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w.a.n.g Dalong: a very ordinary staff member of the Li Group, originally thought that what he had in his nonchalant life was everything he had, but who knew that his life would suddenly turn upside down.

Li Muhao, the son of the group's CEO, gave him a secret task and promised him a position as a department manager if he completed it.

The ecstatic w.a.n.g Dalong immediately agreed.

His task was to follow a taxi driver named Su Qiubai. Young Master Li had clearly told him that as long as he could uncover the driver's details, the promised position would be his immediately. He could gain a promotion and a raise just as simple as that!

Initially, everything went well, but then the driver suddenly disappeared before him!

It was like seeing a ghost in broad daylight. The distance between the two cars was obviously only a dozen or so meters. However, the taxi had vanished in the blink of an eye!

w.a.n.g Dalong was dumbfounded. Leaving the car door open, he jumped out and ran forward. He asked a lot of people about the taxi at the crossroads but none of them had seen it.

Coincidentally, Li Muhao called at that moment for a progress report.

w.a.n.g Dalong dared not lie, so he quickly explained, that he had lost track of the taxi driver.

Obviously, he was scolded viciously. Mu Hao even threatened to have him leave the company if he couldn't even handle this task properly.

w.a.n.g Dalong became anxious and started driving in circles, tracing the route the taxi driver had taken..

Li Muhao called twice during that time. Unfortunately, he hadn't found the taxi's whereabouts even by 10 o'clock.

It was almost midnight. w.a.n.g Dalong was desolate, he could feel that his career would soon be coming to an end!

As the old saying goes, there is always a glimpse of light at the end of darkness!

Grasping on this last strand of hope, he returned to the crossroads where the taxi had disappeared in the morning. And indeed, good luck had finally returned to w.a.n.g Dalong! A gleam light suddenly flashed from the sky and tore w.a.n.g Dalong's dark night asunder.

The taxi had appeared before him once more. After peeking several times at the license plate, he finally decided that it was the one!

w.a.n.g Dalong was ecstatic and quickly informed Li Muhao. However, he noticed the driver of the taxi walking towards him just as he finished dialing the phone.

Was I discovered? He worried nervously as he threw the phone aside.

On the other hand, Su Qiubai had already noticed the Santana trailing behind him several times during the day. He didn't think much about it earlier, but how could it still be there even after he came back from the Lan Ruo Temple?

"Brother, what are you doing here in the middle of the night?"

Su Qiubai knocked on the window and asked with a smile as he watched the fat man in the car slowly wind down the car window.

"Oh, nothing. I was just getting some fresh air, hehe…"

w.a.n.g Dalong was nervous as Li Muhao had warned him multiple times to not be discovered by Su Qiubai. Yet, the driver even took the initiative to talk to him. It can't be that Su Qiubai knows something's up?

Originally, Su Qiubai only thought that the fat man was weird but after listening to his words, he immediately realized that he had been following him.

Is he joking? He came out to get some fresh air with all of his car windows closed? Besides, it was just a simple question and yet he is shaking so badly?

With that final thought, Su Qiubai instantly guessed that the fat man must have some connection with the Li family; they were the only ones who had the audacity to deal with him in such a way!

The old driver had already made up his mind to test the bonus he had received from Nie Xiaoqian's task! And just as he wondered how effective the bonus was, a "white rat" had actually sent itself to his door!
[TLN: A "white rat" is usually termed for someone who sacrifices him/herself.]

"Weird, you look familiar, just like one of those people from the Li Group."

Su Qiubai smiled casually as he lit a cigarette and handed another to w.a.n.g Dalong.

At the same time, he bounded a bad luck charm on w.a.n.g Dalong with his mind!

w.a.n.g Dalong dumbstruck for a while before he accepted the cigarette. His mind went blank after hearing Su Qiubai's words.

What does he mean? Does he know about me? No… I mustn't let him find out!

w.a.n.g Dalong suddenly had an idea.

"Li Group? Are you joking? How could I be like those people? You're simply insulting me!"

Wand Dalong loudly exclaimed, face turning a little reddish from over excitement.

Su Qiubai was shocked from the intense reaction from w.a.n.g Dalong. He planned to witness the effect of the bad luck charm casted on w.a.n.g Dalong, so he simply initiated a chat with him in order to spend some more time with him..

"Li Group… Is it really that bad? I heard that it's quite a good corporate company."

He asked w.a.n.g Dalong after hesitating for a moment.

"Quite good? It's just superficial! Who knows what's going on behind their backs! They're all robbers and harlots. Just take Li Dingtian, that old man as an example. He actually married a beautiful young wife! One could easily guess that she did it just for the money. Many people have said that… his wife was actually his eldest son, Li Muhao's woman…"

Near the end, w.a.n.g Dalong even stretched his fat head closer to Su Qiubai as he whispered the last part. His small eyes expressed the eagerness of ten thousand stampeding horses full of filthiness.

"Really? Is there really such a rumour?"

Su Qiubai didn't expect to hear such a story. Usually, an average person like him wouldn't have any contact with the people from the top of the Li Group. Since he had nothing to do at that moment, it was not so bad to just gossip and have fun. That was how he would normally overcome boredom while earning a living as a taxi driver.

