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When the last auction of the treasure was settled, the auction was over.

Li Wuyi was thrilled. Not only he got the Soul Fixation Pearl that he yearned for, but he also prevented Lyu Liang from getting the Qi Storage Pearl. When he took the two younger brothers and deliberately walked past Lyu Liang, he still did not forget to sneer and said, "Oh, Junior Brother, such a pity! However, you are originally poor. Why do you pretend to be rich?" After saying that, he swayed his way down the stairs.

Lyu Liang smiled slightly and did not care about it. He let Zhang Ran and Lyu Xinyun wait in the same place, and he went alone to the compartment where Shangguan Ying sat. When he reached the door of the compartment, he was preparing to knock on the door. Just then, a voice was pa.s.sed to his mind. "Come in directly."

Lyu Liang took a deep breath and walked in with awe. In the room, on the large bench, Aunt Qing and Shangguan Ying were laughing while appreciating the tea. Seeing that Lyu Liang came in, Aunt Qing waved her hand, and a bead that radiated a faint blue light floated in front of him. It was no doubt but the Qi Storage Pearl!

"Senior, thank you for your help!" Lyu Liang took a deep bow and expressed his heartfelt grat.i.tude to the powerful Xuan Immortal.

"I didn't intend to meddle in your affairs, but since Ying'er begged me, I could only reluctantly help you. If you want to thank me, when you and Ying'er became a Taoist couple, you can't bully her. Otherwise, the type of joke like last time, maybe I will let you suffer 1000 times or 10,000 times of it!" Aunt Qing smiled faintly, not forgetting to glance at Shangguan Ying who had looked down with a blushing face.

Lyu Liang could only make an embarra.s.sed smile, and Shangguan Ying over there was also afraid even to let out a breath. After a simple appreciation, Lyu Liang left in a nearly fleeing way.

When he was back in the auction hall, there were not many people left in the hall that was initially full of people. When Lyu Liang wanted to go over and greet Zhang Ran and Lyu Xinyun, he found that the handsome man who bought the Thousand Silk mask before was chatting with the two.

Seeing Lyu Liang coming over, or Lyu Xinyun waved at him and whispered, "Senior brother, this senior had something to tell you."

Lyu Liang fixed his eyes and examined, this person had the cultivation of Late-stage of Gold Core. At this moment, when he saw Lyu Liang coming over, he smiled politely in return.

"Are you Lyu Liang, the Taoism peer from Sword Character Immortal Palace? I am Xu Mubai, a disciple of Tianmu Sect from Qilian Country in Wufang Territory. I am on an expedition and happened to be here for the auction of Tianshui Pavilion. I now had something to tell you guys, and it is related to the safety of the disciples from your sect." The handsome man held his fists, and he did not have any arrogance as a high-level cultivator. As a matter of fact, except for Lyu Liang who was at the Middle-stage of Foundation Establishment, the other two were still at the Qi Refining stage.

Lyu Liang couldn't help but develop a good feeling towards this man when he saw that this person was so polite. He quickly said, "Brother Xu, you are too polite! Please tell me what is going on."

"On the occasion of the auction, there were two blue-robed masked people in front of me. In a flash, there was a murderous aura vented. Though my ability is limited, I happened to practice a Mind Mantra that is good at pursuing the aura. I discovered that the people they are targeting, were in the position of three rows behind you, and their costumes are the same as the three of you, but the color of the robes is slightly different, it is yellow and white." Xu Mubai's expression got severe gradually.

"Brother Xu, did you see where the two blue-robed men were going?" Lyu Liang was shocked! Even if he closed his eyes, he knew who Xu Mubai was referring to. Wasn't it Li Wuyi and his two small followers?

When he was back in the Immortal Palace, Lyu Liang was also in a huff. If it wasn't the consideration of peer relationship, Lyu Liang really had the heart to wipe them out. Now that his anger subsided, it was not worth it after a second thought.

Although Li Wuyi was rude to his sister first and raised the price against him later, Lyu Liang thought what Li Wuyi had done was a typical performance of a profligate son from a rich family. Actually, he had not hurt Lyu Liang and his friends.

"Half an hour ago, the two had just gone downstairs. The entire city has a flight ban, so they should not be far away," Xu Mubai answered after thinking for a while.

