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Chapter 150 – The Innocent Flowers

“Patriarch, you might want to hear about this.”

A servant rushed up to a tall looming figure in the library, and quickly kneeled down on the floor.

“Eh? Speak… ”

The tall bearded old man continued to flip through the book he was reading, his azure eyes scanning the pages for a specific piece of information.

“One of our clan’s warriors just returned back from a mission, and he claims that he encountered a boy sharing the same abilities as the Raizel clan!”

The servant reported hastily, instinctively knowing that this news would be of importance for the Patriarch.


The book made dull sound as it fell on the floor.

“Take me to this warrior.”

The Patriarch’s eyes were filled with excitement and antic.i.p.ation; however, he still wanted to confirm the details before he went to find the boy.


“You called me, Grandpa?”

A young dark-haired youth tentatively approached the inner hall of the clan, and he called out to the seated figure on the throne.

“You have caused a lot of trouble for me, you little brat.”

The Patriarch’s voice shook the luxurious hall. Standing next to the throne were two middle-aged men, and one of them was the youngster’s father.

“Huh? What did I do?”

Asra asked in confusion, unaware of what caused his grandfather’s mood to abruptly turn sour. Meanwhile, his father remained standing silent.

“Did you send out one of our clan’s warriors to deal with someone?”

His uncle, Kail, asked in a serious tone while looking straight into Asra’s eyes.

“Yes… is the warrior dead!?”

Asra cried out with disbelief, thinking that some stranger had managed to kill a member of the Raizel clan. 

This would explain the somber atmosphere in the hall.

Asra inwardly thought.

“I can’t believe this... have we spoiled our young generation this much?”

The Patriarch slapped his forehead with his palm and shook his head.

Asra remained silent, still in confusion as to what was happening.

“Leave, and do not make any more moves against that boy. Also, tell your friend from the Laxerus clan to not attack him. If they continue to attack Calron, then the Raizel clan will immediately retaliate with force.”

The Patriach commanded Asra in a solemn voice, leaving the youth even more flabbergasted with the unfolding situation.

Asra tried to look at his father and uncle, but the two completely ignored his gaze.

Crestfallen and bitter, Asra left the hall and decided to look for the warrior that he had sent to Calron, in order to glean some information.

Once Asra left the hall, the two middle-aged men turned to face the old man on the throne, while the Patriarch still had his hand on his forehead.

“Father, what do we do now?”

Kail inquired with a slight smile on his face. It was rare to see his father so happy and excited, so he and his brother decided to play along with their father during Asra’s scolding. The young lad needed some discipline in his life, so this event would help to keep his ego in check.

The Patriarch had already received all the information on Calron, his friend, the new slave he bought and even on the Azure Pavilion. When the old man first heard the shop’s name, he let out a mirthful chuckle and wanted to meet Calron even more.

“The lad said that he will come to us, so I say that we respect his wishes and wait till he arrives here.”

The Patriarch stated while looking at his two sons.

What? When did father become so considerate of other people? He usually does whatever he feels like… 

The second son, Erron, pondered within his mind and glanced at his elder brother to judge his reaction.

However, Kail had his eyes closed and seemed to be waiting for something.

“Ah, screw it! I’ll just go and see the boy myself!”

The Patriarch roared with excitement and swiftly got up from his throne.

I knew it… 

Kail thought inwardly, and let out an exasperated sigh.


“Master, does this really make you feel no pain?”

Ellie asked, as she picked up a tile from the table and curiously poked it with her finger.

“Not completely, but it will take away the majority of the pain that you are feeling.”

Calron laughed out loud, and returned back to the task of engraving the shop’s name on the black wooden board. 

On the other side of the shop, Roran was carefully placing the G.o.d Tiles on the shelves and putting the price tags on their correct shelf.

The trio had arrived at the Azure Pavilion early in the morning, so Roran and Ellie could help Calron set the shop and the items up. Today, Calron was actually planning on having the customers inside the shop and debuting the launch of the pavilion. 

He had made two other variations of the G.o.d Tile, one which would enhance the vision of a person and let them see several miles further than what they could see before, while the other tile would numb the pain sensation of a cultivator, allowing them to fight regardless of a mortal injury.

“Tch, big brother is so lame… ”

Roran complained, glooming over the incident in the morning when Calron refused to tell him about how he was creating these G.o.d Tiles.

*knock - knock*

The sound of someone knocking on the door caught the attention of the three, and soon, a voice followed behind it.

“Sir, when does the Azure Pavilion open?”

“Please wait for an hour, and the pavilion will be open then.”

Calron replied without opening the door, and resumed his task. This was the third time that someone had knocked on the door since they arrived in the morning, inquiring about when the shop would open.

“Ellie, how does this look?”

Calron requested for the young girl’s advice, as he showed her the finished board with the shop’s name.

Calron had engraved ‘The Azure Pavilion’ with his lightning, and then painted the hollow dents with a deep shade of blue. With the contrast against the black wood, the shade of blue was quite eye-catching and exquisite.

“I like it, but it needs some design. Add one flower there, one there, and put two in the corners there. Do you have any other colors besides the blue?”

Ellie sat down next to Calron and pointed at various locations on the board where she wanted the flowers to be.

“Hmm… ”

Calron mused, instantly regretting asking the opinion of the little girl.

“Let me find the paint for you, Master!”

Ellie got up with elated excitement and she went over to the basket of tools that Calron had brought with him to search for more paint.

Calron let out a defeated sigh, and stared at Ellie’s cheerful back, hoping that she would drop the idea of adding flowers to his shop’s name board.

“I think that it’s a pretty good idea, it will make the customers feel more comfortable.”

A deep voice sounded out next to Calron, startling him out of his reverie. He did not know how or where the stranger had entered the shop, as all the doors and windows were closed. Moreover, even his Divine Perception was too slow in at sensing the stranger’s presence.

A thick killing intent surrounded Calron, as he looked up at the towering old man standing next to him.

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