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Chapter 5: A Renyao(1) must also speak with integrity

Sender: Hana (Flower @ first cla.s.s nurse, working hard and enduring hardships)

Sub-section: h.o.m.os.e.xual

t.i.tle: Living together with a second-degree disabled(2) is really laborious

Post Station: Yanshan University Bainianshuren BBS

In the evening, since I have something to do, I left Yang-yang (Antelope) to finish his meal and asked him to just leave the plates after.

When I came back, I found him washing on his own, breaking two plates and a bowl on the way.

There's a few left for washing, so I still had to wash, anyway.

Sender: Antelope (Small Antelope Physically disabled, Unyielding spirit)

Sub-section: h.o.m.os.e.xual

t.i.tle: Re: Living together with a second-degree disabled(2) is really laborious

Post Station: Yanshan University Bainianshuren BBS

. . . . . . Be considerate to the handicapped!!!

【World】Fallen Dark Wind: I can guarantee.

The World Channel turned dead-silent for a minute, and then suddenly, it went wild as the screen was quickly flooded.

“The Great G.o.d just spoke. What happened?”

“Ah, ah, ah! I'm so close with G.o.d; I want to take a photo.”

(TNnier1: Probably since his(her) name is close to 'G.o.d' in World Chat?)

“Why should G.o.d help to guarantee this s.h.e.m.a.l.e of a liar ah?”

“Although I don't know who [Little Bell] is, but she just got big face now."

“Isn't [Little Bell] the wife of [Night Wolf]? What’s going on here?”

“Is this the legendary 'wall-climbing'(3)?”

“Qing Sword Guild can really JQ.”

(TNnier2: Ah, another slang. Can I cry? JQ came from 奸情 or JiānQíng which means adultery)

“Aren't [Qing Sword Guild] and [Fallen Dark 9th Heaven] hostile guilds (with each other)? The situation is getting more complicated…”

“The Leader of the hostile guild guarantees their enemy guild. If it's a BL then I will meng; unfortunately, it's a BG ╮ (╯ ▽ ╰) ╭ "

(TNnier3: More slang!! Meng or 萌 méng is a loanword from j.a.panese 'MOE' which describes affection towards cute character; next, BL = boy's love, while BG = boy & girl, heteros.e.xual, normal lane)

"BG, conduct yourself(4)!!!!!"

【World】Great Grandpa He: MD, enough of this already!

(TNnier4: Not sure but I read somewhere that MD is also TMD = 他妈的tāmāde, which means 'd.a.m.n, d.a.m.n it, dammit, f.u.c.k, f.u.c.king!')

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: Great… G.o.d…

【Private Chat】 Fallen Dark Wind: They are only joking. Don't take them seriously.

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: Great G.o.d, I'm seeking cover, please let me hold your thigh (^ o ^)/~

【Private Chat】 Fallen Dark Wind: You're also making fun of me.

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: ^______^

【World】 Spy: Reporting! Sighted! Great G.o.d and Little Bell are having a private meeting here next to the [Profession Mentor NPC]!

(TNnier5: The IGN is really spy = 探子tànzi - spy, scout, detective)

This sentence in the world channel was simply like saying “I caught the adulteress, come see ah”, and the next moment, the map became a tourist attraction! The Profession Mentor NPC has become popular for the first time.

(TNnier6: As per chapter 2, this Profession Mentor NPC resets skill points. Usually, such NPC is not so popular. Do you reset points every now and then?)

“Wow, Great G.o.d you’re really here! Group photo! SAY CHEESE~”

“Isn't the combination of these two people a bit too scary?”

“Little Bell you're shameless. You already have a husband but you still hooked G.o.d.”

“She cheated hundreds of thousands, and then said that she was hacked but that's alright with you? Then I cheated, too! At worse I was also hacked.”

“I'm also a hacked account.”

“Hacked account +1”

“I’m lagging due to so many people. I want to die.”

"I just got disconnected, too…"

【World】Great Grandpa He: You're SB! Little Bell is Night Wolf's. Don't be blind, BB!

(TNnier7: Ahhh!! ༼ つ ಥ_ಥ ༽つ

SB = 傻屄 Shǎbī – Stupid c.u.n.t, or describes something as being very stupid;

BB = 别瞎Biéxiā – Satirical language, the meaning is to tell you to shut up or be dead, blind)

【World】 Great Grandpa He: Those with nothing to do, why don't you wash your mouths clean. Will you die if you don't gossip?

