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Chapter 42.2 – Rubbing Buddies

The sound of slippery fluids rang in both of their ears.

An Zi Ran felt Fu Wu Tian’s fingers caress the tip of his p.e.n.i.s. The stimulating thrill increased two, three folds. His body trembled. He buried his face in the other’s shoulder to keep himself from making any sounds. But then the hand stopped moving.

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Fu Wu Tian arched an eyebrow slightly. When he turned his head, his lips just so happened to rub against the youth’s ear. The inadvertent intimate contact made An Zi Ran subconsciously want to retreat, but he had forgotten about the other hand behind his back. The disparity in strength was too great and An Zi Ran fell directly back into Fu Wu Tian’s embrace. His entire person was wrapped in Fu Wu Tian’s arms. Their position was very ambiguous.

Just thinking of his bare b.u.t.t being within another man’s embrace made An Zi Ran feel not good.

When An Zi Ran reacted, he immediately struggled fiercely, but was unable to release himself. He used both hands to push hard against the other man’s chest, “Let me go…”

“Don’t move.” Fu Wu Tian suddenly clasped his waist tightly.

An Zi Ran’s body went stiff. He immediately noticed that there was a hot thing underneath his abdomen, and it was in close contact with him. Due to their positions, his abdomen was barely covered by a layer of cloth, and he could feel something a little sticky on his abdomen. Something slippery…

An Zi Ran’s face erupted into a fierce blush.

Fu Wu Tian seemed to be unaware of it. He felt that this positioning was even better than before. So as to not let the youth struggle free, the hand holding his p.e.n.i.s began to increase in strength. He was fondling him almost crudely. The squelching sounds of body fluids gradually increased. The feelings of pleasure outweighed the stinging sensations. It was almost unbearable for the young and tender body. An Zi Ran could not repress the spasms coursing through his body. His mouth was opened but he could hardly made a sound.

Fu Wu Tian looked at his reddened face. His eyes darkened and there was a pain in his lower body, but he ignored it.

At this moment, An Zi Ran suddenly wrapped his arms around Fu Wu Tian’s neck. His cheek pressed against the side of his face. Their body temperatures mingled. His hot breath brushed against the other man’s neck and he forced out the words, “A little faster…”

These words seemed to detonate a bomb.

The giant object against his abdomen was hard like an iron rod. It poked against the delicate skin of his abdomen and the whole skin was red. An Zi Ran felt Fu Wu Tian’s breath becoming heavier. The heaving up and down frequency of his chest accelerated. He realized that he was only caring about himself and had completely forgotten about Fu Wu Tian, yet the other man was able to endure till now. Once again, he reevaluated his understanding of the other man.

His sweaty and slightly cold hand gripped that giant thing.

Surprised flickered through Fu Wu Tian’s eyes. He didn’t actually expect him to take the initiative. This time he had to say that it was a surprise, a wonderful beginning.

An Zi Ran turned his head to prevent the other from seeing his face. It was not embarra.s.sing. It was just like Fu Wu Tian said, they were just helping each other out, and they were both men. Their body parts were the same. He just didn’t want to see the look of triumph on Fu Wu Tian’s face. That was all. But soon he found that just one hand was not enough to grasp the other completely.

Fu Wu Tian was a robust adult. He was bigger than An Zi Ran had imagined. Especially in this vigorous state, he was even more thick and solid. Even with two hands he may not necessarily be able to fully grasp the other.

Just as he started to feel awkward, his body suddenly rose high into the air. When he realized it, his whole person was already sitting atop Fu Wu Tian. Their lower bodies were both naked and practically stuck together. He found that his hand was now holding both of their intimate parts. The two rods were pressed up against each other. The other party was hotter than him and the feeling inexplicably gave him a taboo-like pleasure.

An Zi Ran did not persevere anymore. The drowning pleasure submerged his ability to reason. He could only hold on tightly to Fu Wu Tian’s neck, and let the other man play with his manhood, as he enjoyed the pleasure that Fu Wu Tian brought him.

Fu Wu Tian did not let him down. His fingers ran across the tip of An Zi Ran’s p.e.n.i.s from time to time, bringing him waves and waves of stimulating pleasure. The sticky liquid flowing out almost drenched the quilt under the two people. The sound of sliding body fluids got louder and louder. At this time, Fu Wu Tian suddenly grabbed him by the back of his head and kissed him in surprise.

An Zi Ran’s eyes popped open. Fu Wu Tian’s face was very close.

The saliva that he could not swallow in time was licked up by Fu Wu Tian. The dodging tongue was also caught into the other’s mouth and sucked on heavily. His tongue turned numb. In a moment of inattention, his lips were also completely captured.

An electric current spread rapidly from below to the whole body. The pleasure hit An Zi Ran so hard that his eyes almost rolled to the back of his head. His body was wrecked with spasms as a stream of cloudy white liquid spurted from his manhood. The tongue that was roaming inside his mouth drew away. The moan that he could not contain resonated throughout the bridal room. If there was nothing out of the ordinary happening, then the people outside should be able to hear it.

An Zi Ran had no time to think about how devious Fu Wu Tian was. The latter suddenly hugged his body tightly and at the same time he released a low-pitched sound. It was unexpectedly s.e.xy. Then his abdomen and thighs were wet.

The two men fell back together on the bed.

The room was filled with an obscene smell. If someone came in, they would not believe that they just ‘helped each other.’ But their act was even more tiring than doing the actual deed.

An Zi Ran only discovered afterwards, that he lost big time in this affair!

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