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I was just given land and the t.i.tle Viking (info in the new auxiliary chapter) by the Jarl as a reward for my contribution and my brother's sacrifice in battle.

I was advised by a fellow Viking who told me to buy slaves to look over my land whilst I am away on raids. When I got to where they were holding slaves and prisoners I picket a few who had experience in farming and animal husbandry, I also found an interesting slave who seemed to be happy whilst imprisoned. The slave peaked my interested so I bought him. Whilst we were walking, I took glances at the unusual slave, what was even more surprising was that this seemed to be the first time the slave had seen a forest.

after walking for about 20 minutes we finally reach my new land, I was very surprised to see the amount of farmland I was given as well as the large house.

I quickly gave out jobs to the slaves and told them to start working tomorrow, the only issue was with the weird yet interesting slave, I didn't know what kinda job to give him, so I just gave him an old staff and told him to be semi guard and chase away predators that were after the animals.

I told them where to sleep and then locked them in the animal house (don't know what its called ;() and I too was going to sleep.

William POV

When I finally was out of my daze I found myself with 4 others and some dirty animals in a relatively big hut, I could see how the other slaves quickly went for the nearest haystacks that weren't occupied with animals. when I finally found a free haystack I started thinking back on what happened earlier that day.

When the man enters the small Schak I was in, he introduced himself as Viking Einär Einärsson of Huskarl Olfik Eriksson and later told me "I am your new Master" and quickly put a rope around my neck and started dragging me towards the other slaves he had bought.

The first slave I noticed was a skinny yet tall man, he had bushy eyebrows, deep green eyes, a broad nose, broad shoulders, and a bald head. the second person was a short young man that looked just a little bit older than me, he had screaming blue eyes and it seemed like his blonde hair shined in the sun giving him a calming aura. the third person I could not see, he wore a hooded cloak blocking his face, the cloak went down to his knees and I could only see his tanned legs. The fifth slave was an old man with many wrinkles and he had a calm yet sharp eyes and short grey hai, the man was old but he emitted a sharp and dangerous aura, normal people wouldn't notice, only warriors who had fought for their life many times and has taken many more.

Why William noticed even tho he had no battle experience was thanks to his grandpa who many times had the same aura and noticed that the old man in front of him was very dangerous and should not be provoked.

when they started walking towards his new home, William finally noticed his surroundings, he saw many green lavish bushes, many green trees, and many different plants he has never seen before.

The new environment took him with sook and pulled him into a gaze admiring what he just had seen.

When they finally arrived and William was out of his daze he noticed Einär giving him a wooden staff and telling him to be a guard and fend off wild animals. When William noticed this he was in shock.

"Why would anyone give a slave a weapon, even stranger why did Einär think I could fend off wild animals, what if a wolf pack attack even worse what if a bear started attacking, the bear could tear down Einär entire house"

What William didn't take into account was that Einär didn't even see William as an opponent and could probably take him down with his left pinky without much effort. Einär also knew that no dangerous animals would even come close to his land when the Jarls hunting parties where patroling daily.

It was late and William could hear the other slaves snoring heavily, William was tired as well but he couldn't sleep, he had too many thoughts on his mind. Why do I know social statuses without even coming in contact or ever have been taught? William also thought that his side quest would complete when he ate that fish soup, but the system told him "The soup was not nutritious enough to finish the quest" when he asked about it.

William opened his system to look if anything different has happened

Quest's Window available!

Techniques Window available!

Hosts name: William (Only free men can have a Famly name)

Age: 15 (Adult)


Children: none

Status: Malnourished (Malnourished -4 to all stats)

Job: Slave ( Master=Einär Einärsson, -30 general opinion )

Stats: Average Adult stats is 10 (without ever training or fighting)

Strength: 5

Agility: 7

Dexterity: 5

Leadership: 0 (Slave= -10 leadership)

Equipment: Rags, Wooden staff (Requirments= 3 strength)

"Open Quest Window"

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Quest Window

Story Quests: Save Einär from dying from his rivals plot (Reawrd= Einär will teach you #staff Techniques#, + 40 GO (General Opinion, too lazy to write it ;) ) (Punishment for Failing= Death)

(fail condition = Dying/Einärs death) (Time till Plot start 1 year(s) 6 month(s) )

Main Quest: Become a free man (Reward= a family name) (Punishment for Failing= Death with no rebirths) (fail condition = Dying)

Side Quest: Eat food! (Reward= Lose Malnourished) (Fail condition= Dying) (Punishment for Failing= Dying) (Death in 3 days if not food is eaten)

"Seems like my plate is going to be full for a while," said William with a determined look in his eyes.

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