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“Screw this s.h.i.t!”

Xardoth roared, as he flung the jug of water away from him and roared while raising his head towards the darkening sky.


Grey clouds loomed above, with hints of an impending rainfall.

The rest of the beast troops remained silent, knowing that their king was venting his anger on the loss of his son.


“F*ck these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, why haven’t they brought back Rebran to me?”

The Griffon King continued to lash out in fury, and prepared to take flight.


“My King, it is not wise. If the young lord does not return by tomorrow, then we shall all charge the gates of Weir’s city, but it is too dangerous for you to go alone.”

A slender griffon rushed in front of Xardoth, attempting to calm him down.

Although not as large and intimidating as Xardoth, this new griffon was still an impressive sight to behold.


“I will stay here until the sun rises tomorow. However, if I do not see my son by then, I will charge into the city with or without the troops.”

Xardoth stated in a frosty voice, and turned around to stare at the murky sky above.


Sigh… this is not looking good.

The slender griffon thought, while gazing at his king’s back.





“Where in the h.e.l.l did those little brats run off to? They couldn’t have gone too far on those tiny legs of theirs…”

Calron muttered to himself, gliding across the sky and scouring the land below in search of a lion and a wolf pup.


Will you do it?

Ezkael’s ethereal body suddenly coalesced next to Calron, as they flew side by side.


Do what?

Calron asked, while his eyes continued to scan the forest below.


The thing which is on your mind right now.

His Teacher stated in an even tone.


I don’t know… I do wish to help cure him of his affliction, but how do I know wether or not he is suitable for the Blood Legacy?

Calron said softly after a momentary pause.


Well, why did your Master choose you as the next Inheritor?

Ezkael inquired, as he burst into a cloud of smoke and reappeared on the other side of Calron.


Thinking back to when he was eight years old and alone in the world after the death of his parents, Calron recalled the scene when Elias had looked down at him and asked him whether he had wanted to inherited his legacy or not.

His choice that day had turned around his whole life, and the legacy had given him a way to achieve both strength and power in this brutal society.


Why did Master Elias choose me?

Calron questioned, as more memories of his past surfaced within his mind.



Ezkael’s abrupt roar shook Calron out of his thoughts.


Before he could ask his Teacher what had happened, his next words completely froze Calron’s heart.


Avi has been wounded!






Avi barked at the top of her lungs, finally drawing the attention of the white lion. However, it was too late by then.



Rebran dumbly stared up at the group of hooded figures in front of him.


Standing still and shrouded in pitch-black cloaks that appeared to devour the very light that touched it, five mysterious figures slowly raised their heads to face the young lion and the little wolf pup.


Although Avi could not see their faces, Rebran had an un.o.bstructed view since he was directly in front of them.


They had the outer shape of a human, but Rebran could clearly see dark reptilian skin and a slithering forked-tongue under their hoods. When one of them noticed that the young lion was staring under their hoods, the figure let out a sinister hiss.


“Are y-you going to e-eat me?”

Rebran stuttered with fright as a chilling aura was released by all five of the hooded figures at once.


“Eatsss? We have to chop you into little bitssss before.”

The figure standing the closest to Rebran hissed with amus.e.m.e.nt, as it brought down its hooded face close to his trembling face and took a long sniff of the young lion.



Hearing the nefarious voice of the reptillian so close to his ears, Rebran immediately shut his eyes and prayed that everything would be over and that this was all just a dream.

If this wasn’t a dream, then it was the most realistic nightmare that he ever had.

Compared to the vile stench of these figures, Rebran would rather face the scary golden bird. At least, that scaly bird did not have an evil aura around him.


I should have never left father’s side.

Just when Rebran thought that his life was about to come to an end, he simultaneously heard the growl of a little beast and a surprised yelp next to his ear.

Swiftly opening his eyes, Rebran saw that Avi had her jaws latched around the foot of the reptilian that was threatening him, while letting out a low growl from her throat.


Where… where does she get this courage from?

Rebran’s thoughts raced, as his eyes met the bright purple eyes of the little wolf pup. Even at this moment, she seemed to be telling him to escape, with no regard of her own life.


We just met, why would you do this for me?

Rebran’s heart was in a turmoil, watching the actions of this pup who was much younger and smaller than him, but had ten times the courage.


A teardrop escaped from his eyes, when he saw the extent of struggle this little pup was willing to go for him.


“You little ss.h.i.t, how dare you put your filthy teethsss on me?”

The figure icily stated, and within a blink of an eye, its talons grasped Avi by the neck and began to slowly dig into her skin.


Letting out an anguished cry of pain, Avi screamed at the top of her little lungs, feeling the hard nails of the reptilian dig further and further into her body.

Drops of blood seeped out from her fur, dyeing her black coat with a shade of red.



“Ran, if you ever make a friend in future who is willing to be by your side through both pain and happiness, never let them go and make sure you protect them with every drop of strength you have. Understood?”

A slim griffon spoke, while deeply gazing into the eyes of a baby beast on the ground.


“Alright, mommy… but, do you really think someone will want to be friends with me?”

A little white lion asked, as he raised his tiny head up to face his mother.


“I’m sure you will find a friend like that one day.”

Denela said warmly, as she ruffled her son’s fur with her beak.



“I will not let you hurt her!”

A rapid change started to occur within Rebran, as wisps of white light enveloped his body and an illusion of two angellic wings appeared on his back.

This was the first time that Rebran felt an emotion that he had never felt before.






“How are the preparationsss?”

A silky voice sounded out in the shadow of a cave, as a series of hisses reponded to the voice.


“The trapssss have been ssset, my lord. The lion runt will be killed tonight, and the war between the two kings will ssstart by tommorow.”

A feminine voice rasped, as she stepped forward and adressed the shadow at the back of the cave.


“Exssselent! These two idiot kingsss don’t even realise that they are both being played… truly marvelousss! Contact me once everything is ready.”

The silky voice exclaimed in a sultry tone, as it began slithering away.


The rest of the reptilian figures in the cave rapidy moved out and commenced the plans set by their ruler.


In a not so distant location from the cave, a gigantic snake remained coiled behind a large rock as its body began to rapidly distort and mutate until it took on the form of a red-haired woman.

“Let’s see how our Dragon King is doing, shall we?”

The red-haired beauty let out a seductive laugh, as she suddenly vanished from the area.

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