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Starlight Has No Past

Chapter 3 Part 3

There were new messages in the new WeChat group.

Gu Jin had invited a new person into the group. Ye Qiao could imagine his
warm smile from the words: “Welcome our female lead, Cheng Jiang, into
the group.”

The female lead for was only recently announced. Only Ye
Qiao knew that Gu Jin had been searching for an actress who could portray
the complex personality of the character.

Ye Qiao had asked him: “Why not me?”

Gu Jin laughed: “You’re too soft.  You don’t have that kind of tenacity.”

So she didn’t get the role for the female lead, a girl who was abducted and
taken to a remote mountain. Instead she took the role of the human trafficker
who had a more simple personality. She used to portrait lonely young woman,
but now playing an antagonist at the bottom of social stratum could be counted
as a breakthrough for her acting career.

Yet, was Cheng Jiang more fitting for the role than her?

She had earned awards with costume dramas. Though she was popular for
quite some years with quite a lot of experience, did it mean that she would be
successful in playing this unconventional female lead?

Ye Qiao twitched half of her lips, a snear. It was actually because she was his
ex-lover and Cheng Jiang was the new found love. It was an undeniable fact
that Cheng Jiang was much more famous than her, in movies or in reality.

Zhou Tingsheng, while driving, noticed from the rear view mirror that Ye Qiao
kept sneering; sometimes as if mocking something, sometimes laughing at herself.

From the moment he first saw her, he felt that she was a living paradox, constantly
fighting with herself.

But, Ye Qiao thought no one could see through it. She acted as if nothing was
bothering her and pointed her own left forehead: “Is your wound here better now?
Will it leave a scar?”


“It’s a pity if it leaves a scar on a face like yours.”

Zhou Tingsheng curved his mouth into a smile and didn’t say anything.

She tried to start a conversation as if she didn’t want to remember something:
“When did you move in? The agent was still giving tours around the apartment a
month ago.”

“About half month ago. I didn’t see you when I moved in.”

“I was shooting the movie at that time.”

That was a lie.

At that time she had already finished filming  She had stayed
with Gu Jin. If it wasn’t for the fact that she was right there, how could she, who
always wrapped herself in a coc.o.o.n, find out about the affair between Gu Jin and
Cheng Jiang?

Zhou Tingsheng noticed that she was once again trapped in her own memories.
He stepped on the brakes: “We’re here.”

The Disease Control and Prevention Center was quite familiar with Ye Qiao’s
condition. The nurse taking care of her was in her forties. She looked at her hand
with sympathy: “The bites are so deep. Such a smooth and tender hand will have
a scar on it now.”

Zhou Tingsheng had just walked in on the conversation after paying fee. It reminded
him what Ye Qiao was talking about in the car. Why didn’t she feel it was a pity for
herself to have a scar on her hand?

Ye Qiao’s only concern was: “I had heart surgery before. Does it matter?”

“Don’t worry. Anyone can get a rabies shot. It doesn’t matter if you had a major
operation before.”

Ye Qiao’s eyes dimmed. Zhou Tingsheng shifted his eyes, though he could swear
that when she asked the question, she was expecting the answer to be “Yes, it matters.”

The nurse gave her the shot: “Such a pity. If it’s a rabid dog, she has to take one more
shot of plasma. She has to come back regularly to take follow up shots. Otherwise,
such a nice young lady, her whole life would be destroyed.”

Ye Qiao was quite calm, her eyebrows weren’t even in a knot. She got over the initial
sting, then felt some satisfaction from the pain.

Zhou Tingsheng asked: “How many more times?”

“The bites are quite deep. It’s better she comes everyday for the next six days.”

Zhou Tingsheng nodded.

The injection was over very quickly. The nurse was very happy with a patient who
didn’t flinch from pain. She put the bandage over and smiled: “You look very much
like a movie star. What’s her name? I can’t remember.”

Zhou Tingsheng was leaning against the window, smoking. He turned to check Ye
Qiao’s reaction and found that she was also glancing over at him.

It was all white in the background, her lips were a little pale as well. The window had
been opened for him to smoke and now a breeze blew in and lifted her hair over her eyes.

Zhou Tingsheng was probably the most unromantic person in existence. He asked:
“What are you looking at?”

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