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In the villa that was Jessica's home, Jessica's father was frowning with a miserable-looking expression.

Looking at the television program, he could not help but say, "Alright, what's so interesting about this lousy show? Turn it off."

Jessica's mother said angrily, "I can't even watch television or the news? Listen to Professor Lauretta's a.n.a.lysis. If the two of you—father and daughter—are at half of her level, our family wouldn't be in its current state."

She broke out crying as she said this. This morning, their three companies and 12 shops, as well as all of the properties, shares, and savings, belonging to Jessica's family had all been frozen. Over 20 soldiers had surrounded their villa, and they were being held in confinement.

Hearing the woman's complaints, Jessica's father's headache worsened and he felt even more annoyed. He said impatiently, "How can television programs be real? This Lauretta is paid to say this. It's just people from the armies trying to blow things up."

"That also shows the direction of how things are turning out!" Jessica's younger brother responded anxiously. "Father, why don't you break off all ties with that foolish woman immediately? D*mn it, if it's not because this foolish woman got involved in the conflict between the 13 armies, we wouldn't have been implicated."

Under the Gray Army's publicity and attempts to blow things up, majority of mankind were now standing on their side. The military forces of over ten countries had gathered under the Kun Lun Mountains, and there were also over 200 warriors with extraordinary powers who had rushed over to the Kun Lun Mountains.

An immense pressure gathered in the sky above the Kun Lun Mountains. The gazes of all the people in the world were gathered here, waiting for Fang Xingjian to make his decision.

However, other than the members of the White Army, there was probably no one in the world who thought that they would win this.

Just then, the television program was suddenly interrupted with a piece of news that drew the attention of everyone in Jessica's family.

"We interrupt this program for a special report. Based on the latest news brought by the frontlines, the White Army's new Commander Fang Xingjian has given a reply to the joint trial. He expresses that..."

Upon saying this, the news anchor was suddenly stumped for a short moment. She blinked, seemingly unable to believe what she was reading.

A short moment later, she gulped and continued, "Fang Xingjian expresses that all nine armies must come under the White Army within three hours. Otherwise, he'll bathe the entire Heaven-Connecting Tower in blood, killing everyone who resists."

When everyone heard this piece of news, they felt as if an explosive rumbling of thunder had rung out in their minds. They felt that Fang Xingjian was crazy.

"This lunatic! Is he trying to bring the entire planet into a chaotic battle?"

Jessica's father fell limply onto the sofa. His gaze was dull, and his mind was completely empty.

In the Heaven-Connecting Tower, the King of Trepidation laughed out loud, "He has guts. He really has guts. Which of you were able to expect that he would reply like this?" His eyes were gleaming with excitement. Once an all out war breaks out, the Yellow Army's chance will arrive."

The 13 armies' conflicts had gone on for very long. Even though it was currently the case where nine of them were going up against one, all sorts of conflicts would arise once the fight really broke out. If some arch enemies were to sneak an attack, it would become a chaotic battle.

At the thought of this, the King of Trepidation's body started to tremble in excitement.

However, Hui He's expression darkened as fury burned in his heart.

"Arrogant! He's too arrogant! Who does he think he is?"

Fang Xingjian's reply had caused Hui He to completely miscalculate. He had initially thought of joining forces with most of the other armies to deal with a smaller group, wanting to use the influence of the nine armies to force Fang Xingjian to submit.

In his plans, there was no option of going to war.

After all, if a war were to break out, there would be great chaos. Just deciding who should take the lead amongst the nine commanders was a problem in itself. The entire situation would be in danger of going out of control completely. This was something that the Gray Army—who had always wanted to control the world and hoped that the society would work the way they wanted it to—would definitely not allow.

Seven Commanders sat together on a huge round conference table.

Unlike Hui He who was furious and the King of Trepidation who was excited, there was a Caucasian lady dressed in a purple cheongsam who seemed very relaxed.

The light purple cheongsam wrapped around her body, displaying her fiery figure. The two round lumps at her chest were almost bursting out, making one wonder if the quality of the cheongsam was good enough to hold them in.

The split under her waist also revealed a pair of slender legs which were wrapped in a layer of fine black stockings, making her appear extremely s.e.xy.

This extremely seductive lady was the Purple Army's Commander, Zi Ling.

