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As soon as his new Master spoke those words, Fatty felt a foreign sensation bubbling inside his body.


The blood seeped into his eyes and even entered through the pores on his skin. An intense heat started to radiate from his body as he felt the new blood merging with his own.


As he closed his eyes in utter agony, Fatty doubled up on the ground and groaned in pain. He felt as if his body was being broken apart as his muscles stretched and expanded, while the sounds of his bones cracking echoed throughout the empty forest.


Elias calmly stood there watching the boy as he underwent his transformation. All the Inheritors of the Blood Legacy were subject to the same torturous pain. It was a rebirth of the body, as the new legacy’s blood would start to flow inside Roran.


If he could endure the agony, then his mental strength would be further amplified in the future. Without an ironclad will or fort.i.tude, no Inheritor would ever be able to control the Blood Legacy!


Elias had seen various paths of the other Legacies, but his family’s Blood Legacy was completely different than all of the others. To walk in the path of continuous bloodshed and savagery, this legacy seemed more demonic than human in nature. He had always wondered how his first ancestor had received the Blood Legacy, but there were no records written in his family’s history.




Hearing Fatty’s screech of pain, Elias gazed slightly worried at the chubby boy. It appeared as if things were not going as smoothly as he had hoped, as he could see Fatty’s body convulsing on the ground without control.



Hearing Fatty’s cry of agony, Calron stopped in the middle of his punch and turned back to gaze towards where his Master and Fatty were located.


Fatty seemed to be in more pain than when Calron had gone through his transformation. Calron’s hands shook as he kept hearing the gut-wrenching cries of Fatty, but he knew he could not interfere in this process.


It all depended on whether or not Fatty could inherit the will of the legacy.



Meanwhile, inside Fatty’s mind, his conscious was on the verge of collapsing as he struggled to maintain his sanity under that immense pain. Raging torrents of new blood rushed into his muscles and bones, as they started to merge and mutated his body.


New cells took the place of old ones and the process was repeated countless times. Under the blazing heat released by the legacy, even the fat cells in Fatty’s body started to slowly evaporate.


A faint crimson mist started to form around Fatty, as the new blood started to force the old blood out of his body. His muscles and bones started to rapidly heal and slowly fitted back into place.


Fatty’s current body was rippling with muscle, as the intense heat of the legacy’s transformation had already burned off the fat on him. He appeared to be even more muscular than Calron, and slightly taller as well!


Just then, images started to flicker inside Fatty’s head.


A giant of a man stood alone in a desolate plain with uncountable corpses surrounding him. The giant emitted a vicious b.l.o.o.d.y aura and his body glowed with a deep scarlet hue. Just as the giant turned his head towards him, Fatty felt the images shatter!


Suddenly, he spewed out a mouthful of dark blood filled with his body’s impurities.


Seeing the boy cough out the vile substance, Elias secretly let out a sigh of relief. With the impurities expelled from his body, it will be easier for Roran to absorb the new blood. Elias had been previously worried, as unlike normal cultivators undergoing a legacy’s transformation, Fatty will have no a.s.sistance from his core to endure the pain or the torment.


The essence from any element will have a supplementary effect of strengthening the body, so even without cultivating, any elementalist will have a tougher body than one who did not possess a core. This was why Element-Less were considered to be trash and even lower than Lightning cultivators!


After a few more coughs, Fatty sat down on the gra.s.s and panted as he inhaled large amounts of air. A puddle of dark vicious blood spread around him as Fatty gazed up towards his Master and asked with a pale face.


“Master, why did it hurt so much?”

Noticing that the boy still had not realized the change in his appearance, Elias looked amused.


“Your body has just gone through a process of complete renewal. The pain was likely greater in your case as you did not have the a.s.sistance of your element. Brace yourself, Roran, the Blood Legacy’s source pool will soon emerge within your body now.”


Just as Elias finished speaking, Fatty’s conscious suddenly quivered as a foreign ent.i.ty invaded his mind.


A pool of dark crimson blood coalesced within Fatty’s conscious and expanded continuously until it turned into a violent ocean of blood!


The sight filled Fatty with an awe that was indescribable in simple words. This was the same feeling that Calron had felt when he first saw the source pool!


It appeared as if the ocean of thick scarlet blood was surrounded by a deep darkness. The blood waves crashed against each other and the tyranny of these waves could be seen just from the intense aura it emitted. At the edge of the crimson ocean, Fatty could see two distinct bridges connected to it. One appeared to be withered and dull, while the other was bursting with an intense azure glow. That bridge was also much thicker and st.u.r.dier than the one opposite to it.


Feeling curious, Fatty sent his conscious into the two bridges. Instinctively, he knew that the withered bridge was his Master and he faintly sensed his presence as well. Moving onto the other bridge, Fatty detected a profound aura surrounding it and he was unable to enter the foreign conscious, until a mental gate abruptly opened and let him in.


Fatty felt a range of emotions from this foreign presence. Initially there was caution, but after a moment it changed into relief and finally there was elation.


He knew within the depths of his soul, that this was Calron!




Suddenly, the ocean of blood surged in its intensity as the waves madly crashed against each other. Soon, another bridge was slowly being constructed at the edge of the ocean. Feeling the trace of familiarity with it, Fatty rushed out of the azure bridge and entered the new path that was being formed.



Meanwhile, Calron had stopped his training and appeared next to Elias as looked at the once-chubby kid lying on the gra.s.s.


Calron felt his mouth drop at the change in Fatty. Calling him ‘Fatty’ right now seemed like a joke, as the youngster in front of him was just as lean as him, and appeared to have even more muscle ma.s.s!


Calron guessed that if Fatty stood up right now, then he would probably be several inches taller as well. He did not understand why there was such a monumental change in Fatty’s appearance, but he decided to ponder on that later.


Suddenly, he felt an intruder within his conscious!


After delving into his mind, he realized that it was just Fatty exploring the newborn source pool within his body and so in a brief moment, he opened his mind’s gate for his new blood brother.



As Fatty entered the new path being formed, he suddenly felt his soul tremble!


The source energy from the pool rushed into his body, it drowned him with an euphoric feeling. As his heart raced uncontrollably, Fatty started to feel torrents of the source energy flooding into his muscles and the fractured veins.


Everywhere the source energy touched, the cells would become stronger and the muscles tougher as their density greatly increased. The fractured veins inside Fatty’s body started to regrow like the sprout of a plant and by every approaching second, it reached closer and closer to his core.


As the veins were being nourished by the source energy, the meridians within Fatty’s body also started to slowly open with every circulation of the new energy.


From the outside, Elias and Calron could see a crimson glow emit from Fatty’s skin and they both knew that Fatty was currently drawing in the source energy!


Just as the first tendril of the spiritual veins was about to connect with his core, Fatty felt his conscious tremble with an uncontrollable power!


His core abruptly shook as the final vein connected to it, and in the next moment, a colossal amount of essence was gathering above him.


When Calron and Elias saw the huge ma.s.s of essence above Fatty’s head, they felt as if their tongues had dried up!

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