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Starlight Has No Past

Chapter 11 Part 2  

It was still too early to have dinner. Zhou Tingsheng strolled along the
street of the arts district. There were many independent galleries down
the road, most were private galleries of photographers and painters of
some fame. These artists used the galleries to show and sell their artwork.
One could spend a whole day visiting these galleries. Ye Qiao’s reality show
was also filming on the street; once in a while, the filming crew would pa.s.s
by with cameras on their shoulders.

Zhou Tingsheng walked into one gallery.

He was born with an eye for paintings. It was because of this that his father
believed that he had the talent to learn painting and had asked many famed
artists to teach him. However, talent didn’t equal interest. Zhou Tingsheng
was never enthusiastic about studying painting. After he grew up, he seemed
to show more interest in artwork trade and was very good at investing and
promoting artwork. Members of the Zhou family all attributed the success of
Liang Zirao’s auction house to Zhou Tingsheng’s good taste and smart approach.

It was a pity that he wasn’t interested in money either. He was part of the Ferra
organization yet was hardly involved with the actual running of the business.

It seemed that there was nothing in this world that would ignite his pa.s.sion.

The gallery he had walked into had arranged the paintings in a loop; there was
only one direction to go, down a narrow pa.s.sageway. Paintings in white frames
hung on the wall along the way. Zhou Tingsheng walked for a while and finally
stopped in front of one painting. He turned to the salesperson who had been
following him: “Wrap this one up.”

The salesperson was surprised that he didn’t even ask about the price. The
salesperson nodded and took a note: “Do you like any others?”

“I’ll see.”

When he turned the corner, a group of people also came into the gallery.

Zheng Xishuo led Ye Qiao in, followed by the cameraman and some staff. The
production crew had already notified the shops along the street about the filming.
The manager of the gallery came out to welcome them in.

The mission of this section of the show was to purchase a particular item with a
limited amount of money. Every team had the same amount of money to spend
on an item which fit the term that had been a.s.signed to the group. Zheng Xishuo’s
group had the term “in the forest” and the item they needed to purchase was a painting.

Ye Qiao saw the painting in the salesperson’s hands which had just been taken
down from the wall. She asked: “Could I take a look at that?”

The salesperson showed the painting in her hands. The manager took the opportunity
to show the paintings behind her to the camera: “All these paintings here were
commissioned by a young artist, sold here exclusively. He has a very romantic
style with fresh colors. Like this one, , is a tribute to Mr. Lin Feng
Mian; it’s very poetic.”

Ye Qiao looked around, most of the paintings were in a similar style. However,
most of them were still lifes, only the one in the salesperson’s hands depicted
flying birds in a forest.

Zheng Xishuo also saw that none of the other paintings matched their criteria.
He broke into a big smile in front of the camera and asked: “How much is this painting?”

The salesperson obviously hesitated: “Every painting here is 5,000 RMB a piece.
However……” She glanced back, “A gentleman just purchased this one.”

Zheng Xishuo turned to look at Ye Qiao: “Maybe we should go back to the other one?”

Ye Qiao frowned slightly. Because of her family background, she was subconsciously
adamant about her taste in paintings: “I feel this one is more fitting.”

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