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Volume 2 – Birth of Heaven’s First Dragon Sacrifice

Chapter F – Liu Zhenhan’s first summon

(TL Note: Sorry guys for waiting so long for this chapter, I had to deal with exams. I will try to compensate slowly and gradually.)

Liu Zhenhan waited for the dizziness to go and after sobering up a bit, he was shocked to discover that only the upper half body of the giant blue wolf was lying on the ground, while the rest of its body was crushed under the giant turtle’s foreleg. The giant wolf was smashed so hard into the ground that it led to the formation of a pit on the ground. Liu Zhenhan could vaguely see through the mist of soil and dust that had spread in that area.

The upper half of its body looked like a tumbler. Its claws were embedded in the soil while there was an indescribably painful expression on its face. Its once shining and predatory eyes were now filled with disbelief. It had torn off a large chunk of meat from the black turtle’s neck and a portion of that b.l.o.o.d.y black meat was still protruding out of its mouth.

“What an insane power!” Liu Zhenhan could literally feel the extent of the black turtle’s raw strength! If he had not witnessed it up close, he absolutely wouldn’t believe it!

Meanwhile, he also felt a little lucky. Fortunately, he did not make any rash decision to jump into the battle. Even slightest of carelessness could perhaps end his life instead.

Liu Zhenhan stood up leisurely while hefting the bow and arrows. At this time, he noticed that the magical wolf was not yet dead. Even though half of its body was mashed into a pool of blood and meat, its half-open eyes were closely eyeing him approaching.

When it saw a living person suddenly appear from the bushes, in addition to a strong familiar smell of wolf dung coming from his body, its sharp eyes immediately revealed a hint of sudden realization.

“So it’s true, magical beasts are really full of wisdom.” Liu Zhenhan sighed but also felt a bit of respect for such mighty beasts: “I found it tough believing before but now I truly believe this.”

Mother wolf’s eyes were closely observing the arrows held in his hand. She realized that these arrows were actually made up of a magical wolf’s ribs, immediately bringing out a strange glow in her eyes even though she was on the verge of death.

(TL Note: Liu Zhenhan used the ribs of the previously killed wolf to make arrows. In other words, she realized that her partner was already dead because there were apparently only two adult magical wolves on this island.)

She upturned her neck and managed to barely utter a brief howl, attempting to vent out the anger and misery she was in right now. Her howl was miserable and sounded tragic, as if the wind was blowing against a sharp blade, producing a sharp whistling sound.

However, right at this moment, an arrow went flying and penetrated into its throat, puncturing its pharynx and larynx and abruptly blocking her miserable voice.

The magical wolf slumped down in front of the giant turtle, revealing her neatly broken waist to Liu Zhenhan’s eyes. He saw that the giant turtle’s foreleg was stained with blood and some kind of white fluid adjacent to it.

Liu Zhenhan subconsciously wiped something off his face and saw a hint of that same white fluid on his palm. It was exuding a strong fragrance of milk. It didn’t take him long to realize that this white fluid was actually the mother wolf’s breast milk.

When this magical wolf was still alive, he was bent on killing her to ensure his own safety, however, now after witnessing this scene, he couldn’t understand the sudden rise of an indescribable sense of loss in his heart.

The giant turtle’s head slumped down and fell into the pool of blood while its big eyes first looked at Liu Zhenhan then turned toward the magical wolf to confirm that she was really dead. Liu Zhenhan was keeping his guard up and did not dare to go too close to the giant black turtle.

“Awesome!” Liu Zhenhan’s eyes brightened with appreciation, “Great strength! What you carry on your back is worthy of being called a mighty fortress!”

The giant turtle did not have much strength left and was trying its best to lift its head somewhat reluctantly, but couldn’t succeed in doing so. There was a serious wound in its neck so how could it possibly lift its head up so easily.

“Dystocia, right?” Liu Zhenhan went behind the giant turtle and looked at the turtle egg that was still stuck in the mother turtle’s body and had been unable to come out.

A line of strange text was written on the giant turtle’s sh.e.l.l and it caught his attention. Liu Zhenhan never thought that the wind blades were potent enough to carve something on this tough sh.e.l.l.

Big characters were deeply carved on its sh.e.l.l.

“*nine* one, *Three* Seven, twenty-four**, sixty-eight**?”

Liu Zhenhan was able to discern this illegible ancient seal. When he was just a kid, his elder brother had traced some ancient Chinese seal rubbings and those were also just numbers. That was why he was able to recognize and understand what was engraved on the giant turtle’s sh.e.l.l.

“Who wrote something like this here?” Liu Zhenhan’s eyes rolled as he realized that this was indeed the same ancient seal he and his brother had discovered back in his world.

