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Chapter 173 – The Charge



After all the robed figures outside the palace were defeated, no one had realized at that moment but the winged creature in the sky had long ago disappeared from sight, leaving the dark orb unprotected. 

No one knew whether he left it because he was confident that no one could destroy it, or because there was no longer any need for it.


The dark orb remained in the sky eclipsing the sun, causing the citizens of the city to despair for their future.






“Hoooh…. Haaaah….. s.h.i.t…. ”

A silver haired man panted for air, as he descended from the air and knelt down on the ground. Drops of sweat dripped from his forehead onto the dirt below, a look of utter exhaustion etched onto his face.


“I hope I am not too late.”

Balis took a deep breath and composed himself. He had been flying non-stop from the Order’s headquarters since yesterday, and the journey was now taking a toll on his body. His essence was almost depleted, and if not for the urgency to return to Selior city, Balis would have already collapsed mid-journey.



“Those old b.u.ms are too oblivious!”

He cursed the Order’s council members, recalling the verdict they had pa.s.sed down in regards to Zarvel’s actions.


The Order did not want to get involved with Zarvel, so they had sent a doc.u.ment conveying his expulsion from the Guardians. This was a move to prevent the wrath of the six towers and the royal family, so no blame would come on the Order of the Guardians.



“If they think that the king and the tower lords are that stupid, then they will have to face the consequences in future.”

Balis knew that Zarvel’s expulsion would not fool the city authorities. If the Order had at least sent a squadron of their forces to aid the king, then the situation in future would not be so irreparable.


“Stay safe, kid.”

Balis thought of Calron and then leapt off into the air to resume his flight.


Selior city was still an hour away from his location.






“T-this… ”

Linda choked, her hand covering her mouth in shock.


After hearing the bird’s mournful cry, everyone had rushed inside the palace and quickly found where the main battle was taking place.


Once they arrived at the main hall, they were met with the sight of tens of corpses spread out on the floor while those who were alive kept on fighting. Judging from the clothes on the corpses, a majority of them were the royal guards or the guards from the six towers, and the rest were the robed figures.


The scene that caused Linda and the other members of the Raizel clan to fall deep in sorrow, was the image of the colossal golden bird being pinned down by five robed figures. Two of them were clutching a sword and spear which were pierced into each of the Patriarch’s wings, one of them had his leg pressed against the bird’s throat while the last figure had a rope made of water essence constricting the bird’s claws.




Kail bellowed in fury, but he was being stalled by two of the enemies who simultaneously attacked him to prevent him from going to the Patriarch’s aid. Kail’s both arms were covered in golden scales and his hands were replaced by sharp claws. He couldn’t completely shape-shift into a beast form, but Kail’s transformed claws were a lot more menacing than Calron’s.


Three of the tower lords were still standing up fighting, however, the fourth one was on the floor, leaning against the wall.

 The stomach area on his robe was stained with blood, and it was clear that it was a fatal wound. If not for the subtle rising and deflating of his chest, then everyone would have thought that he was dead already.



Along with the three tower lords and Kail, four other guards were still alive and fighting the robed figures. Looking at their battered and bloodied bodies, one could tell that it would not be an easy battle against the remaining twelve robed figures.


“Where is big brother?”

Asra whispered, searching for his brother amongst the people fighting in the hall.



Rain cursed after seeing the situation in front of them.



“This was a stupid idea. We should have gone to bring some reinforcements.”

Resir stated with a sour face. Even if their group joined in, they would not be able to defeat the enemies in front of them.



“The ones who do not want to fight, you can stay back or go to bring reinforcements. The ones who want to fight, stick with me.”

Laxerus’ tower lord spoke softly to the teens around him, sensing their fear at seeing numerous dead bodies around them.


It was a hopeless fight.



“If we fight, we should go now.”

Calron growled, his eyes staring furiously at the ones who pinned down the Patriarch.




The Patriarch cried with agony as one of the enemies removed his sword from the wing and plunged it again in the same gaping wound.


Kail roared when he heard his father, and tried to claw the two robed figures hindering him.



“Screw it!”

Calron muttered and bolted towards the Patriarch’s direction. He could not wait any longer for the teens to make a decision or overcome their fear.

 From the corner of his eyes, Calron saw Roran and Avor both trailing behind him. They had charged at the same instance that Calron had made a move.



Calron warmly smiled at them. 



Linda and Rain shouted at the same time.



“Let’s go.”

Asra quietly stepped next to them and whispered with a serious expression on his face. Harol patted him on the back and waited for Linda and Rain.


“Will we win, Asra?”

Linda asked with a quiver in her voice. Before, it was only a few enemies, but now they were dealing with enemies who not even the Elders or the Patriarch could defeat.



“Does it matter?”

Asra grinned, shrugging his shoulders. Regardless of the outcome, they would never stand still while their clan was being killed.

 Linda let out a nervous laughter, but the light within her eyes gradually returned. Dragging Rain behind her, she yelled. “FIGHT!”


Harol and Asra returned the roar and charged ahead.



“That old man sure got lucky with his grandkids… ”

Laxurus’ tower lord murmured wryly and swiftly sped towards them. Soon, Erten, Resir and a few others all trailed behind the tower lord.








Kail shouted once he saw the teen rapidly nearing the main hall. He was elated and worried at the same time. 

The young man would not be able to handle the Saint stage experts.



“Big brother, what’s the plan?”

Roran inquired while running alongside Calron.


“There’s no plan, Roran. Just let loose and go wild!”

Calron stared at the five robed figures who were torturing the Patriarch.


I’ll start by killing them.



“Hahaha, I like it!”

Roran laughed as gusts of steam exuded from his body.



“TI… TAN’S…. FURY!!!”

His skin morphed into a deep shade of red, and guttural noises sounded out from his throat.



“My turn.”

Calron murmured, and countless golden scales began to envelop his body while he was running.

His eyes flashed with an azure glow as the scales spread towards his face, and right then, two gigantic metal wings shot from his back.



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