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(TLCsDestiny: CONFUSED? Ok, I’ll try and explain a third time. There is a short chapter version of ‘The Doomed and Blessed’ and a long chapter version. Most sites have short chapters all the way up to this chapter. Novelplanet will have long chapters from 1-28 (Yes, they have changed!), they are slowly overtaking the short chapters. These long chapters have more of this story posted (getting closer to the end of volume three now)...Meaning...You can read beyond this short chapter 103 on Novelplanet, from the long chapter 17 onwards to 28...I am doing this to stop having other sites from stealing my novel (for the most part, it’s working). Sorry for the inconvenience.)


The General scoffed, “It wasn’t a promise, little girl, it was just words in the heat of the moment. As you see, those words no longer apply!”

His words were right, the General was there when the Second Prince had said, ‘If I need to marry again one day, and I hadn’t found anyone…Then I’ll marry Rose. But, I’m not ready for that.’

They had been drinking and were getting along quite well, but not only was this quite some years ago, but he had found someone now. As far as the General was aware, those words of marrying Rose, no longer mattered whatsoever!

It had come to a point, that all the General wanted for his friend, was happiness. Finally seeing him, as he was just moments ago, he almost wanted to cry, because he was so happy for his friend!

He already liked this ‘Sahara’ anyway! Not only was she gutsy, but who wouldn’t like her, with a healing ability like that!

He wanted to take her with him when he had to fight, they’d be indestructible!

But before the General could venture into daydreaming about winning on the battlefields, his sister in law brought him back to the present…

“I will not accept it! I’m going home!” Upon stamping her feet, Rose left without saying her goodbyes.

Shaking his head and breathing out in a huff, the General muttered, “I can’t understand how people think of her as sweet! She’s a spoilt brat! She better not do anything to Sahara, otherwise I’ll get mad!”

“Darling, she is generally well behaved, you know this…When it comes to Prince Matthew, she is a little different.”

Putting an arm around his wife, the General leaned into her, pouting, “You and her are so different. Does she have to be my sister in law?”

His wife hit him and laughed, “You are nasty, my dear husband!”

Rubbing his head into his wife, he started to giggle again, “This husband is nearly all better! Why don’t you serve your ‘dear husband’ uh!”

“You!” The lady sighed at her husband.

The General saw how she looked and pulled her into the bed, “Never mind, just sleep. You must look better when you wake up!”

Snuggling into his wife, he had a smile on his face.

It’s good to be alive!

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