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“……I see”

Kotsuru repeated waking up a little and sleeping a little.
It was quite the trouble but, it’s cute in comparison to someone who only wakes up once a week.
But……to think the planet that’s the main culprit has already perished.

“Could it be that……umm Kotsuru-chan”
“What is it? The man who rules”
“The child inside Ootsuchi-san’s belly isーー”
“Aa, that child huh……it’s fine, that child is……all the children born after me will come out as a normal child, they shouldn’t rapidly grow¹ like me”

It seems that the surprise baby who suddenly grows is only just Kotsuru-chan.

“If that’s the case……then it’s fine”
“Rather, the other babies are made so that they won’t become a messenger because I was born as the messenger”

……I wonder what does that mean.

“The number of messengers increase or decrease depending on the state of the invasion. The ones controlling the number will be the inhabitants of that planet, or me who’s at the scene”

But, on that planet is……

“However that planet has not even one intelligent lifeform, so my thoughts are of my own……Something like a messenger, I’ll be the first and the last, I want to give the other children……their own future”

I see, for that sake……this child.
Sacrifice herself to protect the other babies’ future.
For the sake of changing the fate of becoming a messenger.

“Even if I were to die, there probably won’t be any more messengers born, resistant to the zombie virus, a new generation that has adapted will be born……Such a future shouldn’t be far off”

“But, Kotsuru-chan, what do you plan on doing from now on?”
“……I wonder”

Aki-chan hit Kotsuru with a question.
That’s right, what does she plan to do for now on.

“For the time being, I want to be with Mother……of course, with Father as well……what should I do, I didn’t think about the future at all……I went rather overboard with this body so I might die early……I don’t want that, I don’t want to die……”
“Oーi, can you hear me?”
“Wh, what!”

……This child might have some weird places but, she’s a fairly normal child.
That’s right, she’s a normal child.
Normally, she’s supposed to still be in her mother’s womb.
Looking at her, she loves her parents.
Of course, she doesn’t want to die, she wouldn’t want to be killed.
If that’s the case.

“Do you want to come to my place?”
“Relax at Usokawa’s for a while, it’s fine to come after your body has stabilized. This time around, not living in the car, but in a proper apartment, with the three of you”
“Really!?……Excuse me, Is it fine? The man who rules, I only have the ability to show you the state of that planet like I did just now, I’ll be a hindrance”

For a moment the facade wore off though……well, whatever.

“If it was a normal person then they’d have their hands full with just their own matters, but me? That’s right, I’m the Infected Emperor. I’m not normal, that’s why……leave it to me”
“……It’s really going to be a pain, it’ll be too late to regret then”
“If I don’t take you in here, that will also be a regret of its own, Usokawa, is it fine if I bring her along later?”

Just in case, I get Usokawa’s confirmation.
Usokawa makes a shocked face and,

“Do as you like……Good grief, it’s your freedom as long as the delivery pace for the food supplies doesn’t drop”

Is what he replied.

“Thank you, I’m grateful”
“……Though I’m the one who’s grateful. It’s probably better to not leave her here since we don’t know what the elders at the top would say, but we also can’t not keep her under surveillance……I’ll be relying on you”

……This guy also has his own hardships.
Even if he’s the top, he’s always going through hardships when compromising with the greedy old folks because he’s half an accessory.
Though, since society has collapsed, there’s almost no meaning to position and power……
Even so, it seems that they are clinging on to their wealth and power.
……It’s beyond stupid, pathetic.

“……This is a personal thing but, the child between Eiko and Iーー”
“Be at ease, I’m the one and only messenger, the child of the woman who rules will be born healthy”
“……Is that so”

Usokawa’s personal thing, is that huh.
Indeed, I’m bothered about that as well……
But, if I think about it, Aki-chan, Sakura-chan, Saya are……still not yet but, the child with them might have ended up becoming a messenger.
Well, I’ll love the child regardless.

……I am, different from that woman.
That woman who abandons the child at her own convenience, not facing the child as a mother.
Definitely different.

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