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Chapter 43 - I Saw It

[T/N: The characters for the p.r.o.noun "I" in the t.i.tle is 本王 ben w.a.n.g, which is how the ML refers to himself throughout the story]

In the morning, the sunlight crept in through the window.

When An Zi Ran woke up it was fast approaching nine a.m. The room was so bright that just as he blinked open his eyes he was forced to close them again. Usually he was up before seven a.m. As expected, he was really worn out from last night.

The sound of a door opening floated to him from the outer chamber. As soon as he turned his head, he saw Fu Wu Tian dressed all in black and striding towards him. An Zi Ran couldn't tell what the other was thinking from his expression, but Fu Wu Tian's relaxed walking posture showed that he was really lively and refreshed at this moment. In contrast, An Zi Ran's body felt limp and painful, and in his heart he was not happy.

"w.a.n.g fei, you're awake."

Fu Wu Tian came over. There were two maids following behind him. In their hands they carried a washbasin and other items for washing up. After setting down the things they were sent back out.

The two maids were very conscientious and did not even look up.

An Zi Ran watched Fu Wu Tian go over to the basin and wring out the towel inside. Then he walked over to him. Before Fu Wu Tian could open his mouth and say anything, An Zi Ran spoke, "I'll do it myself."

[T/N: In Chinese, AZR said "我自己来" and MTL gave me "I come." My mind went straight into the gutter…]

As he spoke, he sat up in bed. He was still properly dressed in his wedding attire, including the outer robe, so there will be no accidental show of skin*. An Zi Ran unyieldingly took the wet towel from Fu Wu Tian's hand and began to wash up.

[*T/N: 春光乍泄 chun guang zha xie: literally "spring sunshine emerges to bring the world alive" which is an idiom meaning "to give a glimpse of something intimate"]

Fu Wu Tian silently gazed at his obstinate w.a.n.g fei.

An Zi Ran knew that Fu Wu Tian was watching him. He could only ignore the eyes roaming up and down his body, and wash up in the shortest time, and then change into a new set of clothes.

The new clothes were taken from one of the boxes that Ge Qian An had brought over to him when he delivered the wedding attire. The clothes were made according to his size. It was better than his own clothes. The most important thing was that it was very soft and comfortable to wear. Otherwise, he would definitely throw the box of clothes into a corner. As for Fu Wu TIan, why would he know his size? He didn't want to think about it at all.

An Zi Ran picked out a set of blue brocade robes embroidered with dark purple clouds from the box. He looked at Fu Wu Tian. "I have to change clothes. May I trouble w.a.n.g ye to step out for a bit?"

"w.a.n.g fei, we are husband and wife." Fu Wu Tian calmly stated.

An Zi Ran's eyebrow twitched, and then in a calm and composed manner he said, "There is still privacy between husband and wife."

Fu Wu Tian did not expect that he could still refute. His w.a.n.g fei was certainly eloquent with words. He nodded accordingly, "What w.a.n.g fei said makes sense, then I will wait for you outside."

Watching Fu Wu Tian turn around and walk outside, An Zi Ran felt that he was unexpectedly amenable this time.

An Zi Ran found that the more he knew about Fu Wu Tian, the more difficult it was to understand him. Sometimes when he expected Fu Wu Tian to make things hard for him, he would be unexpectedly agreeable. Sometimes his unyielding att.i.tude made it impossible to oppose him.

He suddenly regretted his decision.

With a shake of his head he got rid of these thoughts. It was already too late. An Zi Ran took off the thick wedding attire, and put on the clothes in his hands. The clothes were of a similar design and slightly complicated. When he first arrived here, he used to have a headache over the clothes of this place, because there were too many procedures; there were b.u.t.tons and tethers, and there were layers and layers of clothes both inside and out. It was very c.u.mbersome.

When he heard the crisp sound of the curtain flap, Fu Wu Tian turned.

At first glance, he saw the more refreshed An Zi Ran dressed in the blue brocade, but the image was destroyed by his hair.

The teenager was obviously not very good at tying his hair. He just tied it into a bundle and fixed it with a headpiece. The technique was rough, and some messy hair fell down his cheek. This appearance could not go out to see people.

Fu Wu Tian pulled his hand and went back.

An Zi Ran didn't talk. He noticed that Fu Wu Tian's line of sight paused on his hair for a while. With a glance he knew that his hair was not tied well.

He had to admit that he didn't know how to take care of his hair.

He actually liked short hair more than long hair. If it weren't so unconventional to cut his hair short, coupled with not knowing the consequences of such an act, he would've already cut his hair off.

Fu Wu Tian put him in front of the mirror and took off his headpiece, causing his hair to scatter. Then he picked up the comb and helped him comb his hair. Don't judge him as a brute whose hands were only used to hold a blade, Fu Wu Tian was actually a scrupulous person. Being in the military camp for over ten years, he was trained to be capable in everything.

Through the bronze mirror, An Zi Ran saw a pair of hands fiddling with his hair.

Fu Wu Tian was too tall. Although the bronze mirror was relatively large, it was not big enough to encompa.s.s Fu Wu Tian's full height, so he could only see himself in the mirror.

"Okay." Fu Wu Tian's mellow voice interrupted his s.p.a.cey thoughts.

An Zi Ran's attention shifted back to the bronze mirror. When he saw his appearance he was momentarily stunned.

Fu Wu Tian did not completely bundle his hair, and some of it was draped over his shoulders. The headpiece in his hair was not the one that he chose before, but one of light blue gems that matched with his clothes. The middle jewel sparkled with a bright brilliance, looking particularly delicate, and made his face look more elegant.

"w.a.n.g fei is so good-looking!"

Fu Wu Tian bent down his body, and the handsome face finally appeared in the bronze mirror.

When An Zi Ran returned to his senses, he immediately established some distance and stood up. He had walked over to the curtain of beads before turning around and speaking to Fu Wu Tian who was still standing in front of the bronze mirror. "Still not leaving?"

Fu Wu Tian complied and followed.

w.a.n.g fei, I have already seen the uneasiness on your face.

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