“What is going on?” Liu Zhenhan was suddenly stunned and speechless! “How can characters from my world’s language appear in this world?”

His brain immediately began to process everything and he suddenly remembered that right now he was staying in a baffling world, where monkeys evolved into humans just like the previous world, but the same evolution occurred for the other beasts of the animal kingdom!

However, this was not enough to explain that the same Chinese language and seals would also appear in this world as well!

Where did these characters come from? Who carved them on this giant turtle’s sh.e.l.l?

Liu Zhenhan was really finding it tough to express the complex innermost feelings rampaging inside his heart!

His only conjecture at this moment was – The one who left behind these characters had also come from his world.

Could it be that he still had a way to go back to his own world?

But this turtle could not speak and hence he had no way to find out! What to do? Liu Zhenhan, like a dying ember, sat down on the ground, not knowing that he accidentally sat down on a wild rose plant and the thorns punctured his b.u.m. However, he was so lost in thoughts that he did not feel pain at all.

He instinctively scratched his b.u.m for a long time while his eyes were rolling again and again, and suddenly, an idea miraculously flashed in his mind.

He finally remembered that he could just use psychic battle song to subdue a magical beast and obtain his very own magical pet. Since a mental and spiritual connection could be established by using this method, he should be able to talk with the giant turtle after that. This was worth a try and perhaps then he would actually find out the secret behind the engraving or a way back to his own world.

Liu Zhenhan put all his efforts into calming himself down for a while then focused entirely on singing the psychic battle song. Suddenly, his singing voice began to echo throughout the bamboo forest and immediately created a somewhat magical atmosphere in the surroundings.

A faint golden halo enveloped a large area of ground in the vicinity, encompa.s.sing both Liu Zhenhan and the giant black turtle. Suddenly, a look of surprise flashed in the giant black turtle’s dying eyes.

Liu Zhenhan suddenly had a strange feeling as if his soul was being separated from the body, along with a barrage of numerous chaotic scenes from his past, smoke, gunshots, the handsome face of his brother, the caring scolding of his mother, his annoying sister, all these treasured memories instantly pa.s.sed through his mind as movie clips and then suddenly got sucked out of his mind as if they got sucked by a sponge. With that, he felt a kind of cold yet soothing feeling in between his eyebrows.

“It worked!” Liu Zhenhan’s was rejoicing in his heart as he remembered Hailun’s words that subduing a magical beast and the formation of a spiritual connection between the pet and the sacred sacrifice was always accompanied by such a G.o.dly feeling.

“I cannot think of a reason why you would come to this world, but you are late to be thinking of making me your partner. It is hard to imagine that I, a Bixi, spent all my life wandering around in this confined area and lost miserably in the end, losing everything.”

(TL Note: Bixi is the name of a creature that is one of the nine sons of a dragon with the form of a tortoise.)

A string of strangely woven thoughts violently impacted on Liu Zhenhan’s forehead, just like being hit on the head by a hammer, and left him stunned for a moment. He felt his own brain boiling up and transforming into a wisp of light. It was like experiencing a thunderclap in one’s own brain, making him cover his ears as he squatted down on the ground.

“Ba Xia! Ba Xia!” The giant turtle suddenly opened its mouth, revealing a set of human-like teeth as it roared up wildly like some kind of mythical creature. Its vocal cord seemed to be naturally hoa.r.s.e and was also injured by the giant wolf, making it sound like the gasping sound of an old cow.

“This black turtle is insane!” Liu Zhenhan rubbed his own head as he was still feeling slight headache caused by the turtle’s telepathic whispers. However, he was not used to experiencing telepathy and also did not know what to do now.

The giant turtle’s huge head crooked down and his droopy eyes closed as well. Even the folds in its skin loosened up gradually.

“Oi? Big guy, are you dead?” Liu Zhenhan suddenly felt a hint of great sadness in his heart and was unable to hide it. He did not know why he suddenly burst into tears and couldn’t stop himself.

“Why?” Liu Zhenhan felt very strange as tears began to blur his eyes.

“What is wrong with me?” Liu Zhenhan wiped the tears gushing out of his eyes, “Am I crying because I lost my magical pet?”

“This is too much! I am a trained soldier and must never succ.u.mb to emotions like this.” Liu Zhenhan tried to harden his heart but still couldn’t stop the big tear drops from rolling down his face.

“My dear ‘female’ magical beast….” Liu Zhenhan leaned against the black turtle’s corpse and began to bawl: “There are a lot of things that I wanted to ask you but you left me hanging like this.”

“But you know what? I must tell you that this sh.e.l.l of yours is actually a very good item and should be quite useful to me.” Liu Zhenhan wiped his snot and flung it away. Although he felt very sad in his heart, he actually began to measure the only residual value of this black turtle like a true soldier that he was.

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