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An Chang De ' My dearest brother… why, why do you have to leave so soon?'

Before even reaching the temple, An Zi Ran heard an unusual sound of a man crying. An Zi Ran walked closer to the temple and peeked into it.

The middle aged man was standing up with his wrinkly shirt hanging. Realising that there was someone at the door, he then spun around and faced An Zi Ran.

The middle aged man was the guy Mr Su was referring to, he was An Chang Fu's elder brother An Chang De.

The both of them looked exactly the same, with their round face and huge tummy. An Chang De's eyes were burning red as he was crying just now. People who doesn't know much will clearly state that An

Chang De was sad because his little brother died, but no, An Zi Ran can feel it, he feels something different about him. He knew An Chang De was just

acting, probably just waiting to receive his share of the family's a.s.sets. 'My poor nephew, look at your pale white face. I believe it wasn't easy for

you, is it? Dealing with your parents death had been tough. Don't worry though, as your uncle, I will be there for you' An Chang De walked closer,

trying to pat An Zi Ran on his head, but An Zi Ran dodged it, An Chang De stared at him with disbelieve. An Zi Ran knew he was bluffing. Be there for

him? Help out An Family? Nonsense. An Chang Fu and An Chang De separated when they each has their own wives. Their father wasn't biased at all, he did not

leave any a.s.sets for any of the siblings. Everything An Chang Fu has now was all thanks to his own hard work, it has nothing to do with his elder brother

An Chang De. 'Thanks for your concern, Uncle An. Both of my parents pa.s.sed away, but I will stay strong as I'm the heir to the family, I won't let the

An Family go down in ruins. An Chang De showed a really sad face, his face paler than it had already been. An Zi Ran's matured speech will indeed let

anyone has faith in him, but no, An Chang De did not, he was displeased. In An Chang De's eyes, An Zi Ran was just a lazy person who doesn't study, a boy

who was fat and useless, a boy who has no resemblance as his dad at all. Someone like him being the heir of the family? The family will surely go down

in ruins. Three days earlier, when An Chang De heard that his younger brother pa.s.sed away, his first though was to take over An Family's a.s.sets, as An

Chang Fu had three other wives who gave birth to only girls, he saw no threat at all, he was confident he will be able to take over An Family's a.s.sets.

'Zi Ran, it's not that I'm trying to nag you, but you're still sick, how are you gonna take care of An Family? You should be resting! What if you got

too tired, and someone took the opportunity and take over An Family’s a.s.sets? ' An Chang De said as he saw w.a.n.g Qing Lan approaching them. w.a.n.g Qing Lan

froze, the 'someone' An Chang De said was clearly pointing towards her. Even though she wasn't pleased, she couldn't frown, it'll be the same as

admitting she's the one, the one who is going to take the opportunity and take over An Family's a.s.sets. Instead, she said calmly. 'Your uncle is right,

Chang Fu's a.s.sets should of course be in the hands of An Zi ran, even 'outsiders' who has the surname An cannot interfere with this, Uncle An,

I'm right, ain't I? She regrets it as soon as the words spilled out. An Chang De's face went straight into a frown. The 'outsider' was clearly

referring to him. 'Having a surname of An, automatically makes me an An Family member, compared to those people with other surname, I'm much stronger,

and I have much more rights to take over the a.s.sets.' An Chang Fu said with a smirk. He was a lot more better at debating as he had a better education than

w.a.n.g Qing Lan. w.a.n.g Qing Lan's expression froze, she stopped fighting back and said to An Zi Ran 'Zi Ran, I'll leave this to you then, I'll go back to

my room' An Zi Ran nodded. Once she left, An Chang De got a lot more happier and said 'Zi Ran, I have something else to do, I've to leave soon, if you

need any help in the future, you can approach me ! I will gladly help you out as you're my dearest nephew.' An Zi Ran watched him leave, and he left the

temple too. Instead of going back to his room, he went to look for his sister An Yu Zhi.

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