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Annals of the Flame Kingdom Chapter 3

The Melancholic Princess (P.O.V)

‘We apologize for the inconvenience, but please take care of the matter’. While letting out a sigh, Erika casually threw the letter on the office desk. Despite of the fact that the letter was from her “sister”, the king of the country, it wasn’t necessarily written by her. Even if it had the emblem of her sister, it could have been written by anyone.

I, Erika Flame from the Flame kingdom, the step-sister of Elisabeth, daughter of the previous king, am  living as an ordinary n.o.ble, despite being three-years older than the current king.

All of this, is because I am the “child of a concubine”.

Normally, a child from the concubine of a n.o.bility spend their lives in the shadows. Which is marked as “likely”, but I don’t have any memories like that.

“Look, Erika! ~I made the candy! Taste it!”

Erika shut her eyes to reminisce her sweet childhood memories… The beautiful smile of Angelica who treated her, the child of a concubine as her own and poured her affection without bias… of course whether it was a good thing or not is for some other time.

“…… Well, how would have things turned out if Elisabeth wasn’t born, or if she had died earlier? I could have inherited the throne and continued living a beautiful life.”

“Dark imagination is useless.”

After saying so, she then looked at the budget report that she was holding.

“…… Also, a deficit budget.”

Sighing involuntarily, she closed her eyes.

“…… Erika-san”

Suddenly the door opened, walking in was a man with dark eyes.

“I don’t remember hearing a knock on the door,” said Erika sitting straight on her chair.

“Well the door was open to begin with.”

“So, can you come as you want Emily? Un.o.bstructed?”

Erika sent a cold glance towards the chief maid who was standing near the door.

“…..was the financial report, a deficit?”


Saying that, Erika shrugged.

“This is not your fault…… Erika-san”

“Well, this is my fief, and it’s not a bad territory either. Being close to the seash.o.r.e, the salt production is good. It’s blessed us with beautiful sceneries, which are our natural tourist spots, and it can be developed to rival the capital itself if it did not have financial problems… and, I don’t think you would come here just to console me?”

“Oh! I almost forgot, I came here to invite you for dinner. Hmm, where would you like to have it?”

“Let’s eat at the dining hall, besides, we need to greet our guest as well.”

“Nn, alright. I would like to meet ‘the hero’ as well.”

“ Oh! Were you waiting for me?”

“How could I eat without waiting for the landlady?”

“I’m not specific about it, you don’t have to wait for me.”

“Well, …. I read it was the common courtesy here.”

“Well, I would like to know if it is same as the courtesy of your country …… world?”

I was surprised a little bit at Emily’s words. Kota’s line of sight fell on Emir standing behind me.

“It’s okay. Emily knows your ident.i.ty.”

“…… Is that all right? If this is not irrelevant to hear.”

“Well. At least I do have credibility. You can trust me.”

“I don’t want to discuss it right now,” Kota said outright.

“….well, let’s forget about that. Come on, let’s eat.” Erika said to ease the atmosphere.

At her words, Emily came out carrying the silverwares for two people. Although it was not so gorgeous, but the material itself was primarily good.

After being served, I started using my knife and fork to eat in small pieces.

“Wow!” A sound rang out.

Looking at Kota who had a surprised expression, I asked, “What happened?”

“Well, you sure are elegant even when you eat.”

“As a n.o.ble, I was taught to eat this way.”


“Yes, you see, as a n.o.ble we have to learn some things. Didn’t you have any training in your world?”

“No, we didn’t.” Kota replied but in his voice there was sadness and a trace of loneliness.

“…… I-Though there are many differences when I look at this, and this, thank you!”

To so argue vehemently at the appearance of the silverwares in a hurry, and to laugh a little bit at it is somehow funny.

“Did I say ‘apologize’ just right? Earlier, is it good? If it is imposing….”

This, only say “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” my way somehow if said to become sorry. Non-is to thing on this side.

“Excuse me.”


“Innovation Oh … this is I’m … a type of national character with something like another habit, my home country is.”

“Apology is a national character?”

An interesting country, it is.

“Apology, or rather it is not what I want to say … do you stay that tactful as to when to be polite?”

“I wonder if we say it like that with …… both sides?”

“Reverse no sides in the country, do you have such thing?”

……surely. Duplicity is a basic of diplomacy.

“You also have to … read Flame words?”

The book pa.s.sed to him is a book written in Flame language. What keep pa.s.sing, but I did not expect to read.

“I read, but I have a little problem …… at least for that, I can understand the character enters the eye, and nature.”

