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Rumble! Rumble!

As the ground shook, a huge figure could be seen erupting from the ground below. Sure enough, Yang Jian's prediction came true. A huge crab-like beast with strange black and purple crystals on its body were seen.

Not only were Void beasts much stronger than humans and other races of the same level, but their armor is also incredibly tough, making them hard to kill. Even the softest part of its flesh is many times harder than even rare metals found only deep in s.p.a.ce.

The Void beast' right pincer was huge, almost as big as its body. As for the other arm, rather than a pincer, a hammer-like arm made entirely of black and purple crystals were of equal length. It was a wonder how the beast could move with two arms almost as big as its own body each.

From dozens of meters away, Yang Jian could smell something burning. To confirm his thoughts, he noticed the void beast's flesh was darker in some areas than what he had seen or heard from his studies.

This time, Yang Jian stabbed the spear into the ground, as he randomly generated another weapon.

Ding! Ding!

In a matter of seconds, the spear turned into particles, while a throwing glaive appeared in his hand. The glaive was quite large and there were three sharp edges. There were three holes for his fingers to go in, as he noticed that if he moved his hand slightly, the glaive would rotate in the direction that he moved his wrist in.

"Interesting," he thought.

Before he could get familiar with it, the Void beast started coming for him. A huge shadow appeared above his head, which he could see while still looking at the glaive.



In the blink of an eye, a giant sandstorm was created, where the Void beast's right pincher had landed.


Before the sandstorm cleared up, the sound of something whistling through the air could be heard. It was unknown what the object was, but judging from the sound it made, one could tell that it was something that could rotate.


Roar! Roar!

Once the sandstorm cleared up, a huge crab-like beast with one of its arms missing could be seen. As for the missing arm, it was on the ground, not far from its huge body. A deep crater could be seen just below as if a meteor had struck.

If one were to look at the wound, one could tell that the two parts had been cleanly cut apart without a single flaw. It was a clean and smooth separation between the pincer and the body.

As Void beasts were creatures that are born from the universe itself, their bodies contained no blood. In fact, the only thing one could see is pure darkness that resembled a black hole.

As for the culprit of the wound, it had long returned to the hands of the one who had thrown it. During the moment that Yang Jian had dodged the huge pincer, he had gotten far behind it and threw the flying glaive towards the pincher, while it was still mid-air.

Even though its pincer was the hardest part of its body, how can it be as tyrannical as Yang Jian's divine strength? With his strength that was many times higher than even those with strength type genes, on the same level and even above his level, he was unmatched no matter the species.

At this point, it was already clear who the winner was. Yang Jian threw the flying glaive out, which in an instant, sliced the Void beast in half as if its extremely st.u.r.dy body was nothing more than b.u.t.ter.

"Hmm, this is too easy. I'll have to quicken the pace if I want to get some real practice." Yang Jian thought.




In vast darkness, the sound of something exceedingly huge came falling down onto the ground. A young man is seen holding a spear in one hand, with his back turned towards his opponent.

As for the huge thing that fell, it was obviously a huge Void beast. It had been a while since Yang Jian had defeated the crabdite Void beast. By now, he had already surpa.s.sed the 1.0 Gene Score point.

After the battle just now, Yang Jian finally started to struggle a bit against his opponents. He had battled a few stronger opponents in various situations and had just now been back in s.p.a.ce.

Now that he was done with his opponent, Yang Jian decided to end it here for today. Exiting the virtual s.p.a.ce, Yang Jian's chicken suit finally came off as he returned to his school uniform.

He then headed straight home to cultivate for the night while replaying the battles he had been in within his mind over and over again to find his shortcomings. As he cultivated, he noticed his spiritual cultivation slowly improving.

With just a little push, he would make a breakthrough to the next stage of the Body Tempering realm. By then, his battle prowess will be much greater than before. This was the benefit the book had given him, allowing him to cultivate both spiritual and interstellar cultivation within a single body.


The next day, Yang Jian returned to the virtual s.p.a.ce after school. There, he quickly made his way up to the point he was up to just the day before. Entering the next stage, the spear in his hand had become familiar to him.

As memories of spearmanship had flown into his mind while he used it, his mastery over the spear had reached a high level, even though it hadn't been that long. He could now be considered as a master of the spear.

Of course, this also applied to other weapons he had used, though the mastery he had gained wasn't even close to the mastery over the spear, his progress in every weapon had increased tremendously. He could now fight with any kind of weapon, no matter the situation.

