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Chapter 23: Something That People Already Knew But Didn’t Say Out Loud

"Daddy, don't be angry. Yan meimei is gone, so daddy has nothing to worry about. Just accompany Qing meimei and I until the party ends!" An Jin stuck close to one side of her father and gave a deep look to her sister who was on the other side of him, prompting An Qing to also act like a spoiled child like she did.

Anqing frowned. She couldn't just act like An Jin. What she could do instead was show her support for An Jin in a ladylike manner.

Aunt Rong , who had been slapped by Mister An, was supported by An Lian'er to a room to rest, in order to wait for the swell of her face to disappear.

An Lian'er looked at the hand print on her mother’s face and frowned heavily, feeling very resentful of her father. Her beautiful face was filled with loathing.

“Really, Mother, since An Yan's status is so terrible and father loathed her, why, Ma, still allowed her to attend the celebration? Now it is great. It made everyone unhappy.".

An Lian'er's tone wasn't as weak as her appearance, but was actually rather domineering.

Aunt Rong held an ice cube wrapped within a towel against her swollen cheek while helplessly looking on,

“Yan'er's life is really miserable. As the mistress of this manor, how can I not pay attention to that fact?”

An Lian’er pouted and spoke no more.

Aunt Rong, sitting before the mirror, looked at the swollen cheek in her reflection and didn't say anything else. She remained silent, at a loss on what to do next.

Feng Yuewei, the eldest daughter-in-law of the Prime Minister's manor, was in the main area for the banquet celebration. The event she had carefully planned and to which she had selectively invited people had just regained its liveliness from the pall brought over by An Yan's attendance. Today, she had also arranged this entire gathering with an ulterior motive.

“Yuan'er, is royal brother still there?"

Looking at the the invited young misses who were now comfortably soothed and lively, Feng Yuewei smilingly stepped back and questioned a servant girl who stood among the guards.

“Answering the princess's question, I went and saw His Highness, the crown prince, but he is no longer there."

Hearing this, Feng Yuewei frowned. But because she couldn't send people to search for her father or brother, she was worried.

The people who served the n.o.ble families wouldn't dare speak of today’s matter. To them, it was mere drama occurring within a n.o.ble family, not something they could gossip about outside.

A short while later, An Qing and An Jin came out from inside the room. Minister An and Aunt Rong didn't appear and everyone was well aware as to why, yet no one dared to speak up and leave.

An Jin walked, giggling and cheerful as she went to a group of her close friends and mingled. But An Qing was different; after she came out, she went to stand beside her sister-in-law, Feng Yuewei.

An Qing waved her two personal maids to stand aside and walked a few steps to arrive beside Feng Yuewei.

At that time, Feng Yuewei had just returned from outside and was telling some things to her handmaiden. Seeing her husband's sister approaching her, she immediately ordered a few of her personal servants and soon these two were gathered together.

“Qing'er, why are you sitting inside here? Right now, everyone's spirits have been raised again, and although father-in-law is inside, with just Aunt Rong looking over us there is nothing to worry about."

Feng Yuewei was the very epitome of a competent daughter-in-law. She took care of all the details, thus enabling the manor's residents to live peacefully with few worries. She took hold of An Qing's hand and led her into another room..

An Qing knew in her heart what her sister-in-law wanted to say. Her lowered, n.o.ble face usually showed a cold and aloof expression, but was now adorned with a rare bashful look. With pinked cheeks, she followed after Feng Yuewei and they arrived inside a room.

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