“…… Does it say …… what, it convenient?”

“That’s right. Honestly, I do not know why the language is through …… Well, you troubled if not through, is not a problem if you are through.”

“I would need to investigate the cause if You’re right. Bad, Well I wonder if good?”

“It may cause investigation would be necessary, but I do not know things because I do not know.”

Coater presentations and showing shrugged to say so.

“Well, I say. So? I wonder me a little found to be of the Flame Kingdom?”

“…… I agree”

Say so, the coater skip the line of sight in the air just a little bit.

“Flame kingdom is a kingdom with a const.i.tutional monarchy, which was born at the time of the “Empire’s large dismantling”, according to the fifth emperor, Dietrich Emperor Flame. From that generations of Kings, he is a graduate of the Flame who is the empire’s imperial ‘Flame successor of the empire’. He has been called ‘the millennium’…

The imperial city is Rarukia. This town was the imperial capital of the former Flame empire and it has many buildings of the Middle Ages Orukena era, as well as the ‘ancient city’. It has a popular language, the legal Flame language. However, many of the merchants, like accommodation and restaurant because that can read and write of Orukena continent words, there is no problem if Orukena continent words Hanasere. Also, as Flame language itself you know, is one language derived from Orukena continent word, since it is a large language of the common point, unless it is to a great extent fine story, communication of well intention in Orukena continent language is possible.

Currency unit has four types of pennies: white gold, gold, silver, and copper coins. One white gold is two golds, one gold coin is five silver coins, one silver coin has ten coppers. It will vary slightly depending on each of the city; if the four people living in the general Rarukia residents year about three hundred – to become a calculation that consume four hundred of white gold, prices are slightly compared to the other countries high trend located in the.

The security in Rarukia has t.i.tanium, roller, is in urban areas, such as Bundesbank buccal. There are books, Branch Office building of the Kingdom Guard, and public security is good. However, the …… you must be careful because many people of outlaw Once in a single back road, but what?”

Involuntarily, resulting in the pow.

“…… It’s amazing”

“Well, it would be if you do remember.”

“…… By the way, what are the attractions of Flame kingdom?”

“It is the ancient capital, Rarukia. You would want to stop by once by all means when having a sightseeing trip to Flame. It is also the birthplace of the Middle Ages Orukena culture, cultural protection view from the old Rarukia Imperial University auditorium, Rarukia Cathedral, Church of St. George Rarukia historic buildings, such as the total church has been left in the figure of the remains of the time. In addition, the center t.i.tanium of the northern culture from Rarukia at a distance of approximately one day at a high speed horse-drawn carriage, the flavor and the Middle Ages Orukena culture different, you may try to touch the exotic t.i.tanium civilization. Tired of the usual tourist, it recommended the roller in the south for those who so Osshara. Roller allowed the only public gambling in the Flame Kingdom It was a town, in the Orukena continent is a major red light district next to Parusena CC. in the city roller that never sleeps, what is how those seen forget a temporary reality? “

“…… Perfect. I’ll have to remember it as well?”

“Rather than … how to walk in that book I know whether” Orukena Continent? Would be …… obviously travel magazine Of the Flame kingdom”?”

“Book that sold the most?”

“But it is good …… Well”

Again, a shrug wtih his shoulder. This is also maybe his habit.

“By the way, this is Terra.”

“Terra, something special product Toka specialties Toka …… or tourist attractions but there is like a spot or? If there are any, I would like to see the tourist spots if it does not become a nuisance, but …… is it alright?”

“Please tell me …… Which book are selling most in recent times?”

“…… I see.”

Nodding his head, immediately understanding. Somehow it is maddening little bit it.

“…… I should be honest because at this time, specialties in the Terra also specialties as well, or not even tourist attractions. It flats itself is also small because it is a city made along the cove if more say, and the crops do not grow much due to the sea breeze.”

“Well ……”

“It is not a charming town to say it clearly. Once, but I” position “minute disproportionate because standpoint Oane is, the revenue is less than or so of a Baron and Viscount”

Becomes sad to say, it cannot be helped.

“So, I’m afraid not to give you so much luxury. But what do keep coming brought by force …… at best, I wonder about to send a life of not Ya eat?”

“I’m sorry? If, show smiling to say so. It becomes sad liked ….




“…… I wonder if I should say anything?”

“What should I say more … let me see … …”

Say so, hollow skip the often gaze.

“…… So?”

“…… I am?”

To slightly apologetic.

“…… That”

Still, clearly.

“…… That, don’t you think that trying to charm of the no city attractive after all your the city lord”.

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