"Whatever! I can't leave that unattended!" Lyu Liang gritted his teeth and thanked Xu Mubai with his fist held together. He said, "Thank you, Brother Xu! That brother is a disciple with a special const.i.tution from our Sword Character Immortal Palace. At the feeling at the cause, I've to go and check him out! Then, I shall bid you farewell! If someday, Brother Xu can be my guest at the Immortal Palace, I shall then give you a treat!"

At the same time, Lyu Liang turned to Zhang Ran and Lyu Xinyun and said, "Your cultivation levels are still low, so don't follow me up. You have to hurry to the compartment I have been to, and there is a Xuan Immortal from the Xuan Nyu Sect. You ask her to help us to send a message to our Immortal Palace! I will chase up first, and I am afraid that there will be a change later!"

That being said, Lyu Liang directly turned on his Kun Peng Skill and ran downstairs. While running out of the Tianshui Pavilion, Lyu Liang explored with his Divine Sense, just in time to see two blue-robed men get out of the market place and fly into the sky.

Lyu Liang made a few flashes and rushed outside the market place. He chased towards the direction of the disappearance of the blue-robed men.

"Taoism Peer Lyu, I will go with you!" When Lyu Liang was flying, a voice drifted over. Turning around, at the distance of 22 feet behind him, it was no other than Xu Mubai?

"Ah? Thank you, Brother Xu! But this is the matter of our Immortal Palace. How dare I trouble you! I will go on my own!" Lyu Liang's speed was not reduced, but he also did not forget to thank Xu Mubai.

"Taoism Peer Lyu, don't need to be polite. Since I have seen it, there is no reason for me to standby and watch. I, Xu Mubai has devoted my life to fight the evil and do the right thing. Those two people are obviously with bad intentions, and one person is at the Early-stage of Nascent Soul, the other is at the Late-stage of Nascent Soul. Depending on yourself alone is difficult to defeat them!" Xu Mubai's speed was not slow either, and now he had caught up with Lyu Liang.

Lyu Liang felt very warm, especially by Xu Mubai's words, which made him faintly recall the look of his cheap master. In fact, Xu Mubai wasn't even counted as their acquaintance. He was only at the Late-stage of Gold Core. He knew that his opponents were all in the Nascent Soul Stage, yet he took the initiative to stand up against them. He was a person with a real temper!

"That's the case, and I shall accept your gracious help! I wonder if brother Xu can still be faster, I have to continue to accelerate!" Lyu Liang slightly summed up, anyway, now he had the Qi Storage Pearl, even if he emitted the Devil Qi, he could calmly explain it to others.

Xu Mubai's eyes lit up, and the speed suddenly doubled, leaving Lyu Liang a vague back in an instant. Lyu Liang laughed loudly. His Devil Thunder Wing emerged and he disappeared as well.

At the same time, at a desolate place in Tianshui Country.

"Bo, boss, who are they? Why do they have to deal with you? Also, these puppets on the side, why are they so strong!" The white-robed youth with a thievish look said, with his eyes full of horror. On his side, another tall thin youth in a white robe was shivering too. In front of them, Li Wuyi lifted his hands and gritted his teeth. Over his head, a silver round plate suspended.

At the moment, the three of them were in a silver light curtain. Around the light curtain, there were five puppets, each twenty two feet in height, and each of them emitted the aura of the Late-stage of Gold Core. In the middle of their chest, there was a circular hole that emitted a yellow light column, smashing against the silver light curtain. There were also two giant blue swords, which were slashing the light curtain together.

"Zhang Youshan, Li Xiaobai! I can't stand it any longer! Later, I will remove the light curtain during the gap of the attack, and you two run fast! Their target is me, and you will hurry back to the Immortal Palace for help!" Li Wuyi's forehead had been covered with sweat, and his shoulders were trembling incessantly. He was obviously not far from the limit. The range of the silver light curtain was shrinking at a speed visible to the naked eye.

"Boss! Though I am afraid, I will never leave you and escape myself! If you had not saved me, I would have died!" Although the youth with a thievish look was still trembling, the fear in his eyes had subsided and was replaced by a kind of resolute decision!

"Bo, boss! Youshan! I am afraid, afraid to die too. However, I will not run. Without you two, I have no courage to live! So what if I die!" Another tall and thin youth gritted his teeth with a decisive look.

