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Chapter 368 The Strongest Defense

To the southeast of the Mu Family was a golden light curtain. Inside it, Lyu Liang and Lin Qiangu were standing face to face on a large stage. Wen Xiaojing, being the only witness, had a mysterious smile on her face.

“Don't worry. Except for Xiaojing, no one else will know that you were defeated by me.” Lin Qiangu pointed her spear at Lyu Liang with a confident smile.

Upon arriving here, Lyu Liang totally forgot Lin Qiangu's goading words. This girl was Wen Xiaojing's best friend and had saved all the people's lives. Lyu Liang did not want to hurt a girl who should have been his friend.

“Boy, this is actually a good opportunity!” White said slowly yet somehow excitedly, “Who you are confronting is the inheritor of the Limitation Bounds of Blood. Such a thing does not happen every day. You can just seize this opportunity to test your defensive capability!”

“The Limitation Bounds of Blood? What is that?” Lyu Liang's curiosity was aroused.

“Well, there are very rare cultivators in the world who do not have special const.i.tutions but are born with mysterious powers. n.o.body knows why. With such powers, they can develop a special skill in a part of their bodies and thus gain overwhelming strength! But these powers can only be inherited by their descendants, and that's why they are as rare as the inheritors of Divine Prohibition.” White whispered, and then he warned, “Don't look down upon such powers. This girl is an even greater talent of this type. Even if you try your best, you might get hurt by her attacks.”

“How could I look down upon her?” Lyu Liang smiled wryly. “This awesome girl is known as ‘Vileplume'! Just think about these two girls around me; one is the most intelligent, and the other is the most formidable. What huge gifts for me!”

“Hey! What are you thinking about? Attack me, or I will do so first!” Lin Qiangu became impatient.

“Wait a minute! Two and a half hours!” Lyu Liang waved his hands hastily. “That's the time limit! If one of us is not defeated within two and a half hours, this match will end in a draw! If you do not agree, I will quit now!” Lyu Liang would rather be a coward than hurt a good girl.

“You…” Lin Qiangu paused her raised spear. She revealed her lovely canine teeth and said, “Fine! Two and a half hours! But I will deal with you within one and a half hours!”

Suddenly, Lyu Liang was lost in thought. Her appearance and her way of talking reminded him of Liu Jiawen.

“Is she still eluding those mysterious killers? Lyu Liang, how much time do you want to waste here?” Thinking about that, Lyu Liang raised his head and growled, “Come on! Fight me!”

“Eh? Good!” Lin Qiangu was surprised at Lyu Liang's change. But then, she focused her attention and said lightly, “Divine Bone Arrows!”

As she shone with silver light, she stuck her spear into the earth.

The particles in the air began to shake. After a while, countless white, bony spikes were about to shoot at Lyu Liang from all directions! He was directly exposed to the danger within the range of 30 meters around himself.

“Ghost Soldiers!” Lyu Liang roared out. Numerous small black suns gathered together to form a cover, defending Lyu Liang against the attacks. Star-picking Palms were also stimulated to slap away the spikes, and more importantly, to toughen the defensive cover.

“Eh?” Lin Qiangu was surprised by Lyu Liang's actions. Obviously, he planned to be defensive rather than launch attacks.

Lyu Liang continued to stimulate Virtual-Spirit Sword Essence. It did not shoot at the rival as usual, but formed a strong array to surround Lyu Liang.

Meanwhile, six Spirit Swallowing Bugs emerged and flew around Lyu Liang. Their movements seemed random, but actually, there were always four of them protecting Lyu Liang's head, chest, spine, and throat.

This was the perfect defense!

“You… coward!” Lin Qiangu's face was dark with rage. What she expected was an exciting battle rather than a dull cat-and-mouse game. “All right, let me teach you a lesson!”

“Limitation Bounds! The Blood Method of Bone!” Lin Qiangu's eyes suddenly turned red, and some complicated patterns appeared vaguely on her forehead. As she crouched to hit the earth with both hands, the entire arena was enveloped by blood-red light!

“Dammit! Have I done something to displease you like this?” Lyu Liang could not help cursing. But soon, he calmed down and said in a low voice, “Please help me!”

After he had said that, another Lyu Liang emerged. As he waved his green sword lightly, several irregular s.p.a.ce gaps were cleaved open in the void.

In the real Lyu Liang's hand, the Xuan-Yuan Sword also caused the same effects. At the same time, it created several sharp wisps of Sword Qi to hit at Lin Qiangu.

“These are your ‘attacks'? Eh? Dammit! I will break your defense!” When Lin Qiangu prepared to taunt Lyu Liang for his weak attacks, she found that the Sword Qi was not intended to hurt her but to suppress her Divine Soul.

In fact, Lyu Liang had infused restrictive power into the Sword Qi in advance. When the Sword Qi approached Lin Qiangu, it turned into golden beams and encompa.s.sed her.

This was a clever trick. Lin Qingu's Limitation Bounds of Blood was based on her strong Divine Soul. Therefore, Lyu Liang directly solved the problem at the source.

Of course, Lyu Liang did not feel at ease. This was all the defense he could use in his normal state. If this crazy girl burned her Divine Soul, he would have no choice but to stimulate his Divine Mark.