In fact, w.a.n.g Dalong was inexplicably animated after taking the cigarette from Su Qiubai. At first, he just wanted to convince Su Qiubai that he had nothing to do with the Li Group, but somehow, he felt so satisfied after spilling all of the feelings that he kept in his heart!

No one would know about their conversation, and it was impossible for Li Dingtian to find out anyway, so he continued delightfully.

"There's more gossip that you would have never heard before! Did you know that Li Dingtian has a son called Li Jiaye? That kid…… loves guys! Our company just promoted a new director and I heard he got the position because of his relationship with the kid."

Puffing on the cigarette b.u.t.t, w.a.n.g Dalong's eyes were a buzz as he kept babbling to Su Qiubai.

"What the heck, seriously? It seems that you're an insider. You can't be the Li's leader, can you?"

Su Qiubai compiled and took the chance to ask him further.

"I'm not a leader, but… haha, very soon! Brother, you're a taxi driver. You don't understand those big companies and rich people. They have their own way to get promoted to higher positions. Speak only what you should and when you should; when given a task, you'd better complete it quickly. You'll only have a future after pleasing those grandsons…"
[TLN: The term "grandson" in Beijing dialect also means that someone is not authentic and is a villain. Normally used in the context of disparaging a person.]

Taking another drag from the cigarette, w.a.n.g Dalong admonished.

"It seems like you're stuck in a hard place, brother?" Su Qiubai said while grinning.

"Of course, it's hard to work while pleasing people all day long. Our vice president, Li Muhao, the oldest son of Li Dingtian whom I mentioned before, does nothing every day. The only reason he comes to the company is to chat with the female secretary. The entire corridor in the office is… Ugh, filled with an unbearable sound! He sees everyone like his grandsons. To be honest… It'll be more accurate to call him my grandson!"

w.a.n.g Dalong's excitement had completely turned into enmity.

"Darn it, if I'm able to turn my fate around one day, I'll call Li Muhao my grandson whenever I see him. If he dares to ignore me, I'll take off his clothes and make him kneel in front of me and sing "Conquer"… Haha, isn't that funny?"

Su Qiubai nearly dropped his cigarette as he watched w.a.n.g Dalong roar thrice to the sky.

I'm sure that I've bounded the bad luck charm to him. Why does he look like he's on some kind of stimulant?

Su Qiubai dared not answer w.a.n.g Dalong. Then, he noticed the lit mobile phone next to w.a.n.g Dalong, so he simply reminded him about it, "Brother, your mobile phone is on."

w.a.n.g Dalong was already on a roll so he simply reached out and tried to switch off his phone. He even continued, "That's all that I'll reveal to you today, brother. Li Muhao will soon…"

He suddenly stopped talking; both of his little eyes stared at the screen of the mobile phone.

Su Qiubai stared strangely at w.a.n.g Dalong's sluggish and fat face.

He noticed w.a.n.g Dalong's face turning pale just as he was about to ask what was going on.

w.a.n.g Dalong didn't even have the time to bother about him. Both of his fat hands held the mobile phone as if it were a rare treasure and slowly brought it to his ear.

"Hey… Vice President Li, all those rumours. They have nothing to do with me…"

However, the phone hung up immediately before he could continue speaking.

On the other side of the window, Su Qiubai's eyes were wide open, he had a very strange speculation in his mind. Could it be that… Li Muhao was on the line the whole time w.a.n.g Dalong was talking bad about him?

He dared not think about it anymore, so he congratulated w.a.n.g Dalong and quickly ran back to his taxi.

The bad luck charm was really beyond one's expectations! It actually worked!

Oh dear! I must think twice before I use the charm again in the future. I simply mustn't waste such a dear bonus anymore…

With his foot stepped on the accelerator, Su Qiubai drove home while trying to contain his joy and excitement, at the same time he felt sympathy towards w.a.n.g Dalong.

On the other hand, w.a.n.g Dalong, who had been planning to make Li Muhao sing "Conquer" to him, was still shocked; his brain had short-circuited.

What happened earlier was a nightmare. What did I say? Li Dingtian's wife is Li Muhao's woman? Li Jiaye likes men? I even said I'll threaten Li Muhao to address me as his grandfather and force him to sing "Conquer"…

It's over. This is not just about what I said anymore. Rather, I have nothing else to say now!

However, Su Qiubai and w.a.n.g Dalong still didn't know the full potential of the bad luck charm.

As w.a.n.g Dalong desperately drove back home, he was stopped by the traffic police for covering his car number plate, which he vowed that he didn't recall doing so at all!

Yet something worse happened after that. His mistress had gone to his house and fought with his wife. He was bewildered by what made her do it!

When w.a.n.g Dalong went to coax his wife, she kicked his face with the sole of her shoes, causing his front teeth to fall off!

However, that wasn't the end of it… When he was on the verge of collapsing the next morning, he found out that the twenty thousand dollars that he had hid in an old shoe box without his wife's knowledge… were all treated as garbage and given to the recycling center by his son…

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