【World】 Great Grandpa He: When did our guild people need an outsider to guarantee? A weasel paying a New-Year-call to a chicken, with no good intentions(5).

【World】 Fallen Dark Wind: T.Rex don't be noisy.

【World】 Great Grandpa He: f.u.c.k, you give this Laozi a roll!!!!

(TNnier8: Remember the wocao "我操" (f.u.c.k, s.h.i.t, awesome)? The one used here is its h.o.m.ophone, "卧槽" which should also mean f.u.c.k, s.h.i.t, awesome or like that;

Then, Laozi, ya all know, similar to 'this daddy'; way to say 'I' or 'me' arrogantly;

Then that roll, sigh. It's just saying Get lost! Or Scram!)

Ling Yang hugged his pillow, giggled and then turned the table afterwards (翻到桌子底下).

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: T.Rex O (∩ _ ∩) O haha ~

【Private Chat】 Fallen Dark Wind: Tyrannosaurus Rex ^^

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: It's too much for him. XD

Ling Yang's screen suddenly turned white, add the large number of people at his current map; the memory card of his computer was insufficient so he had to wait for two minutes before it started to move again.

Ling Yang felt depressed. Later he must follow this person (以后要跟着这个人) and have a change for a good video card.

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: I don't know if I should admire you, or admire you, or admire you?

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: I just went away for a while and you already made such a big news.

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: Do you know what your current behavior is called?

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: An overnight hit(6)?

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: Unruly wife(7).

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: I know you cannot spit out an ivory.

(TNnier9: Not even half the chapter and it's already the 9th! This ‘cannot spit out an ivory’ has a better version: 狗嘴里吐不出象牙Gǒu zuǐ lǐ tǔ bu chū xiàngyá - a dog's mouth doesn't spit ivory. Basically he just called NW 'dog'. Mwahaha!)

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: What is your relationship with [Fallen Dark Wind]? Why should he protect you?

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: Why does it matter to you?

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: You are my wife now. Of course, that's my business.

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: That's only in front of outsiders; this is my private affair.

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: Sorry, your personal business has been exposed and now everyone knows you're having me wear a green hat.

(TNnier10: You know it already ah? Right? Green hat, adultery, infidelity, cheating, affair, unfaithfulness, cuckoldry; and this is a great face-slap for the husband)

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: As long as the days still go by, a little green in the head matters not!

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: If my head is a little green, your days will stop going by.

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: Well, he is my friend.

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: You just bought an account and you already got a friend there? Your speed of making friends is really amazing.

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: Friends who I met before. I just (came*) because he transferred to this server.

(TNnier11: There's really a missing word there. I just added 'came' to complete it, somehow. Well, you may try other words for your own happiness. *sneaks out*)

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: What kind of friends?

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: Ordinary friends.

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: Please break up.

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: …

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: Qing Sword Guild and Fallen Dark 9th Heaven are hostile guilds from the very day they're both founded.

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: The world is so beautiful but you're all vengeance. That is so ugly.

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: In short, the members of the two guilds are not allowed to have personal dealings.

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: What's with that Tyrannosaurus Rex?

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: Tyrannosaurus Rex?

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: Great Grandpa He.

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: He has the worst relationship with Fallen Dark Wind. These two people, when they meet, they always fight over.

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: Hey, you're still too simple ╮(╯▽╰)╭

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: What do you mean?

Ling Yang opened the Guild Channel that he previously switched off.

【Guild】 Little Bell: T.Rex

【Guild】 Great Grandpa He: Get lost!!! (滚)

【Guild】 Great Grandpa He: Who are you? Why would you call me that? How do you know Fallen Dark Wind? Why is he protecting you?

【Guild】 Little Bell: So many questions. Which one would you let me answer first ah?

【Guild】 Great Grandpa He: What is your relationship with him?

【Guild】 Little Bell: We're cla.s.smates.

【Guild】 He Grandpa: P! Are you my cla.s.smate? Which college are you from?

(TNnier12: IDK if 'P' refers to the 'P' in 屁股 or Pìgu just like 'MD' in TMD or tāmāde. But this 'pigu' means a.s.s or b.u.t.t)

【Guild】 Lu Xiaobu: f.u.c.k! Great Grandpa He and the leader of Fallen Dark are cla.s.smates??!