At the next stage, his next opponent was waiting for him. With his current Gene score of 0.6, he had climbed all the way up to the 1.1 stage, where many his age wouldn't even dream of coming close to.

Of course, this only applied to those who lived on a level one planet, on the higher level planets, there would, of course, be some individuals who also processed such combat ability, though it may not be to Yang Jian's extent.

Looking around, he found himself on his home planet, Earth. However, the surroundings were all destroyed, with flames and ruins everywhere. Not far away, he noticed his opponent standing there casually while staring at him.

"This one seems to be a genius of the human race, for some reason I feel like she's familiar but can't seem to recall. That's pretty weird considering that I remember everything after seeing it once or twice…"

"Not only that, but her Gene score also seems to be limited to the same level as mine. If that's the case, I have finally found an opponent to fight." Yang Jian thought.

His opponent was a young girl who seemed to be younger than him. Since that was the case, it meant that the data was old and now his opponent's current strength is much higher than the hologram he was about to fight against.

The young girl's features were covered, the exquisite warframe she wore didn't expose anything while enabling her to move freely.

Her left arm was brought forward, while Yang Jian prepared to fight. Even after a few seconds, he didn't see anything and nothing seemed to happen as well. As he was suspicious, he opened his third eye and looked around.

Just as he thought, he could see what seemed like a kind of energy flowing around her body. It was a familiar kind of energy that Yang Jian knew of. When he saw this, he couldn't help but to exclaim in shock.

"So it turns out, I'm not the only one who is able to dual cultivate both interstellar and spiritual cultivation! But that's weird, I haven't heard of anyone else being able to even throughout the entire universe."

"That must mean that the news is either kept hidden, or no one else actually knows such information. Of course, if the news was actually spread out, the various geniuses of the other races may send out all their experts to destroy her, less she grows up into an expert." Yang Jian thought.

"I might as well explain this too, for spiritual cultivators, if they do not show their own strength, the only way for one to identify them as if they don't have a Gene score, or other spiritual cultivators can sense their cultivation stage."

With his third eye open, he could see faint fluctuations of blue spiritual qi flowing in the atmosphere around him. Looking at the source, he knew what was about to happen within just a few moments.


Yang Jian leaped high into the air and landed on a tall building that hadn't caught fire. Just as he landed, the ground started shaking as though an earthquake was about to hit. Rather than an earthquake though, Yang Jian could see a huge tsunami coming towards him with his naked eyes.

As the tsunami came, all the flames were immediately put off, while the debris and destruction increased further. Since he was on a relatively tall building, the water wouldn't affect him too much. Of course, there was a solution to that problem.

The tsunami grew in size, reaching dozens of meters higher than Yang Jian's location. Seeing no way out of this, he spun his spear and held it tight with both hands as the tsunami came crashing down on him.

Glob! Glob! Glob!

A figure was seen being enveloped by a huge tide of water. Whether the water was real or made up of spiritual qi, it didn't matter. All that Yang Jian knew was that if he didn't get out of this, he would lose.

With his spear in his hand, he sent a simple thrust straight forward. His spear pierced a hole through the tsunami, as it pa.s.sed by him. His simple thrust had pierced through the water, allowing him to suffer no damage from the wave.

Jumping through the hole he made, Yang Jian's spear was enveloped in lightning. The gap behind him was filled back up with water as he pa.s.sed through, coming closer and closer to his opponent, Yang Jian rotated his spear continuously at a rapid pace.

Around him, a storm of lightning was conjured with every pa.s.sing second. Even though he was coming closer, his opponent didn't move from her spot. Instead, she seemed to be about to unleash a more devastating attack than before.

Without noticing for a few seconds, Yang Jian realized something was wrong. Even though he kept moving forward while conjuring lighting, he didn't seem to be getting any closer to his opponent.

Once he realized this, he opened his third eye again. At that moment, he could see that it wasn't that he wasn't moving forward, his opponent was actually moving backward at the same time he came for her.

Under her feet, a thin layer of spiritual qi was enveloping the entire ground, while the tsunami had long stopped. Since that was so, he stopped spinning his spear and pointed it forward as he spun his entire body instead of the spear.

His body was now like a torpedo of lightning as he made his way through the air. On the other side, the little girl was preparing something big for him. Both her arms were raised forward, while a shiny golden symbol was revealed on her forehead.

If one were to look closely, they would notice that the mark resembled a trident. The mark was blue in color, while a faint aqua and gold light seemed to also flow out from the mark at the same time.

Of course, since Yang Jian was spinning, he could only catch a glimpse of it with his third eye.

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