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Chapter 157 – Stranger Under Three Suns

“Big brother, did you wake up yet?”

Roran called out, as he slowly opened the door to Calron’s room.

The sound of thunder abruptly rushed into Roran’s ears when the door opened, and he saw bolts of lightning wildly revolving around Calron like a coc.o.o.n. 

How long has he been cultivating?

Roran inwardly thought, as he found a chair next to Calron’s bed and patiently waited for his brother to finish cultivating. It was already early morning so Calron must have been continuously cultivating since last night.


Within Calron’s conscious, a discussion was currently taking place.

“Teacher, why have you been ignoring me all this time?”

Calron asked with slight trepidation.

“Sorry about that, kid, but my soul is going through a transformation phase so I won’t be around for a while.”

Ezkael stated in a comforting tone.

“Transformation phase? What do you mean?”

Calron inquired, his curiosity piqued by his Teacher’s words.

“Well, I have recovered enough of my strength that I don’t need to be in my soul form and can now re-gain my physical appearance. The problem is that I need to isolate myself to concentrate, so I won’t be able to communicate with you for a long time.” 

Ezkael answered wryly.

“That’s great news! I can finally see Teacher’s real appearance.”

Calron chuckled, his mind at ease.

“By the way, Teacher, I wanted to ask you about something. Do you know anything about the Dark Psylockers?”

This spontaneous thought came to Calron mid-discussion, and he decided to ask his Teacher about it.

“Dark Psylockers? Hmm…. I remember that there used to exist a race with that name in the Divine Realm, but I have never encountered any of them. All I know about them is that their people were said to be some of the most fearsome cultivators of the mind and soul. Their inate mental abilities allowed them to read the mind of any person within the same cultivation stage, and also forcefully shatter an enemy’s mind if they had a lower cultivation than them. Why are you asking about this now?”

Ezkael questioned.

“Nothing, I just heard the name and was wondering if you knew anything about it.”

Calron quickly stated. He was not sure whether or not he wanted his Teacher to know that he practiced the Dark Psylocker’s powers and that the Divine Perception was also a part of it.

“Calron… take care of yourself, child.”

Ezkael brushed off the topic of the Dark Psylockers, and bid Calron a warm farewell.

“You too, Teacher. I hope to see your real body soon in a few months.”

Calron wished, and gradually the presence of Ezkael withdrew from his mind.


Calron finally opened his eyes and saw the bolts of lightning crackling all around him. 

I am getting close to breaking into the ninth rank.

Calron thought while observing his elemental core. 

“Big brother!”

Roran exclaimed, seeing that Calron had opened his eyes.

“Roran, how long have you been here?”

Calron smiled at the sight of his brother, and withdrew the surrounding lightning back into his body.

“Only for the past couple minutes. Big brother, you told me last night to come to your room in the morning. What did you want to talk about?”

Roran asked, as he got up from his chair and handed Calron a small towel to wipe off his sweat.

“Ah, yes. Roran, what do you think about going to the inner city and seeing the Raizel clan?”

Calron proposed, as he used the towel and dried his sweaty hair.

“It’s big brother’s family, so we should definitely go!”

Roran responded in an eager voice. He was really excited to see the rest of Calron’s family and meet new people.

“Alright, we’ll close the shop for today and go to the inner city. Oh, I forgot to ask, how much of the G.o.d Tiles stock still remains after yesterday?”

Since Calron could not use the Divine Perception for a while, the number of G.o.d Tiles had really dwindled as of late.

“Not much. We have around twenty enhancing tiles, seven vision tiles, and only three immune tiles. I have the gold we made yesterday in my s.p.a.cial bracelet.”

Roran conveyed after checking inside his s.p.a.cial bracelet.


Calron muttered, now even more driven to visit the Raizel clan and quickly break into the Saint stage.

“Oh, there you are, Master!”

A young girl’s voice echoed within the room, as Ellie poked her head through the door’s opening and bounced inside once she saw Roran and Calron.

“Tanny said that she can count numbers better than me, so I want you to judge and see who is better.”

Ellie blabbered, and began to drag Calron outside.

“I apologize, Master, but the girl quickly sneaked away.”

Avor burst into the room behind Ellie, and bowed his head to Calron.

After Avor joined him at the inn, Calron had a.s.signed him the duty of guarding Ellie, which the blonde man had been more than happy to do. Avor appeared to have more questions and doubts about Calron, but the man decided to wait and observe some more instead.

“Ellie, you should get ready first. We will be going to the inner city and visit my clan.”

Calron explained to the little girl.

“Really? I have always wanted to see what the inner city looked like! Maybe, I’ll get to see the princes and princesses at the palace!”

Ellie bubbled with excitement, as she stopped and daydreamed within her mind.

“Oh, but we have to first finish the contest between me and Tanny. Let’s go, Master!”

Ellie resumed her task of dragging Calron downstairs to the inevitable showdown between her and Tanny.

Calron let out an exasperated sigh and numbly followed behind the little girl, while Roran stifled a burst of laughter.

Even the reticent Avor had a faint smile on his face.


Within an ever-stretching meadow, a cloud of dark smoke suddenly coalesced in the middle. The three multi-colored suns in the sky gave off a celestial glow as they floated in the air and watched over the realm under them.

The dark smoke soon coalesced into a distinct figure of a purple-haired man dressed in black robes. Only the man’s back could be seen while he silently gazed at the suns above.

Unlike the mortal realm, the world here exuded an atmosphere of timelessness and serendipity. The moment that the purple-haired man arrived in the Divine Realm, the inhabitants of the place already detected his presence.

Some were filled with shock, while others trembled in fear.

A legend from the past was standing right in front of their eyes.


“It’s been a long time since I’ve been back home…. forgive me for lying to you, Calron.”

Ezkael whispered, while his long purple hair fluttered behind him. 

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