She smiled and said, "I feel that this Fang Xingjian is quite manly. Don't you guys think so?"

Hui He's expression darkened even further. However, although he had miscalculated Fang Xingjian's decision, Hui He felt that they still had the absolute advantage and that the tides had not been turned.

Therefore, he said solemnly, "This is no time for jokes. Fang Xingjian has killed members from my army and violated the One-Three Agreement. Since he can kill my people, he can kill yours too. Moreover, you guys have seen his abilities. Which of you dare to say that you'll definitely emerge victorious if you were to take him on single-handedly?

"This means that he might even have the chance to kill commander-level existences."

Hearing Hui He's words, everyone heart trembled. They then recalled the powerful abilities Fang Xingjian had displayed in the live broadcast.

Hui He continued, "Earth might seem peaceful for now, but we all know that there are endless threats hidden in the back. That person is constantly watching this planet. Our powers mustn't be wasted in this internal strife.

"However, after Fang Xingjian starts this, the consequences will be dire if we don't mete out punishment and stop him immediately. It may even cause the end of the world. None of us present will be able to escape this."

A bald old monk, who had dots inscribed on his head and was dressed in orange monk robes, put his palms together and sighed. He said, "Amitabha. This really is a period of troubles. If we don't suppress Fang Xingjian, he will probably cause a great commotion in the world and bring forth great trouble."

"However, he is extremely strong, and we'll need to join forces if we wish to punish him," Hui He emphasized. "In that attack where he clashed with Grade and me, the power that was instantly unleashed explosively is three times that of my highest power level according to the Gold Army's calculations.

"If this isn't his full power..."

A young man with blood-red hair that was like burning flames smiled coldly. "How is it possible that this isn't his full power?" He shook his head in disbelief. "He's not a G.o.d. He's merely a human. How is that possible..."

This person was clearly the Red Army's Commander.

"We must view our enemies from an extensive angle," Hui He said while looking at the young man. "This is a battle that concerns the world's safety. Shouldn't we be careful and a.s.sess the other party's capabilities based on the worst case scenario possible?

"If we fail to besiege him, can you image what state the entire Earth will be in?"

The King of Trepidation thought, 'Due to the requirements in terms of characters, the 13 armies have always not seen eye to eye with each other. There's no unity at all. If it's not because of the external threat which that person poses, we'd have fought each other a long time ago.

'And if we fail to besiege Fang Xingjian, we'll probably enter a state of chaos in order to protect ourselves and do things our own way.

'This is very suitable for our Yellow Army to disseminate terror, and we'll be able to get a lot stronger. I might even surpa.s.s all of the other Commanders.'

A middle-aged man wearing blue uniform frowned as he looked at the vacant spots at the conference table. He asked, "Where are Grade and Kaosi? Why didn't they come?"

"Let's ignore them for now," Hui He said. Then he continued sharing his arrangements, "Currently, we'll estimate Fang Xingjian's powers to be at least five times stronger than mine. If we wish to defeat him, we mustn't take him on one by one. We must make sure to cooperate with each others' abilities.

"It's best that we don't let him unleash his battle prowess. Otherwise, even if we win, grave destruction will be brought upon Earth's environment."

Saying this, Hui He slowly regained his confidence. "We're not going to give him the chance to enter an all out war, and we're not giving him the chance to face us in a battle.

"We'll coordinate our abilities and kill Fang Xingjian directly.

"The remaining White Army's warriors are nothing to fear."

Everyone nodded. Even if Fang Xingjian really possessed five times the strength Hui He had, they would be able to kill him completely if they coordinated their abilities and worked together.

Hui He looked at everyone solemnly and said, "Everyone should now understand how serious this problem is."

"If we can unite and cooperate with each other, dealing with Fang Xingjian won't be an issue.

"But if there's someone amongst us who harbors alternate thoughts and causes this plan to fail, then it's likely that the entire planet will welcome great chaos. That person will become humanity's sinner."

As he said this, he turned his gaze toward the King of Trepidation and the red-haired young man, causing both of them to feel uneasy.

The middle-aged wearing blue uniform suddenly stood up and exclaimed, "Enemy attack!"

At the next moment, a white light pillar descended from the sky. Under everyone's astonished gaze, the light pillar encompa.s.sed a range of ten lis completely.

In the blink of an eye, the entire Heaven-Connecting Tower was completely vaporized.

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