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After getting ingredients and sand from the sea, we headed back to base which is near the well.

Now let’s make dinner. Tonight will be a seafood BBQ. Well, I say BBQ but all that I’m doing is putting the fish, crabs, shrimp, and sh.e.l.lfish in the shovel and adding sea water on them to grill them. I should make a large amount in order to save fuel. Even if too much is left I can just store them in the magical bag.

During that time, I should make dishes and chopsticks for everyone. A wooden knife is enough for cutting fish.

“Everyone, it’s ready.”

Sylphy, Bell, and Rain came over.

“Ah, the fish that Bell caught.”


“Ara, you made a lot.”

“Ah, since we caught a lot, and even if food remains I can just store it. I just added sea water and grilled them but please eat what you want.”

“Fufu, this is what was piled up, I will eat some.”

Hmm, if it’s not another world’s food, which is rare, then Sylphy will eat with us….., she declines when I try to invite her to eat with me normally. Next time let’s try to give her some sweets, maybe she will accept it since it’s not considered a meal.

“I will eat.”


“Bell, Rain if there is something you want then tell me, I will put it on the plate for you.”



“Then Yuuta, Bell wants to eat this”

Bell chose the black Acanthopagrus which just now she proudly said that she caught it.

“Queue, Que”

Rain choose a big shrimp. I tried to remove the sh.e.l.l for rain but it seems there was no need. She is eating the whole thing. Sylphy chose Caranx.

What should I eat? Let’s try this colourful fish. I haven’t eaten it but it resembles Okinawa’s fishes. If I recall, it was in the same subfamily of Grouper fish which was delicious. I should try it.

It’s difficult to eat with chopsticks, and this atmosphere is not for eating elegantly. Okay, I’m done with excuses, let’s eat with all of my power.

Oh, this is delicious, it’s white fish. Since it’s grilled it became crispy and beautiful, the skin part is good, and there is fat which gives it a good taste.

Just cooking it is making it this delicious. Can I make it taste better if I use soy sauce and sugar? If not mistaken I also need mirin, also having Fishs without rice is like h.e.l.l.

The American style rice is the type you make it with a microwave. Two packed rice, frozen rice, and frozen curry rice, that’s what I have with me. If I don’t hold myself back, it can all disappear quickly, oh no, just thinking about it makes me want to eat them. For now, let’s just focus on eating what in front of me.

Grilled fish, I want to drink beer but I have to level up at night. I should hold my self back from this too, ah it’s difficult.

Well, let’s hold on to the j.a.panese food until the last minute, and eat some when I can’t hold on any longer. For now, it will be just seafood.

If I get some cereals then things will be very different, but that is difficult. In a land like this where even weeds don’t grow, finding cereals is impossible.

Ah, thinking about these things makes me want to eat some meat too. There isn’t even a monster that can be eaten here in the land of death. I need to work hard in order to get to town.

“Thanks for the food.”



“It was delicious.”

“It’s been a while since I’ve eaten so much, I’m happy.”

“It’s good that you liked it.”

“Sylphy it’s hard for me to move right now, but can you help me with levelling up in a short while?”

If I think that levelling up is getting me close to delicious food. I can keep up on working hard.

“It’s okay, we’ll attack zombies and skeletons first right?”

“Yes, zombies and skeletons first. I want to check on Bells and Rains magic during that. I’ll think about defeating all monsters other than the ones which I can’t beat, so can you help me with that?”

“It’s okay, but you have to move a lot and defeat them, so you should work hard.”

“Yeah, I will try my best but first, I have something to ask. Isn’t there a healing type of magic? My body is in pain because of this sunburn.”

“There is, but no one here can use it.”

“Is that so? In my image, recovery magic is within the abilities of water’s spirit.”

“I don’t know about that image, but recovery is the speciality of life spirits and recovery magic is managed by the church. Both are considered a valuable power and are strictly controlled, most people use potions.”

So it’s close kept secret by the church, that looks dangerous, but potions make me feel excited. The potions of fantasy world being lower, senior potion, panacea, and elixir sound cool.

“I’m interested in potions. Can’t I make them here?”

