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Chapter 174                        Cultivating an Undead 4

Ye Shaoayang did not respond to Xiao Ma’s question. Instead, he drew a h.e.l.lfire Talisman Paper and held it close to the woman’s face. The hair covering the face instantly retracted upon sensing the fire.

Ye Shaoyang held the h.e.l.lfire Talisman Paper and circled it over the woman’s face again to make sure all the hair retracted back. Everyone on the scene stepped closer to the hole out of curiosity. They soon found out that the woman’ had a beautiful face. She was a beauty, alive or dead.

“Oh, what a waste…” Xiao Ma sighed.

Ye Shaoyang squatted by the woman’s body and forced her eyes open. The sight sent chills down everyone’s spines. Instead of eyeb.a.l.l.s, there were two b.a.l.l.s of hair behind the woman’s eyelids.

Ye Shaoyang frowned and further investigated by opening her mouth. It was filled with hair as well, but the hair crawled like worms on top of itself as if it was alive.

Everyone was disgusted by what they saw. Some almost threw up.

Ye Shaoyang checked the woman’s nose and ears and found that they were also filled with hair.

Ye Shaoyang said in a stern voice, “If I am not mistaken, this is a Hairy Gu. The hair of the person cursed with this would start to grow into their body.”

Everyone stared at each other with wide eyes. n.o.body could have imagined that there was such a thing, but the proof was right in front of them.

Xiao Ma mumbled, “If their hair grew into their body, how painful would it be?”

“Very painful,” Ye Shaoyang explained, “At first, the person would feel itchy all the time. There’s no way to tell from the outside, but by the time the person started to feel pain, hair would have already grown all over the person’s inner organs. Death would come soon after that,” Ye Shaoyang pointed at the woman, “You can dissect this woman’ and check for yourself. Her stomach and all inner organs are all filled with hair.”

Xiao Ma shook his head, “No need for that. It is creepy enough just to imagine. If I see it, I bet I will not be able to eat for the next three days.”

A village council member pointed at the woman’s face and said, “Hey guys, look. This woman-- doesn’t she look like Zhu Zi’s wife who went missing?”

This reminded the rest of the village council members as they gathered nearer to the woman and examined closely. Finally, they concluded that she was indeed the missing person from the village.

Li Laoxing sighed as he explained, “This woman was from Northern Shan w.a.n.g. She was quite a beauty and married to our village head Zhu Zi. They were married for four or five years, and then, two or three years ago, she suddenly disappeared. n.o.body could find her. Rumors spread that she eloped with another guy. Zhu Zi and his family were so ashamed. Turns out, she was murdered and buried here.”

Ye Shaoyang asked, “Did she go missing before the undead turned up in the village?”

Li Laoxing frowned as he tried to recall. Before he could speak, a few village council members started to agree, “You are right! I remember it now! Just a few days after she went missing, undead started to turn up in the village!”

Xiao Ma angrily gripped his fist, “This must be the work of that ugly-faced man! He intentionally released undead here to hurt the villagers. Then, he pretended to come and solve the problem as a sorcerer! He cheated you and your trust, killed this woman, and buried her here! He even asked you to help him move a whole forest here! Old man, you guys were all taken for a ride!”

The people of the village were simple people. Li Laoxing and the villagers realized that they had unknowingly helped a person commit murder. They were so ashamed that they could not lift their heads.

Ye Shaoyang comforted them, “Naivete is not guilt. You should inform her next-of-kin and clear her name. It would be a fitting penance.”

Li Laoxing nodded. He instructed two men to go down and inform her family at once.

Then, Ye Shaoyang instructed Xiao Ma to take pictures of the scene using his phone and send them to Xie Yuqing. Since there was a murder involved, it had to be dealt with by the police.

After taking enough photos, Xiao Ma could not take his eyes away from the crawling hair in the woman’s mouth and eyes. He was disgusted by the sight, and he turned to Ye Shaoyang, “What should we do now?”

Ye Shaoyang thought for a while before he spoke, “This is certainly not a simple case of a Hairy Gu. Although my knowledge of Gu Craft is limited, I know for sure that Gu live off human flesh like parasites. After the person dies, the flesh starts to rot, so it either finds a new host or dies with the human. However, this woman has been dead for two years now. Her body has never rotted, and the hair is still alive. Something is not right here. Let me try to figure it out.”

As he finished talking, he took out a piece of sulfite rock and wrapped it in a talisman paper. Then, he folded the talisman paper into an octagon shape and tied it with a string of his hair. He put the talisman paper into the woman’s mouth and started to chant the h.e.l.lfire Chant.

The talisman paper soon ignited. Yellow smoke started to drift out of the woman’s orifices.

The b.a.l.l.s of hair started to react to the burning. They started to struggle before retracting further into the woman’s body. To make things even scarier, the woman’s body started to twitch.

Li Laoxing and the rest of the group cowardly ran a few feet back as they watched.

The dead became alive?

Ye Shaoyang, on the other hand, was not intimidated at all. He calmly grabbed the woman’s hands and held them together with his left hand. With his other hand, he pressed along the woman’s body with his knuckle. He kept knocking on the woman’s body to examine it as he pressed along her acupoints. Suddenly, the woman’s mouth opened and her tongue fell out as though she was trying to throw up.

Ye Shaoyang grabbed the woman by her neck as he released a stream of Gang Qi into the woman’s body. He intended to draw out the Gu in the woman’s body. However, the woman’s mouth closed again after a while. Ye Shaoyang could feel something in the woman’s throat burrow down into her stomach.

Then, the woman’s stomach expanded and stopped when the woman looked as though she was pregnant.

“This is bad!” Ye Shaoyang stood up as he stared helplessly at the woman’s bloated stomach. He intended to force the creature out through her mouth and kill it with a Talisman Paper. However, he did not expect the creature to be so strong. Instead of coming out, it burrowed further into the woman’s stomach. There had to be something protecting the creature inside the stomach. The stream of Gang Qi Ye Shaoyang sent into her body could not sense anything once the creature hid in her stomach.

“Now, I understand,” Ye Shaoyang nodded as he mumbled. “There’s something inside of her stomach that has provided energy to the creature and the body for the past two years. This is why the body has not rotted and the Gu stayed alive. But what on earth is it?”

“Could it be a baby?” Xiao Ma chipped in, but as soon as he spoke, Ye Shaoyang rolled his eyes in annoyance. Obviously, Xiao Ma was wrong. Xiao Ma awkwardly scratched his head as he explained himself, “I was just guessing because it looks as though she is pregnant. Little Ye, why don’t we just cut the stomach open instead of just guessing? The truth is in there.”

“Easy for you to say of course. I was taking a risk just now. I did not expect this creature to be so strong. Fortunately, the talisman paper intimidated it, so it retreated into the stomach instead of fighting. If I cut the stomach open now, there will be a fight waiting for us.”

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