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Starlight Has No Past

Chapter 10 Part 2

Ye Qiao’s mother, Qianxi’s aunt, discovered that she had stage 4 breast cancer
when Ye Qiao was just 12 years old. In the same year, Ye Qiao was hospitalized
with Myocarditis. Doctors advised the family to let Ye Qiao get a heart transplant
as soon as possible. Ye Qiao’s mother couldn’t accept the heavy blow on top of
her own illness and succ.u.mbed to the cancer and depression in less than a year.
The originally happy and harmonious family was broken into pieces by illness and

Sometime later, Ye Qiao finally received a matching heart after a long wait and
right before her heart deteriorated too much to allow for a transplant. However,
after she recovered from the transplant, she became estranged from her father.

Ye Qiao lived like an orphan after that and her personality also changed. She
was once a top student but after 2 years’ absence from school, she suddenly
decided to study performing arts. Later on, her father married a new wife,
Cheng Su. The distance between father and daughter further increased.

Qianxi twitched her lips for a while, then decided to speak up anyway: “Let me
mention her for the last time!” She put both hands on her head as a shield: “I
heard Aunty Cheng is preparing to get pregnant lately…...They want another

Ye Qiao’s expression distorted slightly: “Where did you hear that?”

“From my dad. A few days ago, my dad met Uncle and Aunty Cheng at the
hospital. They were there to see a gynecologist.”

Cheng Su was 10 years younger than her father, 37 this year. It would be a
bit hard for her to get pregnant, but there was always the possibility that she
could get pregnant.

Ye Qiao brought out a box of fresh milk and took a sip: “They didn’t tell me.”

“You didn’t tell me.”

That was what Ye Qiao’s primary doctor told her.

Ye Qiao said: “It isn’t too serious. I always have insomnia, but lately I sometimes
feel like I’m hearing things, my brain seems slower, and occasionally I want to die.
Am I alright?”

“I suggest that you take a psychiatric exam.” Her doctor wrote down on her
medical chart: “It’s common for patients who have gone through major illness to
experience mental issues. Nearly 50% of all heart transplant patients experience
depression within two years after their operation. Your case is somewhat special,
but we shouldn’t treat it lightly.”

Ye Qiao looked forwards: “Is there any possibility that the owner of my
transplanted heart is affecting me?”

The doctor stopped writing. The patient in front of him was quietly looking at him,
yet she seemed to be looking through him at something else. This only further
confirmed the doctor’s belief in the necessity of Ye Qiao receiving a psychiatric
evaluation: “This kind of talks is popular among patients, but there’s no scientific
evidence to prove at the present time that the personality of the donor can affect
the recipient.”

Ye Qiao said: “Thank you, doctor.”

In the hallway of the hospital, where the endless cycle of life and death has played
out accompanied by the smell of disinfectant.

Qianxi got up from the blue chair in the waiting area: “How was it, cousin,
everything alright?”

“En, there’s no sign of rejection.”

Everything was fine; only that heart in her chest distinctly seemed to wish her dead.

For the next week, Ye Qiao didn’t see Zhou Tingsheng again.

The apartment was designed with privacy in mind. Though the two doors were only
3 meters away, as long as the owners didn’t want to show their faces, then they
would never meet.

It was already early September. The rain had finally let up in G City. It was sunny,
yet the temperature was getting lower.

Autumn was coming.

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