One and a half hours later, the weirdly-red arena was filled with Lin Qiangu's lethal spikes. On the contrary, Lyu Liang had tried every means to protect himself from the attacks. The fiercer her attacks were, the tougher his defense became.

Most of the spikes were absorbed by those s.p.a.ce gaps, while the rest were held back by Lyu Liang's Star-picking Palms and Sword Essence.

“Don't worry. I have more to show you!” Lin Qiangu said impatiently as she lowered her head. When she raised her head again, the red patterns on her forehead began flowing like tadpoles.

All of a sudden, her white bone-spear turned scarlet. Instantly, she wielded the spear and rushed at Lyu Liang!

However, Lyu Liang had prepared well for that. The 12 Spirit Swallowing Bugs turned into two daggers, glittering with black light. They struggled with Lin Qiangu and prevented her from moving forward.

“Time is up!” Wen Xiaojing announced clearly, stopping the two on the stage. Lyu Liang sighed in relief, while Lin Qiangu looked rather unsatisfied with the result.

“Coward! Hmph!” Lin Qiangu summoned back all the spikes and sneered, “Listen! If you were our enemy, I would not have been so gentle on you!”

Lyu Liang wiped the sweat from his face and thought, “If we were enemies, I would not have tried so hard in defense!”

At the same time, Zhu Yu was wounded heavily on the eastern edge of the Chaotic Heavenly Alliance. Bathed in blood, he knelt on one knee, panting heavily. Beside him, the Blood-Dripping Spear had been snapped in two. It had accompanied him for so many years, but it finally lay inanimate on the ground.

A black-robed old man was frowning, with his back to Zhu Yu. He was You Mang, the captain of Dark Wing. Behind him, a dozen black-robed men were standing in a line, ready to launch attacks. All of them had cultivation at the Tao Ancestor Middle-stage.

“I have to say that you are much more powerful than I thought! But your Heavenly Alliance Token has lost its efficacy, your divine spear is broken, and you do not have enough power to summon forth the eight diagrams. What else can you do?” You Mang nodded with a complicated expression and sighed softly. “You have caused us great losses. How should I explain it to our boss? But as long as you are killed, my task will be finished.”

“It has been a long time since we began fighting. You are more sticky than I thought.” Zhu Yu spat out blood. Then, he raised his head and said with an unyielding smile, “100 people came and a dozen return? Hahaha, how shameless you are! Is my life really that valuable?”

“I do not want to argue with you, and I will not give you any chance to recover!” You Mang shook his head and said threateningly, “This is your last chance! If you tell me the secret of the One Point Death, I will let you die comfortably! If not, I will let you experience the torture of soul searching! At that time, I can still learn about that secret method!”

“The One Point Death? That sounds nice! Now that I am here, just let me join your game.” As a faint voice was heard, a silver-armored young man emerged. The striking scar on his face had deprived him of one eye.

“Xu Yi? Why are you here? Does Milord Night Dragon know about this?” You Mang was surprised. Obviously, he knew who this young man was.

“Can you tell me… the secret of the One Point Death?” The young man ignored You Mang's questions and directly walked up to Zhu Yu. He crouched on one knee and squinted at this man with his only eye.

“You're welcome to join our game. Anyway, it makes no difference.” Zhu Yu smiled an insouciant smile and whispered, “I can tell you… when we meet in h.e.l.l…”

Suddenly, his body glowed with five colors, and his weak aura also surged to the Tao Ancestor Late-stage.

“Bang!” As a loud noise was heard, the young man was knocked back and smacked on the ground. Then, he was completely motionless!

“What?” Shocked, You Mang exuded an aura at almost the G.o.d Ancestor level. But still, he was too late!

Zhu Yu did not give his opponents any chance to fight back. When You Mang was ready to launch attacks, he felt a cool breeze blowing over him. He turned around and found that all of his men had been killed!

“You, you… you are not Zhu Yu! You… hmm… you are…” You Mang opened his eyes wide. Before he could finish his words, a hand squeezed his neck with strength. As the hand flashed with black light, a slight explosion was heard.

You Mang's eyes dimmed at that very second. A golden soul spirit floated out of his head and a.s.sumed the appearance of an old man. But before he could escape, a thin, black beam directly shot at him and broke him apart.

Zhu Yu stood there and tossed away You Mang's body. Then, his figure became vague and he gradually took on the appearance of the scarred young man.

On the other side, the young man on the ground lifted his left arm. A small black cloud remained around his finger. Then, his figure also became vague and turned into Zhu Yu's appearance.

“A good scheme… Did you do this for the One Point Death?” Zhu Yu's condition did not allow him to stand up at all. But he flashed a carefree smile, afraid of nothing.

To his surprise, the young man smiled softly and walked up to Zhu Yu. As his hands flashed with bright light, the two halves of Zhu Yu's broken spear appeared in them.

Suddenly, the young man spat out blood, and five colors shone on his hands. The next second, the Blood-Dripping Spear was perfectly repaired. The black light on it was even more brilliant than before.

“You…” Zhu Yu frowned slightly. When he was about to say something, the spear flew over to him, giving him an extremely cozy feeling. He was soon forced into a deep, sound sleep.

The last second before he closed his eyes, the young man disappeared. He heard some people talking and found several men rushing over. The one in the very front was Little Bean, Lyu Liang's best friend in the Demons Valley.

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