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"I'm retired."

Prosecution Witnesses Nail Foster Defense Listens to Plea Bargain Offer Newsday

50% Of Americans Blame j.a.pan - Want Revenge Rocky Mountain News

La Rouche Calls For War On j.a.pan Extremist Views Speak Loud Los Angeles Time

12% GNP Reduction Estimated Rich and Poor Both Suffer USA Today

Soviets Ask For Help Want To Avoid Similar Fate London Telegraph

International Monetary Fund Ponders Next Move Christian Science Monitor

Security: The New Marketing Tool by Scott Mason

American business always seems to turn a problem into a profit, and the current computer confidence crisis is no different.

In spontaneous cases of simultaneous marketing genius, banks are attempting to garner new customers as well as retain their exist- ing customers. As many banks continue to have unending difficul- ties in protecting their computers, the Madison Avenue set has found a theme that may set the tone of banking for years to come.

Bank With Us: Your Money Is Safer.

Third Federal Savings and Loan

Your Money Is Protected - Completely, Mid South Alliance Bank

Banks have taken to advertising the sanct.i.ty of their vaults and the protective measures many organizations have hastily installed since the Foster Plan was made public. In an attempt to win customers, banks have installed extra security measures to insure that the electronic repositories that store billions of dollars are adequately protected; something that banks and the ABA openly admit has been overlooked until recently.

The new marketing techniques of promoting security are not the exclusive domain of the financial community. Insurance compa- nies, private lending inst.i.tutions, police departments, hospitals and most major corporations are announcing their intentions to secure their computers against future a.s.saults.

Foster GUILTY! Plea Deal Falls Apart Sentencing Hearing Date Set New York Post

University Protests "Closed Computing"

Insist Freedom on Information Critical For Progress US News and World Report

Fifty New Viruses Appear Daily Complacency Still Biggest Threats Tampa Tribune

NSA/ITSEC Agreement Near International Security Standards Readied Federal Computer Week

Justice Department Leads Fight Against Organized Computer Crime Baltimore Sun

Novell Networks Now Secure Government Computer News

OSO Offers Reparations: Directors Resign Wall Street Journal

American and Delta Propose Merger Nashville Tennessean

Citizen Groups Promote Safe Computing St. Paul Register

April 15 IRS Deadline Extended 90 Days Washington Post

49 States Propose Interstate Computer Laws Harvard Law Review

Courts Work Overtime on Computer Cases Christian Science Monitor

AT&T Plans New Encryption For Voice Communications

Microsoft Announces Secure DOS Admits Earlier Versions "Wide Open"

PC Week

3500 Foster Viruses Identified: 5000 To Go Info World

National Computer Security Plan Cost: $500 Billion Wall Street Journal

An End Is In Sight Says NSA Public Skeptical New York City Times

Foster Receives Harsh Penalty: 145 Years Appeal Process Begins, Foster Remains in Custody Washington Post

The press is often criticized for 'grand standing' and 'sensa- tionalizing' otherwise insignificant events into front page news, but in this case the government said little about the media's handling of the situation. In fact, privately, the White House was pleased that the media, albeit loudly and cra.s.sly, was a key element in getting the message to the American public:

Secure Your Computers Or Else.

Everyone agreed with that.

December 17 Overlooking Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

"You must feel pretty good. Pulitzer Prize. Half of the writing awards for last year, nomination for Man of the Year."

"The steaks are burning." The hype had been too much. Scott alone had to carry forward the standard. He had become expected to lead a movement of protest and dissent. Despite his pleas, his neutrality as a reporter was in constant danger of compro- mise.

"It's kind of strange talking to a living legend."

Scott's deeply tanned body and lighter hair was quite a contrast to the sickly paleness of New Yorkers in winter. "Get the sprit- zer, water the coals and then f.u.c.k yourself."

"Isn't this what you wanted?" Tyrone scanned the exquisite view from the estate sized homestead overlooking Charlotte Amalie Harbor on St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. The safe enclosed harbor housed three cruise ships, but the hundreds of sailboats in the clear Caribbean dominated the seascape.

After the last year, Scott had decided to finally take time off for a proper honeymoon. He and Sonja elected to spend an extend- ed holiday on St. Thomas, in a rented house with a cook and a maid and a diving pool and a satellite dish and all of the lux- uries of stateside living without the residual headaches.

Their head over heels romance surprised no one but themselves and they both preferred to let the past stay a part of the past.

Scott decided quickly to take Sonja at her word. Her past was her past, and he had to not let it bother him or they would have no future. Even if he was one of her jobs for a short while.

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