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Starlight Has No Past

Chapter 7 Part 1

Gu Jin suppressed his rage long enough for the a.s.sistant to lead Xu Yinshan
away. Afterwards, he blew up and, in front of Zheng Xishuo, demanded: “Ye Qiao,
do you really wish to destroy Cheng Jiang’s birthday party this much?”

Ye Qiao found the whole thing ridiculous and raised her arm to slap him with all
her might. In the end, her hand turned into a fist.

Zheng Xishuo stepped forward, ready to help. But this time Ye Qiao stopped him.

Ye Qiao’s voice was as chilly as it was deep. Her expression changed into a smile:
“Gu Jin, I don’t owe you anything from now on.”

She thought: all the trust and encouragement you had given me; all the help you
had given me because of your position; and all the tender love you had given me.

I don’t owe anything to you anymore.

Ye Qiao pa.s.sed by Xu Yinshan, went out of the banquet hall, and pushed the
b.u.t.ton to call the elevator.

Zheng Xishuo didn’t go after her and saw Gu Jin, acting as if nothing had happened,
continuing to comfort Xu Yinshan. He thought Ye Qiao had been so blinded before
and sent her a message: “Are you angry at me because I made a big scene out of it?”

-- --No.

“Are you sure?”

-- --I’m sure.

“But you threw that wine gla.s.s?”

Ye Qiao typed something then deleted it. Finally she told the truth: “I don’t like other
people standing up for me. I want myself to be the person who make a scene if there
has to be a scene.”

Zheng Xishuo laughed out at her reply: “What kind of strange temper is this?”

Ye Qiao, who was one year older than him, answered: “A temper that a young kid
like you wouldn’t understand.”

Zheng Xishuo didn’t reply for a long while.

An irritable young man like him would easily get annoyed by the truth, especially
when being referred to as a kid.

After a long while, long enough for the gla.s.s elevator of this 58 story building to go
from the top to the bottom and back up again, Zheng Xishuo replied to her message:
“Sometimes I think that it wasn’t that bad when you were with old man Gu Jin. At least,
you were willing to listen and never drank.”

Ye Qiao: “That’s all in the past.”

Zheng Xishuo probed further: “Is it completely over?”

Ye Qiao: “En.”

Zheng Xishuo was so happy to hear it that he jumped up inside the noisy banquet room.

His personal a.s.sistant came up to ask: “Young master Zheng, did something good

Zheng Xishuo kicked him: “You young kids don’t know anything!”

Ye Qiao was stubborn.

On the surface, she didn’t seem to care about a lot of things. But, inside, she could
be as obstinate as a mule. She would listen to whatever people have to say to her
with a particularly good att.i.tude, yet none of it would enter her head.

She would have to wait till she got over the hurdle on her own, then-- --everything
would be bright and splendid the next day.

The past would be just dust for her.

She was the most stubborn person Zheng Xishuo had ever met, yet she was also
the most nonchalant one.

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