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Chapter 270: Grand Finale

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“I originally intended it to be an exile. Don’t worry, Mo Lian will be with you,” Huo Zhen said calmly. His eyes were still looking at Mo Yan gently. “Are you satisfied with what I did?”

Only then did Mo Yan realize that Huo Zhen was sticking up for her.

The conditions in G Country were tough. Mo Dong and Mo Lian were used to living in luxury. Once there, they would definitely not get used to it. Even if they could survive there, they would still be traumatized.

“I’m very satisfied.” Mo Yan was not pretentious, nor did she feel pity for Mo Dong and the others. Everything was his own fault.

“Mo Yan, I’m your father. Have you never thought about the friendly sentiments between us?” Mo Dong was anxious as he pointed at Mo Yan and scolded her.


Huo Zhen wanted to stand up for Mo Yan, but Mo Yan gently pressed on his arm. “I don’t need to trouble you. I can do it myself.”

“Mo Dong, what you said is really interesting.” Mo Yan sneered, “You mistreated me and my mother. When you didn’t care whether we were dead or alive, did you ever think that we were a family? My mother was in the ward, awaiting money to save her life, and what were you doing? You didn’t lend me a single cent, and you were still fooling around outside. Did you ever think that this day would come?”


Mo Dong still wanted to defend himself, but his tongue was tied, and he could not find any words to refute Mo Yan.

Mo Yan did not want to see them again. “I’m very satisfied with Huo Zhen’s arrangements, and I won’t change it. Look at how unlucky you guys are, you’re even hindering me from eating.”

Huo Zhen glanced at the security guards beside him, and someone immediately went forward to “invite” Mo Dong and Mo Lian out. Mo Lian, who had always been extremely proud and stuck up, finally lowered her head in disappointment and did not dare to speak.

Mo Yan sucked in her cheeks and seemed to be deep in thought.

“What, you don’t like my present?” Huo Zhen played with Mo Yan’s hair. Even her worried look looked cute.

Mo Yan slapped Huo Zhen’s hand away and sat upright, “It’s not really a matter of whether I like it or not. I originally wanted to deal with Mo Dong and Mo Lian myself. With this arrangement of yours, it’s saved me a lot of trouble. But now that this matter is settled, I don’t know what to do next.”

Mo Yan pursed her lips and pulled at her hair.

“Alright, since you don’t like this gift, I’ll give you another one.” Huo Zhen seemed to have guessed the slight disappointment that Mo Yan felt. There was actually another gift.

“Are you Santa Claus? Why did you prepare so many gifts for me?” Mo Yan was confused and even had a bit of a headache.

Huo Zhen was really odd that day.

However, the next moment, Huo Zhen took out a small box from his pocket, knelt down on one knee, and handed it to Mo Yan. He opened the box and inside was a beautiful and unique diamond ring. Not only was the size of the diamond shocking, the design was also very clever. It was a bespoke diamond ring that Huo Zhen had spent a lot of money on, requesting for it from a famous brand. It was one of a kind.

“What are you doing?”Mo Yan was startled and stepped back.

“Of course it’s a proposal. Although you’re already my wife, we should still go through the process. Other people have wedding rings when they get married; my wife also has to have one.”

Huo Zhen looked at Mo Yan dotingly and intimately.

“Isn’t this too big, too grand?”

Music had even started to play in the venue, and many people walked in. There were Huo Yu and Qin Yuan, Xu Tian, and colleagues who worked in the company. They all walked in with smiles, clapping and cheering, asking Mo Yan to agree to Huo Zhen’s proposal.

“Marry him, marry him.”

Their cheers completely broke the last line of defense in Mo Yan’s heart. Although she had already adapted to her status as Huo Zhen’s wife, she had never thought that Huo Zhen would arrange such a proposal for her.

Her face flushed red as she nodded repeatedly.

Huo Zhen happily put the ring on Mo Yan’s hand, picked her up, spun her around, and kissed her gently on the face.

The crowd became even more excited, and one after another, they asked for another kiss.

Mo Yan was so shy that she wanted to hide in his arms. Huo Zhen saw her embarra.s.sment and requested for their friends to take their leave. Then, he whispered into Mo Yan’s ear, “I’ll be preparing for the wedding next. The day will be livelier than now. You’d better prepare in advance.”

Mo Yan didn’t hear him clearly, and she didn’t know whether to nod or shake her head.

Huo Zhen hugged her even tighter, his face almost touching Mo Yan’s ear. He whispered, “You don’t have to be embarra.s.sed. I’ll help you. I’ll take care of you and protect you from now on.”

After saying that, he indulgently kissed Mo Yan’s lips.

The kiss deepened bit by bit, as if it wanted to meld the two of them together.

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