spread them out through the entire Green Haven.

He had thought long and hard on all these ‘fake evidences’ and made sure that if the other side found out, even if they were quite questionable over it, they could see that it was something the could potentially get in their way.

All he had to do now, was wait until something goes to get stolen or brought up in any kind of respect, and the perpetrator should be found out...

Matthew had not been dilly-dallying his time away in prison. This plan, that he will achieve now that he’s out of prison, will rock the entire Green Haven. The thorn…Was going to be removed!



Matthew was just about ready to leave the outer towns of Green Haven, when someone’s voice came into his ears.

“My boy, I was…Just about to save you.”

Looking to the side, Matthew waved off his subordinate’s, and stared at the older man in front of him.

He was quite a handsome man, showing a few features that were similar to Matthew. Having already tested his cultivation base, Matthew knew this man was the strongest person he had ever met in his life. But, after he had found out a short amount of this man’s past, it wasn’t really surprising that he was so strong. Another thing that didn’t surprise Matthew, was that the man had done nothing to help him…Their bond seemed to only extend through blood and that was it. But that wasn’t a problem. Matthew had never sought his help in the first place, and would prefer to grow stronger in his own way instead, anyway.

Since he was here…Matthew finally had an idea.

As he stayed silent, the other man sighed, “I hadn’t thought you’d get into so much trouble, just because of me.”

Matthew breathed in and out, finally, a question he had an answer for. “Is mother and sister alright?”

“Of course!” The man brightened up.

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