“There are no materials in the first place. You’ll need herbs to begin with.”

Wow, it got very difficult from the start.

“Can’t you bring lower life spirit’s that I can contract with?”

“Yeah you can sign a contract with life’s spirit but I don’t want to.”


“The land of death is a very harsh place for spirits of life. They will have their spirit broken, especially lower spirit that Yuuta can contract with.”

Ah, I thought that the contact can solve the problem of magical power, but it will still be painful for the spirit to remain here. It truly sounds difficult.

“So right now it’s difficult to bring a spirit of life unless there are more people around.”

“It doesn’t have to be humans, plants and animals are also considered life, monsters are an exception. They only defile the surrounding environment.”

“So if I want to contract with the spirit of life, that means I need to prepare an environment that is comfortable with a lot of plants and animals right?”

“Yeah, you should at least prepare that much.”

Hmmm, a place where plants and animals live. Is it even possible to make such place in the land of death? I think that I can reach a town before that happens.

“Anyway, I understand that there is nothing that I can do right now, so I must be careful not to get injured during my levelling up.”

“Yeah and also when you level up your body will become stronger, so it’s like two birds with one stone.”

“Yeah, I will try my best.”

I called out for Bell and Rain, then we headed out to level up while I’m bearing with the pain from the sunburn.

“Six zombies, Bell, Rain, don’t defeat them all at once. Can you defeat each one with different magic?”

“I can.”


They both seem confident.

“Then do it, each one attack three. The three on the right is for Bell, and the three on the left is for Rain.”



When Bell cast the Fujin wind spell, a wind blade appeared and it cut the zombie into two parts.

Rain made a water ball which hit the zombie’s head and made it explode.

When they finished, they both came back rushing while asking me to praise them. I kept on praising both of them and stroking their heads.

Bell used 3 types of magic.

Winds blades that cut the enemy, air bullets which pierced the enemy, and a small tornado that cut the enemy apart.

Rain used the same attack, but since she only makes “Queue” sound, so I named them in accordance to how Bell attacks.

Water blade, water bullet, and small water tornado respectively.

After that, I asked Sylphy to lead us to more enemies, and so we continued while defeating zombies and skeletons.

Honestly, it seems that I’m not needed, but leaving the battle for a little girl and dolphin is hurting my conscience.

So I also partic.i.p.ated in the fight. Even the death lizard that frighted me last time, I managed to defeat it easily.

Since both Bell and Rain can finish the enemy immediately, I made sure that they only support me.

“….Scorpions, Sylphy is this a new enemy? What is this monster?”

“Death scorpion, the scissors in both hands have the power to cut every iron shield, also you should be worried about the poison in its tail.”

“Poison, I don’t like poison, we should be careful. Bell, can you go behind it and cut the tail with surprise attack? Rain will attack from the left with water bullet and destroy its scissor, as I will attack the left side and finish it off with the magical hammer, okay?”

“I can.”


Well since both Bell and Rain seemed confident, let’s start. Is it better to take it easy for safety or should we take some risks to gain experience…..? Let’s go step by step in order to gain experience since there is no easy fight. We should learn how to fight on our own.

“When Bell starts, that will be the attack signal.”


Bell has flown behind the scorpion and stood ready. I’m sure there is a monster who can feel their presence, but a spirit is in like stealth mode from the beginning. They are like cheat existence.

In the first place, is there even a way to hurt a spirit? I should ask about this later.

Bell put both of her hands in front, and cast wind blade. The scorpions tail got cut off, and the timing with Bell’s attack was when I rushed towards the enemy.

….ah, the scorpion turned around, change of plan. I attacked the scorpion from behind with the hammer


Rain came to me while pressing her cheeks against mine as it seems she is apologizing for not being able to attack the enemy.

“Don’t worry about that, it was my strategy’s failure. It’s not Rain’s fault.”

I kept stroking Rain’s head, meanwhile, Bell also come near and started patting on Rain’s head too…….good kids.

But of course, if the enemy has its tail cut off, it will turn around and check its rear.
So even situations that can be concluded won’t be easy to figure out without proper experience. If so while our safety is guaranteed, I need to experience a lot of battles in different conditions.

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