【Guild】 Quan Little Grandson (孙小权): Due to large amount of information, (my brain) temporarily cannot accept anymore. Please, wait for me to digest them first.

【Guild】 Full Flower Lou (花满楼): Grandpa Xiong, such rough life experience, you shouldn't be on crooked path (间道), right?

【Guild】 Runaway Shou Bie: I bet Grandpa is definitely not a steamed-rice dumpling (粽子). In fact, he used us to be able to follow Fallen Dark so he should not attack his cover. This is his way to follow the Great G.o.d with ease, loving each other, killing each other d(= ^^ =)ノ

(TNnier13: IGN above is 小受别跑Xiǎoshòu Bié Páo - xiashou, the slang for 'receiver', hehe, then Bie is a name, and lastly Pao means runaway or run-off. For first time to appear characters, I’ve put their original names so you can help with this naming part, preferably in English to help people like us. XD)

【Guild】Jiandie: Above is the G.o.d of truth.

【Guild】 Great Grandpa He: ……………………

【Guild】 Great Grandpa He: f.u.c.k me!!! Little Bell, you ruin me!!!!!

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: SEE?

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: You played him again. Beware he might get angry (急眼) with you.

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: People is so scared ah~~ If he really got fierce, won't you cover me?

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: You have a Great G.o.d for cover. What are you still afraid of?

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: Husband, are you jealous?

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: Must you really be shameless?

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: Saying one thing but your meaning is different(8), the most annoying.

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: Shut up.

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: (⊙x⊙)

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: In short, you should stop communicating with Fallen Dark Wind.

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: Same with the other people of the Fallen Dark 9th Heaven. You can join the fight to see each other; you cannot fight to runaway. You are not allowed to have even a small performance.

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: If an accident happened, don't blame me if I cannot help you.

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: Hear me?!

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: (⊙x⊙)

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: You can speak.

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: Stop. Why are you interfering in my private life?

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: I'm your husband.

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: Fake husband.

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: Why can't you learn from the previous [Little Bell] and let me save a bit of heart (省点儿心)?

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: The [Little Bell] before was also renyao.

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: He is renyao, you are also s.h.e.m.a.l.e. You're the same but his professional ethics is much better than you.

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: …………………… he cheating more than 300,000 is also called a professional ethics?!!

【Guild】 Great Grandpa Hr: Little Bell, you get out!

【Guild】 Night Wolf: Be polite with my wife a little.

【Guild】Jiandie: Yes, Little Bell , don't you think you need to say something to everyone?

【Guild】 Little Bell: h.e.l.lo everyone. I am Little Bell.

【Guild】 Meng Egg: …

【Guild】Quan Little Grandson: …

【Guild】Lu Xiaobu: …

【Guild】 Little Bell: Thank you for taking care of my husband during my absence.

【Guild】Full Flower Lou: Is Little Bell being possessed?

【Guild】Little Bell: I was really hacked before.

【Guild】Jiandie: Why did it take you so long?

【Guild】Little Bell: That's because I got in a car accident.

【Guild】Meng Egg: ah!!!!

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: Rotten stalk(9)!

【Private Chat】Little Bell: You're wrong. It's not a rotten stalk; the ma.s.ses of the public are offended!

【Guild】Jiandie: How can you be so unlucky? Too much coincidences, no wonder everyone misunderstood!

【Guild】Little Bell: Ah, I am too careless. I gave everyone trouble. Later, I will pay more attention.

【Guild】Mo Shangxin: Don't say it like that… No one is blaming you. But it's true that not paying attention can cause a car accident.

【Guild】Jiandie: Ah, speaking of that, are you badly hurt?

【Guild】Little Bell: Okay, it's just a broken finger.

【Guild】Meng Egg: Ah????!

【Guild】Little Bell: But it’s getting better now.

【Guild】Mo Shangxin: That’s good, then. Really scared me.

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: You can also be a little more rotten stem.

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: As long as the people loved it, there'll be no lower limit with my moral integrity.

【Guild】Little Bell: There is a sequel.

【Guild】Mo Shangxin: Ah? What else?

【Guild】Little Bell: That's, I lost my memory.

【Guild】Meng Egg: …

【Guild】Quan Little Grandson: …

【Guild】Lu Xiaobu: …

【Guild】 Little Bell: Of course, it's not a complete lost memory, but there are some things that I cannot remember.