"Haha! Good brother! I will remove the light curtain in a while, and we will concentrate on attacking the short, robust man at the Peak of Gold Core!" Li Wuyi suddenly calmed down. When the death was so close, he suddenly put everything aside. "Although I don't know why you are targeting me, even if I have to detonate myself, I will not make your life easy!"

"Senior Brother, what should I do? Dragging on like this, it is very likely that they will wait for the reinforcements! d.a.m.n, this guy at the Early-stage of Gold Core, how can he has such a pa.s.sive defense life-bonded magic treasure!" The chunky blue-robed man had begun to worry. At the same time, they gazed at their left side, their brows wrinkled, and then they were shocked. "There! Two auras, so fast!"

The tall, skinned man in a blue robe frowned, but there was a hint of resolution in his eyes. "Junior Brother, ready to fight! This opportunity is scarce. If this fails, who knows when it will be the next time you encounter the Mysterious Soul Body. This guy is almost unable to hold on! Even if he blew himself, it doesn't matter. As long as we have this piece of Soul Cultivation Tree, even if there is only one remnant soul, we can complete the task of Master!"

His voice just fell. The ripples in the void vibrated and a huge sword shadow shining with golden light directly splitted an attacking puppet into half! Almost at the same time, many gray sword flowers fluttered, and it blocked the attack of the other four puppets.

Immediately afterward, two figures appeared in front of the silver light curtain. At this point, the four puppets had stopped the attack, and they went to the back of the five people, including Lyu Liang, and formed a surrounding pattern with two blue-robed men.

"It's you?!" Li Wuyi stared at two men in front of him and couldn't believe his eyes. He did not recognize the tall handsome young man in white. But another white-robed man, it was whom he hated the most, Lyu Liang! Of course, he also believed that Lyu Liang felt no better about him as well!

"Stop saying nonsense! Hurry up and eat this Soul-raising Pill, it can raise your strength to another stage in 30 minutes. You can choose to fight or leave!" Without turning his head, Lyu Liang threw a green pill to Li Wuyi and also to Xu Mubai. "Brother Xu, this is Soul-raising Pill, and I shall trouble you to handle that Late-staged Nascent Soul cultivator!"

"Why, why! You..." Li Wuyi's brain was a bit short-circuited. He really could not understand. "Shouldn't I be an enemy that Lyu Liang wanted to get rid of?"

"Senior Brother Li! We are from the same sect, even if we had some quarrels, it would not make an act of life-and-death revenge! What's more, you still have a special const.i.tution! And also one of the core disciples of our Immortal Palace, you must not fall in the hands of such sinister and vicious people!" As Lyu Liang finished, he waved his hand and swallowed a Soul-raising Pill into his stomach. Then, the Ghost Devil Head merged into the top of his head, and he flew straight to the chunky blue-robed man.

"And your two younger brothers, we can't take care of them. You have to rely on yourself!" This was the last sentence of Lyu Liang. At this time, Xu Mubai also ate the Soul-raising Pill. Holding up his sword, he went straight to the tall, thin man in a blue robe.

In an instant, Xu Mubai and Lyu Liang, whom the two blue-robed men originally did not put in their eyes, broke out an aura of the Late-stage of Nascent Soul and an aura of Early-stage of Nascent Soul!

"What! They have Soul-raising Pill! How can this latter disciple from Immortal Palace have such an incredible drug! And why did he change from the Middle-stage of Foundation Establishment to the Early-stage of Nascent Soul?!" For the first time, the lanky blue-robed man showed some fears in his eyes.

"Bo, boss! What do we do? You see, it seemed that we're not the three puppets' targets. If we slip away now, we are safe, aren't we? But, but if we really ran, are, are we..." Zhang Youshan's face was very complicated. He wanted to speak but stopped on second thought.

Li Wuyi jerked his head hearing these words. His eyes flashed with endless light, and suddenly he barked, "Mother f*cker! Count me in! Lyu Liang! And the unknown friend! Your back, give it to me with confidence!" After that, he swallowed the Soul-raising Pill, and his divine sense moved. The silver disk flashed overhead and instantly turned into a silver sword.

Li Wuyi held the sword with one hand and went straight to the three puppets at the back. He was screaming, "Mother fu*ker! You let me owe people. I let you turn into waste!"

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