【Guild】Jiandie: And that's the part about us?

【Guild】 Little Bell: ^ __ ^ sister snow.

(TNnier14: I think this one refers to the idiom冰雪聪明bīngxuěcōngming, which means exceptionally intelligent. He called Jiandie 鹣 鲽 or sister bingxue, so he could mean to call her 'sister with exceptional intelligence'. Whatever me.)

【Guild】Full Flower Lou: What can you remember?

【Guild】 Little Bell: I remember my husband.

【Guild】 Meng Egg: Oh~~~~

【Guild】Quan Little Grandson: YoooooooO~~~~

【Guild】 Little Bell: Who will ever forget about him ~(@^_^@)~

【Guild】Jiandie: Zeze, Old Wolf really earned from that 300,000 of white flowers.

(TNnier15: 没白花mò báihuā or white flowers but it can also mean to get one’s money’s worth)

【Guild】 Night Wolf: I also just found out. Let our brothers in the guild who were wronged and have no good intentions understand. (蒙冤了不好意思)

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: You have seen too much novels.

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: True to life novels. (小说缘于生活)

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: Is faking amnesia fun?

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: I don't really want to pretend but since sooner or later my secret may be revealed. I don't know this account or what’s going on with everyone.

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: Be careful with playing too much.

【Private Chat】 Little Bell: I just said that, are you happy?

【Private Chat】 Night Wolf: You say less I'll be happier.

【Guild】Mo Shangxin: All family members were already scolded.

【Guild】Lu Xiaobu: That's right.

【Guild】Jiandie: Don't be polite to those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds of people.

【Guild】Full Flower Lou: Sis Jiandie, Ah-Lang said those who should apologize also includes you…

【Guild】Jiandie: Flowers, do you think your life is too long?

【Guild】Full Flower Lou: /Fleeing

(TNnier16: Ah-Lang, this is how Full Flower Lou call Night Wolf just like how Hana call Ling Yang as Yang-yang in their BBS. Remember, gong's name is Ye Lang)

【Guild】 Great Grandpa He: Little Bell, I also misunderstood you before. I'm also sorry, I apologize.

【Guild】 Little Bell: No worries, Tyrannosaurus ^_^

【Guild】 Great Grandpa He: Don't call me Tyrannosaurus Rex!!!!!

TL's Corner:

Boohoo! When I decided to limit my notes as much, author-shi added more slang especially on this chapter! I-i r-really…Boohoo!

On the happy side, I'm excited to announce that Fionie will be posting the Thai version of TANW. Find them at

And for much happier note, Ainushi Translations has extended their awesomeness to help TLC (Tender Loving Care) for TANW. For now, we're still arranging things. *Cough. I just have to tell you since I'm too excited. Ahaha!

Alright, for the drill, don't forget to leave your corrections and suggestions down to the comment section. I'd really appreciate them especially with the naming and all.


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(1)人妖 rényāo - a transs.e.xual, transvest.i.te, s.h.e.m.a.l.e, ladyboy; a slang for men who use female characters

(2)二等残废Èr děng cánfèi - second degree disabled; usually used to refer to men who are less than 175CM tall but can also refer to people with shortcomings like stupid brained, lazy b.u.m, etc.

(3)墙 Páqiáng - to climb a wall; (fig.) to be unfaithful

(4) 自重 Zìzhòng - conduct yourself; be cautious and respect their own dignity; or could also be about transporting a machine or weight or load, deadweight

(5)(黄鼠狼给鸡拜年没安好心 Huáng shŭ láng gĕi jī bài nián, méi ān hăo xīn - A weasel paying a New Year call to a chicken, with no good intentions; means someone is masquerading as good people, but in fact they harbor evil plot; also an idiom, 'Beware of suspicious folk bearing gifts, they are sure to be ill-intentioned'

(6)一炮走红Yī pào zǒuhóng - an overnight hit; lit. a cannon  to be popular; an idiom which means a hit, becoming famous overnight, sudden popularity

(7)不守妇道Bù shǒu fùdào - Unruly wife; lit. does not keep women or wife; a wife who's not complying with standards. See:

(8)心口不一Xīnkǒubùyī - Saying one thing but your meaning is different; heart and mouth at variance (idiom), keeping one’s real intentions to oneself

(9) 烂梗Làn gěng - rotten stalk; slang for Lame! (PS, next time I'll just use the slang terms)

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